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News on The 700 Club: September 28, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Sept 28.: Read Transcript

- Welcome to The 700 Club.

Today we're joined in ourstudio by our partners

who come from all parts of the country

to support the ministry of CBN.

But first in the news, Brett Kavanaugh.

He had a hearing yesterdayand his nomination

to the Supreme Court is nowin the hands of the US Senate.

And after Thursday's historic hearing,

it's now up to a fewSenators from both parties

to decide if he'll be confirmed.

- The hearing began withan emotional accusation

of sexual assault fromDr. Christine Blasey Ford,

followed by a vehementdenial from Judge Kavanaugh.

We have two reports from CBN News,

beginning with Abigail Robertson

on Thursday's powerful testimony.

- In a hearing that grippedthe nation on Thursday,

Dr. Christine Blasey Fordand Judge Brett Kavanaugh

both gave emotional testimonies about

what they remember from 1982.

- Dr. Ford, with what degree of certainty

do you believe BrettKavanaugh assaulted you?

- 100%.

- [Abigail] Dr. Ford described in detail

what she believes happened.

- Brett groped me and triedto take off my clothes,

I believed he was going to rape me.

- [Abigail] And said she has no doubts

it was Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge

who were in the room and attacked her.

- What is the strongest memory you have?

- The uproarious laughter between the two.

- [Abigail] Then JudgeKavanaugh took his turn where

he categorically denied her claims.

- I'm here today to tell the truth.

I've never sexually assaulted anyone,

not in high school, notin college, not ever.

- [Abigail] And said whilehe believes something may

have happened to Dr.Ford, he did not do it.

- The other night, Ashleyand my daughter, Liza,

said their prayers.

And little Liza, all of 10 years old,

said to Ashley, "We shouldpray for the woman."

- [Abigail] Kavanaugh toldhow this process has destroyed

his family and good name,

consequences that willfollow them for decades.

- I love coaching more than anything

I've ever done in my whole life.

But thanks to what someof you on this side

of the committee have unleashed,

I may never be able to coach again.

- [Abigail] Kavanaughconfronted Democrats head-on,

- This confirmation processhas become a national disgrace.

- [Abigail] Judge Kavanaughassured senators no matter what,

he's not backing out of this process.

- You may defeat me in the final vote,

but you'll never get me to quit, never.

- And now to Jennifer Wishonfor Washington's reaction

to the hearing.

- Abigail, as soon as they got the chance,

some Republicans unleashedtheir anger on Democrats

for dragging JudgeKavanaugh and his family

through the mud in an effort, they say,

to score cheap politicalpoints ahead of the mid-terms.

- If you wanted an FBI investigation,

you could have come to us.

What you wanted to do wasdestroy this guy's life,

hold this seat open andhope you win in 2020.

You've said that.

This is the most unethical sham

since I've been in politics.

- This is a national disgrace,

the way you're being treated.

- [Jennifer] Pastor Robert Jeffress,

who sits on the President'sEvangelical Advisory Board,

says Democrats demonstratedhow far they'll go

to protect abortion rights.

"The hearings put thehypocrisy of the Democrats

on full display," he says.

"When we all know thattheir number one objection

"to Judge Kavanaugh isthat he might restrict,

"in some way, the murder of700,000 females every year

"in the womb through abortion."

But even if Kavanaugh is confirmed,

Democrats believe Dr. Fordserved as a credible witness

who will energize theirvoter base come November.

- She was credible, calm.

She told us she was terrified,

but I thought she handledthe questions professionally

and honestly.

- [Jennifer] Appearingon CBN's Faith Nation,

Republican National CommitteeSpokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany

praised the way Kavanaughhandled Ford's accusation.

- He does not disbelieve Ms. Ford.

He believes that somethingvery terrible could

have happened to her, but itjust wasn't him that did it.

So he was very compassionate toward her,

but very strong and very unmistakable

in denying these allegations.

He swore before God.

- [Jennifer] A relievedPresident Trump tweeted,

"Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly

"why I nominated him."

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected

to advance Judge Kavanaugh'snomination to the full Senate,

and procedural actionover the weekend will set

up a possible confirmationvote as early as Tuesday.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- CBN will be reportinglater on how that vote goes.

Is this going to be aClarence Thomas confirmation

where the nominee takes thehit and then ultimately ends

up on the Supreme Court of is this going

to be a Robert Borke momentwhere these allegations knock

him out and then we're into cananother Justice be confirmed

and under what kind of time table.

One of the casualties here,though, is people just like me,

older white men and I'm notsure we're even qualified

any more or even allowed to speak on this.

I'm gonna turn to Terry and say,

Terry, help older white men out.

- Thanks, Gordon. (audience laughing)

- [Gordon] What do you think about this?

- I thought it was rivetingbut painfully riveting

and I just wanna say,this morning, or today,

I wanna send a very largebouquet to Lindsey Graham.

Just was relief in themiddle of the whole mess.

(audience applauding)

I mean, you know it's very obvious to me

that something terribledid happen to this woman

and I pray she finds peace with that.

What this family has gonethrough, Judge Kavanaugh's family,

is beyond the pale.

I mean I just can't even imagine,

but the fact that his10-year old daughter says,

I think we should prayfor the woman speaks

to the caliber of their family,

of their value system and of their ability

to walk through the mind field.

I just want to say to him,thank you for not caving.

Thank you for not givingup, for standing strong

and just delivering the message.

- Are you getting this 'causeI'm getting phone calls

where this whole episode has been

so much dominating the news,

it's literally ripping the scab off

of traumatic events--

- Yeah.- for women.

And you look at the surveys,

the percentage is just huge in our culture

of women who have been assaulted.

- You know, my concern aboutthe way this has been handled

by liberals who have usedit for political purpose

is that something valid like#MeToo where women really

have been put in compromising situations

really almost has the plug pulled on it

because this isn't true.

This is an allegation.

There's no fact.

There's no proof of any of this,

but I do think it taintsthe very real struggle

that some women havehad that is legitimate.

And sometimes we do somethingfor the wrong reason

and it winds up comingaround and kicking us

on the back side inanother legitimate area.

So I think that's yet to beseen in this, even politically.

We've seen that happen before

that something's happenedpolitically and then

the next party comesinto a position of power

or authority and they have tolive with the repercussions

and ramifications of their own choices.

We could see that happen down the road.

- Well, I think we've gotten so divided--

- Yeah.- that how can we ever

even come together again.

- I don't know.- The extremes have gotten

so extreme that, can we everbe one nation, indivisible?

Is that even possible?

But let's take intoaccount and let's remember

what a 10-year old girl said.

- Yeah.- Let us pray,

let us pray.

And in that, remember the words of Jesus.

He asks us to love our enemies.

So regardless of whichside you're on here,

who you consider an enemy,

these are the words of Jesus

and they apply to all people, everywhere.

And he tells us love our enemies.

Do good to those who persecute you.

These are words to live byand in our culture today,

we're gonna find theseare gonna be tough words

to live by, but thecommandment stays the same,

love your enemy.

Do good to those who persecute you.

In other news, Israeli PrimeMinister, Benjamin Netanyahu,

has warned the United Nations,

Iran is still working on a nuclear weapon.

Efrem Graham has that storyfrom the CBN News room.


- Gordon, just a few monthsafter Netanyahu revealed

that Israel had discovered asecret Iranian atomic archives,

he told the United Nations Thursday Iran

has another facility which

he called Iran's secret atomic warehouse.

Netanyahu says Iran has notdestroyed the two locations

because it wants tobuild a nuclear weapon.

- In fact, it planned touse both of these sites

in a few years whenthe time would be right

to break out to the atom bomb.

But ladies and gentlemen, restassured, that won't happen.

It won't happen because whatIran hides, Israel will find.

- Iran denied the allegations.

At least 91 people aredead and hundreds of others

are injured after a powerfulearthquake hit in Indonesia.

Officials issued a tsunamiwarning, but it's been lifted,

although a tsunami did hit one town.

The 7.5 magnitude quakefollowed a 6.1 quake

that hit earlier today.

The quake, in central Sulawesi,

has been followed by strong after shocks.

A local disaster official saysmany houses have collapsed.

Indonesia is prone toearthquakes because it's located

in the Ring of Fire.

That's an arc of volcanoes and fault lines

around the Pacific.

It was a popular book and nowit is going to the big screen.

The Trump Prophecy lives up to it's name

telling the story of aman who had a revelation

that Trump would bePresident several years

before he was elected.

But as Wendy Griffith shows us,

the movie hasn't been without controversy.

(sirens blaring)

- Our job as a firemanwas to react calmly,

but what I saw last night

scared me so much.

- The Trump Prophecy movie is the story

of former firefighter, Mark Taylor,

who says he received a specialmessage from God in 2011

that then businessman, Donald Trump,

was headed for the White House.

Producer Rick Eldridge says he wasn't sure

he wanted to do the film.

- I knew it was going to be controversial.

I knew it was not going tobe an easy movie to make,

but I also knew that we hada nation that really needed

to hear some messages of God'sintervention in our country

- [Wendy] The movie relivesthe night Mark Taylor received

what he calls The Commanderin Chief Prophecy.

- I didn't know a lot about Donald Trump,

I just knew that he was avery powerful businessman.

So I'm listening to him on an interview

and all of the sudden I hearthe voice of the Lord say,

"You're hearing the voice of a president."

- [Wendy] Chris Nelson,

an actor and film professorat Liberty University,

played the part of Taylor.

- It's really about a commonman hearing from the Lord

and being given wisdom andadvice from fellow believers

to pray about that.

- [Wendy] One of thosebelievers was Mary Colbert,

wife of Dr. Don Colbert,

who was treating Mark for an illness.

After hearing Mark's prophecy,

she started a nationwide prayer movement

for the presidential election,

a movement that becamea key part of the movie.

- There's a mandate forus as believers to pray

for those in authority over us.

So that's a deeper messagethat we really emphasize

in the movie.

- [ Male] Action!

- [Wendy] The film was made with the help

of Liberty University film students

despite the fact thatthousands of students signed

a petition saying theydidn't want the movie made.

Facebook also was not afan and temporarily blocked

all promotional ads, claimingthe movie was too political,

but Nelson says mostpeople were just reacting

to the "T" word.

- They get squirmy whenthey hear the words Trump

and God together becausethey think that somehow

it's lessening, I think, whoGod is by even mentioning

his name with Trump, andI think well goodness,

aren't we all glad that's nothow we feel about ourselves.

- [Wendy] Wendy Griffith, CBN News.

- The Trump Prophecy is in movie theaters

for two nights only, October 2nd and 4th.

You can find out how tobuy tickets at


- Residents across NorthCarolina are still trying

to rebuild in the wakeof Hurricane Florence,

but many are finding thatthe task is too great

for them to do alone.

Judy Nelson is a widow whosehouse was filled with mold,

no one could help her until she met

an army from Operation Blessing.

- [Dan] When HurricaneFlorence hit New Bern, NC,

and flooded Judy Nelson's home,

she had nowhere to turn for help.

- I'm a widow.

My brothers are all older than me.

They broke down.

They can't help me.

I don't have a lot ofyoung family members here.

And the ones that I do have,

they can't leave them goodjobs to come here help me,

even though they may want to.

- [Dan] The devastationwas so great and there

were so many families who needed help,

Judy knew only God could provide.

- And if you live by God'scovenant and put God back first,

he'll be right there for ya.

And I know that.

- [Dan] Then a volunteer team

from Operation Blessing arrived.

- I knew God has not forgotten me,

and he sent people whenI needed them the most.

I needed new walls doneand I needed floors up.

It was right on time'cause he is right on time.

- Judy's insurance willcover the cost of replacing

the contents of her house.

The insurance company will even cover

putting new drywall in.

What they won't cover is the cost

of tearing the old drywall out.

So, we're here to help.

Operation Blessing got right to work!

We tore up her old flooringand cut out that drywall

that was already starting to mold.

- I can't do it.

I was rescued.

I knew it was God sending y'all to me.

- [Dan] When our workwas done, our volunteers

took the time to pray with Judy.

Now, she can begin totake those first steps

toward recovery.

- Ya'll was the cavalry.

The only thing you didn'thave was a white horse

and the army uniform on.

But you had Operation Blessing.

That was the best uniform,

and they came when I needed them.

Thank you, Lord!

- Be a part of it.

The storm has passed,

the floodwaters are now finally receding.

But what's left isstill a disaster and so,

if you want to help, we'vegot a special fund for you.

All you have to do iscall us, 1-800-700-7000.

Say I wanna give to the Operation Blessing

Disaster Relief Fund.

You can write to us, CBN Center,Virginia Beach, Virginia,

23463, or you can go to thewebsite and give on,

but do it now.

Be a part of it.


And, as you saw, the reliefefforts in North Carolina

are ongoing and OperationBlessing needs volunteers.

We'll be accepting volunteers

at the Without Limits Christian Center

in New Burn, North Carolina,

daily, starting at 8:00 a.m.,Monday through Saturday.

We do observe Sunday, day off,

and we'll give you work assignments,

we'll give you tools, andwe'll provide a free lunch.

Free housing is also availableif you're out of town

and you want to volunteer.

But if you're out of town, youhave to register in advance.

So call 1-800, this is aspecial number, 1-800-677-7974.

That's for volunteers.

There's more informationabout it at,, so

If you want to volunteer and help people,

it's tough work, it's hotwork, it's difficult work,

but if you want to do it,

you'll see the gratitudeof the people face

to face and you can hearthem say, you've come to me,

you're like the rescuer for me.

Do it now, be a part of it.


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