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Faith Nation: October 2, 2018

Faith Nation: October 2, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- No more delays in theKavanaugh confirmation.

Welcome to Faith Nation.I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Senate majority leaderMitch McConnell declared

the Senate will decide whether to confirm

Supreme Court nomineeBrett Kavanaugh this week,

making that statement earliertoday on the Senate floor.

- Amber Strong reports onwhy some Republicans say

Democrats are using stall tactics

to prevent the vote from happening.

- One thing for sure,

the Senate will vote on Judge Kavanaugh

here on this floor this week.

- But in the backgroundof this historic vote,

FBI investigators are looking into

those sexual assault allegations

against Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is accused of assaulting

Dr. Christine Ford in high school

and Deborah Ramirez in college

while under the influence of alcohol.

Something he denies.

And new developments,

a former Yale classmate stating Kavanaugh

was quote a heavy drinker.

That classmate hassince spoken to the FBI.

- The portrayal of himselfas practically a choir boy

is very much contradicted by his roommate

for example in college

as well as people whoknew him in high school.

- [Amber] Kavanaugh'sdefenders say the focus

isn't whether Kavanaugh consumed alcohol

`and the entire process issimply partisan politics at play.

- If you think this is aabout a search for the truth,

you need to put down the bomb.

This is about winning.

- [Amber] With one Democraticstall tactic after another

- If you stop and listen

you can practically hear the Democrats

trying to move the goal post

on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination.

- Who caused this delay?

I'd ask leader McConnell.

Not the Democrats we don'thave the ability to do it.

It was three members on his side

who sincerely were seeking better truth.

- Now those three Republicans,

Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski,and Susan Collins

are still considered swing votes.

And two red state Democrats

Joe Manchin and HeidiHeitkamp are yet to be decided

although Democrats areexpected to tow party lines.

Should that happen the GOP can only afford

to lose one vote.

That establishes a tie andputs things in the hands

of the tie-breaker VicePresident Mike Pence.

Amber Strong, CBN News, in Washington.

- All right thank you Amber.

Well Abigail Robertson ison Capitol Hill with more.

Abigail I know today you got the chance

to talk to the majority leader.

what did he have to say about all of this?

- Yes well I just asked leader McConnell

guilty or innocent, whatis Judge Kavanaugh's

nomination process mean forfuture judicial nominees.

And here's how he responded.

- This is obviously quitea contentious nomination.

What is doubly exasperating about this

is this is clearly an effort

to destroy the reputation of a good man.

I assume y'all have noticed

he's in effect decided not to go

lecture at Harvard in the fall

after student demonstrationsapparently on campus.

This has been the most outrageous

as earlier colleagues put it

search and destroymission to just literally

take out a man's reputation.

To ruin his family situation,

threats, the wholeeffort is just despicable

by any objective standard.

- McConnell basicallypoints out that no matter

what happens with Kavanaughin the Supreme Court,

Judge Kavanaugh's life as he knows it

is forever changed andmarked by this process.

- Abigail, Amber was reporting all eyes

are really on three big swing voters

in the Republican party.

We have Flake, Murkowski, and Collins.

Any update on which way theymay be leaning right now?

- Well Senator Jeff Flake saidhe will not make a decision

until after the FBIreleases their findings.

And I expect Collins andMurkowski will do the same.

And also to that point,

that Leader McConnell justsaid it about an hour ago

that when the FBIinvestigation does come out

only Senators will beallowed to review it.

- And final question youmentioned yesterday here

on Faith Nation that some people are now

calling for an investigation into

Dr. Christine Ford's leakedletter to Diane Feinstein.

What's the very latest on that part?

- Yes well the latest isthat while more Republican

Senators like Bill Cassidysay they want to get

to the bottom of how Dr.Ford's letter was leaked,

they doubt it will everactually be investigated.

But Cassidy believes this wasall part of the Democrat's

plan to destroy JudgeKavanaugh's nomination.

And take a look at whathe told me yesterday.

- Democrats, or the SenateDemocrats I should say

were very clear about their strategy.

They were going tosmear, attempt to delay,

do whatever they could.

And then after doing whatever they could

hopefully Democrats willtake back the Senate

and they would block afuture Trump appointee.

They were very open about this.

So we're seeing it play out.

Now when folks, whendocuments are released.

When Dr. Ford says Idon't want this to go out

and it's leaked.

When other things happen which clearly

are not part of the procedure,

is that an honest mistake or was it

part of a smear and delay campaign.

I think the Americanpeople would be interested

in knowing that.

- And Jenna I'm surethere will be many updates

between now and when theFBI releases the results

of their investigation Friday.

So we'll keep you posted from the hill.

- All right AbigailRobertson from the hill,

thank you very much.

- [Abigail] Thank you.

- Well according to USA todaymore than 50 million articles

have been written about Trump's second

Supreme Court nominee

and the overwhelmingmajority of that coverage

on Kavanaugh has been negative.

One study by the Media Research Center

shows during the firstweek after the allegations

surfaced publicly,

the broadcast networksspent nearly six hours

covering the allegations

and only 8% of their coveragecentered on his denial.

And joining us now is RichNoyes Research Director

for the Media Research Council.

Rich a lot of people havecriticized the treatment

in the media that Kavanaughhas been receiving.

What are your thoughts there?

- Well I think he'sgot a right to be upset

at the way he's beenportrayed in the media.

Most of the coverage we've seen

over the last two and a half weeks

has portrayed him assome kind of a bad guy,

a fully maybe even an attempted rapist.

And if you look at the factual evidence

that sort of adorns this case,

you had a great example of it yesterday

the prosecutor hired by Senate Republicans

who's an experienced sex crimes prosecutor

went through the evidence and she said

this was weaker than thetypical he said, she said case.

ABC, CBS, NBC yesterdaymorning and evening

gave 65 minutes of coverage to this case,

but only two minutes to that statement.

NBC didn't mention it at all.

When you have the game rigged that way,

it's designed to get theoutcome the Democrats want

which is Kavanaugh's nameand reputation sullied.

Not about finding the truth

no matter which side it's on.

- Well Rich do you think Kavanaugh himself

helped or hurt himself with his demeanor.

Because a lot of people aretalking about his demeanor

during his testimony?

That he was angry and that he was mad.

But supporters say it was because

he was defending his reputation.

- Right I think if he had come out

with a Michael Dukakisvery passive approach

to these very incendiary allegations,

he would have been criticized for that.

I don't know how you can'tbe indignant and upset

when you're described as having done some

of these awful acts thathe's been described of doing.

That said, I think heneeds to point people

towards his actual judicial record.

The complaint among Democratsin some of the media

is that he doesn't havejudicial temperament.

Well he's been a judgenow for I think 12 years.

Look if there's examples of him not having

proper judicial temperament on the bench

because that's where it matters.

- Do you think his caseor the media coverage

of his accusations,

how does that erode the public confidence

with media overall?

- Well I think we have to wait and see

how this case ends.

I mean if the FBIinvestigation or new reporting

makes it clear that theaccusations are wrong.

He'll be somebody who's gonna demand

to get his reputation back.

If there's new evidence thatsomehow is against him on this,

and that becomes theconsensus on both sides,

I think it will be avery different outcome.

But I think right now we're sort of stuck

in this limbo where

I think there was aYouGov poll the other day

that showed the overwhelmingnumber of Democrats

believed Christine Blasey Ford.

The overwhelming number of Republicans

believed Brett Kavanaugh

and Independents were evenly split.

That's the kind of 50, 50 result on this

that is not very satisfying

for people who want a real consensus

at the end of a prolongedinvestigation like this.

- Well moving past the 50, 50 divide

and going to 100%,

I just can't see very many people

after what Kavanaugh went through

wanting to assume a role in public office

if they have to go through something

like what he potentially,

potentially like what he went through.

- Yeah, he will at least have

Clarence Thomas as a precedent.

Clarence Thomas was facedwith similar accusations

in 1991 when he was up forSupreme Court confirmation.

At the end of that process,

about two-thirds of thepublic believed him.

One-third believed hisaccuser, Anita hill.

He's been able to forge a strong stance

on the Supreme Court.

There's a role model there

for someone who can get past something

as divisive and awful as this.

We'll see if he can do it.

We'll see how this all ends.

But at least we've been here before

and you can still functionas a capable Justice

after something like this.

- Rich, I've only gotabout 30 seconds left.

If the FBI investigationdoesn't find anything,

do you think JudgeKavanaugh can be confirmed

by the full Senate given howeverything has played out

and how the media hascovered his allegations?

- Well depending on what they find,

I think he can be confirmed.

But the questions is willDemocrats let it rest.

I suspect they're gonna want to keep voter

worked up about this atleast through November sixth.

- Rich Noyse of the Media Research Center,

thanks for joining us.

- [Rich] Thanks a lot.

- President Trump says hewant the FBI investigation

into Kavanaugh to be comprehensive.

And the White House it's notputting limits on the Bureau.

For more now on the investigation,

we are joined by Frank Gaffney

founder and president for theCenter For Security Policy.

Frank thanks for joining us.

- Happy to do it. Thank you.

- Frank we know that the FBI

does not have the power to subpoena.

So is this kind of investigation

typical of the kind of work it does?

- To the extent that this isa background investigation

and that means essentiallytalking to witnesses,

listening from them first hand accounts

of individuals thatthey are trying to asses

whether it's for security clearances

or for particular sensitivepositions or for other reasons,

I think it's not uncommon.

Obviously the circumstances ofthis particular investigation

are unusual to say the least.

- This is the seventh investigation

that the FBI has done on Kavanaugh.

What's your take on that?

- I think he's beenpretty rigorously vetted.

There are some who saywell they weren't looking

for sordid behavior on hispart when he was in high school

or college.

I think if there weresordid behavior to be found,

the FBI would have uncovered it

in one or the other of thoseinvestigations over the year.

Simply because they aretalking among others to

family members, friends,neighbors, classmates.

This would have outed I think before now.

So I'm hopeful that therewill be nothing surprising

or untoward found at this point.

- Yeah, Frank I know on Twitter

you put out a tweet.

And it talks about what kind of FBI

is Kavanaugh in thisinvestigation getting.

Is it the Strzok, the Comey FBI?

Or is the one that's more widely regarded

by the American people?

What's your take on that?

- Well the one we need for sure

is the traditional, highly professional,

conscientious, patriotic,and law not only enforcing

but law abiding FBI.

That's what I'm hoping ison the job at the moment.

The trouble is that Ifear there are probably

still in leadership positions in the FBI,

people who are closer tothe old Comey, McCabe,

Strzok, Page, Baker team.

And that would be very problematic

if those people had their fingers anywhere

near this particular pie.

Because chances are theywill try to muck things up.

- Now just real quickly,only a few seconds.

Do you think he can geta fair investigation

in this political climate, Frank?

- If the FBI is doing this by the book,

I think they will givehim a fair and accurate

more to the point, accurate accounting.

And that's what the Senate needs.

- All right, Frank Gaffney.

Thank you so much for joining us.

- Thank you.

- Thanks Jenna.

Brett Kavanaugh's wifeAshley is asking for prayer.

And according to Dr. James Dobson

founder of Family Talkand Focus On The Family,

she's requesting that people pray Psalm 40

over her family and the country.

Praying for the Kavanaughsis something Dr. Dobson

and his wife Shirley havebeen doing for weeks.

CBNs David Brody recentlysat down with Dr. Dobson

to discuss the currentpolitical climate in America.

- Without getting political,

you can speak to the resultsof what you've seen so far

and with President Trump,

I'm wondering what you have seen so far.

I know you get to Washington at times

to be part of some of that advice

or least keep piece of advice for him.

What have you seen so far?

What encourages you andwhat would you like to see

moving forward?

- I wish that the whole country knew

that the President mademany very specific promises

especially to evangelicals,

but to people of faith everywhere.

And he has kept every singleone of those promises.

He has delivered on what he said.

And it would not have surprised me

to see what has happenedin other presidencies

where once the person gets in the power,

they forget all of those promises

and things they did.

Donald Trump has not.

And especially on the critical issues of

the sanctity of human life and the family

and many of the points of righteousness

that we all care about.

Now you've led me into sayingmore than I wanted to say.

But I tell you, I do havesome deep appreciation there.

- I wanna ask you one last question.

Something you mentionedin your newsletter,

there was a quote aboutmalice towards none.

And maybe you can givethe context of that.

But the malice towards none quote

struck me because of thepolitical environment

that we're in.

And everybody gets abit hot headed at times

on both the left and the right,

conservatives and liberals.

- [Dobson] I know there's no perfection.

- Right, so what do youwant to say to folks

that especially in the evangelical base

who wanna fight strongly forJudaeo Christian principles

but also can lose sightof maybe the greater good,

the greater goal?

- It's got to be done in the context

of the Christian faith.

We can't abandon what we believe

and what Jesus had to sayabout loving your enemies

and those that are opposed to what you are

and what you stand for.

I'm paraphrasing but Jesus

was pretty clear about all of that.

And it goes back as yousaid to the Civil War again

where at the end of the Civil War,

there was such anger.

You can imagine 600,000men died in that Civil War.

And there were those in the north

on the victory side that really wanted

to hang 'em all.

They really were so angrythey wanted to come in

and destroy the south.

And Abraham Lincolnknew that was not right.

And I ended my letter,

I've got in front of me if you don't mind.

If you go to the monument,the Lincoln Memorial Monument,

you find these words fromthe Second Inaugural Address.

Listen to this after allthat hate and killing

and destruction.

He said, with malice toward none,

with charity for all,

with firmness in the right

as God sees us to see the right,

let us strive to finishthe work that we're in

to bind up the nation'sruins north and south.

And to care for him whoshall have borne the battle

and for his widow and his orphan

to do all which may achieve and cherish

a just and lasting peace

among ourselves and with all nations.

That's inspired. That comesright out of scripture really.

With malice toward none,

with charity to all.

And what the other side wanted to do

after Lincoln was assassinated

then others took over,

they really wanted to boy punishthe south for what it did.

Instead they bound up the nation's ruins.

May be careful with the wayspeak, and think, and talk

against those who are opposedto everything we believe.

You have to maintain aspirit of charity and love

and God will bless us if we do.

- The witness of Christ through it all.

- That's all there is.

- [John] Coming up whythe warming relationship

between the United States and North Korea

may be in danger of cooling.

- Well mail sent to the Pentagon

has tested positive for Ricin.

The mail was deemed as suspicious Monday

when it arrived to the Pentagon's

remote screening facility.

It was taken to the FBI today for testing

where it came back positive for Ricin.

For now all mail that arrived

at the Pentagon's screening facility

is under quarantine.

Meanwhile today a hazmat team was sent

to the Houston campaignoffice of Senator Ted Cruz.

That after a white powderysubstance was found.

- Well the on again,off again relationship

between the United States and North Korea

could be off again.

Kim Jong Un is accusingthe Trump administration

of demanding too muchwhile offering too few

concessions in negotiations to eliminate

nuclear weapons from the Korean Peninsula.

CBN News National Security Correspondent,

Erik Rosales reports.

- North Korea continues todemand that the United States

work with North andSouth Korea to put an end

to the Korean war.

But the US insists beforeany concessions are made,

the North must do more to keep its deal

and work towards complete denuclearization

of the Korean Peninsula.

On Tuesday North Koreacalled such demands rubbish.

Its state run news agency reported the

end of war declaration can quote

never be a bargaining chip

for getting the DPRK denuclearized.

And speaking at the United Nations

General Assembly last week,

Kim's Foreign Minister said

he's not seen any cooperation from the US.

- The US insists on thedenuclearization first

and increases the level of pressure

by sanctions to achieve their purpose

in a coercive manner.

And even objecting thedeclaration of the end of war.

- The things that we would hope to see

and that we've been very clear about

are a complete declarationof their program.

What their capabilities are,

locations of facilities.

- [Erik] Researcher Matthew Ha

with the Foundation ForDefense Of Democracies

says despite claims from Kim Jong Un

that he's demolishedhis country's only known

nuclear test site, he can't be trusted.

South Korea's ownintelligence shows North Korea

has up to 60 nuclear bombs.

Ha says the US should also keep an eye on

South Korea's President Moon,

a progressive who wantsinter-Korean reconciliation.

- We just need to controlthe pacing of that

to make sure that the US and South Korea

are in lock step.

Because the alliance betweenSeoul and Washington,

the 60 plus year alliancehas been the linchpin

to the security of the Korean Peninsula.

- Now Ha calls this a survival game.

He says that the US hasto continue to put this

economic pressure, thesanctions, on North Korea.

Keep them, that's the only way

that we're gonna continueto bring them to the table.

- Now Erik, I understand you just received

some breaking news fromthe State Department?

- Yes, the State Department did announce

that Secretary Pompeo doesplan to head to North Korea.

He's gonna be actually goto the whole Asian continent

from October sixth through the eighth.

October seventh, he's gonna be meeting

with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Then on the eighth he's actuallyheaded to Beijing, China.

- Erik, you said in yourreport that South Korea

intel shows Korea hasup to 60 nuclear bombs.

So this country it's stillactive in producing them?

- Oh very, very active in producing them.

Satellite imagery showsthat they are still

producing these bombs.

So this is just another gameby Kim Jong Un right now

and we have to be very, very careful

on what exactly we'regoing to be doing here

because he's still a threatto the United States.

- Erik I understand thatNorth Korea and South Korea

are removing mines around the DMZ,

this of course if that'shappening is a positive step.

- It is a positive step.

But then again, you're alsodealing with Kim Jong Un.

This is more of just tryingto sway public opinion there.

We still have to alsothink about the artillery

that's around in the area.

We have some 14,000 artillery items

that are still there as well.

so this is just more ofa game for Kim Jong Un.

And we really have to be careful about

not being swayed by thispublic opinion type of thing.

- All right, Erik Rosales,thank you for your expertise.

- Thank you .

- Thanks Erik.

A look at the First Lady'sfirst solo trip overseas.

Well Welcome back.

First Lady Melania Trump ismaking her first international

trip without the President.

- The First Lady isvisiting African countries

including Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt.

Today Mrs. Trump landed in Ghana,

the first stop of her week long visit.

Part of the goal of her trip is to promote

her Be Best initiative around the world.

According to her communications director,

the First Lady chose tomake Africa her first

solo destination because quote

she has never been before

and knows that eachcountry will have it's own

unique history and culture.

- Well Jenna I got to some ofthe photos of the reception.

People were warmly greeting her.

It looked like she hada great time as well

visiting Africa, so worked for the best.

- It's a big day when the First Lady

of the United States visit.

- That's a big guest.- Yeah.

- Well that's gonna do itfor today's Faith Nation.

- We'll see you rightback here again tomorrow.


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