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'If We Show Up, God Will Do the Rest': Prayer Warriors Descend on Capitol Hill Amid Kavanaugh Chaos

'If We Show Up, God Will Do the Rest': Prayer Warriors Descend on Capitol Hill Amid Kavanaugh Chaos Read Transcript

- Tensions are high butcivility is low on Capitol Hill

ahead of this weekend's vote

on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination,

leading US Capitol policeto increase security

around the Hill.

Swing senators like Susan Collins

now require police escorts to protect them

from being heckled byprotestors as well as the media.

- You guys really do, like,invade my comfort zone.

It's intense!- Areas the media

and public typicallywalk through with ease

have been blocked these past few days.

Protesters have also takenover senators' offices

and sent rude and,often, harassing messages

to staff members.

The bitter back and forth on the Hill

led Senator Rand Paul's wife, Kelley,

to write an open letterto Senator Cory Booker,

calling on him to retractstatements he said in July

that she says incite violence.

- Go to the Hill today!(audience cheering)

Get up and please, get up in the face

of some congresspeople.

- Perhaps he didn't mean it so literally,

but unfortunately, I thinkthere are a lot of people

out there who are veryangry and maybe unstable,

and they take those kinds of words

and maybe take it to the next level.

- [Abigail] In the past 18months, she says her family

has experienced violenceat a horrifying level,

like the shooting at herhusband's congressional

baseball practice and theassault that landed him

in the hospital with brokenribs and lung damage.

The Pauls were also oneof many Senate families

whose home address andpersonal information

was recently posted online.

- I think we're crossing a line

into a really dangerous anddisturbing, you know, chapter.

- [Abigail] Kelley saysin the past three months,

things have felt a lot worse

and it's hard for her towatch and hear stories

of senators and their spousesbeing harassed in public,

like Ted and Heidi Cruz.

- Those people were up in their face,

waving their middle fingersand just jabbing their fingers

in their face, and sayinghorrible things to them.

It's really aggressive, it'sviolent, it's an assault,

it's, you know, that is the opposite

of making your views known.

- [Abigail] In the midst of this chaos,

groups are coming to the Capitol to pray.

- I don't think we have to pray perfectly,

I just think we have to pray,

and if we show up, God will do the rest.

- Reporting from Capitol Hill,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.


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