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Faith Nation: October 3, 2018

Faith Nation: October 3, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- And welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Well the FBI is set towrap up its investigation

into the sexual assault allegations

against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

- Ahead of that PresidentTrump is drawing criticism

for appearing to mock Kavanaugh's accuser

Dr. Christine Ford.

- CBN News White House Correspondent

Ben Kennedy joins us from the north lawn

to break down the details, Ben.

- Well Jenna and John President Trump

seems to be questioning the credibility

of the woman who could derailhis Supreme Court nominee.

Some say yes, he's making fun of Dr. Ford.

Others that he's pointingout the inconsistencies

in her testimony.

Either way his remarksare drawing criticism

across party lines.

- How did you get home?

I don't remember.

How'd you get there.

I don't remember.

Where is the place?

I don't remember.

- [Ben] Testifying before theSenate Judiciary Committee,

Dr. Christine Blasey Fordclaimed Judge Kavanaugh

sexually assaulted herat a high school party

in the 80s.

But she couldn't recallsome details of the night.

- Where's the house?

I don't know.

Upstairs, downstairs, where was it?

I don't know.

But I had one beer.

That's the only thing I remember.

- Was it appropriate for President Trump

to openly mock the accountof Christine Ford last night.

- I see that that is the lemming like word

you're all using.

- [Ben] The White House says the President

was simply highlighting theholes in Dr. Fords story.

- The President was stating the facts

and frankly facts that were included

in special prosecutorRachel Mitchell's report.

He was stating facts that were given

during Dr. Ford's testimony.

And the Senate has to make a decision

based on those facts.

- [Ben] Ford's attorneycalled Trumps remarks

vicious, vile, and asoulless attack on Dr. Ford.

The FBI is wrapping up its investigation

into what really happened that night.

And as lawmakers wait for the details,

Trump created more controversy

with this warning for men.

- It's a very scary timefor young men in America

when you can be guilty of something

that you may not be guilty of.

- Now Trump has insistedthat the FBI had free reign

to investigate any allegations

and insist he is notinterfering with the process.

That being said he continuesto stand by Kavanaugh

noting that this is theseventh FBI investigation

on his high court nominee.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- All right thank you Ben.

Well as the FBI wrapsup their investigation

into Kavanaugh, Senatorsare preparing to vote

on his Supreme Court nomination.

Abigail Robertson joins usfrom Capitol Hill with more,


- Well Senators on both sides of the aisle

are not pleased with thePresident's comments yesterday.

Democrats say it was reprehensible

and that he owes Dr. Ford an apology.

And many Republicans say

they didn't like his comments either

including those threekey Republican Senators

that we've been following quite closely.

Senators Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski,

and Susan Collins.

Flake said there's no time andplace for remarks like that.

And Murkowski calledthem wholly inappropriate

and she added that she'staking everything into account

when deciding how she'll voteon Kavanaugh's nomination.

And here's what Collins had to say.

(multiple people talking)

- The President's commentswere just plain wrong.

- Ultimately though, it all comes down

to what these Senatorsthink of the FBIs findings

that are set out to come out

either today or tomorrow.

And not what they think ofthe President's actions.

- So Abi what comes afterthat investigation by the FBI?

What's the process gonna be tobring that vote to the floor?

- Well if Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

wants a vote this week onJudge Kavanaugh's nomination

which he has said repeatedly that he does.

He must file cloture by midnight tonight

to set up a vote foreither Friday or Saturday

depending on the if theyuse the whole 30 hours

for debate on this nomination.

Otherwise, if cloture is not filed today

we may not see the voteuntil Sunday at the earliest.

- And Abigail obviously this whole process

has been so contentious,

but you've spoke with some lawmakers

who have been relying on theirfaith through all of this.

- Yes, well I think many on both sides

will be happy to see this end.

Things are very tensehere on Capitol Hill.

But I talked with DemocraticSenator Chris Coons

earlier today who is onthe Judiciary Committee

and he's also co-chair ofthe National Prayer Breakfast

and he's a part of a bipartisangroup of Christian Senators.

They meet every Wednesdayand they pray together

and they study the word withSenate Chaplain Barry Black.

And he told me he was actually the speaker

at this morning's breakfast.

And he says that everyday he tries to pray

for the President and the Senate.

But this week more than anything,

he's just been praying forhumility and for wisdom

from the Lord.

And one other interestingthing about that Bible study,

when I've talked toChaplain Black about it,

he says that he told methat they close each meeting

holding hands with one another in prayer

because they believe it's hard to then go

and stab someone in theback on the Senate floor

that you've just literallybeen holding hands

and praying with.

But he did add while it'shard, it's not impossible.

- Abi that's something youdon't hear anywhere else

so we appreciate that anecdotal story.

One last question for you.

You've been up there every day

for the last couple of weeks.

You have a finger on thepulse of what's happening

on Capitol Hill.

Can you give us a sense,

has there been anymovement when it comes to

where Senators lie whenit comes to this vote?

Do you think thatKavanaugh will be confirmed

or is it now even more so in question

as they wait for the FBI investigation?

- Well I think once again

really Kavanaugh's fate rests in those

three key Senators, Flake,Murkowski, and Collins.

They've really kept together as a group

during this process.

And I think that they are very eager

to see this FBI investigation.

Which I've learned only Senatorswill be able to see this.

They are going to keep that under wraps.

I've heard there will bejust one copy delivered

to the Senate.

And then Senators will be able to go look

at it themselves.

And only nine staff members I think

will be able to see it.

So when the FBI releasesthat investigation,

they're going to try and keep it

as secret as possible.

And then Senators willhave to make the decision

once those findings come out

on how they're going tovote on Judge Kavanaugh.

- Well Abigail Robertson will continue

our coverage of the confirmation vote

as the week goes on.

- Thank you.

- And Jennifer Wishon and Amber Strong

are here now to discuss the repercussions

of the Kavanaugh case.

Ladies thank you both for joining us.

Amber, I wanna start with you.

Let's talk about the midterm elections

and how this could really affect those.

- Well as we see alreadyon both sides of the aisle

this is definitely goingto be a rallying point.

Regardless of where you stand,

you see the GOP led byLindsay Graham saying look

this is the Democrats

and I hope you never get power.

Again because this is the kind of people

that you're going to be.

On the flip side yousee the me too movement

and women and Democrats who are gonna say

look this is how the GOP sees women,

this is how they value women.

It's interesting a poll came out recently.

This was an NPR PBS polllooking at suburban women.

So these are these samecollege educated suburban women

- [Jenna] Critical voting block.

- Critical voting block.

Those same women that tookdown Roy Moore in Alabama.

47% of them said if a candidatesupported Brett Kavanaugh,

they won't support them.

They're likely not to support them.

- That's a crucial votingblock for the Republican party.

- And this is and Amber you're right,

this is gonna affect everything

unless something else huge happens

between now and Novemberwhich could happen.

But I think another point that Republicans

need to take away from this

is we saw the Republican men

who run the Senate Judiciary Committee

having to import a womanto question Dr. Ford.

Republicans have to doa better job of one,

recruiting femalecandidates to run for office

and number two,

getting comfortabletalking about these issues.

These are husbands withdaughters and mothers.

They care about them at the core.

But they have to getcomfortable talking about

issues of sexual assaultand women's issues.

- Jennifer, Amber just hiton this theme about me too.

We're living in the me too era

and people are takingallegations more seriously

then ever before.

How did this me too moment play into

the Kavanaugh situation?

- Well I think it's meant everything.

I think you look no farther

than the way Anita Hill was treated,

the way Monica Lewinskywas treated by the nation.

Not just the media,

the nation treated them poorly.

But I think what we've seen

through the Kavanaugh hearings,

through these accusations is that me too

has become extremely muddy.

This is not about politics.

And if you're taking sides

when it comes to allegationsof sexual assault

and a person's right to defend themselves

then you're not on the side of justice.

And I think that me too is all about

women feeling comfortable coming forward,

sharing their experiences,

seeking justice for wrongsthat have been committed

against them,

and for men understanding that there are

certain ways you don't treat women,

and that's not okay.

But when politics enters this,

then I think that itjust becomes cheapened.

- Speaking of muddying the waters,

yesterday the President said,

let me make sure I have this quote right,

he said it's a very scarytime for young men in America.

And that was in responseto having a message

for men in America livingin the me too moment.

I think there is a little bit

of a muddled philosophy out there.

We live in a systemwhere our justice system

says you're innocent until proven guilty.

But in the me too movement there does seem

to be a little bit of a shift

and that's been some of the arguments

for Kavanaugh supporters who say

this man is having to prove his innocence

rather than he's innocentuntil proven guilty.

Do you think even though that may be

a legitimate point.

Was the President perhaps the right person

to make that point giventhe role that he plays

in our me too moment as well?

- No, I don't think so.

I mean I think it's fine for the President

of the United States to make that point.

But I think it's clear that this President

does not have credibilitywhen it comes to this issue,

which is unfortunate.

But I think in terms ofinnocent until proven guilty,

we've seen Republicanstreat this as a trial.

They brought in a prosecutor

and they're really pushing

this innocence until proven guilty.

Democrats are treatingthis as a job interview.

And so we're seeing they'reanticipating perhaps

this FBI investigationis not going to come up

with the kind of dirtthat they want it to.

And so they're sayingwell he was too feisty.

It was not a good job interview.

So Republicans and Democrats are treating

the hearings in completely different ways.

- Framing it completely different ways.

- Last night if you werewatching President Trump

at this political rally,

you saw him more or less mocking Dr. Ford.

Amber and then you saw the crowd respond

pretty enthusiastically.

What did you make of that?

- Here's the thing there are two groups

watching this, right.

So you have your die hardsupporters of the President

who say that's exactly how I feel.

He's not mocking her.

He is saying exactly how I feel

and he's just repeating her testimony.

On the other side,

you can bet your bottomdollar that a picture

or a video of him saying that

is gonna be paired with Dr. Christine Ford

on campaign ads across this country

all the way until November.

Because on the other side of that

you have a record number of women.

180 Democratic womenwho won their primaries,

who are going toward the midterms,

and they're gonna say lookthis is our President,

this is how he feels about women.

So that right there can be a talking point

for either side.

It's just about who buysinto it more at this point.

- I will say oftenAmericans look at Washington

and say Washington is the problem.

Washington is a reflection of the nation.

And Amber's exactly right.

If you look at socialmedia which this President

tends to do from time to time.

- [John] He's very good at it.

- He's very good at it.

You see Republicans,conservatives over and over again

looking at the gaps inDr. Ford's testimony,

looking at the timing asto when she came forward.

And the President was reflecting that.

- Jennifer I wanted to talk to you,

there's a lot of conversation about

kind of what John was touching on.

You know having to prove your innocence

rather than the presumptionthat you are innocent

until you're proven guilty.

You are the mother of a son.

A lot of mothers have come out and said

they're concerned thata precedent could be set

that their son could be wrongly accused.

What are your thoughts on that?

- I think it's a huge fearthat mothers across the nation

are experiencing right now.

How do they talk to their sons about this?

And the challenge with all of this is that

different women accept andinterpret things differently.

And so an advance by someone who you like,

is not the same as an advanceby someone you don't like.

And so determining that as a young man

I'm sure can be challenging.

But these are serious conversations

that I think families are having.

But you know what, Jenna, it's good

that families are havingthese conversations.

Because for too long, let's be honest,

for way too long whetherit's in the workplace,

whether it's on dates,

whether it's while takinga run in your neighborhod,

women have been mistreated.

And the fact that we'reeven talking about this

even though politics ismuddying it, is a good thing.

- Last question and maybeboth Amber and Jennifer

you can weigh in on this.

You had just mentioned contrasting this

with the Anita Hill hearings.

I wanna know whether Judge Kavanaugh

is confirmed or not we'llfind out later this week,

if that vote does indeed happen.

But can Judge Kavanaugh'scareer survive this?

- Will his career survive, definitely.

Especially if he is confirmedto the Supreme Court,

he'll be just fine, right.

Clarence Thomas is sitting onthe Supreme Court right now.

Will there always be a cloudaround his career, definitely.

You look at the comments hemade during his testimony.

Was he fired up and angry for sure.

But he also made comments

about the Clintons paying him back.

Whether or not he was angry aside,

every time he rules,

someone's gonna point back to that.

And say look we told you thathe was a little bit partisan.

So his career will never be the same

as far as his legal career is concerned.

- Right.

- It's my understandingthat Harvard University

has already canceled a class

that he was going to be teaching.

He will never live this down.

You never hear a storyabout Clarence Thomas

without a reference back to Anita Hill.

That was 27 years ago.

- Jennifer Wishon, Amber Strong,

thank you so much for joining us.

- Well although there is an open seat,

the Supreme Court beganhearing cases this week.

Two of the cases they took up focus

on private property rights in America.

Paul Strand reports from the court.

- Two of the first cases the Supreme Court

took up involve yourprivate property rights.

And could affect what happens

if government suddenly decides

it wants a piece of your land.

One case involves someprivate property in Louisiana

and the endangered Dusky Gopher Frog

which exists only in Mississippi.

The government's taking 1500 acres

of Edward Poitevent's timbergrowing land in Louisiana

because the endangeredfrog might have live there

many decades ago.

- This frog is critically endangered.

Just about 100 of them left.

And it used to be foundacross Louisiana, Alabama,

and Mississippi.

- [Paul] The PacificLegal Foundation lawyer

Mark Miller argues this land grab

will cost his client millions

on a gamble the frogcould maybe live there.

- He'd be looking at $34million in lost income.

But that doesn't matter to the government.

- It's over 1500 acres,

almost double the size ofCentral Park in New York.

- [Paul] Atkins says the landis perfect for the frogs.

Poitevant says it needs aton of money to prepare it.

- The ponds there are in an ideal state

and when they're not in the ponds

they live in stump holes.

And that land has the stump holes.

- And it will take millionsand millions and millions

of dollars to recreate that habitat.

- That's absolutely false.

- [Paul] Miller says thegovernment shouldn't be able

to just do this.

It'd be like ripping upManhattan skyscrapers

because deer used to wanderthere when it was forest.

- Let's declare Manhattanto be critical habitat

for that deer.

And then we'll just simplydo whatever we gotta do

to protect that endangereddeer in Manhattan.

- [Paul] The other caseinvolves Pennsylvanian

Rose Knick whose 90 acrefarm has been in her family

for decades.

But Scott township has decidedsome stones on her land

may be gravestones.

And she has to fix up the area,

and leave it open to thepublic every day of the year

or be heavily fined

rather than compensated forthis taking of her land.

Attorney Christina Martin.

- And if she didn't do that

they would fine her $300 to $600 per day.

- Can you just imagine what it's like

to have people every day on your property?

- [Paul] Knick wants a federal court

to shoo the township away

but can't because of anold Supreme Court ruling

that says she must go through state courts

before going federal whenit comes to property rights.

Martin says property rightsshould be just as important

as your other Constitutional rights.

- If you have no way ofenforcing your rights,

then your rights are sort of meaningless.

It's just words on paper.

- [Paul] Paul Strand, CBNNews, The Supreme Court.

- Well the United Statesis pulling out of a treaty

we've had with Iran since the 1950s.

Welcome back.

Secretary of State MikePompeo says the United States

is terminating a 1955 treaty with Iran.

That treaty regulatescommerce and diplomacy

with the foreign adversary.

CBN News National Security Correspondent

Erik Rosales has moreon the growing tensions

between the US and Iran.

- Secretary of State MikePompeo held nothing back

when he said the move to terminate

the 1955 Treaty of Amity was quote

39 years overdue.

- Iran has attempted to interfere

with the sovereign rightsof the United States

to take lawful actions necessary

to protect our national security.

And Iran is abusing the ICJ for political

and propaganda purposes.

- [Erik] Pompeo's announcement came after

the International Court of Justice

ordered the United Statesto lift some sanctions

affecting imports on humanitarian goods

and products to Iran.

Hours later, NationalSecurity Advisor John Bolton

announced the US is withdrawing from yet

another treaty with Iran

made before the United Nations Court.

A court which Bolton says is ineffective.

- It's closing doorsthat shouldn't be opened

to politicized abuse.

Which is what we'veconsistently seen in the ICJ.

- [Erik] Pompeo says the US will continue

to provide humanitarian assistance

to Iranian refugees.

But notes Iran continues touse its money on terrorism.

- The choices that are beingmade inside of Iran today

to use money to formentterror around the world

to launch ballistic missles

into airports throughout the Middle East,

to arm proxy militias in Iraq,and in Syria, and in Lebanon.

Those are dollars that

the Iranian leadership is squandering.

- It's a war of words right now.

It was a wise move.

The US should not let anythingimpact its sanctions power.

- [Erik] Iran policyexperts say this is just

another diplomatic fullcourt press by Iran

using the 1950s treatyto isolate the US today.

- If Iran upheld half of the things

that the previous government

prior to the revolution agreed to

with the US International Community

the country would be muchbetter off than it is today.

- I truly believe thatPompeo said it best.

He said that Iran is worriedabout the economic sanctions

that are gonna be coming against it.

So the Trump administrationplans to implement

those sanctions by November 4th.

And they also plan tobring those sanctions

against all oil sales as well.

- Right around the corner.

- That's right.

- Erik, Iran it considers this ruling

by the International Courtof Justice as a victory

and it kind of opens this toa Pandora's box in some ways.

- Yeah, you know the famouswords of Admiral Yamamoto

from Japan saying that they'vewoken the sleeping dog.

And yeah Iran has America'swide awake right now.

So Iran is really usingthe International Court

as more of a propaganda.

And that's what Bolton was trying to say.

It's like we're really going after that.

So we really need to takea closer look at that.

And then my sources are also saying that

we're gonna actually look atsome of the other agreements

that were made within that court as well.

So that could actuallyspell even more sanctions,

not just for Iran but formaybe other countries.

- Only about 30 seconds left.

First you had the Irandeal that we pulled out of

and now you have this.

It looks like Pompeo'sreally upping the pressure

on the alleged activity with Iran.

- Oh he is.

I mean we're tired of it.

And he already said that the United States

is not gonna sit by idle.

You know what we did waswe actually pulled out

our diplomats out of Iran out of Bahrain.

So we're gonna have to see exactly

what other type of pressurethat we can continue

to put on Iran.

But we are gonna go put in those sanctions

come November 4th.

- Erik Rosales, thank you as always.

- Thank you.

- [John] Coming up a sneakpeek at how a new surgery

saved the life of the Presidentof Liberty University.

- Jerry Falwell Jr sayshe's blessed to be alive.

- That's right Jenna.

In an exclusive interview

with CBN News Chief PoliticalAnalyst David Brody,

Falwell recalls the heart issue

that could've cost him his life.

- When I was at hisoffice and did the test

and it showed clearlythere was a large hole,

Tony Nobles the inventorof this process was there.

He texted Ben Carson.

Ben texted me right back and said,

Jerry this is one of those few times

when it's good to find outyou have a hole in your heart

because now you know what caused it.

Now we can fix it.

I called the President thenight before the procedure

11:30 at night he answers the phone.

And told him about it.

He called me a weeklater at 11:30 at night,

said Jerry I need you.

You gotta take care of yourself.

How'd it go?

And he said now Ben Carsontold you about this?

I said yeah.

He said then well thenI get the credit right?

I said yes, this is myreward for supporting you.


- Very nice.

What about the wave of the future here?

The future is now, Imean this is happening.

So where are we going with this procedure

in terms of what it means forpatients really worldwide?

- Absolutely.

Well it's a new technology.

We are the first center inthe US to use the NobleStitch

to close PFOs.

But in Europe it's alreadyspread like wildfire.

So it's gonna take time

but hopefully not too longto train other physicians

in the US and we expect this technology

to close holes in the heart with a stitch

rather than with a device

to really take over the market and help

a lot of patients out there.

- Not to make it an Oprah situation,

but when you got introducedon stage earlier.

There was a hug there.

I mean in other words,

this is a man thatreally came to your aid.

- He really did.

He and I are close to the same age.

We like the same kind of music.

- [David] 70s rock.

- 70s rock.

So we played that when Iwas on the operating table.

I was wide awake.

I could feel the devicecoming up through my chest

and I asked for a little more sedation.

But it was we really did hit it off

as did Tony Nobles and I.

And now my sister is gonna have,

she's a surgeon, been a surgeonin Richmond for 25 years.

She has the same condition.

She's gonna have the same procedure done.

- Well that 70s rock, butnot Stairway To Heaven

quite yet, right.

- Pink Floyd, Creedence Clearwater Revival

- Well David spoke with Falwell

and his doctor todayin Lynchburg, Virginia.

- And we will bring you the full story

right here tomorrow.

- You know they bonded over 70s rock.

For me it would be the Eagles.

- Me too.

- Hotel California.

- I love the Eagles, Desperado.

- Well that's gonna do itfor tonight's Faith Nation.

- Have a great evening.


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