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Kavanaugh Aftermath: The Battle for the Court Is Now the Battle for the Ballot

Kavanaugh Aftermath: The Battle for the Court Is Now the Battle for the Ballot Read Transcript

- On this vote the aye'sare 50, the nays are 48.

- And with that Brett Kavanaugh becomes

the 114th Justice of theUnited States Supreme Court.

But the bitter battleleading to that confirmation

has consequences forthe midterms and beyond.


With protests and sexualassault allegations,

Kavanaugh's confirmation camedown to a handful of senators.

The pivotal vote, Susan Collins of Maine

who thought Kavanaugh should withdraw

after hearing Dr.Christine Ford's testimony.

- But then when he came backwith such a forceful denial

and the anger and anguish that he showed

and then the lack of corroboration

led me back to the fundamental issues

that are fundamental to our legal system,

a presumption of innocence.

- [Amber] The backlashfrom Collin's decision

is yet to be seen.

Although she's not upfor reelection this year,

a site raising money forher 2020 challenger crashed

after the announcement.

So far it's raised more than $3.5 million.

While the GOP won the confirmation battle,

both sides are determined to win the war

for the control of Congress.

Republicans say the democrats' tactics

are reigniting theparty ahead of midterms.

- We have been energized,we have been energized.

- The tactics that have been employed

both by Judiciary Committee,democratic senators

and by the virtual mobthat's assaulted all of us

in the course of this processhas turned our base on fire.

- [Amber] Democrats say the anger seen

by scores of protesters on the Hill,

many of which are women willhave a long term impact.

- Innocent people weresitting in the Senate

that they reelected whoare making these decisions

and they're gonna go to the polls

and they're gonna vote differently.

- [Amber] While some democrats

including Congressman Jerry Nadler

toyed with the idea of investigating

and possibly impeaching Kavanaugh

should the democrats take the House,

others say the parties shouldbe focused on the election

and healing the divide.

- The Senate's role in our politics

is not to just reflect the country

but to help heal and lead the country

and that's the course we should be on.

- Now Kavanaugh will attenda swearing in ceremony Monday

at the White House with President Trump

and his first vote couldcome as early as Tuesday.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.


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