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American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines Support Surgical and Hormonal Transition of Children

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines Support Surgical and Hormonal Transition of Children Read Transcript

- Thanks for your time.

First of all can you summarize

what these new guidelines are saying?

- Essentially the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics

has capitulated to politics.

They are essentially promoting the lie

that children are borntransgender, cannot change

and that this is healthy and that we need

to back them up.

- One word used a lot indiscussing transgender

identity is gender dysphoria.

Can you explain what that is doctor?

- Sure gender dysphoria is real.

It's an upset, an emotional disconnect

with your biological sex.

And fewer than one percent,less than one percent

of young children may experience this.

But the key is if they are supported

through their naturalpuberty, over 80 percent

will come to accept their biological sex

by late teenage years.

- Are children mature enough to make

these decisions whenthey're in their pre-teens

and teen years?

- Absolutely not.

This is first of all,there's no rigorous science

to say that anyone is born this way.

In fact twin studies tell us the opposite,

that this is confusion,this problem in the mind

is due to psychological issues,

family dynamics, socialization.

You're now dealing with children who are

ages eight to the teen years.

There's reasons we don'tlet them drive cars,

we don't let them vote.

Why, because they arenot cognitively mature.

And yet these gender activists in the AAP

are trying to tell usthat eight year olds,

nine year old, 13 yearolds are mature enough

to decide whether or notthey should be infertile

for life, whether or not they should have

a double mastectomy at age 13.

This is pure insanity.

- Is there anythingthat you find concerning

regarding the new guidelines?

- Well, I think we've prettymuch just summed that up.

When modern medicine sacrifices the health

and wellness on the alterof political correctness,

in the case of these kids who are confused

about their biologicalsex, we are sentencing them

to a lifetime of sterility and really,

surgical mutilation.

Not to mention all ofthe serious side effects

that sex change hormones have,

namely risk of heartattack, high blood pressure,

strokes, even some cancers.

So yes, it's very concerning.

The American College of Pediatricians

stands as an alternativepediatric organization,

one that truly puts thehealth and well-being

of children ahead of politics.

- The Academy doctor,says that it established

these guidelines in partbecause of the number

of suicides among youth

who struggle with gender identity.

Do you think this is the route to go.

You pretty much declaredyour position on this.

But maybe talk a littlebit more in relation

to the number of suicides.

- So true, that suicide

is more

that the rate of attempting suicide

is more prevalent among children

who are confused about their sex.

However, there is no proof

that the same

underlying cause for the gender dysphoria,

the same underlyingcause for that confusion

about sex, could also betriggering the suicide.

So that's number one.

The Academy is just assumingthat, "Oh, they're feeling

"suicidal because no onewill affirm their confusion."

You can't assume that in science.

The other thing is we knowadults who transition.

Their suicide rates do not decrease.

- Okay, Dr. Michelle Cretella.

Thank you so much for your insights today.

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