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News on The 700 Club: October 3, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 3.: Republicans are fighting back against the attacks against Brett Kavanaugh; Dr. Russell Moore on Why the Devil Hates the Family; Mike Pompeo heads to North Korea this weekend, and more. Read Transcript

- Well, welcome ladies andgentlemen to The 700 Club.

It looks like this incredible drama we've

been witnessing is about to end.

Mitch McConnell says he'sgonna have a vote this week.

They've got something about cloture.

They've gotta have a motion about cloture

a day or so before thevote, but nevertheless,

certainly by Friday, heshould have this thing done.

The FBI has been doing some investigating.

This is like the seventhtime that they worked

on Brett Kavanaugh and itlooks like they will draw

it to a conclusion probably today.

So the Senators will have something

and they're doing everything they can

on the Democratic Partyto move the goal post.

The Hill, they sat on thisallegation for months.

They had it.

They had a letter.

Senator Feinstein had a letter.

She sat on the letter andthe so-called smoking gun

or the revelation for months.

And then suddenly they'rescreaming, you've got to hurry.

You're not giving us enoughtime to do an FBI check.

Well, if you'd give us this thing sooner,

there would have been plentyof time for more extensive FBI.

But the FBI's not gonna reveal anything.

I think what they need to do, frankly,

is to go after the accuser and point

out the inconsistencies to her testimony,

and has she, in fact, been lying.

I think, excuse me, this isa very, very serious thing.


- Yeah, the Republicanresponses come as the FBI

is wrapping up itsinvestigation into allegations

against Kavanaugh and President Trump

is defending him as well.

Dale Hurd has the story.

- As still uncorroboratedallegations of misconduct continue

to swirl around his Supreme Court nominee,

President Trump defended Brett Kavanaugh

by going on the offensiveagainst his accuser.

At a rally in Mississippi last night,

the President attacked the credibility

of Christine Blasey Ford's claims

that she was sexuallyassaulted by Kavanaugh

when they were teenagers.

- How'd you get there?

I don't remember.

Where was the place?

I don't remember.

How many years ago was it?

I don't know (cheering)

I don't know.

(audience applauding)

- [Dale] Blasey Ford's attorneyreplied with this tweet,

calling President Trump'sremarks "A vicious,

"vile and soulless attack."

But an ex-boyfriend of Ford wrote a letter

to Senate JudiciaryChair, Charles Grassley,

saying he once saw Ford explain in detail

how to prepare to take a polygraph.

But Ford said in last Thursday's hearing,

she'd never talked abouthow to take a polygraph test

with anyone other than her lawyers.

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell,

responding to a question fromCBN News' Abigail Robertson,

said it was Kavanaugh's life that

is being destroyed by Democrats.

- This has been the most outrageous

as earlier colleagues put it,

search and destroymission to just literally

take out a man's reputation,

to ruin his family situation, threats.

The whole effort is just despicable

by any objective standard.

- The FBI has not interviewedKavanaugh or Ford.

Her lawyers want her to do an interview,

but the FBI reportedlybelieves it can rely

on her lengthy testimony

before the Senate JudiciaryCommittee last Thursday.

And in the Wall Street, SenateJudiciary Committee Member,

Orrin Hatch, pointed out that

the attacks on Kavanaugh have changed.

He wrote, "a notable shifthas occurred in the left's

"anti-Kavanaugh campaign over the weekend.

"Attention has turned away

"from Christine Blasey-Ford'sallegations of sexual assault

"Over and over we hearhim described as angry,

"belligerent or partisan,

"followed by the claim that hisconduct at the hearing shows

that he lacks a judicial temperament.

"You've got to be kidding me.

"Do the people making thisargument really expect a man

"who until five seconds agohad an unblemished reputation

"to sit passively while his reputation

"is viciously and permanently destroyed?"

Or, to put it another way,

some have noted that theallegations against Kavanaugh

have gone from gang rape initially,

to a New York Times storyabout how he threw ice

during a dispute at abar in college in 1985.

McConnell mocked that story,saying "what a bombshell."

Republicans pointed outthat one of the authors

of that Times report hadalready attacked Kavanaugh

on Twitter earlier this year.

Conservatives and othershave been critical

of both the media's coverageof the Kavanaugh case

and the Democrats handling of it,

while Democrats saythey just want the truth

about Kavanaugh's background.

One thing both sides will get,

a vote on Kavanaugh'sconfirmation by this weekend.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- It's amazing.

They're playing to aboutthree people, Lisa Murkowski,

who looks like she's gonna vote for him,

Susan Collins, who looks likeshe's gonna vote for him,

and Senator Flake from Arizona,

who has said he's gonna supporthim after this FBI thing,

but this has been themost shocking example.

You see, folks, you've gotto understand the game.

The game is real simple.

The Supreme Court has been thefocus of the left's attempt

to destroy the moralfabric of this nation,

to take away certain ofthe liberties provided

by the Constitution,

to make the Supreme Court a sounding board

for the sociologicaltrends in our country,

and to no longer have the anchor

of the Constitution to rely on.

So what we're looking at now is getting

a Conservative majoritywho think that the text

of the Constitution and

the surrounding debates concerning

it are probative interms of case decisions.

That's what Scalia said andhe was such a terrific guy.

Now, that's what they're fighting about.

We have a malleable courtwhere the Constitution

is whatever the judges say it is,

is whatever they say it is depending

on the sociological trends ofthe time or are we gonna go

to the history of theConstitution, the exact text,

and use that as the standard?

Well, that's what we want and that's what,

at least the majority of thepeople would like to see,

and that's what Brett Kavanaugh means.

It means a rock solid majority

for Constitutional interpretationaccording to the framers.

That's what his vote means.

It means the control of theleft of the Supreme Court

will be taken away.

That's why they're fighting so hard.

It is the most vicious attack,

but it's really not against him.

They were against him before one

of these hearings took place.

They were calling for him to withdraw,

they were calling, thenthey began to call him evil,

and then to use all kinds of slurs.

They were trying to getthis, he was a sex fiend.

Then they didn't succeed inthat, now he's a sloppy drunk.

And then after that he doesn't

have the Judicial temperament.

You can go on and on andon, but the big deal is,

if Mitch McConnell hangstough and he's going to,

he's gotta get this proceduralthing out of the way

having to do with clotureso that they don't

have endless debate andthey can cut off debate,

and that's about one day.

So it looks like by Friday,no later than Saturday,

they will have a vote.

The FBI report will bein detail to them today,

as far as I can tell.

This thing is a circusthat's gotta be over.

But Brett Kavanaugh,

I don't know if he canever get back the joy

he had at being one of themost distinguished jurists

of the United States.

They have smeared him and that smear

will probably last a lifetime.

What a horrible thingto have to go through.

In other news, after that terrible tsunami

and major earthquake last Friday,

Indonesia has been hit withanother natural disaster.

John Jessup has that.

- Pat, as I was saying,

a volcano erupted on that sameisland hit by the tsunami.

The volcano shot ash nearly20,000 feet into the air

which could affect air travel

and that could hinder relief teams getting

into the devastatedarea desperately in need

of food, water, medicineand other supplies.

The death toll from thetsunami has now reached

at least 1,400 people andhundreds more were injured.

President Trump hasoffered help with recovery

and the rebuilding efforts.

Indonesia has multiple volcanoes

and it's located in The Ring of Fire,

an active area forearthquakes and volcanoes.

And Pat, this is somethingthat you've talked about

at length for quite some time.

- At length, and you know, see,

they've got that Pacificplate and it's running

up against the North American plate

and other plates and the whole area,

those tectonic shifts aregoing on all the time.

This is a serious, serious thing.

The thing that is worrisometo Americans is that

there's a Cascadia Ridgeoff the coast of Oregon

which could very possibly bring not only

an underground earthquake, buta tsunami into that region.

The Aleutions, thevarious parts of Alaska,

are in that Ring of Fire.

So we're looking at California,we're looking at Oregon,

we're looking at 'course Chili

and all down South America,

but that's just the world we live in.

But it's almost like the Earth is angry

with the people who are on it.

It's amazing.

It's like the Earth itselfis coming against us.

So, it's time to pray.


- Pat, the New York State Department says

it is investigating claimsby The New York Times

that President Trump receivedat least $413 million dollars

from his father over the span of decades.

Much of that, according to the paper,

dubious tax dodgesincluding outright fraud.

The Times reports Trumpand his father, Fred,

avoided gift andinheritance taxes by setting

up a sham corporationand undervaluing assets.

Times says its report is based on more

than 100,000 pages of financial documents.

But a lawyer for thePresident says the allegations

of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false.

Well, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo,

was set to meet with North Korean leader,

Kim Jong Un, Sunday in Pyongyang,

where he's expected to lay the groundwork

for a second summit betweenKim and President Trump.

The meeting comes as Kim Jong Un accuses

the Trump administrationof demanding too much

while offering too fewconcessions in negotiations

to eliminate nuclear weaponsfrom the Korean Peninsula.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent, Erik Rosales,

has the story.

- North Korea continues todemand that the United States

work with North and South Korea

to put an end to the Korean War,

but the US insists beforeany concessions are made,

the North must do more to keep its deal

and work towards complete denuclearization

of the Korean Peninsula.

On Tuesday, North Koreacalled such demands rubbish.

Its state run news agency reported the end

of war declaration can quote,

"Never be a bargaining chip for getting

"the DPRK denuclearized."

And speaking at the United Nations

General Assembly last week,

Kim's Foreign Ministersaid he's not seeing

any cooperation from the US.

- The US insists on thedenuclearization first

and increases the levelof pressure by sanctions

to achieve their purposein a coercive manner

and even objecting thedeclaration of the end of war.

- The things that we wouldhope to see and that we've

been very clear about all alongare a complete declaration

of their program, whattheir capabilities are,

locations of facilities.

- Researcher, Matthew Ha,

with the Foundation forDefense of Democracy says,

despite claims from Kim Jong Un,

that he's demolished his countries only

known nuclear test site,

he can't be trusted.

(rocket launching)

South Korea's ownintelligence shows North Korea

has up to 60 nuclear bombs.

Ha says the US should also keep an eye

on South Korea's President Moon,

a progressive who wantsinter-Korean reconciliation.

- We just need to controlthe pacing of that

to make sure that the US andSouth Korea are in lock step

because the alliance betweenSeoul and Washington,

the 60 plus year alliancehas been the lynchpin

to the security of the Korean Peninsula.

- Ha calls this a survival game,

which means the US must continueto keep economic sanctions

on North Korea and drain its revenue.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Erik.

Pat, back to you.

- The President sayshe's got a love affair

with the Dictator of North Korea.

- Because of the letters,the love letters. (laughing)

- The love letters back and forth.

I don't know.

I don't think I'd have alove affair with that guy,

but what I think is thePresident's pretty cagey

but I hope he hasn't been seduced by them.

They still have an incredible

machine for suppressing opinion.

The Christians are beingpersecuted all over North Korea.

It is essentially one major gulag.

They're underfed, undernourished and they

are terrified of a police state.

It is one of the most vicious,

if not the most viciousof the entire world,

and this love affairstuff, it just won't fly.

What they mean bydenuclearization is they want

all American forces withdrawn.

They want all of the shipsand the planes and everything

of the United States takenout of the whole area.

But they want to be completely free

of any United States involvement at all

and anything that would threaten them,

any nuclear bombs or any long range bombs

that we have availableor bombers and so forth,

they want them all withdrawn.

That's what they mean by denuclearization.

What we mean is they'llstop getting those missiles

that peril the United States.

But that's not what they mean.

But they made a fewgestures and hopefully this

has some substance to it,

but that country is so terribly weak.

They have a gross domestic product

that is less than Nevada.

They have almost nothing andthe people are suffering.

And if we maintain sanctions on them

and don't give the concessions

then what'll happen is sooner or later

they will have to

they will have to accedeto what the President wants

or else their economy is gonna collapse.

So we need to stay tough with them.

But this love affairstuff, I'm not too keen

about all that.

- I think President Trump likes to be seen

as the President that can tame or befriend

these evil dictators.

And that somehow elevates him.

He likes to be liked.

I think he just wantseverybody to like him.

- But he thinks that if he gets in a room

with somebody, that he will persuade them

because he's so powerful and so,

he thought he had a dealgoing with the head of China.

Now it turned out that's not the case.

I guess he hasn't been seducedmuch by Vladimir Putin.

But nevertheless this Kimthing, they shake hands,

they laugh, they have a good time

and he thinks that's enough.

Well it's not.


- Well Pat, the FBI'sinvestigating a suspicious

envelope addressed to thePresident and intercepted

by the Secret Service.

A day later on Tuesday two letters arrived

at the Pentagon containingthe poison called Ricin.

According to the SecretService the letters sent

to the Pentagon wereaddressed to Defense Secretary

Jim Mattis and Chief of Naval Operations,

Admiral John Richardson.

But they didn't saywhether the letter intended

for the White House contained Ricin

or if it was related to theletters sent to the Pentagon.

Well the Department ofEnergy is announcing awards

of up to 20 million dollarsto find cybersecurity attacks.

The awards will go forresearch and development

of new tools to strengthenthe cybersecurity

of America's energyinfrastructure, including

the electric grid and oil and natural gas.

Energy Secretary, RickPerry, says protecting

US energy systems from cyber threats

is a top national priority.

He also believes the new awards will help

develop new tools need tofight off cyber attacks

while also keeping the lights on.

Pat, I'm sure you thinkthis is long overdue.

- It's long overdue.

I've been talking about our grid

that is so vulnerable andthey still aren't spending

the money that's neededto shore up that grid.

Our power grid, an EMP blast would,

put us in the dark across the nation.

And these cyber attacks, they'redoing everything they can

to frustrate and if youdon't have electric power

folks, it's Katie Bar the Door.

We're talking about millionsdying because of it.

So it's very, very serious.

I might add, RegentUniversity Cyber Security

offers a one day C-SuiteCyber Management Workshop,

Executive Workshop designed for corporate,

government and military leadership.

The naval security peopleare already coming back

for another session.

They love our Cyber rangeand if you are interested

for your company it's 855-910-7615.

It's a one day C-SuiteCyber Management workshop.

They give you the workingskills of how you can

fight of cyber attackson your corporation.

Isn't that fun?

- One day?

- One day.- Wow, okay.

Let's do it.


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