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Faith Nation: September 28, 2018

Faith Nation: September 28, 2018 Read Transcript

(thoughtful music)

- The future of Judge BrettKavanaugh's Supreme Court

confirmation is now in thehands of the full Senate.

Welcome of Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

The Senate Judiciary Committeevoted along party lines

this afternoon to advanceJudge Kavanaugh's nomination.

But it wasn't without some drama.

- That's right, the dramacame in at the last minute

with the request from Senator Jeff Flake.

CBN News White Housecorrespondent, Ben Kennedy

joins us from the White House.


- Well, Jenna and John,Senator Flake said,

"Not so fast."

Yes, he did vote for JudgeKavanaugh to move ahead

to the full Senate buthis vote on the floor

is contingent to an FBI investigation.

He is now calling for adelay, no more than a week,

to allow the FBI toinvestigate allegations

of sexual misconduct.

- [Officer] Call the roll.

- [Roll Caller] Mr. Hatch.- Aye.

- [Roll Caller] Mr. Graham.- Aye.

- [Roll Caller] Mr. Cornyn.- Aye.

- [Ben] Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination

to the Supreme Court is nowon its way to the full Senate.

- I think it would be proper

to delay the floor vote

for up to but not more than one week

in order to let the FBI

to do an investigation.

I will vote to advancethe bill to the floor

with that understanding.

- [Ben] The vote comes oneday after this historic

hearing that featured twoemotionally charged testimonies.

(witnesses testifying)

Dr. Christine Blasey Fordaccused Judge Kavanaugh

of sexually assaultingher at a high school party

in the early 80's.

- Brett groped me and triedto take off my clothes.

I believed he was going to rape me.

- Dr. Ford, with what degree of certainty

do you believe BrettKavanaugh assaulted you?

- One hundred percent.

- [Ben] In denying theclaim, Kavanaugh also fought

for his reputation.

- I'm here today to tell the truth.

I've never sexually assaulted anyone,

not in high school, notin college, not ever.

- [Ben] Still the judge also pointed out

his belief that Dr. Ford is a victim.

- The other night Ashley,and my daughter Liza

said their prayers.

And little Liza, all of 10 years old,

said to Ashley, "We shouldpray for the woman."

- [Ben] President Trump tweetedhis support for Kavanaugh

calling his testimony powerful

and the process a total sham.

- This is a national disgrace.

- [Ben] Some Republicansunleashed their anger on Democrats

for dragging Judge Kavanaughand his family through the mud

in an effort they say,to score political points

ahead of the mid-terms.

- This has been aboutdelay and destruction

and if we reward this,

it is the end of goodpeople wanting to be judges.

- Now Senator Graham ismeeting with Mitch McConnell

at this hour to talk about the possibility

of a week long delay at the most,

for this FBI investigation.

Senators Collins andMurkowski say they support

Senator Flake's call fora delay on the floor vote.

When President Trump asasked if he thought about

a replacement for Judge Kavanaugh he said,

"Not even a little bit,"clearly standing by his nominee.

Well, that's the latestfrom the North Lawn,

John and Jenna, back to you.

- Thanks Ben.

Our Chief Political Analyst, David Browdey

is now with us for more.

David, you've heardDemocrats say it all along,

that they want an FBI investigation.

Now you have Republican's asking for it.

What good, what benefit does it serve

now that Kavanaugh's votehas cleared the committee?

- Well first of all, theactually FBI investigation's

really not probably goingto turn up much at all.

They might interview a few more witnesses.

They might get testimony froma few more different people.

There might be a couple moresmall pieces of evidence.

But, that's what the committee does.

That's what the Senate Judiciary Committee

is tasked with doing.

Now, Mark Judge will go ahead and give

some sort of testimony,if you will, to the FBI.

But he really has already done that

as we've seen just in the last 24 hours.

And so ultimately, thisisn't really going anywhere.

And it's important tounderstand that the FBI

doesn't come, as we'veheard, to any conclusions.

That is true, that is accurate.

So basically, they're gonna say,

"Here's the evidence we found."

And the Judiciary Committee is gonna say,

"Yeah, we kind of already knew that."

- One piece of informationto add real quick,

I'm being told that SenatorJohn Cornyn of Texas,

has said that Republicans have agreed

to do the FBI investigation.

- Alright, so that's a bit

of breaking news into our newsroom.

David, how much of the Democratic pressure

do you think is calculatinginto Jeff Flake's decision

to call for this FBI investigation?

And also, Senator Murkowskiand others are calling

for it now too.

- It seems like they'reall sticking together.

Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, Joe Manchin,

we understand, a Democratalso saying he wants

a one week delay for an FBI investigation.

And now of course, wehave Jeff Flake as well.

And we haven't heardfrom Susan Collins yet

or Heidi Heitkamp.

But bottom line is, it looks like they're

sticking together as a block.

And so this breaking newsthat you're talking about,

Senator John Cornyn, it just makes sense

that they would wait aweek, basically and say,

"Hey, look we're gonna dothe FBI investigation."

Here's the good news for the Republicans.

The good news is, isthat if they do the FBI

investigation, and there is an assumption

that nothing else will turn up,

that's the dot, dot,dot and the parentheses

in all of that.

But if nothing else turnsup, then Flake and Murkowski

and Manchin, they're all probably gonna

vote yes on Kavanaugh.

But the bad new for Republicansis that it's one more week

and in one week, as we know, the Democrats

could cause a bit of havoc.

- And that was my question David.

Do you think that this time in between,

do you think that we'll see more of

more of these women come forward?

Well, I think we are.

But here's the good news,once again, for Republicans.

Brett Kavanaugh now on the record and

in a defense of him,his honor, his family.

And so that is a searing image,I think through all of this.

And so despite the factthat there might be more

allegations, potentially,there's gonna be one week

that they're really gonna haveto kind of deal with this.

And as a matter of fact,Jeff Flake even said,

"Look, one week, and no more."

So there's a cap on this.

So the way I see it going down,

is that in one week, the FBIinvestigation will come back,

assuming there's really nothing there,

they'll go ahead and confirm him.

And so they wait a week and that puts

instead of October 1st onthe Supreme Court bench,

you're looking at maybeOctober 8th or maybe

a little after that.

- David, we've go about a minute left.

You talked about one week for that vote.

However, in a little more than 30 days,

we've got the mid-termelections coming up.

How do you think thisis all gonna play out,

shake out for the mid-term elections?

- Really, honestly, John, hard to say.

I kind of see this as a blue blip.

In other words, 15 to20 seats transferring

from Republicans to Democrats.

They need 24 to take over the House.

I do think the Kavanaughsituation could go

either positive or negative.

We just don't know at this point

because there's so many twists and turns.

I've called this "AsBrett Kavanaugh Turns,"

because it is a soap opera.

And it's happening every single day.

And I can guarantee youwe're gonna have at least

two to three more twists and turns

every day for a week.

And my calculation, I'mthinking seventh grade math,

seven times three, that's21 twists and turns.

That's a lot of twists and turns.

- That is a lot of turns.

- David final question for you.

Do you think all thedrama that we've seen,

and we've seen BrettKavanaugh just dragged

through the mud through this process.

If he is confirmed, do youthink that some of this drama

will hang over his head?

- Well, absolutely.

First of all from apsychological standpoint

and just from an exhaustion standpoint,

and from a reputationstandpoint, it's gonna hang

over him for the rest of his life

as he said yesterday in the testimony.

Now, I think the unanswered question,

to play Devil's advocate hereand to take the Democrats'

point of view here, they will say,

"He trashed us during thehearing the other day."

In other words, he called out Democrats,

he was angry.- {John] Questioning

his objectivity.

- Yeah and he not onlydid that but he brought up

President Trump, hebrought up Bill Clinton,

the Clintons and so it makesyou wonder whether or not,

how much politics are gonnabe involved going forward

in all of this.

And I think that's a concern.

- Well, we'll just haveto wait and see how this

all plays out with the full Senate vote.

David, thanks for joining us.

- You bet guys, thanks.

- Alright, thanks David.

Well, the way Kavanaugh'sconfirmation process

has played out, is leaving many, including

many lawmakers, wondering ifthe bitter bi-partisan divide

in Washington is here to stay.

- I heard a bunch of speechesfrom a bunch of politicians

who have politicized this from day one.

God help anybody else that gets nominated.

- And Travis Weber of theFamily Research Council

joins us now.

Travis, thanks for being with us.

- Thank you very much.

- Travis, as Lindsey Graham says,

God help anyone who wants to go through

this process and serve in office.

Do you think Judge Kavanaugh's situation

is going to prevent reallyqualified people from seeking

this kind of position?

- You know I thinkthere's a real possibility

that it could.

Nobody wants to be in theseat that Judge Kavanaugh

has been put in recently.

Many people of goodwill,people of integrity,

people that have servedthe public for many years

do not go around seeking fights like this.

They don't like havingto take the hot seat

and boldly defend themselvesas Judge Kavanaugh

was forced to do.

But he was really forcedto by the situation

that he was placed in.

There's a danger that our partisan divide,

partisan discord, is going to deter people

who would otherwise serve the public

from stepping up and serving.

And I think this wholeissue, this whole situation

what you've seen developover the last few weeks

speaks to the role of the Supreme Court

in our nation's political discourse

as being far too importantand far out of step

with the place that thefounders and framers

of the Constitution originallyenvisioned it would have.

The Court is deciding social policy.

Everyone knows it, regardlessof which side they're on.

That's why everyone caresabout the Supreme Court.

It shouldn't be as it is.

- Travis, I know the FRC supports

Judge Kavanaugh's nomination.

If, this is a big if,

if he does not get confirmed,what is your organization

and others who supporthim, what are they gonna do

as far as

what happens next with this?

- We're gonna support anyqualified Constitutional

originalist to the Court

who President Trump puts forward.

President Trump's list was very good.

We have our preferences on that list.

When you look at the listof potential nominees.

For now however, we'resupporting Judge Kavanaugh,

that was the President's pick.

And we did analyze hisrulings and looked at some

of the nuances in his rulings,expressed concern about

whether here or there,in some of the stances

he took in precise rulings.

All that's in the pastat this point though.

With the Democrat SenateJudiciary, Democrats'

treatment of him, makingthis an absolute circus.

So we're rally focusedright now on seeing that

he confirmed, he's confirmed.

We need the evidence to be aired.

We want people to have a chance to air

issues that need to be aired.

That's all beside thepoint at this point though.

When you look at how thecommittee, the Democrats

on the committee have treated him

with the information beingsat on for over a month.

So in terms of FRC's perspective on this,

he's a solid originalist.

We want to see himconfirmed and the voters are

definitely gonna be watching.

They watched this issue two years ago.

It was a major issue inthe presidential election,

it's gonna be a major issuein these upcoming elections.

- Travis, thank you somuch for your insights.

- Thank you very much.

- It's a new day for NorthKorea and the United States.

That was the message Secretaryof State, Mike Pompeo

delivered to the UnitedNations Security Council.

- Time and time again overthe past quarter century,

the United Nations has made it clear

the world cannot accept anuclear-armed North Korea.

That's not just theUnited States' position,

that is the world's position.

Past diplomatic attemptsto halt North Korea's

nuclear and ballistic missile

development were unsuccessful.

But now we are at the dawn of a new day.

(press conference chatter)

- President Trump's summitmeeting with Kim Jong Un

laid the groundwork forthe denuclearization

of North Korea but sayssanctions against the country

must continue for now.

CBN news National Security Correspondent,

Erik Rosales, joins us with the latest.

Erick, one of the issuesNorth Korea wants,

wants is an official declaration

to the end of the Korean War.

- You know they certainly do.

The one thing that they want is an end

to this 1950 conflict.

But they also want a guaranteed security

from the United States.

President Trump announcedthat he does plan

to have a second meetingthat's going to take place

in somewhere, possibly in Singapore

but sources that I talked to, they say,

"That's possibly gonna take place

"within the next few weeks."

And it's all about money.

It's all about sanctionsright now for North Korea.

But in my opinion, we reallyneed to have some specifics

on timeframes of whenwe're gonna start to see

the end of these nuclearweapons, dates on when

international inspectorscan be able to come in,

what's the amount of plutoniumthat the country has?

I think Senator LindseyGraham really said it best

when he said, "AlthoughNorth Korea has stopped

"missile tests and otherthings, what we really

"have to know is whetheror not, have they moved any

closing to disarming nuclearweapons, and they have not."

- Erik, I understand Chinaand Russia are important

players in this process.

In many ways, though, theyare hampering the process.

So what's their motivation there?

- Well, I tell you what,the clock is ticking.

The pressure's really onSecretary of State, Mike Pompeo.

The US will implementnew sanctions on China

for buying, Russia weapons and aircraft,

some 60 billion dollars worth of products.

Both China and Russiaare behind some of the

ship to ship transfers of oil that's

taking place out at sea.

And that's really hampering the efforts

from the United States of trying to bring

North Korea back to the table

to make them talk about denuclearization.

- And Erik do you think that we'll

see denuclearization any time soon?

- I really do.

From what I'm hearing from mysources, both at the Pentagon

and also within the State Department,

we will see this denuclearization happen.

But not anytime soon.

I'm not talking withinthe next couple of months.

It's going to take years.

You know South Korea plays animportant role in all this.

They can really play more of a good cop,

while the United Statescontinues with the economic

pressure on North Korea and play more

of a bad cop scenario.

It's gonna be an interestingnext couple of months

to see where exactlywhere it's going to take

the talks and the diplomacythat's going to continue

between the two countries.

- Alright, Erik Rosales,thank you very much.

- You got it.

(Swooshing effect)

- [Announcer] Coming up, thecase of an American pastor

detained in Turkey.

(intriguing music)

- As American pastorAndrew Brunson remains

under house arrest in Turkey,that country's president

wants American investmentto aid the economy there.

Jennifer Wishon explains whyreligious freedom advocates

say that is somethinginvestors should avoid

until Pastor Brunson is released.

- During a recent trip tothe US, Turkish President

Recep Tayyip Erdogan metwith hundreds of investors.

His country's economyis failing, due in part

to US sanctions and he'sappealing to American investors

to help Turkey recover.

- In a letter to President Trump

the US Commission onInternational Religious Freedom

calls that, "troubling, given Erdogan's

"personal and publicsupport for the continued,

"unlawful detainment...of American pastor

"Andrew Brunson."

- It's such an unstable country right now,

that, in the way that thehuman rights violations

that are occurring are so troubling,

as we're seeing with Andrew Brunson,

that we would really caution businesses

to be careful about investing in Turkey.

- [Jennifer} Pastor Brunsonhas been detained in Turkey

for nearly two years on bogus charges.

During that time the TurkishLira has lost 40 percent

of its value due to Erdogan's power grab

and the diplomatic dispute between

the US and Turkey over Brunson.

Still Commissioner Nadine Maenza says

Erdogan is using Brunson is a pawn to play

to his Islamist base, anddistract from the pain

Turks are feeling in their pocketbooks.

- Their economy isspiraling and their currency

has devalued and there'sall sorts of problems

in Turkey so this is areally good distraction

for the president to be able to point to,

to say, "See, look, I'mprotecting our country

"from dangerous terrorists."

and we all know Andrew Brunsonis not a dangerous terrorist.

- You know, here in the USon mainstream news channels,

news outlets, we're nothearing about Pastor Brunson

on a daily, weekly even monthly basis.

But in Turkey, it's quite different.

Everyone, it's a hugedeal that there's this

Christian American man who

has been charged with terrorism.

- Right, he's been chargedwith trying to overthrow

both the government ofTurkey, which of course

is completely false.

And the fact that he isin him home, we're so glad

that he's not in prison.

But we are concerned, for his safety.

Because it's not likehe's in a secured fortress

the way that we feel he should be.

So we actually, obviouslyfeel he should be returned

immediately to the United States.

- [Jennifer] There are rumorsTurkey may release Brunson

around his next hearing on October 12th.

Secretary of State, MikePompeo says he expects

talks with Turkish officials this week

where Brunson's fate will be discussed.

A Brunson release wouldbe a tremendous political

coup for President Trumpbut not nearly as sweet

as it would be for hisfamily and the millions

of Christians who are praying for him.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Well CBN News Middle EastBureau Chief, Chris Mitchell

joins us now with more.

Chris, he's been detainednow for two years.

A lot of pressure on Turkey.

We're hearing that theremight be some movement

at his next hearing, October 12th.

What are you hearing, what is your sense?

Will he be released soon?

- The same thing, I've beenhearing the same thing.

It could be on October 12th.

There was a deal,presumably earlier this year

that fell through.

I think President Trumpwas disappointed in that.

So I think there's more pressure,

certainly economic pressureand some political pressure

for Erdogan to releasePastor Brunson next month.

And there's certainlya lot of people, a lot

of Christians are praying.

- Absolutely,- Yeah absolutely.

We hear about that all of the time.

Chris, what's the importanceof the US fighting

so hard for his release.

It really is incredible, this one pastor,

this whole country gettingbehind this one pastor.

- It's historic and some people to back

to Ronald Reagan when he wasadvocating for the release

of Natan Sharansky who was a refusenik

in the former Soviet Union.

And it goes up to thatkind of historic level.

And David was here just a few minutes ago.

And I remember in hisinterview with President Trump

he asked them aboutChristians being persecuted

in the middle east.

And I think this isindicative of how the Trump

Administration, unlike Iwould suspect the Obama

Administration, really ismaking religious freedom

and certainly Christianspersecuted in the middle east,

a really source ofattention, that they're gonna

pay attention and really have NATO allies

facing off against each other,

just because of one evangelical pastor.

It's historic I think.

- Chris, a question alittle bit off topic.

You live in Israel and this week

President Trump at the United Nations

made it very clear that hebelieves that the peace process

involves a two statesolution between Israel

and the Palestinians.

How did the Israelis respond to that

and how did that come across (mumbles)?

- Well, I think what they're looking at

more than what Trumpmay or may not say about

a two state solution, iswhat's going on beneath

the scenes.

For the past two years,with Jason Greenblatt,

Jared Kushner, David%Friedman, the US Ambassador

to Israel, what they're doing.

And they're, I think ismore regional approach.

Not the kind of OsloPeace Process we've had

for the past quarter century.

We've just had the 25th anniversary.

I think that they're gonnalook for Saudi Arabia,

Egypt, Jordan, these kind of nations,

coming together in aregional plan to put pressure

on the Palestinian authority.

And I would add thatreally, President Trump,

the Administration has turnedthe Israeli-Palestinian

Peace Process on its head.

They have de-funded UNRWA,they have kicked the PLO

out of Washington, and in so many ways

they have moved the Embassyto Jerusalem, recognized

Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

And so really, I thinkthe Palestinian Authority

is trying to figure outwhat they're gonna do.

And I think the pressureis on them to stop

the incitement toterrorism and really come

to the negotiating tablewith a real serious

peace plan of their own.

- Chris Mitchell, allthe way from Jerusalem,

it's great to have you.

- It's great to be with you.

- Thank you.

Alright, well next, a newbill that aims to keep

kids safe from abuse.

(tense music)

- Well, kids oftentimes face the effects

if their parents aregoing through divorce,

sometimes even becomingthe victims of violence

because of the situation.

- That's right Jenna.

But as Paul Strandreports from Capitol Hill

a new House bill aims toprotect those children.

- Divorce can be such a nasty thing.

The courts often go way out of their way

to try to be fair toboth spouses involved.

But what can get lost int he process

is how unfair that can be to the children

especially when one ofthe spouses is an abuser,

a beater, or even a killer.

Texas congressman, PeteSessions, along with these

women who've seen theirown children killed

or harmed, brought beforeCongress this week this fact.

In the last 10 years, 657children have been murdered

by a parent involved ina divorce, separation

or custody fight.

They want courts to do moreto prevent such tragedies.

- Jacqueline Franchettisaid a court, just listening

to her warnings, could have saved her

two year old daughter's life.

- She was shot twice inthe back while she slept.

Her father then pouredgasoline all over his house

and set it on fire.

And then he committed suicide.

Her murder was 100 percent preventable.

- An estimated 58thousand children annually

are being court orderedinto unsupervised contact

with a parent who that child has reported

as harming them, eitherphysically, sexually

or emotionally.

- [Paul] Carol LynneMorgan says court officials

wouldn't listen to herand her six children

reporting her ex's abuse.

And police ignored her too.

- It was devastating tome and to my children

that they would have to continually suffer

visits where theyreturned to me with clumps

of hair pulled out of their head,

horrible human bite marks on their bodies,

bruising, cuts on theirface and their head.

- [Paul] House ofRepresentative just passed

Congressman Session'sresolution urging courts

to make child safety the top priority

in custody cases.

Franchetti told thisgroup in Session's office,

the court refused to see the danger

her former spouse presented.

- Despite giving thejudge, court officials

substantial evidencethat things were wrong

and that they were escalating,

this was a textbook case

and he took her life.

- The women in CongressmanSession's office

have seen such horrorsin their own families.

They're hoping now thatat least their stories

can prevent such tragedy from happening

to other children in other families.

Paul Strand, CBN Newsreporting from Capitol Hill.

- A difficult topic but definitely

much needed legislation.

- Yeah, a light neededto be shone on that.

- For sure.

- Well, that's going to doit for Faith Nation today.

- Have a great weekend everybody.

(upbeat music)


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