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Third Woman to Accuse Kavanaugh of Misconduct Back Tracks on Some of Her Claims

Third Woman to Accuse Kavanaugh of Misconduct Back Tracks on Some of Her Claims Read Transcript

- President Donald Trump toldreporters everywhere he goes

the American people arefor Judge Brett Kavanaugh,

and he believes Kavanaughwill be confirmed.

One of the three women accusing Kavanaugh

is backtracking on some of her claims.

Here with more is Robert Donachie

with the Washington Examiner.

Robert, thanks for joining us.

- Thanks for having me.

- First of all, what is the latest

with Julie Swetnick and an NBC interview?

- So, as we know, Swetnickis the third accuser

of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She claims to have seenKavanaugh and his friend

Mark Judge spike the punchat high school parties

in the early 1980s in order to get women

inebriated to the point that they

can't say no, a very damning claim.

Now, last night in an NBC interview,

she walked that back,saying that she never

really directly saw Kavanaughactually put anything

in the punch, just thatshe was around the bowl.

And so that walk-back is actually causing

some people to question whetheror not her story is valid.

- Do you think the FBIwill still interview her?

- I think that the White House has given

a pretty broad mandate to theFBI, so long as they can meet

the quick, expeditedone-week FBI investigation.

And as Trump said yesterday,they can interview

just about everybody they want.

One important thing to note is that

this investigation waslaunched last Friday

in order to get the bottomof Ford's allegations,

not necessarily Swetnick'sor the other accusers.

- Do you think theinvestigation will go fast

and there will be a vote this week?

- Well, so I think thewriting's on the wall here.

Mitch McConnell has said that he

wants the vote to come this week.

It's backed up by Republicanleadership, and the president

wants a quick, expeditedinvestigation and a close to this.

I think really what youhave to focus on is,

McConnell is reallyfocused on three people,

Murkowski, Collins, and Flake.

And so I'd say that atany time that he has

two out of three of them locked down,

we will see a vote as quickly as possible.

- What are your thoughtsabout the president's

statements today that the American people,

wherever he goes, they arefor Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Your thoughts on that?

- Well, I think conservativesand conservative groups

have been behind BrettKavanaugh a hundred percent.

I think that many people who see

Brett Kavanaugh as an accomplished judge,

as somebody who's a conservative stalwart

and somebody that would push forth

their agenda on the Supreme Court

are not, I guess, deterred at all in their

support for him by these allegations.

Now, if the allegations came forth

with some kind of evidencethat these truly did happen,

rather than kinda the he said, she said

that we're seeing right now,maybe you'll see that back off.

But in the conversations I've had

with conservative groups, conservatives,

and Republicans, it doesn'tseem like they've lost

any of their gumption forKavanaugh at this point.

- What about the other side of the aisle?

Any chance maybe some independents

coming out in support of Kavanaugh?

- I think time will tell at that fact.

I mean, I'd say right now,you probably have about 50

senators on the Republicanside, or close to, 49 to 50.

So, again, it's gonna all come down

to Collins, Murkowski, and Flake.

- Okay, well let's talk about an article

you've written for theExaminer tying the outcome

of this confirmation andthe November elections.

- All right, so I spokewith conservative Republican

strategists and I spokewith Democratic strategists

over the past five daysregarding, actually,

how does this play out in the midterms?

Now, the ubiquitous stance on Republicans

and the Democratic sideis that Republicans

in Congress will face serious blowback,

could possibly lose bothchambers of Congress,

if they don't get Kavanaughthrough this week or next week.

Now, I've got a coupleconservative strategists

who told me that Republicans shouldn't

even bother to show up to work

on November 7th if theycan't get this done.

I think the overarching message I got

from Democrats is thatyou couldn't even write

an article about how many mistakes

the Republicans made along this process,

that you would need to write a book,

that they feel thatRepublicans, once again,

alienated women in this process.

They did so when questioning Ford.

They did so basicallythroughout this entire time.

So, what I do see is that Republicans

have a real shot here,that if they can't get

Kavanaugh through, they could really

lose the House and possibly the Senate.

- All right, Robert Donachiewith the Washington Examiner.

Thanks for your insight, sir.

- Thanks for having me.


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