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The 700 Club - October 3, 2018

A news reporter with a secret addiction that re-wrote her life story. Plus, former 700 Club co-host Sheila Walsh returns to the CBN studios. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up, anews reporter with a secret.

- [Katie] I started off withRitalin, but then it went

to Adderall, and Adderallwent to Dexedrine.

- [Announcer] Her battle with addiction.

- If I stopped some ofthe prescription pills,

I seemed to drink more,and if I stopped drinking,

I did more of the prescription pills.

- [Announcer] And rewrote her life story.

- That was how it wasfor the next 10 years.

- [Announcer] And then,former cohost Sheila Walsh

returns to our studioson today's 700 Club.

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Well, welcome, ladies andgentlemen, to The 700 Club.

It looks like this incredible drama

we've been witnessing is about to end.

Mitch McConnell says he'sgonna have a vote this week.

They've got something about cloture.

They've gotta have a motion of cloture

a day or so before the vote.

But nevertheless, certainly by Friday,

he should have this thing done.

The FBI has been doing some investigating.

This is, like, the seventhtime that they've worked

on Brett Kavanaugh, and it looks like

they will draw it to aconclusion probably today.

So the senators will have something.

And they're doing everything they can

on the Democratic Partyto move the goalpost.

They sat on this allegation for months.

They had it, they had a letter.

Senator Feinstein had a letter.

She sat on the letter and the so-called

smoking gun of the revelation for months,

and then suddenly they're screaming,

you're not giving us enoughtime to do an FBI check.

Well, if you'd given us this thing sooner,

there would've been plenty oftime for more extensive FBI.

But the FBI's not gonna reveal anything.

I think what they need to do, frankly,

is to go after the accuser and point out

the inconsistencies to her testimony,

and has she in fact been lying?

I think, excuse me, (coughs)

this is a very, very serious thing.


- Yeah, the Republican responses come

as the FBI is wrappingup its investigation

into allegations against Kavanaugh.

And President Trump isdefending him, as well.

Dale Hurd has the story.

- As still uncorroboratedallegations of misconduct continue

to swirl around his Supreme Court nominee,

President Trump defended Brett Kavanaugh

by going on the offensiveagainst his accuser.

At a rally in Mississippi last night,

the president attacked the credibility

of Christine BlaseyFord's claims that she was

sexually assaulted by Kavanaughwhen they were teenagers.

- How'd you get there?

I don't remember.

Where is the place?

I don't remember.

How many years ago was it?

I don't know.

(crowd cheers)I don't know.

- [Dale] Blasey Ford's attorney replied

with this tweet, callingPresident Trump's remarks

a vicious, vile, and soulless attack.

But an ex-boyfriend of Ford wrote a letter

to Senate Judiciary Chair Charles Grassley

saying he wants saw Ford explain

in detail how to prepareto take a polygraph.

But Ford said in last Thursday's hearing

she never talked about howto take a polygraph test

with anyone other than her lawyers.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

responding to a question fromCBN News' Abigail Robertson

said it was Kavanaugh's life that

is being destroyed by Democrats.

- This has been the most outrageous,

as earlier colleagues putit, search-and-destroy

mission to just literallytake out a man's reputation,

to ruin his family situation,

threats, the whole effort is just

despicable by any objective standard.

- The FBI has not interviewedKavanaugh or Ford.

Her lawyers want her to do an interview.

But the FBI reportedly believes

it can rely on her lengthy testimony

before the Senate JudiciaryCommittee last Thursday.

And in the Wall Street Journal,Senate Judiciary Committee

member Orrin Hatch pointed out that

the attacks on Kavanaugh have changed.

He wrote, a notable shift has occurred

in the left's anti-Kavanaughcampaign over the weekend.

Attention has turned awayfrom Christine Blasey Ford's

allegations of sexual assault.

Over and over, we hear him described

as angry, belligerent, or partisan,

followed by the claim that his conduct

at the hearing shows that helacks a judicial temperament.

You've got to be kidding me.

Do the people making this argument

really expect a man who,until five seconds ago,

had an unblemishedreputation to sit passively

while his reputation is viciouslyand permanently destroyed?

Or to put it in anotherway, some have noted

that the allegations against Kavanaugh

have gone from gang rape initially

to a New York Times story about how

he threw ice during a disputeat a bar in college in 1985.

McConnell mocked that story,saying, what a bombshell.

Republicans pointed outthat one of the authors

of that Times report had already attacked

Kavanaugh on Twitter earlier this year.

Conservatives have been critical

of both the media's coverageof the Kavanaugh case

and the Democrats' handling of it,

while Democrats say they just want

the truth about Kavanaugh's background.

One thing both sides will get?

A vote on Kavanaugh'sconfirmation by this weekend.

Dale Hurd, CBN News.

- It's amazing.

They're playing to about three people,

Lisa Murkowski, who lookslike she's gonna vote for him,

Susan Collins, who looks likeshe's gonna vote for him,

and Senator Flake from Arizona,

who has said he's gonna supporthim after this FBI thing.

But this has been themost shocking example.

You see, folks, you've gotto understand the game.

The game is real simple.

The Supreme Court has been the focus

of the left's attempt to destroy

the moral fabric of this nation,

to take away certain of the liberties

provided by the Constitution,to make the Supreme Court

a sounding board forthe sociological trends

in our country, and to no longer have

the anchor of the Constitution to rely on.

So, what we're looking at now is getting

a conservative majority who think that

the text of the Constitution and the

surrounding debates concerning it

are probity in terms of case decisions.

That's what Scalia said, andhe was such a terrific guy.

Now, that's what they're fighting about.

Do we have a malleableCourt, where the Constitution

is whatever the judges say it is,

is whatever they say it is dependent

on the sociological trends of the time?

Or are we gonna go to thehistory of the Constitution,

the exact text, and usethat as the standard?

Well, that's what we want, and that's what

at least the majority of thepeople would like to see.

And that's what Brett Kavanaugh means.

That means a rock-solid majority

for constitutional interpretationaccording to the framers.

That's what his vote means.

It means the control of the left

of the Supreme Court will be taken away.

That's why they're fighting so hard.

It is the most vicious attack,

but it's really not against him.

They were against him before one

of these hearings took place.

They were calling for him to withdraw,

and then they began to call him evil,

and then to use all kinds of slurs.

They were trying to getthis, he was a sex fiend.

And they didn't succeed in that,

and now he's a sloppydrunk, and after that,

he doesn't have the judicial temperament.

You can go on and on and on.

But the big deal is, ifMitch McConnell hangs tough,

and he is going to, he's gotta get

this procedural thing out of the way

having to do with the clotureso that they don't have

endless debates andthey can cut off debate.

And that's about one day.

So, it looks like by Friday, no later

than Saturday, they will have a vote.

The FBI report will be in detail

to them today, as far as I can tell.

So, this thing is a circusthat's gotta be over.

But Brett Kavanaugh, I don't know if he

can ever get back the joy hehad at being one of the most

distinguished juristsin the United States.

They have smeared him, and that smear

will probably last a lifetime.

What a horrible thingto have to go through.

Well, in other news, afterthat terrible tsunami

and major earthquake last Friday,

Indonesia has been hit withanother natural disaster.

John Jessup has that.

- Well, Pat, as I wassaying, a volcano erupted

on that same island hit by the tsunami.

The volcano shot ash nearly20,000 feet into the air,

which could affect air travel.

And that could hinder relief teams

getting into the devastatedarea desperately in need

of food, water, medicine,and other supplies.

The death toll from thetsunami has now reached

at least 1,400 people, andhundreds more were injured.

President Trump has offered help

with recovery and the rebuilding efforts.

Indonesia has multiple volcanoes,

and it's located in the Ring of Fire,

an active area forearthquakes and volcanoes.

And Pat, this is somethingthat you've talked about

at length for quite some time.

- At length, and see, they've got that

Pacific plate, and it's running up against

the North American plate and other plates.

And the whole area, those tectonic

shifts are going on all the time.

Well, this is a serious, serious thing.

And the thing that isworrisome to Americans

is that there's CascadiaRidge off the coast of Oregon,

which could very possibly bring

not only a underground earthquake,

but a tsunami into that region.

So, the Aleutians, the various parts

of Alaska are in that Ring of Fire.

So, we're looking at California.

We're looking at Oregon.

We're looking at, of course,

Chile and all down in South America.

But that's just the world we live in.

But it's almost like the earth is angry

with the people who are on it.

It's amazing.

It's like the earth itselfis coming against us.

So it's time to pray.


- Pat, the New York State Department says

it is investigating claimsby The New York Times

that President Trump receivedat least $413 million

from his father over the span of decades,

much of that, according to the paper,

dubious tax dodges,including outright fraud.

The Times reports Trumpand his father, Fred,

avoided gift and inheritance taxes

by setting up a sham corporationand undervaluing assets.

The Times says its report is based on more

than 100,000 pages of financial documents.

But a lawyer for the president says

the allegations of fraud andtax evasion are 100% false.

Well, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

is set to meet with NorthKorean leader Kim Jong-un

Sunday in Pyongyang, where he's expected

to lay the groundwork for a second summit

between Kim and President Trump.

The meeting comes as Kim Jong-un accuses

the Trump administrationof demanding too much

while offering too fewconcessions in negotiations

to eliminate nuclear weaponsfrom the Korean Peninsula.

CBN's national security correspondent

Erik Rosales has the story.

- North Korea continues to demand

that the United States workwith North and South Korea

to put an end to the Korean War.

But the US insists beforeany concessions are made,

the North must do more tokeep its deal and work towards

complete denuclearizationof the Korean Peninsula.

On Tuesday, North Koreacalled such demands rubbish.

Its state-run news agencyreported the end of war

declaration can, quote,"never be a bargaining chip

"for getting the DPRK denuclearized."

And speaking at the UnitedNations General Assembly

last week, Kim's foreign minister said

he's not seeing anycooperation from the US.

- [Translator] The US insistson the denuclearization first

and increases the level of pressure

by sanctions to achieve their purpose

in a coercive manner, and even objecting

the declaration of the end of war.

- The things that we would hope to see

and that we've been very clear about

are a complete declarationof their program,

what their capabilities are,locations of facilities.

- [Erik] Researcher Mathew Ha with the

Foundation for Defense of Democracies

says despite claims from Kim Jong-un

that he's demolished his country's

only known nuclear testsite, he can't be trusted.

(missile whooshes)

South Korea's own intelligence shows

North Korea has up to 60 nuclear bombs.

Ha says the US should also keep an eye

on South Korea's president Moon,

a progressive who wantsinter-Korean reconciliation.

- We just need to controlthe pacing of that

to make sure that the US andSouth Korea are in lockstep.

Because the alliance betweenSeoul and Washington,

the 60-plus-year alliance,has been the linchpin

to the security of the Korean Peninsula.

- Ha calls this a survival game,

which means the US must continueto keep economic sanctions

on North Korea and drain its revenue.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Erik.

Pat, back to you.

- Well, the president says he's got

a love affair with thedictator of North Korea.

- Because of the letters,the love letters.

- The love letters(Wendy laughs)

back and forth, I don't know.

I don't think I'd have alove affair with that guy.

But what I think is, thepresident's pretty cagey.

But I hope he hasn't been seduced by them.

They still have an incredible

machine for suppressing opinion.

The Christians are beingpersecuted all over North Korea.

It is essentially one major Gulag.

They're underfed, undernourished,

and they are terrified of a police state.

It is one of the most vicious, if not

the most vicious in the entire world.

And this love affair stuff,I mean, it just won't fly.

You see, what they meanby denuclearization is,

they want all American forces withdrawn.

They want all the ships and the planes

and everything of the United States taken

out of that whole area, thatthey want to be completely free

of any United States involvement at all.

And anything that would threaten them,

any nuclear bombs or any long-range bombs

that we have available or bombers

and so forth, they wantthem all withdrawn.

That's what they mean by denuclearization.

What we mean is they'll stop getting

those missiles thatimperil the United States.

But that's not what they mean.

But they've made a few gestures,

and hopefully there'ssome substance to it.

But that country is so terribly weak.

They have a gross domesticproduct that is less than Nevada.

I mean, they have almost nothing.

And the people are suffering.

And if we maintain sanctions on them

and don't give them concessions,

then what'll happen is, sooner or later,

they'll have to accede towhat the president wants,

or else their economy's gonna collapse.

So we need to stay tough with 'em.

But this love affair stuff,

I'm not too keen about all that.

- Well, I think PresidentTrump likes to be seen

as the president that can tame or befriend

these evil dictators, andsomehow that elevates him.

He likes to be liked.

I think he just wantseverybody to like him.

- But he thinks that if hegets in a room with somebody

that he will persuade thembecause he's so powerful.

And so he thought he had a deal

going with the head of China,

and now it turned out that's not the case.

I guess he hadn't been seducedmuch by Vladimir Putin.

But nevertheless, this Kim thing,

they shake hands, they laugh, they have

a good time, and he thinks that's enough.

Well, it's not.


- Well, Pat, the FBI is investigating

a suspicious envelopeaddressed to the president

and intercepted by the Secret Service.

A day later on Tuesday,two letters arrived

at the Pentagon containingthe poison called ricin.

According to the Secret Service,

the letters sent to thePentagon were addressed

to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis

and Chief of Naval OperationsAdmiral John Richardson.

But they didn't say whether the letter

intended for the WhiteHouse contained ricin,

or if it was related to theletters sent to the Pentagon.

Well, the Departmentof Energy is announcing

awards of up to $28 million tofight cybersecurity attacks.

The awards will go forresearch and development

of new tools to strengthenthe cybersecurity

of America's energy infrastructure,

including the electric gridand oil and natural gas.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry says

protecting US energy systems from cyber

threats is a top national priority.

He also believes the new awards will help

develop new tools neededto fight off cyber attacks

while also keeping the lights on.

Pat, I'm sure you thinkthis is long overdue.

- It's long overdue.

I've been talking about ourgrid that is so vulnerable,

and they still aren't spending the money

that's needed to shore up that grid.

Our power grid, an EMP blast would

put us in the dark across the nation.

And these cyber attacks, they're doing

everything they can to frustrate.

And if you don't have electric power,

folks, it's Katy bar the door.

We're talking about millionsdying because of it.

So it's very, very serious.

I might add, RegentUniversity Cybersecurity

offers a one-day C-suitecyber management workshop,

executive workshop designed for corporate,

government, and military leadership.

The naval security people are already

coming back for another session.

They love our cyber range.

And if you are interested

for your company, it's 866-910-7615.

It's a one-day C-suitecyber management workshop

to give you the working skills of how

you can fight off cyberattacks on your corporation.

Isn't that fun?

- One day?

- One day.

- Wow, okay, let's do it.

Well, coming up, thedownside of social media.

- You'll have peoplewho think that somehow

their entire worth isbuilt up in whether or not

their family pictures areInstagram-able enough.

- [Wendy] How to savethe storm-tossed family

from the assault inothers when we come back.

(uplifting orchestral music)

- Well, when it comes to your family,

do you ever feel likesomething's just not right?

In his latest book, Dr.Russell Moore addresses the

rough waters that many families face

and how they can keep fromcapsizing in those waters.

Jennifer Wishon brings us that story.

- You know the saying, you can pick

your friends, but not your family?

The memory of a family membercan inspire spontaneous

laughter at the grocery store,bring you to tears, or both.

Family life is hard.

But Dr. Russell Moore says that's normal.

- I think the temptationis to somehow think

that if we just love Jesusor if we're just good people

that we're not going to have these

difficult times that come with family.

And in reality, that's neverwhat Jesus promised us.

He said to us that our lives within the

family are about carrying the cross.

And so that means that everyinteraction that we have

within a family is anopportunity to pour oneself out,

to sacrifice oneself in service to others.

- [Jennifer] Dr. Moore is president

of the Ethics & ReligiousLiberty Commission,

the public policy arm of theSouthern Baptist Convention.

In his latest book, TheStorm-Tossed Family,

Moore says focusing on the cross

will help prevent families from capsizing.

- What we see in thecross is that through hurt

and through vulnerability,often we see the glory of God.

- [Jennifer] One ofthe reasons family life

is such a challenge, he believes,

is the constant spiritual warfare.

- It's because the marriagerelationship, for instance,

is designed after that pictureof Christ and the Church,

and that the relationshipof a child to parents

or to a larger extendedfamily is a picture of God,

who is Father to us, Ephesianschapter three says to us.

So, of course, the spiritual forces,

the principalities andpowers, as the New Testament

calls them, would rail against that.

They don't like the picture of that.

And so what you seehappening with the family

in every generation, inevery age all the time

is similar to what onewould see with someone

trying to take apart a gospel tract.

Because that's what the family is.

- [Jennifer] In thisdigitally connected era,

families often feel their relationships

have become unplugged, and depression

can set in when scrollingthrough seemingly

perfect families on social media.

- You'll have peoplewho think that somehow

their entire worth isbuilt up in whether or not

their family pictures areInstagram-able enough,

in whether or not theirchildren succeed enough.

People aren't usually going to present

on social media, guess what, Aunt Flossie

has another restraining order against her,

or, my child has been grounded again,

or, I'm afraid that my spouseand I are going to divorce.

People aren't going to do that.

But sometimes when we seejust the shiny presentation,

it can cause this kind of comparison.

And the sense is, becauseI'm having difficulty,

that means that I'm not succeeding,

when in reality, some ofthe most biblically grounded

and thriving and flourishingfamilies think they're failing.

And they think they're failingbecause it's very difficult,

and they're facing allsorts of challenges.

- [Jennifer] Moore sayshis books typically

grow out of the questionshe's working through

as a husband, father, and pastor.

And he says family issues are constant.

- Family is not, again,just a biological accident.

Family is picturing something.

God is picturing in thefamily the fatherhood of God.

He's picturing in the familythe gospel, the union of Christ

and His Church, the newness of new birth.

All of those things are pictured

within the family structure.

- We need to rely on theChurch, Moore writes.

And instead of dividingourselves into groups,

like singles, young marriedcouples, and seniors,

Moore suggests we're allfacing similar issues

and need to rely on each other.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News.

- Thanks, Jennifer.

By the way, Russell Moore's book

is called The Storm-Tossed Family.

And it's available wherever books

are sold, so you can get a copy.

And it's interesting.

- [Wendy] All right, thank you very much.

- [Pat] Yeah, Russell Moore.

- Well, up next, a youngwoman lands her dream job

as a TV reporter, only tolose it to prescription drugs.

- I started off with Ritalin,but then it went to Adderall,

and Adderall went to Dexedrine.

These are gradually stronger versions.

And I didn't stay at that job a year.

And I just walked away.

- [Wendy] See what saved her from becoming

another statistic after this.

(dramatic music)

(stirring music)

- Katie Butte was a beautiful young woman

with a high-profile career,first as a television reporter,

and later as a state lobbyist.

But Katie was hiding a secret,

a growing addiction to prescription drugs

and an escalating levelof anxiety and torment.

Suicide looked like her only option

until she had a dream thattotally transformed her.

Watch this.

(somber music)

- [Katie] I remembergoing to kindergarten.

I would be the last onepicked up on a regular basis.

Sometimes I just feltthat I didn't matter.

- [Narrator] Katie Butte'sparents worked hard

to provide the best forKatie and her sister.

But the pressures of running a business

and other obligationscommanded much of their time.

- I know how much they loved me.

And despite them doingthe best they could,

I don't feel like I was a priority.

I was so hungry for attention.

- [Narrator] A childwith boundless energy,

Katie excelled at gymnastics and later

cheerleading and beauty pageants.

They brought her the attention she needed.

School, on the other hand,was a different story.

- Despite my greatest efforts,I did not excel at school.

Grades were very, very difficult.

I had a younger sister whodid very well very easily.

She did get the praiseand the reward for that.

It was beginning to painta picture of my identity.

(melancholy music)

- [Narrator] She was a teenager when

she had her first glass of Champagne.

She liked how it tasted,and how it made her feel.

- I felt some false peace whenI had Champagne or liquor.

Even if temporarily, I enjoyedit and I wanted it again.

- [Narrator] By high school,

drinking was also a way to get noticed.

- If I could be like everybody else

and do what everybody else is doing,

then maybe I'm not weirdand broken and wounded.

And so I'm just gonnado what this whole crowd

of people is doing, and then I'll be okay.

- [Narrator] Despite her average grades,

Katie got accepted intocollege and studied journalism.

There, she was diagnosed withADHD and prescribed Ritalin.

It worked, and Katie finished

college as a straight-A student.

But doing well in school wasn't enough.

- I started taking it when I would go out.

I started taking it all the time.

And I would take double the dose,

'cause if one's good, let's do double.

And that was how it wasfor the next 10 years.

- [Narrator] After college, Katie landed

her dream job as a TV reporter.

To her, it would makeeverything right in her life.

But the pressures of the jobonly deepened her dependency.

- I started off with Ritalin,but then it went to Adderall,

and Adderall went to Dexedrine.

These are gradually stronger versions.

And I didn't stay at that job a year.

And I just walked away.

- [Narrator] That would setKatie on a self-destructive

pattern that would last seven more years.

In that time, she quit several jobs,

started a business that failed,

and called off two wedding engagements.

- I'm just searching for anything to make

the hurt go away, 'cause my brokenness

and my pain level at thistime, I was hurting badly.

I stopped some of the prescription pills.

I seemed to drink more.

And if I stopped drinking,

I did more of the prescription pills.

- [Narrator] In 2007, lessthan a year after taking a job

as a state lobbyist inGeorgia, Katie was fired.

(somber music)

- Being able to function wasreally just snatched away.

And mentally, I went into aplace of just literal torment.

I'm drinking heavily,smoking a lot of marijuana,

because that's just somethingthat really was an escape.

I just looked in the mirror,and my eyes were so empty.

- [Narrator] With no money, she moved

into a small cabin onher parents' property

in Georgia and decided to end her life.

- I didn't have any hope.

I didn't see a way out.

And the level of anxiety and torment

that I was in was so, so heavy.

And I wasn't in my right mind.

But when I made that decision,

it sounded like a good decision.

- [Narrator] That night,Katie had a dream.

(gentle music)

- The ceiling disappeared.

I was underneath the mostbeautiful starry sky,

and the room was just electric.

God began to speak to my heart.

What I felt was loved and treasured,

extraordinarily valued,priceless, a princess.

He showed me that.

He made me feel like Iwas His only daughter.

- [Narrator] Katie gave herlife to Christ and spent

the next two months in thecabin reading the Bible,

praying, and with God's help,overcoming her addictions.

She emerged with hernew identity in Christ.

- He saw the best in me whenthere was nothing good to see.

He reached down out of Heavento pick me up out of my mess.

I felt important.

I felt valued.

(uplifting orchestral music)

And it was awesome.

- [Narrator] Katie is now married to Aaron

and raising two boys of her own.

She wants them and others to know about

the unconditional love and acceptance

that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.

- Jesus saves.

He saved me, He saved a wretch like me.

His amazing gracereached down and saved me

and delivered me and set me free.

Jesus is the answer.

He's what satisfies.

Nothing else satisfies, but He does.

- Isn't that amazing?

You don't feel loved,you don't feel special,

and all of a sudden, Godshows Himself to you,

and you suddenly know that if you were

the only person on the face of the earth,

Jesus Christ would've died for you,

and that you're the mostspecial thing in God's sight.

And He makes us feel that way.

That's what's so wonderful about it.

He's got six, sevenbillion people on Earth.

But he can make you feel like you're

the most important person onthe whole face of the globe.

Because He died for you and He loves you.

That's what happened to Katie Butte.

She got the feeling, and she began to know

that God Almighty had died for her.

And I wanna say that to you.

That's really what the Lord said.

We've got that feelingthat if you're the only

person on the face of the earth,

there was only one person,Christ still would've died.

Because He said, what if you gain

the whole world and lose your own soul?

Your soul is moreimportant than everything.

And Katie realized that.

And she came out of that depression.

And many of you are depressed.

You've been taking drugs.

You tried a little marijuana.

You've done all kinds of pills.

We've got this opioid crisis.

People are taking thesepills just to feel better.

And they're depressed, andthe more of the opioids

that they take, themore depressed they get,

because they don't knowthat Jesus loves them.

And the Bible says forGod so loved the world,

that He gave His only begottenSon, that whosoever believes

in Him should not perish,but have everlasting life.

That's the promise, and it's made to you.

And if you want the Lord,

I just want you to pray and ask Him.

And do it right now.

Say, Lord, I'm giving you my life.

And I wanna receivewhat you've done for me.

And I thank you that you love me.

I thank you that you love me.

I thank you that you love me.

And you don't have totalk Him into loving you.

He already does.

He's not gonna revokethe fact that He died.

He's not gonna take it back.

It's not some trick, thatHe's offering something,

and then the minute you grab for it,

He pulls it out and say, I got you.

It's not that way.

He loves you.

And if you wanna know Him,just call on Him right now.

Whoever will call upon thename of the Lord will be saved.

So you call on Him, just like Katie did.

She's sitting there, and allof a sudden, she has a dream.

God can speak to you in a dream,

or He can just speak to you right now.

But let this be the opportunity

to say, yes, Lord, Ireceive you as my Savior,

and I take it for myself.

And if you want further advice

and something, I want you to call.

It's 700-7000.

800 is the number, 1-800-700-7000.


- Thanks, Pat.

Still ahead, a best-sellingauthor and former

700 Club co-host takesa look back on her life.

- I wish I could take my 21-year-old self

and tell her it's okay not to be okay.

She was determined toget everything right.

- [Wendy] Sheila Walsh joins us

live later on today's 700 Club.

(uplifting orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Welcome back to Washingtonfor the CBN Newsbreak.

A lawyer for Pastor Andrew Brunson

has filed an appeal for hisrelease from house arrest.

The appeal went to theConstitutional Court in Turkey

requesting for it to rule thatBrunson's right to freedom

had been violated andto demand his release.

The American pastor had beenjailed since October 2016

and is now under house arrest,accused of terrorist acts.

His next regular courthearing is on October 12th.

Well, a controversiallegislation in California

involving abortion pills has been axed.

The measure would'verequired all of California's

34 public universitystudent health centers

to provide abortionmedication to women on campus

by no later than January 1st of 2022.

If implemented, it wouldrequire $9.6 million

in private funding to provide $200,000

in grant money to all universities.

California Governor JerryBrown, rather, vetoed the bill

this week, while the bill'sauthor has already vowed

to reintroduce the proposalagain next session.

Well, you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going toour website at

Pat and Wendy will be back with more

of today's 700 Club right after this.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(uplifting orchestral music)

- Well, if you're a longtimefan of The 700 Club,

then you are a fan of Sheila Walsh.

She co-hosted this show along with Pat

and Ben Kinchlow for more than four years.

And we always love it when she returns

to update us on what'shappening in her life.

Take a look.

- I wish I could take my 21-year-old self

and tell her it's okay not to be okay.

I promise.

Would she have believed me?

I don't think so.

She was determined toget everything right.

- [Narrator] Best-sellingauthor and co-host

of Life Today with James & Betty Robison,

Sheila Walsh says life ishard, and we all face problems.

But no matter what we're facing,

she says it's okay to fail,as long as we get back up.

(uplifting instrumental music)

In her latest book, It'sOkay Not to Be Okay,

Sheila encourages us tochange the way we think

so we can move forward inlife one step at a time.

- Please welcome to The 700 Club

our dear friend Sheila Walsh.

Sheila, it's always such a pleasure

to see you.- Hi, Wendy.

It's great to see you,and you do a great job.

- Oh, thank you.

That means so much coming from you

'cause you were amazing whenyou were here and still are.

Well, let's start withthe 21-year-old Sheila.

I loved your long brown hair,

although I think I like the blonde better.

(Sheila laughs)Yeah, okay.

What do you know now that you wish

you had been able to tellyour 21-year-old self?

- Well, I look at that photograph.

I'm graduating from seminary.

And I had this long list of things

I needed to do to make God love me.

I wanted to be the perfect Christian,

the perfect everything.

And I think that desire tobe perfect almost killed me--

- [Wendy] Wow.

- Until I came to theplace that I realized

you don't have to pursue perfection.

You get to pursue Christ, who is perfect.

And that makes such a difference.

- Perfection is so exhausting.

- It is exhausting.- And it will kill you.

It can kill you.

What do many of us assume about God

that sets us up for a big fall sometimes?

- Yeah, I was just listening to Pat

give that beautiful appeal and saying,

you don't have to make God love you.

God already loves you.

And really, what I wastrying to do in this book,

it's different from anythingI've ever written before,

I wanted to give peoplean eight-step manual

of how to move forward in Christ.

And step one is, dare to have a gut-level,

unedited conversation with God.

And to the level we'rewilling to be honest with Him

is an indication of how much we trust Him.

- Yeah, 'cause He alreadyknows everything anyway.

Well, Sheila, you say in your book

It's Okay Not to Be Okay, Ilove that, that after 50 years,

you finally stopped beating yourself up.

How did you stop doing that?

- Well, I think it's because the more

you fall in love with Jesus,I mean, it's like, I'm 62 now.

I gave my life to Christ when I was 11.

That's 51 years of theoutrageous faithfulness of God.

And for me it's, the moreI fall in love with Jesus,

then the more I, it'slike you switch focus.

You're not focusing on yourself

and what you're getting right or wrong.

You're focusing on thefinished work of Christ.

And then you get to look at other people

and see them differently, not as causes

to be saved, but as people to be loved.

- Amen.

What are a few practicalsteps that you outline

in your book that wecan use to move forward

when we're struggling, when we're

going through those dark times?

- Yeah.

Well, one of them is, rise past your past.

Don't be define by the labels you wear.

You are not what happened to you.

You're a child of God.

And so often, we get stuck there.

Do the what-ifs, even if you're afraid.

So often, we hold back 'cause we think,

well, I'd love to dothat, but what if I fail?

But commit that to theLord and move forward.

But I think my favorite step is,

celebrate your scarsas tattoos of triumph.

God tells His story in scars.

And if Christ chose to rise

with His scars, why would we hide ours?

- That's right, and He could've easily

removed His scars when He went up

to be with the Father, but He kept them.

So we should celebrate ours.

Well, you've sold morethan five million books

over the years.- I think my husband

bought four million.

- (laughs) I doubt that.

What's the most important message

that you want readers totake away from this one?

- I think the most important is,

I wanted this to be daily.

I wanted it to be doable.

I wanted it to be incredibly practical.

But basically, my bottomline is, I want people

to fall more in love withJesus, not with religion.

We need religion like weneed a hole in our head.

We need a relationship with Jesus

based on the finished work of Christ.

So, it's my prayer that as we work through

this book together that at the end,

people will, they'll lookat themselves differently.

They'll look at other people differently.

But their gaze will be fixed on Him.

- Yeah.

Well, as you know, wejust celebrated 57 years.

- I know, it's amazing.

- And you were a big part of those years

back in the late '80s to early '90s.

What is your favorite memoryof being here with Pat

and Ben and The 700 Clubduring those formidable days?

- I think probably my favorite

thing was, Pat was like a dad to me.

I didn't have a dad.

My dad committed suicide when I was five.

And I remember coming inand seeing Pat as you would,

I mean, this brilliant man andthis anointed servant of God.

But what was a great delight for me

to discover was, he's like a father.

And just the compassion and kindness he's

showed always toward me,and particularly when

my life fell apart, is something that

shaped my future, andI'll always be grateful.

- And what about now?

Tell us, I know you're still writing books

and you're speaking and raising,

well, your son's in college now.

- He's a senior at Texas A&M.

Gig 'Em, Gig 'Em.(Wendy laughs)

- But what excites you the most

about this time in your life, Sheila?

- I think at this stage in my life,

I feel like it's likePaul said in Acts 20.

My life is worth nothingto me now unless I use it

to finish the work assignedme by the Lord Jesus Christ

to speak of the amazing grace of God.

So, whether I'm in South Africa

or Australia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia,

working in sex trafficking,the message is the same.

Jesus loves you.- And, of course,

you are Scottish.

- Woo-hoo!(Wendy laughs)

- You and Scott Ross I'm surehad fun talking about that.

- We did.- Do you ever get

back to Scotland?

- My mom died a couple of years ago,

so that was the last time Iwas home, for her funeral.

And it was amazing.

The one thing I wanted tobring back that was my mom's,

she had a little picture hung above

her bed all my life, two words, yes, Lord.

- Amen.- And that's

what she left in my heart.

- Wow, that's a great wayto close out this interview.

Sheila's latest book is calledIt's Okay Not to Be Okay,

and it's availablewherever books are sold.

You can also watch asocial exclusive interview

with Sheila on our Facebook page.

To check that out, just goto

Sheila, always a pleasure.

- Lovely.- God bless you--

- Thank you, Wendy.- So much.

Well, coming up, YourQuestions, Honest Answers.

Jim says: When we eat, ifwe ask God in Jesus' name

to sanctify the food for the health

and nourishment of our bodies,

should we still be concerned that there is

too much sugar, cholesterol, et cetera?

Can't wait to hear Pat's answer on this.

Stay tuned. (chuckles)

(bright music)

(uplifting orchestral music)

- Well, it's easy to see why

three-year-old David won't slow down.

He's making up for lost time.

For his entire life, Davidcouldn't walk or even stand.

He was born with clubfeet.

But thanks to CBN, he'snow taking his first steps.

Watch this.

- [Dan] Three-year-old David has clubfeet

and has never been able to walk.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] I carry him everywhere,

even while I do my farm work.

I worry about him because ifhe cannot walk, he cannot work.

I pray constantly that God will help him.

- [Dan] When David's motherheard about Plaster House,

a ministry supported by CBN, she and David

traveled cross-countryby bus to come to us.

- [Translator] I was reallynervous, but when I arrived,

I saw many other parentswith children like mine.

I knew this place wasan answer from the Lord.

- [Dan] We paid forDavid's surgery and casts

and provided him and hismother with a place to stay

and everything they neededduring his recovery.

- [Translator] Being hereis like being on holiday.

We get lots of rest.

It has completely changed my son's life.

- David just fell asleep in my arms,

and I can feel his legsmoving back and forth.

I think he might bedreaming about walking.

Soon, the casts came off.

At night for the next few years,

he'll wear corrective shoes that will

completely straighten his feet.

But already, David is up and running.

- [Translator] The day Davidwalked for the first time,

I felt like he could now finally

spread his wings like a bird and fly.

It's hard for me to keep up with him now.

I arrived carrying him, andnow he can run and play.

I thank God for this miracle.

May God bless you for helping us.

- One life at a time,folks, one life at a time.

There's seven billion onthe face of the earth.

We can't help 'em all, but wecan sure do it one at a time,

one at a time, more andmore and more, and then

it gets to be tens, and then it gets

to be thousands, then it gets to be

hundreds of thousands, thenit gets to be millions.

And we're helping millions of people.

So, if you wannaparticipate, and I want you

to be a 700 Club member,I wanna give you this.

It's called Miraculous Blessings.

And it tells about howyou can have blessings,

what the blessings are, what they mean,

and those hindrances to blessings.

So it's all here for you in a DVD.

Have you watched?

- I have watched it.

It's fascinating, and you andScott do a great job on there.

- Well, Scott and I have,they say, chemistry. (laughs)

- [Wendy] Pat and Scott show,you don't wanna miss it.

- That's right.(Wendy laughs)

But anyhow, this is available

to you if you join The 700 Club.

65 cents a day.

Okay, some questions.

- We do, let's startwith this one from Jim.

He says: When we eat, ifwe ask God in Jesus' name

to sanctify the food forthe health and nourishment

of our bodies, shouldwe still be concerned

that there's too much sugar,cholesterol, et cetera?

- You know, when I wasin Bogota, Colombia,

with Sixto Lopez, we would always pray,

Lord, bless the, and don'tlet the food hurt us.

I mean, there were so manylittle bugs in the food,

and you'd get all kindsof intestinal things.

And we would pray to bedelivered from those things.

Look, you ask, and you're gonna pray,

you've got a load of cholesterol,

you've got all kinds ofartery-clogging food on your plate,

and you've got whiteflour, you've got cake,

you've got pies, you've got all this junk,

and you're asking me, well, if you pray

that God's gonna somehowspare you from that.


(Wendy laughs)

You're supposed to have some intelligence.

Don't forsake wisdom,is what the Bible says.

And you've got to learnprinciples of nutrition.

You need vegetables, you need fruit,

and you need to stayaway from white flour.

You need to pray, stay away from sugar.

And you don't want an excessive

of meat and fat and all that kinda stuff.

I mean, the Lord will protect you

from bugs when you ask His blessing.

He'll do that for sure.

But He's not gonna turn your diet around

if you won't do it yourself, okay?

- All right.- All right?

- Tough love, here we go.

Catherine says: I recently started going

to a new church wherethe female pastor said

when speaking with a girl one day

that the Lord allowed her tosee into this girl's mind.

Is this mind reading, andif so, is it biblical?

I haven't heard of this before

in the Christian senseand am uneasy about it.

- Well, I think you should be uneasy.

I don't think He, there is no question,

when I'm in a group, andsomehow you're praying,

and the Lord gives you an insight

through a word of knowledge asto what's in somebody's mind,

a hurt they have, I've seenit happen over and over again.

But that isn't the samething as mind reading.

And I don't think that God gives us

the ability to read people'sminds, at least I hope not.

But in any event.

- I hope not either. (laughs)

All right, well here's Chris.

He says: I have a question

regarding the parable of the talents.

The question is whetheror not the third servant

was truly a follower of Christ.

It says later that faith without works

is dead, and therefore it implies

the third servant didn't have any faith

because his life didn'tproduce any good fruit.

Am I correct in assumingthat the third servant

was a person who professed faith

but didn't truly possess faith?

- Oh, look, when you're reading a parable,

they're meant to teach one truth.

The parable was, thesepeople were given talents,

one talent, five talents,10 talents, and so forth.

And the thing is, they used those talents.

And this demonstrate the law of use.

And the law, if you use what's

given to you, you'll get more.

And if you do not use what's given to you,

you will lose whatever you have.

That's the essence of that parable.

And the idea is, if youtake the talent that's given

to you and you bury it in theground, you're gonna lose it.

I mean, it had nothing to do with all

that other stuff you'retalking about, okay?

- Okay, here's Joan.

She says: Pat, why isit that some dead people

look so bad or horrible that it scares you

to look at them, and others look so good,

like they're just resting in peace?

They look calm and peaceful, not scary.

- You pay these morticiansto doll people up.

I mean, they put stuff in their jaws

to make 'em plump out andthey put makeup on 'em

and they dress 'em in pretty suits.

I mean, that's what youpay these people to do,

to make the deceased look goodwhen you tell 'em goodbye.

- That's right, and I guess they

didn't have a good makeup job.

- I don't know. (laughs)

- It's the same thing when you're alive.

- That's right.- You either look awful,

or you look good, dependingon your makeup job.

- We have somebody fixing our makeup.

All right.(Wendy laughs)

Real quick.- By the way, your makeup's

looking very nice today.

- Thank you, well, they'velearned how to do it.

It's light and easy, all right.

- Dela says: Happy 57th year!

What is the difference betweenour soul and our spirit?

Kindly explain.

- All right, the Biblesays, God breathing on 'em,

and that's the pneuma, that's the Spirit.

And He breathed on the dust of the ground,

and it became a living soul.

And the soul of the Nefeshis the merging together

between the elementaryof dust of the earth,

so to speak, and the Spirit of God.

So, the soul and Spirit,and the Bible talks about

dividing a center betweenthe soul and the Spirit.

The Spirit is what comes from God.

That is the life force from God.

That's the pneuma.

The psuche of the soulis the merging together

of the elemental partand the spiritual part.

And that's kinda likewith a person what we are.

But I can't go into all thatbusiness about Freud right now.

But anyhow, that's whatthose two things mean.

We leave you with Today'sPower Minute from Nehemiah.

Do not sorrow, for the joyof the Lord is your strength.

For all of us, Wendy andme, I'm glad you're with us.

And tomorrow, Scott Ross visits,

who is he going to--- Country music star

Rory Feek at his farm

outside Nashville.- I don't know Rory.



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