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News on The 700 Club: October 5, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 5.: Sharp Rhetoric and Rage as Senate Poised to Advance Kavanaugh; How Technology May Make Car Ownership Obsolete; Operation Blessing continues to help Hurricane Florence victims in North Carolina, and more. Read Transcript

- Well welcome to The 700 Club.

The saga of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation

to the Supreme Court isentering the end game

after weeks of bitter partisan feuding

and accusations of sexual misconduct,

Senate Republicans arenow pressing forward

to a vote.

- All this after thelatest FBI investigation

into his behavior as a teenager

revealed no new evidence.

Now Washington is watchinga few key Senators

who can make or break the nomination.

Jennifer Wishon has morefrom the nation's capital.

- The Senate is poisedto take a crucial vote

this morning to advanceJudge Kavanaugh's nomination

to the Supreme Court.

That sets up the possibilityof a full Senate vote Saturday.

But before that, Senatorshave 30 hours to debate

and both sides have plenty to say.

On Capitol Hill, tensions are high.

Thursday police arrestedmore than 300 people

for unlawfully demonstrating.

That as Senators took turnsviewing the FBIs report

in a secure location.

- Well none of theselast minute allegations

have been corroborated.

As is confirmed by the seventhand latest FBI investigation.

- [Jennifer] Critics includingformer Supreme Court Justice

John Paul Stevens arenow saying Kavanaugh's

passionate defense before the Senate

shows he doesn't havethe right temperament

to sit on the court.

In what amounts to a closing argument,

Judge Kavanaugh penned an op-ed

in the Wall Street Journal

addressing those concerns.

I might have been too emotional at times.

I know that my tone was sharp

and I said a few thingsI should not have said.

I hope everyone canunderstand that I was there

as a son, husband, and dad.

Democrats accused the White House

of limiting the FBI investigation.

Saying it was too narrow and should have

included more witnesses.

Democrats agreed thatthe investigation's scope

should be limited.

We do not agree that the White House

should tie the FBIs hands.

- Anybody that pushes back on the fact

that Dr. Ford wasn'tgiven ample opportunity

to make her case and state her case

has been living in a cave.

- [Jennifer] It's now down to a handful

of undecided Senators onboth sides of the aisle.

Republicans Jeff Flake and Susan Collins

have indicated they'resatisfied with the FBI report.

But they and fellowRepublican Lisa Murkowski

have yet to say how they'll vote.

Nor has Democrat Joe Manchin.

At a campaign rally inMinnesota Thursday night,

President Trump pointed to new numbers

that suggest the Democratsrage against Kavanaugh

is a political misfire.

- Their rage fueled resistance is starting

to backfire at a level that nobody

has ever seen before.

- Just weeks before the midterms

a new NPR PBS Poll shows enthusiasm

among Democrats and Republicansis in a statistical tie.

That's a huge change for the GOP

which lagged ten points behind Democrats

before Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- I think the real casualty in all of this

is the Supreme Court.

And who is going to stand for nomination

for the next vacancy.

We know there's going to be a vacancy.

So you're gonna stand for that vacancy,

you're going to beconsidered by the Senate,

and here's what's going to happen to you.

They're going to accuseyou of being a gang rapist.

They're going to accuse youof being a blackout drunk.

And then when you get mad about that,

they're gonna say wellsee you're intemperate

and you shouldn't be on the Supreme Court.

This is a nightmare for the country.

And the Democrats have already said

that this was a delay tactic.

They're trying to getit through the midterms

so that there's no consideration,

there's no vote before the midterms.

And they're assuming they're going to win.

So this has been a nightmare.

And who is now going to stand?

That's the casualty here.

If the Senate is going to entertain

allegations like this andhave national hearings on it,

who would ever want to go through that,

take their families through that?

Well the Kavanaugh nominationhas certainly stirred

strong emotion on both sides.

John Jessup has more on that story

from our CBN News Bureauin Washington, John.

- Thanks Gordon.

Protesters not only disruptedthe confirmation process,

they've also been harassingSenators in the hallways

forcing Capitol police to close off areas

of the building and to escort lawmakers

through public spaces.

Still, not all protestorscame to show their anger.

As Abigail Robertson shows,

some came for a verydifferent reason, to pray.

- Tensions are high,

but civility is low on Capitol Hill

ahead of this weekend's vote

on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination.

Leading US Capitol Policeto increase security

around the Hill.

Swing Senators like Susan Collins

now require police escorts to protect them

from being heckled by protestors

as well as the media.

- You guys really do likeinvade my comfort zone.

It's intense.

- [Jennifer] Areas the media and public

typically walk through with ease

have been blocked these past few days.

Protestors have also takenover Senators offices

and sent rude and often harassing messages

to staff members.

The bitter back and forth on the Hill

led Senator Rand Paul's wife Kelley

to write an open letterto Senator Cory Booker

calling on him to retract statements

he said in July that shesays incite violence.

- Go to the Hill today.


Get up and please

get up in the face ofsome Congress people.

- Perhaps he didn't mean it so literally.

But unfortunately, I think there are a lot

of people out there who are very angry

and maybe unstable.

And they take those kinds of words

and maybe take it to the next level.

- [Jennifer] In the past 18 months,

she says her family hasexperienced violence

at a horrifying level.

Like the shooting at her husband's

Congressional baseball practice.

And the assault thatlanded him in the hospital

with broken ribs and lung damage.

The Paul's were also oneof may Senate families

who's home address andpersonal information

was recently posted online.

- I think we're crossinga line into a really

dangerous and disturbing chapter.

- [Jennifer] Kelley saysin the past three months

things have felt a lot worse.

And it's hard for her towatch and hear stories

of Senators and their spouses

being harassed in publiclike Ted and Heidi Cruz.

- Those people were up in their face

waving their middle fingers

and just jabbing theirfingers in their face

and saying horrible things to them.

It's really aggressive, it's violent,

it's an assault.

That is the opposite ofmaking your views known.

- [Jennifer] In the midst of this chaos,

groups are coming to the Capitol to pray.

- I don't think we have to pray perfectly.

I just think we have to pray.

And if we show up,

God will do the rest.

- Reporting form Capitol Hill,

Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Thanks Abi.

Jerusalem's mayor announced that he plans

to remove the UN agencyfor Palestinian refugees

from the city

saying the agency promotesincitement against Israel.

This comes days afterthe Palestinian Authority

vowed to keep paying terrorists.

The PA said financialsupport to terrorist families

will continue despite UScuts over the so called

pay to slay issue.

CBN Middle East Bureau ChiefChris Mitchell explains.

- The Palestinian Authority says

taking care of those whomurder Jews is a top priority.

Earlier this year the United States moved

to punish the PA for thispolicy known as pay to slay.

It put the Taylor Force Act into effect

which cuts US aid until the PA

stops rewarding terroristsand their families.

Australia followed suit in July.

But the rest of the world has yet to act.

- The international community first of all

has to recognize thatthe Palestinian Authority

paying salaries to terrorists

is really a symptom ofthe fundamental problem.

And that is that the Palestinian Authority

sees killing Israelis and killing Jews

as something heroic.

- [Chris] Itamar Marcus is the founder

and director of Palestinian Media Watch.

His organization hasmonitored reports and speeches

from the region for more than 20 years.

- The Palestinian Authorityhas put these killers

on a pedestal,

they've turned them intoheroes and role models

for the Palestinian people.

By now they can't even back off.

They can't even backtrack.

They are gonna keeprewarding these killers

with money that they'regetting to a large extent

from foreign donors.

They've got Barghouti.

I would say the most notoriousPalestinian Authority

mastermind of terror.

He built the bombs for suicide bombings

in Sbarro restaurants Zion Square.

Hebrew University,

killed Americans, killed the Europeans,

killed all together 67 people.

He's serving 67 life sentences.

These are among the 67 people.

And he's already also receivedabout $200,000 already

and he will continue receiving salary

eventually receiving $3,500thousand dollars a month.

- [Chris] The Taylor ForceAct is not only a law

but acts as a symbol as well.

- We created a special posterin memory of Taylor Force

an American veteran whowas murdered in Tel Aviv.

The person who killed him was a terrorist

named Bashar Masalhawho himself was killed

right after by Israeli forces.

So Bashar Masalha's familyis now rewarded for life.

They received up 'til now $13,000.

- [Chris] The 2018 budget forrewarding martyrs families

and wounded was nearly $200 million.

- Until the PalestinianAuthority changes its ideology,

and sees murder as murder.

And sees murder as something punishable,

there's no one really to talk to

on the Palestinian Authority side.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell, CBN News.

- Thanks Chris.

Gordon, back to you.

- Well I'm applaud the Congress for

finally taking actionpassing the Taylor Force Act.

And I also applaud the administration

for saying we're going to abide by this.

It was up to the Secretary of State

to withhold those funds

and we need the moral courage to stand up.

Years ago during the Bush administration

they had this so called Bush doctrine

where if states, nation states

supported terrorism thenthe US was going to respond.

Well here we have thePalestinian Authority

clearly supporting terrorism

and clearly doing that for decades.

This has been going on a long time

under the watch of both Democrat

and Republican administrations.

Where your tax dollars,

you look at these paymentsand my guesstimate is

one third of them wasfunded by you and me,

by the US taxpayer.

And you look at thatand say how in the world

could we let that go on.

But finally, it's stopping.

The next step is this UNRWA,

the UN Relief Works Agency.

The administration, Trump administration

has already moved to stopthe funding from the US

going to that.

But that's another onethat encouraged incitement

of terrorism against Israel.

So finally the world is waking up.

Finally the funds are being stopped.

And now it's up to thePalestinian Authority.

If you truly want peace,

well then you trulyhave to stop terrorism.

Well I've got another news story for you.

It's a good one.

It's actually good news.

In the middle of disasters,

Operation Blessing is striking back.

New Bern, North Carolina

devastated by Hurricane Florence

more than 4,300 homes were damaged

like Julia McGriff's.

Julia tried to salvagewhat belongings she could.

But after a few days,

exposure to the mold putJulia in the hospital.

Well that's when Operation Blessing

came to her rescue.

- [Narrator] When Julia McGriff returned

to New Bern, North Carolina

after Hurricane Florence,

she didn't realize how much damage

had been done to her home.

- My thought was my house has survived.

I could mop up the floors.

I could wash down things.

And I could stay here.

- [Narrator] But she couldn't.

The two to three feetof floodwater had ruined

almost everything she owned.

- The refrigerator, thestove, my deep freezer

it stopped working completely.

Drywall has to be removed,

cabinets has to be removedthe bottom cabinets.

I was looking at thingsthat I thought I could keep

and come to find out,

even if it dry out themold will still be there.

- [Narrator] She salvaged a few things

and put them in storage.

After just a few days,

the mold actually landedJulia in the hospital

with breathing trouble.

- I just wanted to holler and scream.

- [Narrator] When she heardabout Operation Blessing's

disaster relief efforts

and we sent a team out to help,

things started to change.

- Like a cavalry.

They come in ready to work, and they did.

- [Narrator] We movedcabinets, took out drywall,

and got everything ready for Julia's house

to be dried out.

So she can eventually move back home

without worrying aboutmold or breathing problems.

- It's like kind of a burden been lifted.

It just gave me relief.

Gave me some relief and happiness.

Because things are on theway to getting back on track.

- [Narrator] Julia wantsto make sure others

get the same help she got.

- Continue your donations.

Because it is really needed

to keep Operation Blessing working.

Because they don't only do this for us,

they do it for every disaster.

And the people that's in the disaster

really needs that.

Thank you all and thank God for you.

- And thank you.

If you're a member of The 700 Club,

you're part of that.

And if you want to give a special gift

for the Operation BlessingDisaster Relief Fund

just give us a call 1-800-700-7000.

You can also write to us at CBN Center

Virginia Beach, VA 23463

just put on the memo line of the check

Operation Blessing Disaster Relief

and your gift will go exclusively

to disaster relief.

We also still need volunteers.

These tearouts and re-builds,

we need a lot of volunteers.

So if you want to volunteer

there's a special number for you to call.

1-800-677-7974 if you're from out of town

please register in advancein order to be part

of these teams.

You can find more information at


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