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America Gripped by Tears and Trauma of Ford and Kavanaugh's Heart-Wrenching Day, Now It's Up to the Senate

America Gripped by Tears and Trauma of Ford and Kavanaugh's Heart-Wrenching Day, Now It's Up to the Senate Read Transcript

- In a hearing that grippedthe nation on Thursday,

Dr. Christine Blasey Fordand Judge Brett Kavanaugh

both gave emotional testimonies about

what they remember from 1982.

- Dr. Ford, with what degree of certainty

do you believe BrettKavanaugh assaulted you?

- 100%.

- [Abigail] Dr. Ford described in detail

what she believes happened.

- Brett groped me and triedto take off my clothes.

I believed he was going to rape me.

- [Abigail] And said she has no doubts it

was Brett Kavanaughand Mark Judge who were

in the room and attacked her.

- What is the strongest memory you have?

- The uproarious laughter between the two.

- Then Judge Kavanaug&h took his turn,

where he categorically denied her claims.

- I'm here today to tell the truth.

I've never sexually assaulted anyone,

not in high school, notin college, not ever.

- [Abigail] And said whilehe believes something may

have happened to Dr.Ford, he did not do it.

- The other night Ashleyand my daughter, Liza,

said their prayers and littleLiza, all of 10 years old,

said to Ashley, we shouldpray for the woman.

- [Abigail] Kavanaughtold how this process

has destroyed his family and good name,

consequences that willfollow them for decades.

- I love coaching more than anything I've

ever done in my whole life,

but thanks to what someof you on this side

of the committee have unleashed,

I may never be able to coach again.

- [Abigail] Kavanaughconfronted Democrats head on.

- This confirmation processhas become a national disgrace.

- [Abigail] JudgeKavanaugh assured Senators,

no matter what, he's notbacking out of this process.

- You may defeat me in the final vote,

but you'll never get me to quit, never.

- And now to Jennifer Wishonfor Washington's reaction

to the hearings.

- Abigail, as soon as they got the chance,

some Republicans unleashedtheir anger on Democrats

for dragging Judge Kavanaughand his family through the mud

in an effort, they say, toscore cheap political points

ahead of the mid-terms.

- If you wanted an FBI investigation,

you could've come to us.

What you wanna do isdestroy this guy's life,

hold this seat open andhope you win in 2020.

You've said that.

This is the most unethical sham

since I've been in politics.

- This is a national disgracethe way you're being treated.

- [Jennifer] Pastor Robert Jeffress,

who sits on the President'sEvangelical Advisory Board,

says Democrats demonstratedhow far they'll go

to protect abortion rights.

"The hearings put thehypocrisy of the Democrats

"on full display," he says,

"when we all know thattheir number one objection

"to Judge Kavanaugh is that hemight restrict, in some way,

"the murder of 700,000 females every year

"in the womb through abortion."

- [Jennifer] But even ifKavanaugh is confirmed,

Democrats believe Dr. Fordserved as a credible witness,

who will energize theirbase come November.

- [Jennifer] She was credible, calm.

She told us she was terrified,

but I thought she handledthe questions professionally

and honestly.

- [Jennifer] Appearingon CBN's Faith Nation,

Republican National Committee Spokeswoman,

Kayleigh McEnany praised the way Kavanaugh

handled Dr. Ford's accusation.

- He does not disbelieve Miss Ford.

He believes that this,

something very terriblecould have happened to her,

but it just wasn't him that did it.

So he was very compassionate toward her,

but very strong and very unmistakable

in denying these allegations.

He swore before God.

- [Jennifer] A relievedPresident Trump, tweeted,

Judge Kavanaugh showed Americaexactly why I nominated him.

- The Senate JudiciaryCommittee is expected

to advance Judge Kavanaugh's nomination

to the full Senate and proceduralaction over the weekend

will set up a possible confirmation vote

as early as Tuesday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.


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