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The Kavanaugh Bounce: Will GOP Voters Turn Out in November After Kavanaugh Controversy?

The Kavanaugh Bounce: Will GOP Voters Turn Out in November After Kavanaugh Controversy? Read Transcript

- Abigail Robertson joinsus now from Capital Hill.

Abby, what are senators saying

now that the FBI investigation is done?

- Well, Republicans aresaying that the FBI report

shows that none of the allegationsagainst Judge Kavanaugh

are corroborated, sothey're ready to vote,

while Democrats say that the investigation

didn't go far enough, so they still have

a lot of questions, and areaccusing the Republicans

of constraining the FBIin their investigation.

Now here's some video clipsfrom what both sides are saying.

- The main thing for meis that you need to go

to the FBI, and you need to ask them

do they feel like theywere able to do their job,

without interference?

And I think the answer is yes.

They interviewed, over 150people have been interviewed

throughout the course ofBrett Kavanaugh's life.

TO those who suggest hehad a problem like this,

from prior interviews,no evidence of that,

it's all manufactured.

Senators who requested asupplemental FBI background check

got what they requested,and I am ready to vote.

- We Democrats had manyfears that this would be

a all too limited processthat would constrain the FBI

from getting the facts.

Having received a thoroughbriefing a few minutes ago,

our fears have been realized.

- Now, Republican senatorsjust held a press conference,

where they told reportersthat they did not tell the FBI

whom to speak with, orwho not to speak with,

that they let them decideand gave them free reign

over who they wanted to talk to.

Now some Democrats havecalled for this report

to be released publicly,and have claimed that

Republicans might be hiding something

by not doing so, butchairman Chuck Grassley

also addressed thisallegation and said that

Republican senators don'tactually have the power

to release the report, but added that

the White House might be able to.

- Now, Abigail, of thoseRepublican senators,

who are still kind of on the fence,

Flake, Collins, and Murcowski,

what are you hearing aboutthem, how might they vote?

- Well, so far we knowthat at one point today

the three of them wereactually in the room together,

reviewing the document andthat Susan Collins has said

it appears to be a verythorough investigation

and Senator Flake said that there is

no corroboration for Ford'sclaims in the FBI report.

Now Flake has gone backto the room more than once

to take a look at this document,

but we don't know for sureyet how any of them will vote,

and we're also, um, we nowknow that Senator Hidecamp

is a no, but we're still waiting to see

how Senator Joe Mansion might vote.

- Abigail Robertson reportinglive on Capitol Hill.

Thank you so much, Abby.

- Thank you.

- And we are joined now byGOP national spokesperson,

Kayleigh McEnany, and CBNNews political analyst,

David Brody.

Both of you, thank you for joining us.

- Thank you for having me.

- Thanks for having us.

- Um, Kayleigh, David, this first question

is for both of you.

Who are the winners andthe losers in all of this,

now that the FBIinvestigation is completed?

And why don't we do ladies first?

- Sure, uh, I don't thinkthere are any winners.

This was a very serious,horrific allegation

that was charged, and we saw a man,

whose reputation was smeared before

the entirety of the nation.

Uh, I don't think there are any winners,

you know, if there is a winner,perhaps it's the fact that

finally Judge Kavanaughcan have his name cleared

and can have some sort of personal peace,

if that's ever possible andachievable in his life again,

after having to explainthis to his daughters,

to the nation, uh and Dr. Ford as well,

what she went through, uhthere are no winners here,

but I'm excited to see Judge Kavanaugh

hopefully become Justice Kavanaugh,

and at least have that moment of peace.

- And David, what do you. . .

- I, I agree with Kayleigh on the winners.

I can tell you who isone of the losers here,

uh Diane Feinstein.

I mean she looks, uh,really, really bad here,

uh, the fact that she held this,

and I know she's talkingabout noble intentions,

as to why she held it,but look she held it.

And it really looks bad in the Democrats'

dirty tactics playbook.

And it clearly hasmotivated GOP enthusiasm,

I mean I think we're gonnasee that in the polls,

we're starting to seethat already in the polls,

and so, look, I-I I mean,you know, I think there's

no doubt she's the loser here.

I don't call her a loser, butshe's a loser in the process.

And, uh, maybe theRepublicans, I don't know,

congressman, can't youdedicate a post office?

They should dedicate a postoffice to Diane Feinstein,

and the mail can bedelivered two months late.

I mean it could be something like that.


- Uh, David, you alludedto it, uh, Kayleigh,

there is new polling thatshows a real enthusiasm

among GOP voters, uh,because of Brett Kavanaugh.

Uh, what do you make of it?

- There's no doubt, you know,if there's anything that

excites Republican voters,it's the Supreme Court.

We saw it in 2016: one in five voters

voted based on the Supreme Court,

and of those, 56% votedfor President Trump.

So it is a motivatingissue for our voters,

but what's interesting here in particular,

we're seeing the 2016 effect play again.

A pew poll showed a, a few months ago,

one month ago, I should say,

a twelve point gap, Democratsahead of Republicans.

That has narrowed tojust two, in the wake of

the post-Kavanaugh revelations

and confirmation process.

- You know, if, if Kavanaugh is confirmed,

Kayleigh, is thereconcern that Republicans

might shrink back alittle bit, might relax,

and not turn out at the polls in November?

- I don't think so, andthe reason I say that is

one of the problems wewere seeing in our polling

was that the voters were not seeing

the stakes of the election as clearly

as they saw it in 2016.

After eight years ofObama, they knew the stakes

of a liberal presidency,but they had kinda forgotten

and sunk into a posture of complacency

and, uh, I think thatthis has woken up our base

in a very powerful way,that they will not forget.

They see that the new standardtrying to be put forward

is guilty until proven innocent.

It's something that I think will

stay with them until November.

- David, let's talk a littlebit about media coverage.

I'm surprised you didn't list them

in the losers of all this,this playing out, but. . .

- There's still time.

- (chuckle)

There's still time.

Uh, clearly Kavanaughhasn't gotten a fair shake

uh, uh, for his supporters by Democrats,

but what's the role that themedia's played in all of this?

- Well, it's been prettypathetic, I mean, quite frankly,

I mean, this whole,this white male outrage,

that they're now on,

and you know, it's funny,because the Democrats

have talking points and, all of a sudden,

oh, look at that, it'sin the New York Times,

it's in the Washington Post,

it's like a big, you know,cauldron of liberalism,

all kinda wrapped into one.

It's fascinating to see, it'slike we always hear about

the gang of 500, and we hearabout the latte sipping crowd,

and the Washington D.C.New York excela corridor,

it's all on display here, Imean it's like they get together

and get their talking points together,

and they're ready for the day.

Uh, so I think it's been,uh, extremely frustrating,

obviously if you're aconservative, for sure,

but I also think there'sa disconnect, you know,

this New York Times, above the fold crowd,

The Washington Post, you know,

the liberal intelligentsia of the world,

they all think they'reright and they can't believe

that Donald Trump can get elected,

and the deplorables, you know,

what are they talking about?

And then, the deplorablesare kind of up here,

with Donald Trump: they understandexactly what he's saying,

they understand exactly what he means,

even though he might not say it

as eloquently as other presidents may,

and so the media never gets it,

there's a total disconnect,

and they've been trying to figure it out

time and time again, andI'll just say one last thing,

is that the more the mediagangs up on Donald Trump,

the worse it gets for them,

and the better it gets for Donald Trump.

- [Female Host] Yeah, themore his support grows.

- For sure!

- Uh, Kayleigh, do youthink Democrats here

have overplayed their hand?

- Oh, there's no denying it, you know,

when you talked about Diane Feinstein

being the person who lost in this process,

you are exactly rightand I like to compare

how the two parties handled these things.

The Republican Party, I'mvery proud of our party,

we allowed Dr. Ford tohave her day to testify,

uh, we had the FBI investigation,and let that play out,

stalled the entire process for two weeks,

and Dian Feinstein sat on thisallegation for two months,

conveniently leaking it out,just days before the vote,

uh, and not only that, uh, coming up with

excuse after excuse.

Uh, there are not enoughdocuments, the molar probe now,

and then finally using sexual assault

as a pawn, essentially,in this political game,

there's no doubt that Democrats lost,

it's a serious matter, one that's plagued

many women in this country,

and it should not be politicized

or used for political purposes.

- [David] Well, just realquick, uh to piggyback on that.

The Democrats miscalculated here.

They thought that in the Me-Too Movement,

plus what the Republicanstraditional history

of caving under pressure,that they would wilt.

They didn't this time.


Look, I'm not gonna sayit's about Donald Trump,

but, in the Donald Trumpera, he has emboldened

a lot of folks, and given them

a little more chutzpah, as we used to say,

growin up in the Jewish faith,

uh, to, to kinda get out there,

and I believe that he's given them cover,

these GOP senators, to a degree,

and plus, Trump is channelingan angry electorate,

and so you put the angry electorate,

with an angry president, whose frustrated,

and you're gonna get more backbone

by these Republicans.

I don't think the Democratswere countin' on that.

- That's right, and I would also add

just the Evangelicalcommunity, in particular,

and the Catholic community, turned out

in overwhelming numbersfor President Trump.

That was because of the Supreme Court.

That is become Neil Gorsuch,uh, they wanted somebody

in the mold of NeilGorsuch to take that spot,

to take Scalia's seat, uh, and that,

those same motivatingfactors for those communities

are at play here.

So, if Democrats didn't learn in 2016

what motivates Evangelicaland Catholic voters,

uh, is the Supreme Court,

it appears they didn't learn that lesson,

because it's going tomotivate them in 2018.

- Kayleigh McEnany, David Brody,

thank you very much.


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