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Time Nearly Up for Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirl, Muslim-Led Government Ignores Her Parents' Pleas

Time Nearly Up for Kidnapped Christian Schoolgirl, Muslim-Led Government Ignores Her Parents' Pleas Read Transcript

(investigative music)

- Time is running out for Leah Sharibu.

She's the Nigerian Christianschoolgirl kidnapped

by Boko Haram-affiliatedterrorists last February.

A 15-year-old has refusedto convert to Islam

and the Nigerian government paid a ransom

for the Muslim schoolgirlswho were kidnapped with her.

But not for Leah.

She's standing firm in her faith.

It may cost her her life.

In mid-September, her kidnapper said,

"If a ransom goes unpaid,

they will kill Leah within 30 days."

Well, here with an updatefrom The Hague, Netherlands

is international human rightsattorney, Emmanuel Ogebe.

So Emmanuel, first tell uswhat is the latest on Leah?

I understand her parentsmade an impassioned plea

for Nigerian PresidentBuhari to get involved.

- Yes.

Gary, that is correct.

As you mentioned a couple of weeks ago,

the terrorists released a video.

They call it The Message of Blood

where they actually shotan international aid worker

who was also a hostage

and they killed a nursefrom The Red Cross.

And they announced thatthey would kill Leah as well

within a month if the governmentdidn't respond to them.

So, a few days ago, I hadthe opportunity to meet

Leah's mother again and shemade an impassioned plea

to the government and to theworld to help get Leah back.

- Emmanuel, has there been any response

from the government up to this point?

- Up to this point, thegovernment hasn't so much

as contacted the family of Leah.

They have not spoken toher father or her mother

since the day that Leah wasabducted several months ago.

So, all we hear from thegovernment is from the media.

That they're doing the best they can.

But the terrorists have said that

the Nigerian governmenthas not contacted them.

And I have been reached bypeople close to the terrorists

and they are saying that weshould ask the government

to do what they asked them to do.

- Emmanuel, does this haveanything to do with the fact

that she's a Christian?

I mean, after all, theypaid a ransom to release

the Muslim schoolgirls but not Leah.

So, how does that play into this?

- [Emmanuel] Well, sadly,under the Shariah Law,

the testimony of a Christian in a court

is less than the testimony of a Muslim.

- So, what do you expectis gonna happen now then?

- Well, from what I hear, the terrorists

have asked for a higher ransombecause they see the world

paying attention to this 15-year-old.

We don't know whetherfor political reasons

with the upcoming electionsthat the government

will decide to pay a ransom for her.

It's unclear.

- [Gary] What can our viewers do?

Especially for Leah, the teen girl

threatened with death for her faith.

- Yes, well, Leah called outto us in the Proof of Life

video and she said weshould support her family.

And I think that that'swhat we need to do.

Support her family, callour congressmen in the U.S.,

and call the United Nationsand say they need to intervene

to save the life of this15-year-old heroic Christian girl.

- Okay, Emmanuel Ogebe, international

human rights attorney from The Hage.

Thanks for the update.

- Thanks, Gary.


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