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700 Club Interactive - October 8, 2018

A pastor who works to rescue sex-trafficked girls shares how God’s goodness overcomes evil. Read Transcript

- [Gordon] Discover how you can help

loved ones battling cancer.

- You say, "Listen, I'm with you,

and we're gonna get through this together.

And whatever you need, I'm here for you."

- Plus, hear why this Texaspastor's ministry to the poor

now includes rescuingsex trafficked girls.

Troy Brewer joins us live

on today's 700 Club Interactive.

Well welcome to the show.

Students across the U.S. want to bring

God back into the classroom.

And last Thursday they shared their faith

by bringing their Bibles to school.

The event was a huge success.

It's estimated that 500,000 students,

many of them first-time participants,

went in for this year'sBring Your Bible to School.

- [Terry] Well students of all ages

summoned their courageto carry their Bibles

into elementary schools, middle schools,

and high schools across America.

One Chicago mom posted this picture

of her daughter with the caption,

"Today is bring your bible to school day.

My girl was too proud to bring hers.

She told everyone she could

that she had her bible."

- [Gordon] Wow, that's awonderful thing, congratulations.

Well Focus on the Family'spresident, Jim Daly,

told CBN News it's a wonderful day

when kids can expresstheir religious freedom.

They're absolutely,constitutionally guaranteed

the right to bring their Bible to school,

to set up a little Bible study at lunch,

whatever they want to do,

they just can't interrupt class time, so.

- That is awesome.

It's an awesome lesson thatthere are freedoms that we have

that can be enjoyed,and should be enjoyed,

and even nurtured, so, hallelujah.

- You can also pray if you want.

- Yes

- Anywhere.

- Shocker.

Well, that's not the only exciting thing

happening on school campuses.

This Wednesday, October 10th,

another student-led evenwill be taking place

on football fields across the country.

It's called Fields of Faith.

- The movement started in 2004

with 6,000 students acrossOklahoma, Texas and Kansas.

Since then, thousands of young people

have attended the one-night event,

and thousands have accepted Christ.

Take a look.

(upbeat music)

- It's time for this generation to lead.

(upbeat music)

- Students are ready tochallenge each other.

- Movement of God is happening.

- And it's happening incommunities like yours.

- One day.

- One message.

- One stand.

- We are sharing our faith.

- And we are reading God's word.

- We are sharing what Godhas done in our lives.

- We are filling stadiums by the hundreds.

- And by the thousands.

(upbeat music)

- We are --

- We are --

- We are --

- We are --

- We are those of faith.

- Boy, you gotta love that, don't you?

- Yes, you do.

- Amazing.

Well these events arehappening nationwide.

If you wanna find a field near you,

just go to their website,it's


Well, if you've ever readthe book or seen the movie,

Life of Pi, here's an exampleof life imitating art.

A 19 year old named Aldi Novelle Adalang

survived 49 days at seaafter an intense storm

tore his little boat away from its anchor.

The Indonesian teenager endureda 16 hundred mile journey

on what looks like a glorified raft

until he was discovered not far from Guam.

At one point during his dangerous journey,

Aldi ran out of cooking gas and was forced

to burn the boat's wooden fencing

to make a fire for cooking.

He also drank salt water hefiltered through his clothes.

Pretty smart kid.

- [Gordon] Yeah.

Well the crew aboard a freightship finally spotted him,

but in order to get to the boat,

Aldi had to swim through choppy waters.

During his time at sea,

more than 10 ships had sailed past him

but none of them stopped or even saw him.

The crew gave the young man a towel, food,

fresh clothes, and a haircut.

Eight days later, hisparents were overjoyed

to be reunited with their son.

- Well Aldi told reporters he developed

a routine while he was on the fishing hut.

He would spend his mornings catching fish,

and then read his Bible in the afternoons.

Aldi said his faith waswhat kept him alive.

One day, things got so bad,

he became suicidal and consideredjumping into the ocean.

But he remembered hisparents always told him

to pray in times of distress.

He also recalled the nighta shark circled his boat.

Aldi said, "I could only prayand the shark went away."

Wow, what an adventure.

- What an incredible adventure,

and incredible perseverance.

Imagine 49 days adrift, andwhat do you do for water,

what do you do for food,and just the basics

of how do you say alive?

For him to say, I had my Bible, I had God,

I had faith in Him, and I could pray.

- Watch for the movie.


- Well they're callinghim the Dad of the Year.

By the way, if you're aparent and you're concerned

that you kids arebecoming lazy or isolated

by playing too many video games,

you've got to see thisdad's ingenious invention.

- [Terry] I love this.

Jeremy Fielding noticed his kids

were spending several hours at a time

playing their video games,

so he took lots of spare parts and

rigged his family's video gameconsole to a rowing machine.

Now, if one of his childrenwants to play a video game,

they have go get a familymember, or a friend to row.

So in addition to gettinghis kids to exercise more,

he's also found a way tokeep them from playing alone.

Unbelievably creative.

- I love that.

That is truly awesome.


Anyway, an estimated 40%of adults will be diagnosed

with some form of cancerduring their lifetime.

The physical and emotionaltrials take a tremendous toll

and spiritual life canalso suffer as well.

- Laurie Johnson introduces us

to a woman who isdedicated to helping people

as they deal with cancer

and her outlook can benefit all of us.

Take a look.

- All hospital chaplainshave a demanding job,

but imagine if everypatient in the hospital

had been diagnosed with cancer.

That's a reality for Lowanda Long,

who tries to meet thisdeep spiritual need.

- The pain, and thesickness, and the suffering

that you go through canweaken your faith sometimes.

- [Laurie] As chaplain of

Atlanta's Cancer TreatmentCenters of America,

she walks from room to room prepared

to deal with almost anything.

- If they're angry at God,and they lash out at me,

I take that because I knowit's not me personally,

but to make us grow close toGod sometimes we have to vent,

we have to say, I'm upset, I'm angry.

That's what David did insome of his lament Psalms.

- [Laurie] Her mission,

help patients know the peace of Christ,

and his presence in the storm.

- God will walk you throughand will be with you

in good times, and in bad times.

And the Lord doesn't promisethat bad things won't happen

but that He will always be present.

I'm fine, you made me cry.

But I've never feltGod's presence any more.

- [Laurie] Chaplain Longhelps people who know God

grow closer to Him.

For others she makes the introduction.

- When she said God loves me,

nobody had ever told me that.

For me to hear that andreplay that in my mind

over, and over, and over,and over, and over again,

then I felt like regardlessof what happened to me,

I was gonna be okay.

- Years ago a patient told the chaplain

she received better spiritual care here

then at her home church,

which made the chaplainrealize churches need to learn

how to minister specificallyto cancer patients.

So Cancer Treatments Centers of America

began Our Journey of Hope.

Church leaders attend a two-day seminar

learning how to specificallyminister to cancer patients.

- The great thing about this training

is it is totally free for churches,

and then they go back and train others

to become cancer care ministers.

- [Laurie] Among the lessons,

when talking to a cancer patient,

don't discount their grief.

- I hear a lot of patients tell me

that they don't likewhen people tell them,

oh, it's just hair.

A lot of times when peoplebegin to lose body parts,

whether it's hair, orweHEther it's their bladder,

or it's a breast, or akidney they do grieve that.

So I think we have to makesure we hear their hearts.

- [Laurie] Avoid tellingpeople how to feel or think.

- Because when people are told that,

they feel minimized asif they don't matter.

- [Laurie] Have compassion, not sympathy.

- You say, "Listen, I'm with you

and we're gonna get through this together,

and whatever you need, I'm here for you."

That's very different thansaying, "I'm so sorry for you."

- [Laurie] Don't cast doubton their treatment plan.

- Sometimes I meet peoplewho have great faith

but they begin to lose hope.

- [Laurie] And don't tell a cancer patient

about someone who died of the disease.

- Particularly people of faith,

we gotta make sure we don'tspread negative massages.

- [Laurie] So while medical professionals

do what they can to treat physical needs,

others help these cancer patients

focus on God as they walk through it.

- [Lowanda] Bless every doctor and nurse

assigned to care for Mr. Hasting.

Give them wisdom andknowledge, Father God,

anoint them with your grace --

- [Laurie] Laurie Johnson, CBN News.

- Those are wonderful words,wonderful words of advice.

The best thing you can do, as a friend,

to someone suffering isto just be with them,

and let them know that yeah,

we're gonna get through this together.

That does more thananything you can ever know.

- Boy, that's the truth.

It is good to get wisecounsel on what not to say

because I don't people ever say anything

with they intention of --

- Yeah, they don't wanna make it worse.

- No, of course not,

but sometimes you don't know what to say.

- Let's all read the book of Job

and let's not be like Job's friends.

- Yeah, yeah, for sure.

- We're here with you, we love you,

God loves you, we'regonna see you through.

- Absolutely.

Well coming up, after hurricaneFlorence flooded their home,

one elderly couple found much needed help

from CBN's Operation Blessing.

- There ain't nobodyever done nothing for me.

Feels great that help was huge.

This is the first time I've ever had any.

- [Terry] See why she callsthese volunteers her angels.

That's next.

(upbeat music)

- Henry Beasley is a bedridden grandfather

who's house was flooded because of

the winds and rainsfrom hurricane Florence.

Henry had no way torecover from the damage

until his family got a visitfrom Operation Blessing.

- [Reporter] Sadie andHenry Beasley made it

through hurricane Florence together.

- A lot of prayer.

Asking God, that's the onlything I ever asked him,

just keep us safe and give me the strength

to take care of him, and then after that,

He wants to take me, take me home.

- [Reporter] They've beentogether for 42 years.

Henry's had a number of strokes

and been bedridden for about 10 years.

- He's my main priority.

He's my heart and soul.

We love the same kind of music,

we love the same kind of foods,

we teach to love and dance.

- [Reporter] Their granddaughter,Tabitha, lives with them.

She says when the familyevacuated to Georgia

Henry wanted everyone to stick together.

- He refused to go to the hospital

because he wanted to be with his family.

He says, I'm staying.

If you're going through the storm,

I'm going through the storm.

- [Reporter] Henry's an Army veteran

and a former Deputy Sheriff.

- He has took care of us all our lives.

He has worked every daysince he was a young boy,

and feels like he's stillthe man of the house,

and he's still protecting us.

- [Reporter] After theflood water subsided

Henry just wanted to go back home.

- There ain't no place like home.

I don't care how it is,what it is, home is home.

- [Reporter] We gaveSadie something to eat

and I sat and talked with her.

She said most of their house was fine,

but their two lower rooms gota couple feet of water in them

and the house was starting to smell.

So we got an Operation Blessingcrew to work right away

clearing out wet drywall,

and heavy stuff they couldn'thave moved themselves.

- There ain't nobodythat done nothing for me.

They were great, the help was huge.

This is the first time I've ever had any.

- [Reporter] With those rooms cleared out,

they don't have to worryabout mold setting in,

and the house is now livable.

- Having someone that comesin and helps with food,

and helps with the damage in your home,

you guys are a blessing to us,

and we appreciate what you do,

and we think it's beautiful.

- God sent angels.

I hope God bless y'all more

than you've ever hadblessings in your life,

'cause it's a blessing for me.

Nobody don't know howmuch I appreciate it.

- You know, hurricaneFlorence was so destructive

to so many people, and Sadie and Henry

could not have done that themselves.

What were they to do?

Operation Blessing comingright into the middle of that,

rescuing their scenario.

You know, we like to saythat when disaster strikes,

Operation Blessing strikes back.

There's still a lot ofwork to be done there.

You know, life goes on so the headlines

might change in today's news,

but there are still people whoare battling through rising,

or water that has risenand damaged their homes

needing to do the same thing

that this little household needed to do.

If you belong to the 700 Club,

you've made a difference here.

But today I wanna say to those of you

who have watched this,

maybe you have friends, family,

or you've just been touched as I have

by watching the damage on the news

and you'd like to be a partof making a difference.

You can give to the work ofOrphans' Promise, they --

Not to the work of Orphans'Promise, I'm sorry.

You can give to the work, good grief,

you can give to the workof Operation Blessing,

because they are at work around the world.

Not just here in the United States,

but other places as well,

so do that by callingour toll free number.

Just say, I wanna be apart of making a difference

in the lives of people who have been

in these disaster situations.

There's the way to do it.

You can send your gift to

Operation Blessing, Disaster Relieve Fund

CBN Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The zip code is ours, it's 23463.

It'll get here quickly, oryou can do it even faster

by calling our toll freenumber, it's 1-800-700-7000.

Just call and say, I'dlike to make a difference

in the lives of peoplewho've been impacted

by hurricane Florence.

And call now, won't you?

Be generous, because there'sstill a lot of work to be done.


- Well still ahead, meet the man

who's mortgaged his house seven times

to help rescue sex traffickedgirls around the world.

You don't wanna miss his incredible story.

He joins us live.

That's next.

(upbeat music)

- Well Pastor Troy has witnessed

countless miracles in his 20 plus years

of serving the poor and afflicted.

It all started when he and his wife

took some groceries to someisolated elderly people.

- [Reporter] In 1995,Troy and Leanna Brewer

started feeding people outof the back of a truck.

Since then, Troy has given away

more than 4 million pounds of food.

He's even partnered withOperation Blessing in his efforts.

Today he's the pastor of Open Door Church

in Fort Worth, Texas.

And he does more than feed people.

Troy and Leanna support 10orphanages around the world,

and rescue girls from sex trafficking.

In his book, Good Overcomes Evil,

Troy says it doesn't take a lot of good

to overcome evil in this world.

And shows us what happens

when we inject the goodness of God

in the lives of those around us.

- Well, Troy joins us nowand it's great to have you.

- Thank you, my friend.

- Yeah.

- It's good to see you.

- What do you mean by

just a little bit of good overcomes evil?

- Well, it's just likea little bit of light

gets rid of all thedarkness that it touches.

You know, we don't have to do anything

for evil to take hold.

The world turns, the weatherchanges, things fall apart.

It's entropy, right?

But man, whenever God showsup, it changes everything.

Goodness does not come from this world,

goodness comes from Heaven.

- Yeah, "I will cause all mygoodness to pass before you."

- That's right, you got that.

- And that is the revelation,

"I will show you all my goodness."

- So that's what happens whenyou really wanna know God.

"God, show my your glory,"that's what he said, right?

So we're talking about Moses now,

show me Your glory, I wanna know You

like nobody else knows You.

Okay, then I will cause mygoodness to pass before you.

So the way God likes toshow up is as goodness.

He likes to look good.

- Yeah.

And there's another prayer there,

it's more than just show me your glory,

that's the second one.

The first one was, show me Your way.

- Come on, that's right.

- And that way is He's always good,

He always wants to show us good.

- Yeah, knowing His wayqualifies you for the rest of it.

- Yeah.

- Amen.

- Yeah, and when youunderstand that heart,

that He wants to, it'ssomething you don't have

to bargain with Him,you don't have to plead,

you know already He wants to,

and then things just start to roll.

They started rolling for you.

You got started small, and then suddenly

things just kept gettin'bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

- Yeah, no we were a little, bitty,

tiny ministry for 16 years actually.

And I was happy with that.

Now we were doing amazing things,

but our church had lessthan 100 people in it,

and we were just happy with just being

the hands and fee of Jesus.

We started off notintending to start a church,

not intending to getin sexual trafficking.

We just, somebody neededto be fed, so we fed them.

And then somebody else,and then somebody else,

and before long we hadto have a food bank.

- What did you learn in that time,

'cause I've found it's those,if you will, the hard years,

the beginning years, thatwhat you're going to become

actually gets stamped into you.

- Yes, sir.

The practical applicationof the goodness of God

was literally stamped onto me.

Gordon, we started seeing miracles,

the kinds of miraclesthat I didn't even know

that God would even do, okay?

Like, we were feedingthis one particularly

super sweet, super old lady

and she would never let me inher house because it had been,

every time it rained,it would ruin her walls,

it would ruin her floor, and so I said,

why don't I pray for youthat you get a new roof,

a new ceiling, new walls,and a brand new floor.

So in the context ofserving her and feeding her

we prayed for that.

Now I was thinking whileI was praying for her,

okay, I know a guy that owes me this,

I can round up --

And that's not cheating,you know, it's not.

But nonetheless, I wasplanning on, hey we're gonna --

- You were asking God,

but you were thinkingabout how you could do it.

- Yes, exactly.

So I'm like, okay yeah,

this might can happenthis way or that way.

We left, and a week later I came back

with a plan that was gonnatake about six months,

and she had new roof, new walls,

new ceiling, new floor in one week.

Like, what happened?

The city was putting up a telephone pole

next to her house on Monday.

We prayed this prayer on Saturday.

On Monday, the city was putting up

a brand new telephonepole next to her house.

It fell over into her house.

It's a very small town,it's election year.

When they saw the condition of her house,

the city got together,rounded up hundreds of people

and fixed up her house.

Okay, now when I saw that, okay,

when I saw that I was like, you know what,

this is the goodness of God.

And if this is the way that God operates

in the context of servingpeople and helping people

who need help, who are desperate,

that wherever sin does abound,grace does much more abound,

His goodness is so muchgreater than the evil,

it's wonderful.

- What did it do for her?

- Oh, it changed everything.

Now she couldn't jump up anddown, because she was too old,

but she was out by the street,

she was just kinda doing this, you know,

whenever we pulled up.

It blew her mind, and shedidn't even really want

to pray for that 'cause she was like,

well there's other people,as if God can only handle --

- [Gordon] I'm not worthy.

- Exactly, as if God canonly handle so much stuff,

and He did that.

And it taught her, you knowwhat, I'm still His little girl.

I might be an 80 year old woman,

but I'm still His little girl.

Oh no, those kinds of things,

I could never be the same after that.

- How often do you run inwith the self image problem?

'Cause I've noticed in really Fort Worth

that's one of the top things

that you really have to address head on.

I'm not worthy to receive help.

What do you do with that?

- Oh no, it's huge, it's huge.

You know, identity.

If we're ever gonna get into destiny,

it's identity, purpose, and destiny.

And identity is one ofthe huge missions, Gordon,

that the Lord has given us to give people.

And say, who you are to Jesus,

and who Jesus wants tobe to you, is everything.

So one of my primary messagesis, fear not, little children,

it is the Father's good pleasureto give you the kingdom.

Listen, you don't needto be afraid of this,

because this is whatthe Father wants to do.

He's unlike any Fatherthat you've ever known.

Outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ

most people that we come across,

they have no idea what a truefather is really all about,

and they have no ideawhat sonship is about.

These things come with the gospel

and it comes with the kingdom.

- How do you convince?

Let's take someone who's been trafficked,

so some very basic core dignity issues

have been just shredded.

- Yes.

- How do you give that to them?

- Well, it is an extremelyrelational process.

Everything in the kingdom

is relational before it's functional.

And if it's not relational,it's dysfunctional.

So if we're trying to dothis just through a program,

it's not gonna work.

If we're trying, whichthe programs are good,

- [Grodon] But they're not 10 steps

- That's exactly right.

Now there has to be arelational process in this,

and this is the way thatthe Lord designed this.

In the process of findingout that God loves you,

you can find out how to love.

Paul says, we lovebecause He first loved us.

We have to have a breakthroughmoment where we say,

I really am actually starting to believe

that God actually loves me.

Knowing that you'reloved changes everything,

and it actually qualifiesyou for a capacity

to be able to love others,including yourself.

You can never loveyourself until you find out

that the God of this universethinks so much of you,

that He would literally die for you.

You learn that through,well first He fed me,

first He rescued me, first He clothed me,

first He had time forme, first He hugged me,

whatever that is.

But you begin to find out,

man, God is madly in love with me,

and it's in that capacity that you're able

to love yourself, and yourable to get past this,

actually I'm just dirt, or I'mjust according to my history.

- What are you dreaming about now?

- Wow.

- What's next for you?

- Oh, thank you, thankyou for asking that,

'cause I love to dream.

I love to dream, I love to think about,

I'm constantly thinkingabout what can things be,

and what is God's dream,and am I lined up with that,

because I don't think thatHis dreams are, for me,

are really that differentfor my dreams for me.

I've never dreamed a dreamthat God went, oh no.

What I mean by that is, Hisdreams are much more for me,

than my dreams are for me.

Well, Gordon, we're actually,I wanna build schools.

I wanna build schools, we'reactually building places

where these girls right now,

where they can learn a new life,

and they're learning trades.

I wanna get better, andbetter, and better at that.

And I wanna turn allof these redeemed girls

that we're saving all overthe world, into redeemers.

I wanna just unleash 'em,unleash 'em upon Hell,

and we're in the process of doing that,

and I just see that gettingbigger, and bigger, and bigger.

- That's an awesome idea.

- Thanks, man.

- Yeah, take them out, andthen turn them into rescuers.

- Yes, sir, and they're doing it.

They're already starting to do it.

- You're already seeingthe results from that?

- Yes, sir.

There's a 22 year oldlittle girl right now,

and her name is Survani,

and I sure hope she'swatching, I love her.

But she's doing it right now.

We rescued her when she was four,

and she's doin' it right now.

- Alright, well Troy's book is called

Good Overcomes Evil.

It's available wherever books are sold.

And thanks for being with us.

- Thank you, my friend, bless you.

- Yeah, hallelujah,

Here's a word from Romans,

God bless you, and we'll see ya again.

(upbeat music)

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