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Pence Calls Out China for Election Interference: 'What the Russians Are Doing Pales in Comparison'

Pence Calls Out China for Election Interference: 'What the Russians Are Doing Pales in Comparison' Read Transcript

- It was a scheduled event

but turned into asurprising show of force.

Vice President MikePence played prosecutor

giving example after example of China

meddling in America's democracy.

- [Pence] To put it bluntly,

President Trump's leadership is working

and China wants a differentAmerican president.

- [Reporter] Going beyond themidterms and other efforts,

Vice President Mike Pence accused China

of directly underminingPresident Donald Trump

after the administration hastalked tough and taken action

against specific Chinese trade,

economic and foreign policies.

- [Pence] Our intelligencecommunity says that

China is targeting

U.S., state, and localgovernments, and officials

to exploit any divisions

between federal andlocal levels on policy.

It's using wedge issues like trade tariffs

to advance Beijing's political influence.

- [Reporter] President Trumpsigned an executive order

back in September

authorizing sanctionsagainst Chinese hackers

involved in election interference.

Since then, the vice presidentsays China has targeted

more than 80% of the U.S. counties

won by Trump in the 2016 election

and is now trying to turn thosevoters against him in 2020.

- [Pence] The Americanpeople will not be swayed

and we will continue to stand strong

for our security and our economy.

- [Reporter] Pence alsowarned American businesses

to be vigilant against Chinese efforts

to leverage access to theirmarkets and technology.

[Pence] Google shouldimmediately end development

of the Dragonfly app that will strengthen

the communist party's censorship

and compromise the privacyof Chinese customers.

- While Google maintains

that it's not launching asearch product in China,

it's been reported several employees

have resigned over the issue.

Vice President Mike Pence says,

"America will not beintimidated and not stand down."

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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