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Faith Nation: October 4, 2018

Faith Nation: October 4, 2018 Read Transcript

(upbeat music)

- What we know for sure is the FBI report,

did not corroborate any of the allegations

against Judge Kavanaugh.

And the second thing we know for sure

is that there's no way anything we did

would satisfy the Democrats.

- Now that the Senatorshave seen the FBI report,

Judge Brett Kavanaugh'sconfirmation process

is coming to a close.

Welcome to Faith Nation,I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

The FBI investigation focusedon sexual assault allegations

against the judge formore than 30 years ago.

Now with the full Senatepreparing to vote,

all eyes are on a handful of key players

who could make or breakKavanaugh confirmation

to the Supreme Court.

- That's right, the tension'shigh on Capital Hill.

Where the FBI report isguarded in a secure room.

There, each Senatorgets one hour to review.

There is only one copy.

- That's right Jenna.

The White House is confidentthat upon examination

there's no reason to vote,no, on Judge Kennedy,

Ben Kennedy (chuckles), Judge Kavanaugh,

Ben Kennedy reports.

- [Ben] The FBI report digsback more than 30 years

into Judge Kavanaugh's life.

It's during that time in high school,

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford says Kavanaugh

sexually assaulted her.

A claim he denies.

- Though none of theselast minute allegations

have been corroborated.

As is confirmed, bythe seventh and latest,

FBI investigation.

- [Ben] Dr. Ford's lawyers pushed back

on that conclusion.

Criticizing the FBI forneither investigating

their client nor Kavanaugh.

Releasing a statement, saying,

"Those directing

the FBI investigation were not interested

in seeking the truth."

- It looks to be a product ofan incomplete investigation

that was limited perhapsby the White House.

- Anybody that pushes onthe fact that Dr. Ford

wasn't given ample opportunity

to make her case and state her case,

has been living in a cave.

- [Ben] The decision toconfirm Judge Kavanaugh

comes down to a handful of lawmakers,

Republican SenatorsMurkowski, Collins, and Flake

along with Democratic Senators

Manchin and Heitkamp, whocould vote either way.

- I'm undecided. I'm truly undecided.

- [Ben] Senators that arekind of wavering right now,

what is his message to them.

- It's to vote andconfirm Judge Kavanaugh.

I think it's pretty simple.

- [Bem] President Trump took to Twitter

to defend his nominee saying,

"This is now the 7th timethe FBI has investigated

Judge Kavanaugh. If we made it 100,

it would still not be good enough for the

Obstructionist Democrats."

- Now the full Senatevote to confirm Kavanaugh

may take place as early as Friday.

In the meantime, someSenators are still waiting

their turn, to see the report.

- Well with a lack ofevidence to corroborate

the assault allegations,

a majority of Americans think Kavanaugh

should be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

That's according to aHarvard Caps Harris Poll

from over the weekend.

It shows 60% believeKavanaugh should be confirmed

if the allegations aren't corroborated.

- Abigail Robertson joinsus now from Capital Hill.

Abi, what are Senators saying now

that the FBI investigation is done?

- Well Republicans aresaying that FBI report

shows that none of the allegations

against Judge Kavane,against Judge Kavanaugh

are corroborated, sothey're ready to vote.

While Democrats say that the investigation

didn't go far enough,

so they still have a lot of questions

and are accusing the Republicans

of constraining the FBIin their investigation.

Now here are some video clips

from what both sides are saying.

- The main thing for me isthat you need to go the FBI.

And you need to ask them,

do they feel like they were able

to do their job without interference,

and I think the answer is, yes.

They interviewed over 150people have been interviewed

throughout their courseof Brett Kavanaugh's life.

To those who suggest hehad a problem like this

from prior interviews,

no evidence of that,

that's all manufactured.

The Senators who requestedthe supplemental FBI

background check got what they requested

and I am ready to vote.

- We Democrats, had many fears that

this would be an all too limited process

that would constrain theFBI from getting the facts.

Having received a thoroughbriefing a few minutes ago,

our fears have been realized.

- Now Republican Senatorsjust held a press conference

where they told reporters

that they did not tell the FBI

whom to speak with orwho not to speak with.

That they let them decideand gave them free reign

over who they wanted to talk to.

Now some Democrats havecalled for this report

to be released publicly and

have claimed that Republicans might

be hiding something by not doing so.

But Chairman Chuck Grassley also addressed

this allegation and saidthat Republican Senators

don't actually have thepower to release the report,

but added that the WhiteHouse might be able to.

- Now, Abigail of thoseRepublican Senators

who were still kind of on the fence,

Flake, Collins, and Murkowski,

what are you hearing about them?

How might they vote?

- Well so far, we knowthat at one point today,

the three of them wereactually in the room together

reviewing the document

and that Susan Collins has said,

it appears to be a verythorough investigation

and Senator Flake said,

that there's no corroborationfor Ford's claims

in the FBI report.

Now Flake has gone backto the room more than once

to take a look at this document,

but we don't know for sure yet,

how they, how any of them will vote.

And we're also, we nowknow that Senator Heitkamp

is a no, but we'restill waiting to see how

Senator Joe Manchin might vote.

- Abigail Robertson reportinglive on Capital Hill,

Thank you so much Abi.

- Thank you.

- And we are joined now

by GOP National Spokesperson,Kayleigh Mcenany,

and CBN News PoliticalAnalyst, David Brodey.

Both of you thank you for joining us.

- Thanks for having me.

- Thanks for having us.

- Kayleigh, David this firstquestion is for both of you.

Who are the winners andthe losers in all of this

now that the FBIinvestigation is completed?

And why don't we do ladies first.

Sure, I don't think there are any winners.

This was a very serious,horrific allegation

that was charged.

And we saw a man whosereputation was smeared

before the entirety of the nation.

I don't think there are any winners.

You know if there is awinner, perhaps it's the fact,

that finally, Judge Kavanaughcan have his name cleared,

and can have some sort of personal peace.

If that's ever possible andachievable in his life again.

After having to explainthis to his daughters,

to the nation, and Dr. Ford as well.

What she went through.

That, there are no winners here,

but I'm excited to see Judge Kavanaugh,

hopefully become Justice Kavanaugh.

And at least have that moment of peace.

- Now David, what about you?

- I agree with Kayleigh on the winners.

I can tell you who, who'sone of the losers here,

Dianne Feinstein.

I mean she looks really, really bad here.

The fact that she held this

and I know that she's talkingabout noble intentions

as to why she held it.

But look, she held it.

And it really looks bad

in the Democrats dirty tactics playbook.

And it clearly hasmotivated GOP enthusiasm.

I mean, I think we're gonnasee that in the polls.

We started to see thatalready in the polls.

And so, look, I, I mean,I think there's no doubt

she's the loser here.

I don't call her a loser.

But she's, a loser in the process.

And you know, maybe the Republicans,

I don't know,

Congressman, can't youdedicate a post office?

They should dedicate a postoffice to Dianne Feinstein

and the mail can bedelivered two months late.

I mean it could be something like that.


- David you eluded to it.

Kayleigh there is new polling that shows

a real enthusiasm among GOP voters,

because of Brett Kavanaugh,what do you make of it?

There's no doubts, youknow, if there's anything

that excites Republican voters,

it's the Supreme Court,

we saw it in 2016.

One in five voters, votedbased on the Supreme Court,

of those, 56% voted for President Trump.

So, it is a motivatingissue for our voters.

But what's interesting here in particular.

We're seeing the 2016 effect play again.

A Pew Poll showed a, a few months ago,

one month ago I should say,

a 12 point gap, Democratsahead of Republicans.

That has narrowed to just two in the wake

of the post-Kavanaugh revelationsand confirmation process.

- You know, if Kavanaugh is confirmed,

Kayleigh is there concern that Republicans

might shrink back a little bit,

might relax, and not turnout at the polls in November?

- I don't think so andthe reason I say that

is, one of the problems,

we were seeing in our polling,

is that our voters werenot seeing the stakes

of the election as clearlyas they saw it in 2016.

After eight years of Obama,

they knew the stakes ofa liberal Presidency,

but they had kind of forgotten and sunk

into a posture of complacency.

And I think that thishas woken up our base

in a very powerful way,

that they will not forget.

They see that the new standardtrying to be put forward,

is guilty until proven innocent.

It's something that I think will stay

with them until November.

- David, let's talk a littlebit about media coverage.

I'm surprised you didn'tlist them in the losers

of all this, this playing out, but-

- There's still time.- There's still time.


Clearly Kavanaugh hasn'tgotten a fair shake

per his supporters by Democrats,

but what's the role that themedia played in all of this?

- Well it's been prettypathetic, I mean quite frankly.

I mean this whole out,this white male outrage,

that they're now on,

you know it's funny,

because the Democrats have talking points,

and all of a sudden, Oh look at that,

it's in The New York Times,

it's in The Washington Post.

It's like a big, you know,cauldron, of liberalism,

all kind of wrapped into one.

It's fascinating to see.

It's like we always hearabout the Gang of 500,

and we hear about the latte sipping crowd,

and the Washington DC,New York Acela Corridor,

it's all on display here.

I mean, it's like, they get together,

and get their talking points together,

and they're ready for the day.

And so I think it's beenextremely frustrating.

Obviously, if you're aconservative for sure,

but I also think there's a disconnect.

You know, this New YorkTimes, above the fold, crowd,

The Washington Post, you know,

the liberal intelligencia of the world,

they all think they'reright and they can't believe

that Donald Trump, youknow, can get elected,

and the deplorables, you know,what are they talking about?

And then, the deplorablesare kind of up here

with Donald Trump,

they understand exactly what he's saying,

they understand exactly what he means.

Even though we mightnot say it as eloquently

as, as he might, as other President's may.

And so, the media never gets it.

There's a total disconnect.

And they've been trying to figure it out

time and time again.

And I'll just say one last thing,

is that, the more the mediagangs up on Donald Trump,

the worse it gets for them,

and the better it gets for Donald Trump.

- Yeah, the more his support grows.

- For sure.

- Kayleigh, do you think Democrats here

have overplayed their hand?

- Oh, there's no denying it.

You know, When you talkedabout Dianne Feinstein,

being the person who lost in this process,

you're exactly right.

And I like to compare how

the two parties handled these things.

The Republican party, I'mvery proud of our party.

We allowed Dr. Ford tohave her day to testify.

We had the FBI investigation.

Let that play out.

Stalled the entire process for two weeks.

And Dianne Feinsteinsat on this allegation

for two months,

conveniently leaking it out

just days before the vote.

And not only that, comingup with excuse after excuse.

There are not enough documents,

the Muellar probe now,

and then finally, using sexual assault

as a pawn essentiallyin this political game.

There's no doubt that Democrats lost,

it's a serious matter,

one that's played manywomen in this country,

and it should not be politicizedor used political purposes.

- Well, I just real quick,to piggyback on that,

The Democrats miscalculated here,

they thought, that in the Me Too Movement,

plus with the Republicanstraditional history

of caving under pressure,

that they would wilt.

They didn't this time, why?

Look, I'm not gonna sayit's about Donald Trump.

But in the Donald Trump era,

he has embowelled in a lot of folks,

and given them a little bit more hutzpah,

as we used to say, growingup in the Jewish faith.

To kind of get out there.

And I believe he's given them cover.

These GOP Senators to a degree.

And plus, Trump is channelingan angry electorate.

And so yo put the angry electorate

with a, with an angry President,

who's frustrated,

and you're gonna get more backbone

by these Republicans.

I don't think the Democratswere counting on that.

- That's right, and I would also add,

just the evangelicalcommunity in particular,

and the Catholic community,

turned out in overwhelmingnumbers for President Trump.

That was because of the Supreme Court.

That is because Neil Gorsuch,

because they wanted someonein the mold of Neil Gorsuch,

to take that spot.

To take the, Scalia's seat.

And that, those same motivating factors

for those communities, are at play here.

So, if Democrats didn't learn in 2016

what motivates evangelicaland Catholic voters,

is the Supreme Court,

appears, appears theydidn't learn that lesson,

because it's going tomotivate them in 2018.

- Yeah, Kayleigh Mcenany, David Brodey,

thank you very much.

- Thanks.


- And joining us now is Carrie Severino.

She's Chief Counsel and Policy Director

at the Judicial Crisis Network.

Carrie, the Judicial Crisis Network,

is a big supporter ofKavanaugh's confirmation.

Now that the investigationis all said and done,

do you think he'll be confirmed?

- Absolutely.

I mean, you've seen,everyone coming out of this,

reading the FBI background check.

Democrat and Republican agrees,

there's nothing new there.

And that's what we'vebeen saying a long time.

Look, the Senate Judiciary Committee

has already interviewedall the relevant witnesses.

Now, the FBI actually interviewed

a few additional people even,

but there's still noevidence and no corroboration

of any of these allegations.

In fact, several of them have started

to fall apart even more inthe days since they were made.

So, I think, right now it's time to,

stop the delay tactics.

Let's just move on.

We're gonna have a voteprobably on Saturday,

it looks like.

And I'm looking forward toJudge Kavanaugh's confirmation.

- Carrie, do you think the investigation

at all moves the dial onsome of the key Senators?

Especially, the Red-StateSenators who were thinking

maybe this might be anout, not to vote for him,

do you think this willsway them, to vote for him?

- Yeah, I mean, I think it'severyone from the Republicans,

like Flake, or Collins, Murkowski,

to the Red-State Democrats.

I mean, Senators Manchin and Heitkamp,

when you look at, we've donepolling in their states,

and Judge Kavanaugh'soverwhelming popular,

like 58 to 28% want himconfirmed in West Virginia,

or 56 to 26 in North Dakota.

So, having this now, whereyou, anyone who was saying,

yeah, but I wish I knewwhat the FBI would of,

if they would of come up with anything.

Now we know.

There isn't anything newout there to be found.

And these, the witnesses whose spoke

to the Judiciary Committee before,

their stories are the same.

Not surprising, it's thesame penalty of felony

if you lie to either the FBIor the Judiciary Committee.

But, that I think, will givea few of these Senators,

an added measure of comfort andconfidence with the process.

- Well some have said that evenwith the FBI investigation,

seeming to side with Kavanaugh,

he's not the right person for the court

because of the temperament he displayed

in his testimony last week.

Do you believe that histestimony, it was forceful,

but do you believe thatit perhaps, leaves a cloud

over his reputation asan independent jurist?

- No, not at all.

What we saw there wasa man whose entire life

has been upended, his decades long,

respectful reputation of public service,

really is one of the mostwidely respected federal judges

out there across the isles,

was being dragged through the mud,

with allegations, thatas, as we've now seen,

again and again,

are simply uncorroborated.

Totally no evidence there,

so we can, I can understand certainly,

his frustration with that process.

But for anyone who says,

well he was too upset aboutthis particular issue,

well sure,

but this isn't any issueinvolving himself, of course,

he would be recused from on the bench.

So, I, I know that he's ableto step back as a Judge.

So, obviously he feels very strongly

about, about this topic,

but that's not surprising,

because it deals so, so closely with him.

When it comes to other cases,

he's the kind of personwho's shown for a dozen years

that he knows how to stepaway from the partisan fray.

I wish the Senate Democratscould do the same.

- Carrie Severino, with theJudicial Crisis Network,

thank you so much for being with us.

- Great to be here.

- [John] Well the Vice President

is speaking out against China.

- Vice President Mike Penceis accusing the Chinese

government of orchestratingan aggressive, military

economic and political campaign,

inside the United States.

- That's right Jenna, and their goal,

expanding Chineseinfluence across America.

- CBN's National Security Correspondent,

Erik Rosales has the story.


- Yeah guys, this is avery serious issue here.

Today's speech by the Vice President,

turned into a surprising show of force.

And he played a prosecutor today,

giving example after example,

of Chinese meddling in the US election.

And Pence says, that thateffort pales in comparison

to what China is doingand the American people

need to know it.

- To put it bluntly,

President Trumps leadership is working.

And China, wants a differentAmerican President.

- [Erik] Going beyond themidterms and other efforts,

Vice President Mike Pence accused China

of directly underminingPresident Donald Trump.

After the administration,has talked tough,

and taken action againstspecific Chinese trade,

economic and foreign policies.

- Our intelligence community says

that China is targeting USState and Local governments.

And officials to exploit any divisions

between federal andlocal levels on policy.

It's using wedge issues,

like trade tariffs.

To advance Beijing's political influence.

President Trump signed an Executive Order,

back in September,

authorizing sanctionsagainst Chinese hackers

involved in election interference.

Since then, the Vice President says

China has targeted more than 80%

of the US counties won byTrump in the 2016 election,

and is now trying to turn thosevoters against him in 2020.

- The American people will not be swayed.

And we will continue to stand strong.

For our security and our economy.

Pence also warned American businesses

to be vigilant against Chinese efforts

to leverage access to their markets

and technology.

Google should immediately end development

of the Drangonfly app that will strengthen

the communist partiescensorship and compromise

the privacy of Chinese customers.


- It is important to notethat while Google maintains

it is not close to launchinga search product in China,

it's been reported that several employees

have resigned over the issue.

Pence said in his speech, stating America,

will not be intimidated,

and we will not stand down.

- Strong words.

- Erik, what is the United States doing

about military intimidation?

- Yeah, that is a very,very big issue there.

It's, the Vice Presidentactually specifically,

also protested Beijing'smilitary construction

in the South China Sea.

As well as the Chineseefforts to intercept

American ships carryingout Naval exercises

in the area.

It was just last week that literally,

a Chinese destroyer almosthit an American destroyer,

came within 45 yards.

- And Erik, can you tellus a little bit more

about what the Vice Presidenthad to say about prayer?

- Yeah, he ended his speechwhen he was talking about,

he wants the American people to pray

for the relationshipbetween the US and China.

He also wants the Americanpeople to also pray,

just for, just for an understandingfor the Chinese people,

so that they can be ableto let their leaders know

that they want peace in the area.

- Alright, Erik Rosales,thank you very much

for your expertise.

Well how Ben Carson played a role

in saving the life of thePresident of America's

largest Christian College.

(upbeat music)

- Welcome back.

Liberty UniversityPresident, Jerry Falwell Jr.

is revealing how a new typeof surgery saved his life.

- That's right, the rareprocedure helped repair

a hole in his heart.

David Brodey sat down withFalwell and brings us this story.

- [David] It started out asa normal classroom lecture

at Liberty.

- I'll come out, we'll dothis, and work on it together.

- [David] Two doctors discussing

a ground breaking procedure,called NobleStitch,

where holes in a patient's heart

can be literally stitched together

using a long suture catheter that enters

through the groin area.

The procedure recentlyapproved by the FDA,

has performed on less than 150 people.

It includes, one very notable patient.

- President Falwell. You wanna join us?


- [David] Falwell's condition made him

a perfect candidate for the surgery.

A migraine sufferer, whohad two small strokes,

with no clear cause.

He mentioned it all to Dr. Ben Carson,

who spoke at Liberty'sMedical School graduation

back in May.

The good doctor, recommendedthe trend setting procedure.

- If Ben Carson hadn't come to speak here,

I never would have found the problem

and he said I was very fortunate,

I hadn't had a major stroke.

- [David] Falwell, and Dr. Jim Thompson,

the only man in America,

who currently does this type of surgery,

sat down with CBN News.

Falwell told about thesupport he received last month

from a high profile friend.

- I called the President, thenight before the procedure,

11:30 at night, he answershis phone (chuckles).

And told him about it.

He called me a weeklater at 11:30 at night,

said Jerry I need you, yougot to take care of yourself,

how'd it go?

And he said, now BenCarson told you about this?

I said, yeah.

He said, well then Iget the credit, right?

I said yes, I said you, this is my reward

for supporting you. (chuckles)

- [David] Falwell was lucky to be alive.

While we're all bornwith a hole in our heart,

most openings eventuallyclose on their own.

For roughly one in four people however,

it never heals completely.

Dr. Thompson calls it apotentially serious condition.

- Anybody who has a strokewith an unidentifiable cause,

who has a hole their heart,

should have their hole closed.

- Dr. Thompson, technically,if nothing was done here,

he's what, at a very high risk for dying

of some sort of major stroke?

- Or, or just as badhaving a massive stroke

and losing the functionof his speech, of sight,

of a side of his body.

- [David] What makes NobleStitch unique

is the absence of metal In your heart.

Some patients get clots fromthe umbrella like structures

or can be allergic to nickel.

It's inventor, Professor Tony Nobles,

came up with a sewingidea, at Disneyland Paris.

- And I came up withthe idea looking at the

Euro version of the Indiana Jones ride.

Where there were two loop de loops.

Ah, there's the suture.

And I saw it and I was,

in my mind, I went, okay that's it.

Invented it. And then,the rest is history.

- What's life been like since the surgery?

- No more migraines.

I was, I was back in the gym a week later.

I'm back to normal.

Not to make it an Oprah situation,

but when you got introducedon stage earlier,

there was a hug there.


I mean, in other words,

this is a man thatreally came to your aid.

- He really did, and he, he and I

are close to the same age,

we like the same kind of music.


- Seventy's rock.

- Seventy's rock, yes.- And I agree with that.

And so we played that when Iwas on the operating table.

I was wide awake.

I could feel the devicecoming up through my chest.

And I asked for a little more sedation.

- Well you like Seventy's rock,but not Stairway to Heaven,

quite yet, right?

- Pink Floyd, CreedenceClear Water Revival.


- [David] Falwell can thank NobleStitch,

for a revival right here on earth.

David Brodey, CBN News,Lynchburg, Virginia.

- What a great story andthat cast of characters,

from Jerry Falwell, Jr. to the President

to Ben Carson.

- To the doctor who discovered this,

is that incredible?

Disneyland, of all places.

- I know. I was just saying,

I was just thinking earlier,

to create this from a ride in Disneyland,

wow, that's just-- That's amazing.

You couldn't make that any better.

- It's amazing.

- Well, that's gonna do itfor tonight's Faith Nation.

- Have a great evening.



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