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Teens Continue Leading Their Peers to Christ as HOWTOLIFE Movement Ramps Up, Now Heading Overseas

Teens Continue Leading Their Peers to Christ as HOWTOLIFE Movement Ramps Up, Now Heading Overseas Read Transcript

- The How to Life movementis really taking off.

It involves teens leadingother teens to accept

Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The founder of How toLife, Jordan Whitmer,

joins us now by Skype.

Welcome, Jordan.

- Hey, Mark. It's greatto be with you guys today.

- How does it work? Take us to one event,

and break it down, like what all goes on?

Give us the details.

- For sure.

A How to Life event isusually just a couple hours

and it's led by localteenagers that step up

to reach their friends for Christ.

An event usually consistsof some worship and music.

Often there will be a drama or a skit

or something involved in the event.

And then there's quite afew speakers, all teenagers.

Usually anywhere betweenfive to 12 speakers

that are teenagers, sharing their stories

about the difference thatJesus has made in their life.

The stories are incredibly powerful

and ultimately lead toa gospel presentation,

where the gospel is clearlyshared by a teenager

at a How to Life event.

And teenagers are invited tobegin a relationship with Jesus

and it's amazing to seewhat God has been doing

through events like this all over America.

- A recent How to Lifeevent in Virginia Beach

had wonderful results, tell us about that.

- Yes, just very recently, we had

the first-ever How toLife event in Virginia

and the first event on the East Coast.

And it was amazing to see whatGod did through this event.

We had around 300teenagers and young people

that were in attendance

and God really showed up in all the ways.

This was the first eventof the school year,

first of many more to come,

and it was an incredible start.

As the event concludedwith around 50 teenagers,

out of the 300 peoplethere, that came forward

to begin a relationshipwith Jesus that night.

And it was an amazingresponse of young people

wanting to commit their life to Christ

and an absolutely incredible start to,

what we hope to see, be an amazing year

of harvest of teenagers around America,

and now around the world as well.

- And now the movementis spreading overseas.

Tell us what's going on in Europe.

- Yes, it is so exciting, aswe are now planning our first

two international How toLife student-led events,

as we have events coming togetherin England and in Germany.

In both of these places, thereare groups of young people

that have mobilizedand are planning events

for early November to reachtheir friends for Christ,

both in the Northwest of England

and then in Hamburg, Germany.

In both of these places, there's teenagers

and young people that are coming together

because they're saying, "Hey,we want to reach our nations

"for Jesus, we want to reach our friends."

And the fact that thereare young people in Europe,

an area that, in manycases, is very beyond Jesus,

the fact that there is hopein teenagers and young people

in these nations to stepup and lead for Christ

is absolutely amazing.

- Do you have a message,Jordan, for those at home

who are interested in holdinga How to Life in their area?

- Yes, if you know a teenager,or if you are a teenager

or a young person, andyou want to reach your

community for Christ,if you know a teenager,

the best way to get connectedis to find us online,

find us on our social media,

on Instagram, especially, to connect

as we would love to see moreand more teen-led events

through this movement happen in America,

and honestly, anywhere around the world,

if you want to mobilize and do something,

How to Life is an absolutelyamazing way to do that,

to come together to fight forGeneration Z, for teenagers.

And we absolutely wantto invite adults to help

connect us with teenagersand prayer and support

and all the different amazingways, along those lines.

- Jordan Whitmer, thefounder of How to Life,

thank you so much for sharing today.

- Thank you so much.

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