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Christian World News - October 5, 2018

Christian World News - October 5, 2018 Read Transcript

(dramatic music)

- This week on Christian World News,

conflict in America's capital.

The fight over a SupremeCourt nominee turns ugly

while Christians pray for peace.

Plus, in Indonesia, anearthquake followed by a tsunami.

More than a thousand are dead.

We'll talk with reliefagencies on the ground

fighting to bring aid to the victims.

And, a mystery solved.

How an ancient manuscriptthat went missing

turned up at the Museum of the Bible.

Welcome to Christian World News everyone,

I'm Wendy Griffith.

George Thomas is on assignment.

In America's capital,

the fight over Supreme Courtnominee Brett Kavanaugh

has brought out the worst in our politics.

Swing senators like SusanCollins required a police escort

to protect them from beingheckled by protestors,

as well as the media.

Protestors have also takenover senators' offices,

and sent rude and often harassingmessages to staff members.

It's become so bad,Senator Rand Paul's wife

wrote an open letter calling for civility.

She says it's hard for her to watch

and hear stories ofsenators and their spouses

being harassed in public, likeTed Cruz and his wife, Heidi.

- Those people were up in their face,

waving their middle fingers,

and just jabbing theirfingers in their face,

and saying horrible things to them.

It's really aggressive, it'sviolent, it's an assault.

That is the opposite ofmaking your views known.

- [Wendy] But in the midst of this chaos,

groups are coming to the Capitol to pray.

Intercessor Dutch Sheetscame to Washington

with a team of prayer warriors

to plead for God's mercy.

- I don't think we have to pray perfectly.

I just think we have to pray,

and if we show up, God will do the rest.

- Amen, well, CBN's AbigailRobertson joins us now

from the United States Capitol

and Abigail, wow, whatan incredible morning.

Talk to us, if you can,about the division,

the tension that you're witnessing

being there on the groundbetween both parties.

Has it ever been this bad?

- Well, I can only speak for the two years

that I've been covering the Capitol,

but, no, I have never seen it this bad.

The emotions you're seeing fromthe senators are very real.

What you saw, the anger you saw

from Lindsey Graham lastweek, was very real.

I think there are many Republican senators

who are genuinely concerned

that no matter what happenswith the Supreme Court,

Judge Kavanaugh's life has been marked

and tainted by this forever,

and they just feel like the Senate

has completely mishandledthis whole process

to a point that is very damaging,

not only for Judge Kavanaugh,

but also for Dr. Ford, longafter this process is over,

and I think many senatorsreally want to see

a return to regular order,

and they fear that futurenominees will not accept,

and people will not wantto fill these positions

because of the way thattheir personal lives

and their families aredragged through the mud.

- Abby, what are you hearingfrom Christian senators?

There are many believerson both sides of the aisle.

What are they saying that needs to happen

and needs to be done right now?

- Yes, there are manylawmakers that are Christians,

and they're definitely prayingthroughout this process.

I ran into Senator Chris Coons,

a Democrat from Delaware,a couple days ago,

and he actually is a bigpart of a bipartisan,

Christian Senate Bible studythat meets every Wednesday,

and I just asked him, I asked him,

"What are you prayingthroughout this process?"

and he told me every day,he prays for the President.

He prays for the Senate, and right now,

he's asking God for wisdom and humility.

And I just saw him an hour ago,

and he just talked about this process,

and said that "there are thingsthat we can and should do

"to make sure the nextconfirmation process

"has a clearer and fairer process,"

so I think both sides are just upset

with how this wholething has been handled,

and what we're seeing play out right now.

- We just saw a soundbitewith Dutch Sheets.

He's on the ground there.

What other prayer ministriesare you witnessing there?

What are they hoping to accomplish?

- Well, this is something,

we haven't seen at all in the media,

but while there are so many protestors,

you can probably hearthem behind me right now,

there are also a lot of prayer groups

that I've seen this week duringthe first original hearing

and last week, and they're just praying

that God's will be done in this situation.

And they're just tryingto bring peace here

in the Capitol and justcounter some of, just the anger

that we're seeing up here right now.

- Abigail Robertson, reportingfor us from the Capitol.

You're doing great work,thanks so much Abigail,

we appreciate it.- Thank you.

- Turning across the globe to Indonesia,

the death toll from anearthquake and tsunami disaster

is more than 1500 and still climbing,

with some 200,000 peopleneeding urgent help.

CBN Operation Blessing teams in Indonesia

are among the first to bring help.

Lucille Tulusan brings us the story

(yelling in foreign language)

- There is a growingdesperation among survivors

of the massive 7.5 earthquakeand the tsunami that followed.

More than 70,000 aredisplaced and living in tents,

their homes flattened and destroyed.

The wait for help hasled to looting and chaos.

Clean water, food, andmedical help, among others,

are badly needed.

Despite difficulties and logistics,

Indonesia's OperationBlessing managed to bring aid

to survivors in Palu.

They brought in boxes of food, medicine,

and gave medical helpto the sick and injured.

This mother is relieved thatan Operation Blessing doctor

can dress the stitched forehead of her son

before it gets infected.

This lady's wounded legis finally being treated

after she sprained it whilerunning from falling debris.

The team also reachedSigi Biromaru district,

where the quake leveled a church,

killing more than 30youngsters having bible study.

There are still manyworst hit areas isolated

due to damaged roads and landslides.

Operation Blessing teamsare pushing to reach

more survivors in theseareas in the coming weeks,

and bring them much-needed help

and to let them know that there are people

who care about them.

Lucille Tulusan, CBN News.

- Lucille, always in the middle of it.

We appreciate her reporting.

Well, the Christian reliefagency, World Vision,

is also on the ground.

We spoke with the ministry's Tim Costello

on the island of Palu

about the efforts to reach the victims

and the impact the help is making.

- The roads out intoremote areas are cracked,

they've run out of gas, supplies.

Just now we're starting toget relief supplies through.

We've been distributingbeds and tarpaulins,

water systems, family hygiene kits,

but the most importantthing for World Vision

is to recognize that inreaching out and caring,

we are saying you're not abandoned by God.

God, who has shown us hislove in Jesus, is here.

The truth is that there are people

who are hungry and desperate.

When they see something that is

more than just practical help,

and that's what we'redoing, but a spiritual help,

they think that the worldhasn't spun out of control.

That God is still on the phone,

that we have hope and confidence.

This is ministry.

- [Wendy] This is ministry, amen.

Well, up next, the mystery surrounding

an ancient biblical manuscript.

- God almighty is a God of blessing,

he always wants to bless his people.

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And what principalswill unlock that secret?

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- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are

more than 148 millionorphans in the world today?

148 million!

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage,

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart,

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

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- And welcome back.

Well, there's renewedhope Turkey will release

Pastor Andrew Brunsen at hisnext hearing on October 12th.

Brunsen is currently on house arrest,

after spending almost twoyears in a Turkish prison,

accused of crimes relatedto his Christian faith.

His daughter spoke at the ValuesVoter Summit in Washington,

and says it's been difficultfor her dad and their family.

- I'll say there are timeswhen I'm not necessarily

happy with God's plan in this situation,

but I've really come to realize that

God is in complete control,

and he has a plan, andthis is all for his Glory.

He is worth everything thatmy family has gone through,

and I've seen that message coming through

in letters from my dad, as well,

as he has started to transformand really submit to God,

and say, "God, my life is yours.

"Whatever you do withme, let it honor you.

"Let it declare your nameand your goodness to people."

And I am-(audience applauds)

- Wow.

Well, the Trump Administration has been

putting diplomatic andeconomic pressure on Turkey

to release Pastor Brunsen.

In Romania, churches arestanding up to the LGBT agenda.

We spoke with Pastor TudorPetan of Alfa Omega TV

about a constitutional referendum

to protect biblical marriage.

- We want to have a small change

in the constitution of Romania.

Until now, the constitutiondefine the family

as a free-will marriage between spouses,

and we want to have a small change,

that the marriage is a unionbetween a man and a woman.

This is a small change,but with bit significance.

Looking in the future,

already, it's a big pressureover our kids in our schools

to introduce LGBT agenda,educations, gender ideology.

So we want to preserve and to avoid future

involvement of the LGBT in our nation,

and in fact, we want to be

the same side with God in our nation.

- Romania voters will decidethe issue in coming days.

Well, in Canada, an historic event,

as more than 300 Christianpastors say no to SOGI.

SOGI is the Sexual OrientationGender Identification

curriculum being taught inCanada's public schools.

Christian leaders sayit's harming children

and teaching un-biblicalviews on sexuality.

The pastors recently came out against it

by signing the WestCoast Christian Accord.

- We will not remain silent,

as children are brainwashedto reject heterosexuality,

and embrace gender fluidity,homosexuality, bisexuality,

and other forms of sexual behaviors.

- We are opposed to studentsbeing taught lifestyles

that The Bible calls sin.

- Pastors say SOGI confuses young children

by forcing them to choose a gender,

when they already have one.

The pastors are asking theBC Minister of Education

to stop use of all SOGI-relatedresources in public schools.

Well, our next story might sound like

something ripped from the pages

of an international mystery thriller,

and ancient biblical manuscriptwas recently discovered

at the Museum of the Bible in Washington.

A manuscript that had beenmissing for years, from Greece.

Ben Kennedy brings us the story.

- The mystery began whenthe University of Athens

discovered their 10-century-old manuscript

had been stolen.

Then, it turns up across theAtlantic, right here in D.C.

- The manuscript isright here in the front.

- [Ben] And the big question remains,

how did this thousand-year-old document

become a display at theMuseum of the Bible?

Problem solved, we know where it's at,

how did it leave the University of Athens?

- Well, this is the mystery.- So, it continues.

- It continues.

- [Ben] The manuscriptdates back to the 1100s,

when a monk copied the four gospels,

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Odds are, the book was used

at a Greek orthodox church or monastery.

Fast-forward some 800 years,

when it was donated tothe University of Athens,

and then went missing sometime in 1991.

- They had put this manuscript on display

beginning in 1987 at sort of a anniversary

of the founding of the university,

and they loaned it tothe university museum

from the university library,

along with three other manuscripts.

Four years later, theygot a note from the museum

registrars that, "Well, wehave three of your manuscripts,

and we're just letting you know."

They didn't say anything about

the fourth manuscript not being there.

- [Ben] From that point,the relic was basically MIA.

- The word is stolen, right?

It was taken withoutpermission, somebody stole it.

It's pretty easy toslip something like this

into briefcase or a bag.

There's no detector ortracking system on it,

so, unfortunately, easy to remove.

- [Ben] Documents revealit first resurfaced

at an auction in 1998.

Then it passed through ahandful of private collectors

before being donated to theMuseum of the Bible in 2014.

No one knew the truth,

because of tampering and a missing page.

- That page may have hadsome identifying marks,

so it looks like someoneintentionally tried to hide

the identity of the manuscript.

- [Ben] Meanwhile, theUniversity of Athens

did some digging anddiscovered its missing property

could be in America.

- One of our scholars associated with us,

Dr. Tommy Wasserman,

had posted informationabout the manuscript

on a New Testament database,

and that's where the universityfound the information,

and thought, "Well, this lookskind of similar to ours,"

and, "let's talk about this."

- [Ben] That talk led to a breakthrough,

and now, the newly founddocument has been returned home.

- These are the inheritanceof all of humanity,

the history of the Bibleand how it's been preserved.

- [Ben] And for beingmore than 1,000 years old,

it's in pretty good shape.

- Yes, it's parchment,

which as long as its properly cared for,

will be preserved for a very long time.

- Now, the manuscript was packed up

and shipped back to Greece on October 1st,

and as you can imagine,

the university was tracking it closely

as it made its way home.

Before it returned to the rightful owner,

the rare manuscript was on display

at the Museum of the Bible,

where thousands got to learn the story

and see this piece ofbiblical history firsthand.

As for who took it,

well, that part remains a mystery.

One that scholars hope to solve soon.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- [Wendy] The mystery continues.

Well, coming up, the church that's known

for its inspiring praise and worship

is now starting its own denomination.

We'll talk with Hillsong's pastor

about the church's futureand its new mission.

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- Welcome back to Christian World News.

Well, if your church sings worship music,

chances are there are afew tunes from Hillsong

on the congregation's weekly list.

The Australian church hasprovided the soundtrack

for churches around theworld for many, many years.

Last week, churchleadership announced plans

to form its own denomination,pulling away from

Australia's largestPentecostal denomination.

Pastor Brian Houston says,

with Hillsong's growth around the world,

it needs to be able tocredential its own pastors,

and structure the church in a way crucial

to the progress of its mission.

CBN's Efram Graham sat downwith Houston in Studio 5

to talk about the ups and downs

of living, loving, and leading.

- The power of love.

- [Efram] More than 20,000people attend services

at Hillsong Church on any given Sunday,

with campuses in Sydney, Kiev, Moscow,

New York City, London, CapeTown, Paris, and so many more.

And leading the worldwide flock

is global pastor Brian Houston,

who shares some of thejourney in his book,

Live, Love, Lead.

- Why this book?

What made you want to write this book?

- Well, I think that the book's been

on my heart for a long time.

I've been pastoring for 32 years,

same church 40 years,preaching and ministering,

and I just felt like there was a lot in me

I wanted to use to help otherpeople, equip other people.

So, the timing right now justseemed to be the right time.

I had the time to actually write the book,

and so, Live, Love,Lead, that's where I am.

- Houston and his wife, Bobbie,

first started Hillsong in 1983,

meeting in a school hall,and then a warehouse,

with only 45 members.

It grew to 900 people in four years,

and continues to multiply.

This church isn't the churchyou started 40 years ago.


- No, that's for sure.

No, we started in a little school hall,

in the outer suburbs of Sydney.

In those days, it was likegreen fields where we were.

And we were in a small hall, as I say,

and it is an amazing story.

I mean, it's a miracle.

- Did you envision this?

I remember reading, andyou and your wife dating

in a car that (laughs) backs down

into someone's house, essentially,

because you forget to put it in park?

Is this what you guys talkedabout, all those years ago?

- We really could not have imagined

all that God has done.

We both, my wife and I bothgrew up in New Zealand.

The story you're talkingabout in the book is,

our neighbor, who usedto go to the tiny little

Assemblies of God church we went to,

had a very steep drive.

And so we were parked atthe top of their drive,

and just talking aboutthe future and planning,

and, yup, you gotta readthe book to see the rest,

(Efram laughs)but I've gotta tell you that,

we did have in our hearts of God,

and believed to do something significant.

But, the grace of God has been something

that we could never have perceived.

- What's been the toughestpart of those 40 years for you?

- Well, I talk in the bookabout the worst day of my life.

I was 45, it was in 1999.

My father was my absolute hero.

In fact, he was one ofmy great inspirations,

in terms of what I do today.

And at 45, one of theguys who works for me

came into my office,

and we went through our normallist of things to talk about,

and at the end, he saidthe, "Just one more thing."

And, so, the way he said it, the tone,

I knew something was wrong.

And he told me that we'd hada complaint come in that,

many years before that,

probably in the 1970s,

that my father had abused a young man.

So, yeah, I mean, you couldn'thit me with worse news.

It sorta hit me in layers,

and so I had to confront my own father

and ask him about that.

So, that definitely wasthe worst day of my life.

- How did that resolve itself?

I can't even imagine navigating that.

- I don't know whether ithas resolved itself, as such.

My father now has beendead for over 10 years.

But the ramifications of that

are still playing out right now.

- What lessons did Godallow that to teach you?

- You know, one thing Ido know is, it wasn't me.

I didn't do anythingwrong, it was my father.

And in the world we live,

there's some people who would love to try

and frame me by my father's sin.

But I refuse to let that happen.

But, I guess it helped me to realize that

everyone, everyone has their issues,

has their battle, whatever that is.

And that's why I thinkeveryone is a perfect recipient

for the Gospel of Jesus, the grace of God.

♪ Spirit lead me where mytrust is without borders ♪

- And with more than 40recordings to their credit,

music is a Hillsong signature.

Their contemporary Christian praise songs

are the Sunday soundtrack forchurches around the world.

When many people think of Hillsong,

before they even think of thechurch and your ministry now,

the music is so far-reaching.

What do you think, Imean, are you a musician?

Why do you think?- I was the church drummer,

when I was a teenager, butcompared with the people today,

no, I'm not a musician.

But I always had a heart topastor the kind of church

that was an inspiration to churches.

I'm a great believer in thepotential of the church,

and I mean the local church.

And so, I always kindawanted to have a church

where we wrote and sangsongs that helped the church.

And so it's an amazing thing,

because being throughvarious personalities

over all these years,

but really from the start,

it seems the songs from our church

struck a chord with people.

Firstly in Australia, obviously,

and then globally, andit's been a miracle story.

Someone once said to me,

"Brian, you realizethis is only a season."

They're talking about the impact of

the worship from Hillsong.

And I agree, it's only a season,

but so far, it's been a very long season.

- [Wendy] And you can see moregreat reports at

We'll be back, right after this.

- [Announcer] When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

homes are happier.

When you comfort,

the hurt goes away.

When we all come together to love,

miracles happen.

- Hello, I'm Terry Meeuwsen.

Did you know there are

more than 148 millionorphans in the world today?

148 million!

But it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spent nearly a month

immersed in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utterloneliness, the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever.

And out of it grew aministry from my heart,

called Orphan's Promise.

Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes.

They're being educated, andthey're learning life skills.

I'm asking you to join with me,

and become family to these children.

Will you call the numberon your screen right now?

Because every child deservesa chance to be happy.

- Hello, (tapping) is this thing on?

Hey, kids!

Do you love games?

And do you love discovering things?

- Yeah!- Well, do ya?

- [Children] Yeah!

- [Announcer] Then you're gonna love this!

It's the new, freeSuperbook Kid's Bible App!

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find answers to your questions,

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The new Superbook Kid's Bible App.

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Free downloads available iniTunes and Google Play, now.

- Finally this week,First Lady Melania Trump

made her first internationaltrip without the President,

visiting African nations,

including Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt.

Mrs. Trump landed in Ghana

for the first stop of her week-long visit.

Part of the goal of hertrip is to promote her

Be Best initiative around the world,

and it was her first time to Africa.

Good for her.

Well, thanks for joining us this week.

From all of us here atChristian World News,

until next week, goodbye,

and as always, God bless you.

(dramatic music)


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