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Iran Sends 'a Shot Across America's Bow' With Missile Strike Inside Syria

Iran Sends 'a Shot Across America's Bow' With Missile Strike Inside Syria Read Transcript

- Iran's Revolutionary Guard says

it launched ballisticmissiles into Eastern Syria

against ISIS forces.

ISIS blames the terrorgroup for recent attack

on a military parade.

This was Iran's secondballistic missile on Syria

in over a year.

One of the missiles shownon state television carried

the slogans, Death to America,

Death to Israel, Death to Saud.

Some Iranian missilescan travel far enough

to strike targets in Israel.

And for more on this story,let's go back to Pat.

- Well, CBN News Middle EastCorrespondent, Chris Mitchell,

is here with us now from Jerusalem.

Chris, good to see you.

- Great to be with you, Pat.

- Thank you.- Yeah.

- Hey, what's the dealabout this Iranian threat

with these missiles?

Are they really accurate?

- Very accurate, Pat, and long range,

they have their Shahab-3is about 1,200 miles.

They have a cruise missilethat can go 1,500 miles,

and they are accurate.

As Benjamin Adair said the other day,

sometimes they can be within10 meters of a target.

So, it represents a serious threat.

You know, it's not onlyIran, but also in Lebanon.

He released informationintelligence just the other day,

that there are factoriesinside Beirut itself,

and I think we have footage of that,

where actually they aretaking conventional missiles,

transforming them intoprecision-guided missiles.

And you know, you andI were up on the second

Lebanon War in 2006.

- [Pat] Yes, I remember.

- [Chris] At the timethey had 14,000 missiles.

Now, they have a 150,000 missiles.

- [Pat] Come on, Chris.

A 150,000 missiles?

- Exactly and that represents,obviously, a severe threat.

Many of them can hit anywhere in Israel.

- What is Israel gonna dowith that kind of threat?

Should there be a preemptive strike?

- They have talkedabout it over the years.

They're saying they'renot gonna fight that war

like they did the last war.

They're gonna go in,some people have said,

Israeli Generals have said

that they are gonna bomb Lebanon

back into the stone age becauseof the threat that imposes,

but the other threat, Pat,

is certainly the Iranian nuclear deal.

I talked to Uzi Rubin

who's Israel's topexpert, a missile expert.

He said it was gross negligence

for the Obama administrationto leave ballistic missiles

out of the Iranian nuclear deal

because they representsuch a powerful weapon.

Back earlier this year,

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

released intelligencecaptured by the Mossad,

inside Tehran where in 2005

Iran was developing technology

to miniaturize a nuclear device,

put it on a ballistic missile,

and that represents athreat not only to Israel,

but to the United States as well.

- Was the Obama administration

obtuse or deliberately trying to cover up

this Iranian threat?

- Well Uzi Rubin was telling me,

especially on the ballistic missiles,

they knew that if theytried to include missiles

into the deal they wouldn't have a deal.

So, they were willing to take a bad deal

rather than no deal at all,

and that's what he was telling me.

So, this is somethingthat really is for Israel.

Israeli leaders, whenyou talk to them, Pat,

they say Israel has three mainenemies, Iran, Iran and Iran.

- The Iranian people are kind of friendly.

They're friendly to America.

Who are these Mullahs?

How serious are they?

They really are fanatic.

- They are fanatics,

and right now there seems to be this hint,

this glimmer of hope thatcould be regime change.

The Trump administration,

I think is taking a pageout of the play book

of the Reagan administration.

He said the Soviet Union

was running against the tide of history

because it denies freedom and so is Iran.

Rudy Giuliani said just a few days ago

that it's just a question ofwhen there'll be regime change,

and I think that's the thingmany people are hoping for.

The Trump Administrationalso is taking a page

by placing maximumeconomic pressure on Iran

just like Reagan did againstthe former Soviet Union.

- You know, I got to knowthe former Israeli ambassador

to Iran and he said the collegestudents and the workers

have within their authorityto overturn those Mullahs.

Are we gonna help anybody, you think,

or is Israel having somebody to assist

the forces of overthrow?

- I think Israel is doing that.

I also think the UnitedStates is doing that.

I think that's exactly what they're doing.

Pat, I met some Iranians,

Iranian believers coming out of Iran

and they just despisethe kind of oppression

and lack of freedom thatthey have inside Iran.

So, I think there's a wellspring of hope

that finally the regimecould be overthrown.

It's been almost 40 yearssince the Mullahs taken over

in 1979, and now 40 years later,

perhaps there'll be a regime change.

- Right now is an existentialthreat against Israel.

Israel fated with that many missiles.

I mean, they can blow thatcountry to pieces if they try.

- If they try, exactly, yeah.

Yeah, so that's why BenjaminNetanyahu keeps saying

they will not allow Iranto get a nuclear weapon.

'Cause that does represent that--

- You know, when we were over there

the missiles couldn't hit anything.

They kept shootin' them,

but fortunately they didn'thave good guidance systems.

Now, they've got--

- Exactly.

As I was saying Uzi Rubin wastelling me 150,000 rockets.

Most of them are Katyusha rockets.

- [Pat] Yeah.

- The same ones that I saw hita hillside right behind you

(Pat laughs)

when you were making alive shot with Fox News,

but now they have about athousand to 2,000 rockets

that can go 10 meters within any target.

So, when you think ofcivilian population centers,

military targets, whenyou can hit within 30 feet

of a target that makes a big difference.

- Chris, keep it up, buddy.

God bless you and thank youfor the work you're doing.

We've gotta cover that, not only cover it,

but really pray for those who love Israel.

- [Chris] Exactly.

- Amen.

- Well, Pat congratulations on 57 years.

- It's been wonderful.

- Over in Jerusalem we're proudto be part of the CBN family

and excited to be part ofthe new CBN News channel.

- Isn't that exciting and tremendous.

- It sure is.- Well, God bless you, man.


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