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'Scorched Earth Tactics' and Death Threats: Effort to Crush Kavanaugh Nears Grand Finale

'Scorched Earth Tactics' and Death Threats: Effort to Crush Kavanaugh Nears Grand Finale Read Transcript

- It's a tense week in Washingtonas Judge Brett Kavanaugh

prepares to defend himselfagainst sexual misconduct

allegations in a highlyanticipated hearing on Thursday.

Capitol police arrested dozens protesting

in Senate buildingsand angry demonstrators

even harassed SenatorTed Cruz and his wife

at a DC restaurant.

- [Group] We believe survivors.

- [Abigail] Protests pickedup after an allegation

emerged from DeborahRamirez, who claims Kavanaugh

exposed himself to her in college.

Senator John Thune tells CBN News

he questions her motivesand wonders why she's only

taking her claims to committee democrats

and leaving republicans in the dark.

- To me, these are clearlyattempts and frankly,

attempts by the democratsthat I think they ought to

in many cases be ashamed of to try,

at the eleventh hour, todestroy the reputation

of an individual based upon some,

I would argue, pretty flimsy evidence.

- [Abigail] While theWhite House indicated

they're open to hearingfrom Ramirez on Thursday,

as well as Dr. Christine Ford,

Ramirez lawyer told CNNshe only wants to provide

information to the Senatethrough an investigation

from the FBI.

Some Senators questionif Ramirez should appear

before the committee.

- I can't see at this pointwhere there is any evidence

to suggest that she ought to come before.

I mean, she herself hassaid that she's trying to

search her memory to rememberexactly what happened.

- [Abigail] Republicans hired experienced

sex crimes prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell,

to question Dr. Ford andKavanaugh on Thursday.

Senator John Cornyn sayshe hopes both are treated

with respect during thehearing and he's displeased

with how the democrats havehandled the allegations.

- Dr. Ford's allegationsshould've been brought forward

earlier so they could behandled in a confidential

and a respectful sort ofway through the normal

background investigation.

That happens all the time.

Unfortunately, we've seenthat the norms and the rules

by which nominations are considered

have pretty much beenthrown out the window

and it's kinda scorched dirt tactics.

- [Abigail] Cornyn says heworries about the lasting effects

this nomination will haveon future judicial nominees.

- I'm hopeful that after this experience,

people could see the benefit of returning

to a more civil, dignified way

of considering the nominations.

If we wanna continueto recruit good people

to hold these very important positions,

it's important that wenot expose their families

to death threats.

- [Abigail] Democraticminority leader, Chuck Schumer,

blasted republicans forlabeling the accusations

as a smear campaign.

And again called for an FBI investigation.

- If you want the truth,

you ask for an FBIbackground investigation.

If you're afraid of the truth,

you avoid an FBI background investigation.

- Republicans are eagerto move the process along

and the full Senate couldvote on Kavanaugh's nomination

early next week.

Reporting from Capitol Hill,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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