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Studio 5: Entertainment Big & Small

We’re previewing the new CBS series God Friended Me. Smallfoot and Little Women hit the big screen. And Switchfoot band members Jon Foreman and Tim Foreman share the story behind their latest music. Read Transcript

(upbeat jazz music)

- And welcome to Studio 5.

We have lots to get to in this so show so

let's fire up the countdown and

begin our weekly look atthe top five headlines

in the world of upliftingentertainment news.


At number five.

♪ If I was your boyfriend ♪

♪ I'd never let you go ♪ ♪

- [Efrem] If Justin Bieberand Hailey Baldwin's

marriage rumors are true,

you might say they honeymooned in London.

(singing softly)

Fans captured and posted images of Bieber

serenading Baldwinoutside Buckingham palace.

Including the worshipedtune Good Good father.

(overlapping soft chatter)

♪ It's who you are it's who you are ♪ ♪

♪ And I'm loved by you ♪ ♪


- [Efrem] At number four.

- My name is Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja.

- [Efrem] It's a nameyou are sure to remember.

♪ And the rockets red glare ♪

♪ The bombs bursting in air ♪

- [Efrem] Her voice wowed fans before the

LA Galaxy match Sunday.

- She plays two musicalinstruments, she speaks three

different languages and get this

she's only seven years old.

♪ For the land of the free" ♪

♪ and the home of the brave" ♪

(fireworks blasting)

- [Efrem] The video went viral and now

- She is expected to performthe National Anthem again

this time for the Lakers in November.

(swooshing sound)

- And with that our countdownis off to a great start.

We now turn our attention to

the small screen andwhat's new on television

this new fall season.

There is lots of buzz surrounding the new

CBS show God Friended Me.

Here is a Studio 5 closer look.

(whirling noise) I thoughtI had it all figured out

but then, I got a friend request from God.


- [Efrem] And so begins theCBS series God Friended Me

with the cast whichincludes Violett Beane,

Suraj Sharma

Javicia Leslie

Joe Morton and

Brandon Micheal Hall.

(guitar chords)

- So how does a preacher'sson lose his faith in God?

- Your telling them thatGod is watching over us

you know that's not true.

- You don't think that what happened

made me question my faith?

- When I was eight

my mother was diagnosedwith breast cancer.

She went to for remission;

the doctors couldn't even explain it.

On the way home from the hospital

she died in a car accident.

- Miles.

- [Efrem] Brandon plays thestaring role Miles Finer

the out spoken atheist and preacher's kid

who accepts the God friend request.

- [Miles] I don't know whois behind this or why they

chose me but they sent me names.

They want me to help people.

Hey some body stop that guy.

- When you pulled me back I realized

I didn't want to die.

Thank you.

(uplifting cheerful music)

- [Efrem] And the roleof of a preacher's kid

isn't exactly new forBrandon Micheal Hall.

- I grew up very southern religious.

My mom who was a beautiful, beautiful

strong powerful woman,

she was a pastor in the south.

And I watched her basiclly struggle as a

female pastor making her way to

where she finally was like

you know what I am going to create

my own community, my own church.

And we used to go to churchabout three, four times a day.

You know we used to pack our homework,

we used to go to NorthCarolina, South Carolina,

settle in, we gonna eaton the way down there

and then you are gonnago and get dropped off

at home once you get dropped off at school

once she gets backs.

So religion was a huge part for me and so,

to have this part, it's big.

There is no proof of Godanywhere in the universe.

We will debate that andmore on today's episode

of the Millennial Prophet.

I am your host Miles Finer reminding you

that there is no God and that is okay.

- Per usual, you're misinformed.

You grew up in the church,

you know you know this better then anyone.

- Yes it is true my father is a reverend.

We got the whole LukeVader dynamic going on.

I got into acting from frombeing at church all the time.

I would sit and watch the preacher

and be wrapped in how hewould take this ancient text

and people would go off and talk about it

and come back changedand feeling different.

- Let me get this straight.

You're being catfished by someone

calling themselves God on Facebook.

- Yes, and I need your hacker skills

to get me their IP address.

- Keep your voice down.

How many times I gotta tellyou, I am not a hacker.

Okay, I am a video enthusiast.

Okay, what do you know?

- My only lead, Cara Bloom.She writes for Catapult.

- Cute and accomplished.

- This isn't Tinder, Rakesh.

- You mean Bumble, bro.Nobody uses Tinder anymore.

- I am gonna go down there,

and I am going to getto the bottom of this.

- What are you going totell her, God sent you?

- I believe that we all have a calling

and we all have somethingin which we can be

actually active in doing.

So just with Miles, he getsfriended on Facebook so happily,

and that's his calling to make a change.

People say that God hasa plan for all of us.

Well I never believed that to be true,

but then he friended me,

and it kinda turned my life upside down.

Not that I think it's God,

but in these crazy times we live in

we owe it to ourselves toask the tough questions.


- God friended begins its run on CBS

this, Sunday September 30th.

And keep a close watchhere on Studio five.

We're actually gonna hit the road

to bring you something very special

from the series real soon.

Still ahead.

- I think this is my castle.

Just being here with all of you.

- [Efrem] A look at thelatest big screen take

on the classic tale Little Women, and


- the star power voices behind Small Foot.

(upbeat techno)

- And welcome back to Studio Five.

The countdown of the best headlines

and uplifting entertainment news

continues now.


At number three,

♪ You're almighty and all powerful ♪

♪ and all belongs to you ♪ ♪

- [Efrem] Were all learning more about

Destiny Child's Michelle Williams

and fiances pastor Chad Johnson's

new reality show.

- [woman] We are in the studio

getting ready to shoot their theme song

for Chad Loves Michelle.

- [Efrem] These are a fewsnap shots from the show

and the Oprah WinfreyNetwork now says the series

Chad Loves Michelle willpremiere November 3rd.

- [Woman] I love it. Ican't wait for the saints

to see you doing that.

Oh, I can't wait.


Yeah, you see what your husband is doing?

That's your husband.

- (Michele) And I am worshiping.


- [Efrem] At number two.

- VidAngel is being sued by Disney

Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox

and Lucasfilm.

- [Efrem] After being shut down in 2016,

Congress is now considering a new bill

that would protect thestreaming app VidAngel.

- [Man] Is VidAngel legal?

We say we're legal,Disney says we're pirates.

but Disney made Pirates 2 through four,

so who's the real criminal here?

- [Efrem] The new bill iscalled the Family Movie Act

Clarification Act of 2018,

and it would make clearthat streaming services

are now included amongapproved filtering devices

along with DVD players.

- Some people will never love us,

but we hope we can convincethem we're not criminals.

We're just trying to protect

the personal choice of families.

- And that leads only one more headline

in the countdown this week.

We'll get to that in just a moment.

Right now we want to turn

from the small screen to the big screen,

and look at a modern retelling

of Louisa May Alcott'sclassic novel Little Women.

It follows the life's of four sisters

from childhood to womanhood.

Here's your Studio 5 first look.

- Oh, come on.

- No.

- She chose her fate.

- We are not going without her.

- [Woman] Is there any wayyou could reverse the fee?

- Apollyon?

- [Woman] Yes?

- Apollyon. (girl in unison) Apollyon.

- I am sorry can you just hold.

(phone beep)

I am here.

From whence come you andwhether are you bound?

- We have traveled fromthe city of desolation

through the fires of purgatory

fighting beast of the night.

We seek access to the city of Zion.

(cheerful piano)

- Uhmm.

You may release your burdens,

but you must each sacrificeone valuable to the altar.

But choose carefully

Be not selfish.

Whatever you selectmust be of great value.

Good. Yes.

- Hair?

- Its valuable to me.

- Your castles await you.


- Except for Amy.

- [Amy] Hey.

(phone beeps)

- Oh hello?

Thanks for holding.

Little Women is in Americantheaters September 28th.

That same day another animatedfilm is hitting theaters.

We are talking about Small Foot.

When you sit down to see that,

you'll hear the voices of

Commons, Zendaya

Lebron James as well as

Gina Rodriguez.

She is a close friend of Studio 5 and

she's got a special message for us.


- Hi Christian Broadcasting Network

check out this specialsneak peek of Small Foot

in theaters September 28th.


(yelling together)

- Uh-oh. Whoa.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

(suspenseful music)



- No, no, no, no, no.

- Hmm. (yelling)

- [Efrem] Still to come.

♪ I was looking for a way back home ♪

♪ And I found healing ♪

- [Efrem] See why Switchfootis silent no more.

We're sitting down withJohn and Tim Foreman.


And welcome back to Studio 5.

We have made it to the final headline

in this weeks countdown of

uplifting entertainment headlines.

At number one,

♪ You say I am loved ♪

♪ when I can't feel a thing ♪

Rolling Stone declares a Christian singer

is bigger than Drake and Ariana Grande.

♪ You say I am held ♪

♪ When I am falling short ♪

- The singer is Lauren Daigle,

whose new album Look Up Child

makes her the first Christian artist

to top all five billboardchristian charts simultaneously.

- I remember being completely overwhelmed.

- [Efrem] Now on tour,Daigle shares the story

behind the single You Say.

- This entire song was sothat every single night

I would get up on stage and remind myself,

no, this is the truth

this is the truth, this is the truth.


- That wraps the countdown and brings us

to the Sit Down.

Hit maker Switchfoot announced last year

they where taking a break from touring,

but now there are hints of a return.

We talked to them about their new music

for the film Unbroken.

Take a look.

- I've loved every minute of my time off,

but the music is chasing us down.

(pop music)

I've heard it said that

beauty is a battle fieldfor God and the devil.

For us, music is how we throw punches

and it's time to step back into the ring.

- [Efrem] And with that

brothers John and Tim Forman

announced the end ofthe Switchfoot hiatus,

a break that still gavebirth to at least one song.

♪ I was looking for a way back home ♪

♪ and I found healing ♪

- The brothers wroteand recorded this tune

You Found Me for therecently released film

Unbroken: Path to Redemption,

and that's where Studio 5caught up with John and Tim.

- Am I correct that this projectcame to you when you were

trying to take a bit of a break?

- That's right. (laughs)

- So what made you giveup the break to do it?

- Aw, man, that's a great question.

I mean, I think for us thestory of Unbroken, that's,

as a song writer you arealways looking for stories.

This is just that story thatfeels mythic almost, you know?

And so we kinda jumped at it.

We were on hiatus, but we couldn't resist.

We had to write a song for it.

- How easy was the processof writing this song?

- We were excited to be asked

because we love Louis' story.

We were actually gettingon a flight from San Diego,

where we live, to Florida.

Red-eye flight.

I went to sleep on the plane,


and when I woke up and got off,

John was next to me,

he's like I think I've gota good start for that song.

He didn't sleep and thesong was pretty much intact

by that point, so he stayed up all night

and came up with the bones for the song,

and it was just all there you know.

John says a lot of timesthe best songs are the ones

that kind of come to you intact, you know,

and that definitely seemedlike one of those songs.

- What where some of those first words

that came to you intact?

- I think I wanted to convey the yearning

in the search that's inherent in the film,

and also I wanted to also touch on

the resolution, and soI think the first words

I was looking for and thenthe chorus just resounding,

I found I was looking for I found

and that I think that was the first

the bones of the song.

- And not only do both of you have a love

for Louis' story, butyou have a grandfather

who's had a similar struggle.

Can you tell me about him?

- Yeah, we were firstfamiliar with Louis' story

through our grandfather becausethere was some parallels.

He flew the same bomberplane that he was in.

He was also shot down,a POW for several years,

and is still alive today actually.

He's 99 years old.

So Louis' story wasalways a bit of a window

into our grandfather's life.

- Do you see yourgrandfather on the screen

when you are watching this film?

- Yeah, I do. Yeah.

It's so hard for us tounderstand the struggle of

being a POW , surviving being lost at sea,

shot down, all of these,going into the Olympics,

but he comes home andthe war follows him home

and I think that is somethingthat we can relate to.

Maybe not with thespecific struggle of PTSD,

but with the secret strugglesthat we all fight with.

The things that we are holding on to.

Anger, resentment thatif we don't let go of

it'll tear us apart.

So I think that, forme, is what was exciting

about trying to write asong in response to that.

How do we forgive?

I feel like that's the central theme of

Unbroken: Path to Redemption.

Forgiveness and what more powerful example

than forgiving the veryperson that tortured you.

I think that shows us thatredemption is possible

for all of us.

- This may be an oddquestion cause you guys

probably get this a lotor this happens to you.

What's it like to see the film

and hear your music asthe soundtrack for it?

- My hope is that peoplewould find themselves

not only in the film but thatthey would find themselves

in the song and see opportunitiesavailable to themselves.


- And stay with Studio5 to learn what's next

and when for Switchfoot.

You know, just last weekwe sampled some new music

from Tori Kelly and hereis yet another track of

What's Playing in My Ear.

♪ Say it loud ♪

♪ You're never ♪

- [Efrem] Ahead on Studio 5

♪ Nevermind, I'll find someone like you ♪

- [Efrem] Singer Anthony Evanshas a life lesson to share

from his days of cleaning horses.


And welcome back to Studio 5.

When words fail, pictures do not.

So let's take a look at this week's

Studio 5 Snap Shot.

This is how actor Will Smithcelebrated his 50th birthday.

Bungee jumping from a helicopter

into the Grand Canyon toraise money for education.

This moving look at the journey...

- Are you having fun yet?

- Huh?

- Are you having fun yet?

- Not, not yet.

Three, two, one.

(helicopter blades chopping)


- [Woman] This is so beautiful.

I am so happy that he is safe.

- From pure terror, from pureterror, to absolute bliss.

- [Efrem] is this week Studio 5 snapshot.

And with that snapshot,time is certainly flying.

Heres a look now at what we are working on

to bring you next week.

♪ There's a love so high ♪

♪ That you can not get over ♪

- [Efrem] We have beensampling Tori Kelly's music,

♪ In my time I've traveled some roads ♪

- From her new album Hiding Place

♪ There is more to see than with my eyes ♪

- And now she's taking a seat in the

I Am Second white chair.

- The thought came up totry out for American Idol.

I made it pretty far butended up getting sent home.

- [Efrem] And sharing her life.

- I started to journal a lot.

I wrote about confusion,feeling different,

getting out these emotionsthat I've never been

really good at explaining.

- [Efrem] Its A Studio 5 look

at story and song.

♪ Don't, don't let some be fooled ♪

♪ Here is my hallelujah every single day ♪

Be sure to join us for thatone and lots more next week.

As for the final word for this show,

we are giving that tosinger Anthony Evans.

He's got a lesson he learnedfrom cleaning horses.

♪ Nevermind, I'll find someone like you ♪

- We were grooming thehorses early in the morning.

A horse named Patience was rollin'

in the mud the night before.

She came in looking like,what did you do to your self?

So, we were trying to brush it off,

but it was like no youneed to dig in hard,

and you need to go in circles,

and you need to stir thedirt up to the surface

before you can actually get it off.

And I remember thinkingin my life a lot of times

I like to roll around inwhatever it is you know,

whatever issues I may be dealing with,

but I don't want God to comein and stir up those issues

I want 'em just clean.

I don't want him to stir them up.

I'm just like can you deal with this?

And a lot of times in ourlives we have to be willing

to allow those issuesto come to the surface

to be actually dealt with and

I didn't do that for a long time.

Just to go back to The Voice,

one of the lessons Ilearned from sitting down

with Christina Aguilera and Jewel,

- I say you can do anything as long as

it's authentic to you.

You know, the audience is very educated

at smelling a rat.

And they know when yourdoing it as media maneuver,

and they know when yourdoing it to be sincere.

So as long as it comes from your heart,

and it's something you can own,

people will own it right along with you.

- That was speaking to me.

She was like, the audience can smell a rat

if you are not being genuine

if you are not being who youauthentically are with them,

they'll be like, nah,I'm not dealing with you,

and I feel like a lotof times in Christiandom

and in my life I'll speak about me

I was pushing things downso much to where I wasn't

being genuine from the stage

and people weren't connecting with me

because I was just a singer at that point.

I had to be willing to stir up the stuff.


- You gotta brush hard to get down deep,

and get that dirt to the surface.

That is a great final word

for this edition of Studio 5.

Thank you so much forwatching this weeks look

at inspiring and upliftingentertainment news.

Until next time, make timeto uplift someone else.

Bye-bye, everybody.


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