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'I Wanna See Jesus, but Not Right Now': Boy's Face Impaled by 17-Inch Skewer, How He Miraculously Survived

'I Wanna See Jesus, but Not Right Now': Boy's Face Impaled by 17-Inch Skewer, How He Miraculously Survived Read Transcript

- I want you to meet 11year old Xavier Cunningham.

Now, he has this amazing story that he,

his family and friends,and anyone who knows

it will sum up with oneother word which is--

- Miracle.

- [Reporter] Like many boys his age,

Xavier loves football, playing outdoors,

and spending time with his friends.

But that all came close to ending earlier

this month after a nearly fatal accident.

- I was the last one in.

It all started at thistree house in his backyard

where a swarm of yellowjacketsattacked him and his friends.

In the rush to escape, Xavier tripped

and fell face firstonto the ground landing

onto a meat skewer they had found earlier.

- I just felt this burningpain, just right in this area.

I was there for about 30 secondsjust screaming my head off.

- [Reporter] Somehow he managedto get back home to his mom.

- He had this metal looking rod,

what I thought was an arrow,coming out of his cheek here.

- She was like oh mygosh, who did this to you?

- [Reporter] Gabriellerushed her son to the ER

with the skewer still in place.

- Xavier looks over andhe goes I'm dying mom.

And I go no, you're not, no, you're not,

you're gonna be just fine.

He goes no, I can feel it.

He goes I wanna seeJesus, but not right now.

And I go it's okay baby,Jesus is here with us.

- [Reporter] Ultimately, they were sent

to the University of Kansas Hospital

where they waited as a team of 100 medical

staff assembled for the risky procedure.

- [Doctor] There wasa lot of consideration

as to whether or not weshould try to make an incision

at the back of the neckhere and cut this part off.

- [Reporter] Miraculously, theskewer pierced the cheekbone

under his left eye, missinghis brain, spinal cord,

and major blood vesselsby only a millimeter.

- If it hit the carotid artery,

which it was immediately adjacent to,

I think he probably wouldhad such dramatic bleeding

in such a short amount of time

that it would have swelled up in the neck

and closed off his airway andhe wouldn't have survived it.

- [Reporter] Doctors commendXavier for keeping calm

and never trying to pull out the skewer.

They say the odds of missingcritical organs was one

in a million and expect a full recovery.

- [Dad] Father, we love You.

We thank You for being a good dad.

- [Reporter] CBN Newsmet Xavier and his family

two days after hisrelease from the hospital.


- [Announcer] There's a firstand 10 for the Wildcats.

- [Reporter] We chronicledhis first outing

at the Harrisonville football field

where he hopes one dayto be a part of the team.

- [Woman] There he is.

- Hey, hey.

- Our cameras also followhim on his first Sunday back

to church where an entirecommunity rallied to pray for him.

During the visit, we talkedabout the experience.

Can I ask you something real quick?

How did you know now to take it out?

Did you think about it?

- Well, I watched BlackPanther, like the end of it,

how he just takes it out anddies and so I was like nope.

♪ Oh the overwhelming never-endingprecious love of God ♪

- Another lifeline for Xavier while he was

in the hospital was apopular worship chorus

the church sang while he was in surgery

and again at his homecoming.

I know there was a song, let me see.

- Reckless Love by Corey Ashton?

- Asbury.

- Asbury, yeah.

- So the lyrics are oh theoverwhelming never-ending--

- Reckless love of God.

- Why did you keep singing itor asking for it to be played?

- Well, it's just becauseour first time at that church

that's one of the firstsongs we listened to

and I was like this is a good song.

- [Reporter] Xavier's parents are grateful

their son is alive and thatlife is returning to normal.

They also know their familyhas an amazing testimony

about giving glory to God.

- God created those doctorsto do phenomenal things.

But there comes a point where we come

to the end of ourselvesand this is where we were.

No man could change this.

Only the God of heaven.

- Everyday just seeinga miracle in my house.

I mean, he is, he's aliving walking miracle.

The hand of God was on my son.

- [Reporter] That miracle has strengthened

Xavier's faith, too.

- So, when you're justgetting to know Jesus

you're like oh, He savedus, He gave His life for us.

After this, it's just likeHe truly is the God Almighty.

- We pointed out just likeJesus, he now has visible scars.

Probably right now you're not thinking

that they're beautiful.

But do you think that maybeGod can make them beautiful?


- He can make everything beautiful.

- [Reporter] John Jessup,

CBN News in Harrisonville, Missouri.


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