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Troy Brewer Believes Good Can Overcome Evil

A pastor who works to rescue sex-trafficked girls shares how God’s goodness overcomes evil. Read Transcript

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- [Narrator] In 1995,Troy and Leanna Brewer

started feeding people outof the back of a truck.

Since then, Troy has given away

more than four million pounds of food.

He's even partneredwith Operation Blessing

in his efforts.

Today, he's the pastor of OpenDoor Church

in Fort Worth, Texas.

And he does more than feed people.

Troy and Leanna support 10orphanages around the world

and rescue girls from sex trafficking.

In his book, Good Overcomes Evil,

Troy says it doesn't take a lot of good

to overcome evil in this world,

and shows us what happenswhen we inject the goodness

of God in the lives of those around us.

- Well Troy joins us now,and it's great to have you.

- Thank you, my friend.

- Yeah.- It's good to see you.

- What do you mean byjust a little bit of good

overcomes evil?

- Well it's just likea little bit of light

gets rid of all thedarkness that it touches.

You know, we don't have to do anything

for evil to take hold.

The world turns, the weatherchanges, things fall apart.

It's entropy, right?

But, man, whenever God showsup, it changes everything.

Goodness does not come from this world.

Goodness comes from heaven.

- Yeah, I will cause all my goodness

to pass before you.- Come on, that's right.

You got that.

- That is the revelation.

I will show you all my goodness.

- And so that's what happenswhen you really wanna know God.

God, show me Your glory.

That's what he said, right?

- Mm-hm.- So we're talking

about Moses now.

Show me Your glory.

I wanna know You likenobody else knows You.

Okay, then I will cause Mygoodness to pass before you.

So the way God likes toshow up is as goodness.

He likes to look good.

- Yeah, there's another prayer there.

It's more than just show me Your glory.

That's the second one.

The first one is show me Your way.

- Come on, that's right.

- And that way is He's always good.

- That's right.- He always wants

to show how good.- Yes, sir.

Yeah, knowing His way qualifiesyou for the rest of it.

- Yeah.- Amen.

- Yeah, and when youunderstand that heart,

that He wants to,

it's something you don'thave to bargain with Him.

You don't have to plead.

You know already He wants to.

And then things just start to roll.

They started rolling for you.

You got started smalland then suddenly things

just kept getting biggerand bigger and bigger.

- Oh, yeah, no, we were alittle bitty tiny ministry

for 16 years, actually,and was happy with that.

Now we were doing amazing things,

but our church had lessthan 100 people in it.

And we were just happy

with just being thehands and feet of Jesus.

We started off notintending to start a church,

not intending to getinto sexual trafficking.

Somebody needed to be fed, so we fed 'em.

And then somebody else,and then somebody else,

and before long, we hadto have a food bank.

- What did you learn in that time?

'Cause I've found it's those, if you will,

the hard years, the beginning years,

that what you're going to become

actually gets stamped into you.

- Yes, sir, the practical application

of the goodness of God wasliterally stamped onto me.

Gordon, we started seeing miracles,

the kinds of miraclesthat I didn't even know

that God would even do, okay?

Like, we were feeding this one

particularly super sweet, super old lady,

and she would never let me in her house,

because every time it rained,it would ruin her walls.

It would ruin her floor.

And so I said why don't I pray for you

that you get a new roof,a new ceiling, new walls,

and a brand new floor?

So in the context ofserving her and feeding her,

we prayed for that.

Now I was thinking whileI was praying for her,

okay, I know a guy that owes me this.

I can round up,

and that's not cheating,you know, it's not.

(Gordon laughs)But none the less,

I was planning on, hey,

we're gonna make this happen.- You were asking God

but you were thinkingabout how you could do it.

- Yes, exactly.

So I'm, like, okay, thismight could happen this way

or that way.

We left, and a week laterI came back with a plan

that was gonna take about six months.

And she had a new roof, newwalls, new ceiling, new floor

in one week, like, what happened?

The city was putting up a telephone pole

next to her house on Monday.

We prayed this prayer on Saturday.

On Monday, the city was putting up

a brand new telephonepole next to her house.

It fell over into her house.

It's a very small town.

It's election year.

When they saw the condition of her house,

the city got together,rounded up hundreds of people,

and fixed up her house.

Okay, now when I saw that--

- Wow!- Okay, when I saw that,

I was, like, you know what?

This is the goodness of God.

And if this is the way that God operates

in the context of servingpeople and helping people

who need help, who are desperate,

that wherever sin does aboundgrace does much more abound,

His goodness is so muchgreater than the evil.

It's wonderful.

- But what did it do for her?

- Oh, it changed everything.

Now she couldn't jump up anddown, because she was too old.

(both laughing)

But she was out by the street.

She was just kinda doingthis whenever we pulled up.

Well it blew her mind.

And she didn't even reallywant us to pray for that,

'cause she was like, "Wellthere's other people,"

as if God can only handle--- I'm not worthy.

- Exactly, as if God canonly handle so much stuff.

And He did that.

And it taught her, you know what?

I'm still His little girl.

I might be an 80-year-old woman,

but I'm still His little girl.

Oh, no, those kinds of things...

I could never be the same after that.

- How often do you run inwith the self-image problem?

'Cause I've noticed in relief work,

that's one of the top things

that you really have to address head-on.

I'm not worthy to receive help.

What do you do with that?

- Oh, no, it's huge.

It's huge.

You know, identity, if we'reever gonna get into destiny

it's identity, purpose, and destiny.

And identity is one ofthe huge missions, Gordon,

that the Lord has given us to give people

and say, who you are toJesus, and who Jesus wants

to be to you, is everything.

So one of my primary messagesis fear not, little children.

It is the Father's good pleasureto give you the kingdom.

Listen, you don't needto be afraid of this,

because this is whatthe Father wants to do.

He's unlike any fatherthat you've ever known.

Outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ,

most people that we come across,

they have no idea what a truefather is really all about.

And they have no ideawhat sonship is about.

These things come with the gospel,

and it comes with the kingdom.

- How do you convince 'em?

Let's take someone who's been trafficked.

- Right.- So

some very basic core dignityissues have been just shredded.

- Yes.

- How do you give that to them?

- Well it is an extremelyrelational process.

Everything in the kingdom is relational

before it's functional.

And if it's not relational,it's dysfunctional.

So if we're trying to dothis just through a program,

it's not gonna work.

If we're trying to, whichthe program's are good,

and I have to have the--- But they're not 10 steps.

- That's exactly right.

Now there has to be arelational process in this.

And this is the way thatthe Lord designed us.

In the process of findingout that God loves you,

you can find out how to love.

Paul says, "We lovebecause He first loved us."

We have to learn.

We have to have a breakthrough moment

where we say, I really amactually starting to believe

that God actually loves me.

Knowing that you'reloved changes everything,

and it actually qualifiesyou for a capacity

to be able to love others,including yourself.

You can never loveyourself until you find out

that the God of this universethinks so much of you

that He would literally die for you.

You learn that through,well first, He fed me.

First, He rescued me.

First, He clothed me.

First, He had time for me.

First, He hugged me, whatever that is.

But you begin to find out.

I mean, God is madly in love with me.

And it's in that capacity thatyou're able to love yourself,

and you're able to get pastthis, actually, I'm just dirt,

or I'm just according to my history.

- What are you dreaming about now?

- Wow!- What's next for you?

- Thank you, thank you for asking that,

'cause I love to dream.

I love to dream.

I love to think about,

I'm constantly thinkingabout what can things be

and what is God's dream,and am I lined up with that?

Because I don't think thatHis dreams for me are really

that different for my dreams for me.

I've never dreamed adream that God went, no.

What I mean by that is Hisdreams are much more for me

than my dreams are for me.

Well, Gordon, we're actually,

I wanna build schools.

I wanna build schools.

We're actually buildingplaces where these girls,

right now, where they can learn a new life

and they're learning trades.

I wanna get better andbetter and better at that.

And I wanna turn all ofthese redeemed girls,

that we're saving all overthe world, into redeemers.

I wanna just--- Yay.

- I wanna just unleash 'em,and unleash 'em upon hell.

And we're in the process of doing that.

And I just see that gettingbigger and bigger and bigger.

- [Gordon] That's an awesome idea.

- Thanks, man.- Yeah.

Take them out and thenturn them into rescuers.

- Yes, sir, and they're doing it.

They're already starting to do it.

- You're already seeing

the results from that.- Yeah, we're already,

yes, sir, there's a 22-year-oldlittle girl right now,

and her name is Servani.

And I sure hope she's watching.

I love her.

But she's doing it right now.

We rescued her whenever she's four,

and she's doing it right now.

- All right, well Troy's bookis called Good Overcomes Evil.

It's available whereverbooks are sold, and thanks

for being with us.- Thank you, my friend.

- Yeah, hallelujah.- Bless you.


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