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The 700 Club - October 8, 2018

A dirt bike adventure ends in a life flight to the ER. Plus, Mike Tomlin is a Super Bowl champion not just focused on getting another ring. Find out why on today’s 700 Club. Read Transcript

- [Narrator] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up, aterrible accident on the trails

- He's rocking back and forth (groans).

- [Narrator] And one writeris airlifted to the ER.

- What do you mean thisis life threatening?

- [Narrator] Now watch himmake an incredible recovery.

- Don't go by what you see,don't go by what you hear,

you're gonna live.

- [Narrator] Plus, the Super Bowl champ

who's not just focused on another ring.

- [Mike] That struck melike a lightening bolt.

- [Narrator] Why SteelersHead Coach, Mike Tomlin

is doing his best work off the field.

- They're slave stealers,we've adopted that motto.

- [Narrator] On today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Well welcome folks.

The acrimony wasdisgusting, it was horrible.

But I think the woundsare going to be there

a little bit longer thanwe have any idea of.

It'll certainly last through the election.

And it seems like there are anumber of vulnerable senators

who are going to be very welltaken out of their seats.

The question is what's gonna happen to

the House of Representatives.

And by the way and thereis no way the House

can impeach Judge Kavanaughor impeach the President.

They just can't do it.

They can make a motion to impeach

but the same time they've gotto have a majority to do that

and there are too manyrepublicans to let that happen.

Then of course, to carry throughthey've got to have a trial

in the Senate and there is no way

they're gonna get theirConstitutionally mandated majority.

It won't happen.

There's a lot of talk, it'sjust bluster and theater.

But the fundamental thing is,

are we going to have a nation of laws

or we going to have a nationthat's made up of suspicion

and acrimony and it's thatacrimony that is just so bad.

- Well, the saga's surelynot over as you mentioned

and I think both parties are saying now

that the issue has fired up their voters.

They're heading into this year's midterms

and some democrat leaders sayif they win back Washington

they'll reopen the investigationinto Judge Kavanaugh.

Amber Strong has the story.

- On this vote the ayesare 50, the nays are 48.

- And with that Brett Kavanaugh becomes

the 114th Justice of theUnited States Supreme Court.

But the bitter battleleading to that confirmation

has consequences forthe midterms and beyond.


With protest and sexualassault allegations,

Kavanaugh's confirmation camedown to a handful of senators.

The pivotal vote, Susan Collins of Maine

who thought Kavanaugh should withdraw

after hearing Dr.Christine Ford's testimony.

- But then when he came backwith such a forceful denial

and the anger and anguish that he showed

and then the lack ofcorroboration led me back

to the fundamental issuesthat are fundamental

to our legal system ofpresumption of innocence.

- [Amber] The backlashfrom Collin's decision

is yet to be seen.

Although she's not upfor reelection this year,

a site raising money forher 2020 challenger crashed

after the announcement.

So far it's raised more than $3.5 million.

While the GOP won the confirmation battle,

both sides are determined to win the war

for the control of Congress.

Republicans say the democrats tactics

are reigniting theparty ahead of midterms.

- We have been energized,we have been energized.

- The tactics that have been employed

both by Judiciary Committee,democratic senators

and by the virtual mobthat's assaulted all of us

in the course of this processhas turned our base on fire.

- [Amber] Democrats say the anger

seen by scores of protestors on the Hill,

many of which are womenhave a longterm impact.

- Innocent people weresitting in the Senate

that they've elected whoare making these decisions

and they're gonna go to the polls

and they're vote differently.

- [Amber] While some democrats

including Congressman Jerry Nadler,

toyed with the idea of investigating

and possibly impeaching Kavanaugh

should the democrats take the House.

Others say the party shouldbe focused on the election

and healing the divide.

- The Senate's role in our politics

is not to just reflect the country

but to help heal and lead the country

and that's the course we should be on.

- Now Kavanaugh will attenda swearing in ceremony Monday

at the White House with President Trump

and his first vote couldcome as early as Tuesday.

Amber Strong, CBN News Washington.

- I like 60 Minutes,

I think it's a very excellentnews analysis sort of thing

but I was watching the interviewer

who was interviewing Senator Collins

and he was saying well ifRoe versus Wade is overturned

then abortion becomes illegal.

He was totally wrong.

Here's what happens and it's something

that all these demonstratorsneed to understand.

If indeed a majority ofthe judges on the court

don't want to hold with Roe versus Wade

and they wanna overturnit, all they'll do is say

we are going to put thatmatter of the abortion

back to the states.

That's where it shouldhave been all along.

It is a matter of thepolice power of the states

according to the Constitution.

It should never have been federalized.

It was a terrible mistaketo make it a federal issue

but they did it.

Now if they say Roeversus Wade is overturned,

what does that mean?

It means that the matter ofabortion now goes to the states

and each state will determineaccording to it's laws

what the matter of abortion will be.

Is it going to be legal, it can be.

Is it going to be illegal, it can be.

Is there going to bepenalties appropriate to it?

Yes, there may not be,there don't have to be any.

So it's constricting, there are 50 states

and every state's gonna havea chance to do something.

Which is the way it ought to be.

It is not a federal matter

then the local state legislature's

can vote whatever theywant to do within reason.

But to say immediately Roeversus Wade is overturned,

abortion now becomes illegal

which is what the interviewer

on 60 Minutes said last night he's wrong.

It's not gonna be illegal,it's not gonna be anything.

It's just not going tobe a matter of protected

by the Constitution a federal matter.

It will now be a state matter

which is what it always should have been.

Well now the midtermsare only a few weeks away

and the Senate race is at least one state

is too close to call.

Efrem Graham has that storyfrom the CBN Newsroom.

- Pat, the Senate race inFlorida highlights a deep divide

as Abigail Robertson shows us,voters in the sunshine state

have to choose betweentwo political giants.

- The 2018 Florida Senaterace is a clash of the titans

with two time republicanGovernor Rick Scott

trying to unseat longtime democratic incumbent,

Senator Bill Nelson.

- This race is destined tobe tight till the very end

because Florida's a very polarized state.

- [Abigail] Long timeFlorida political analyst,

Susan MacManus tellsCBN News early estimates

look like the marginof victory could be 1%.

- Partisanship is very deep in the state.

The stakes are high, moneyis rolling into this race

from outside the state,obviously, because democrats

are holding on for dear life to that seat.

- [Abigail] And republicansare giving it their all

to win it over.

With 28% of the state registered

as no party however, GovernorScott's walking a fine line

as to how closely he associateswith President Trump.

- Governor Scott has a really tough time

because he knows that he'sgot to capture a certain part

of that no partyaffiliation independent vote

and he's got to continueto hold on to republicans

and at the same time try to think about

some of those conservativedemocrats in the panhandle

that might vote for him.

- [Abigail] MacManus callsFlorida the most difficult state

for campaigning becauseof it's diversity in size.

Statewide candidates must becareful on sensitive issues

like gun control.

- The issue itself lays quite differently

depending upon where you are in Florida.

- [Abigail] For example,rural voters sees guns

as necessary protection,

while urban voters associate the weapons

with two deadly eventsstill fresh in their mind.

- They have to talk aboutissues that are important

to Florida, how to fix things.

- [Abigail] Republican voters argue Nelson

has been in office far too long.

- He's a career politician at this point.

- Senator Nelson is probably a great man

but he hasn't been inFlorida in a long time.

- [Abigail] Democratsbelieve he's done a good job

fighting for medicare, social security

and protecting Obamacare.

- I like his stance on the issues.

- [Abigail] MacManus says at this point,

it's still anyone's guess.

- There's still what wouldbe considered a lifetime

between now and November.

- Senator Nelson easilywon his past elections

but republicans are hopefulthat with Governor Scott,

they finally have achance at defeating him.

Reporting from Tampa,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- Turning overseas now,Israeli security forces

are searching for thePalestinian terrorist

who murdered two Israelis Sunday.

A mother of one and afather of three were shot

as they worked in theBarkan Industrial Zone

near the city of Ariel.

Security cameras capturedimages of the terrorists running

from the scene.

Israel Knesset member,Michael Oren tells CBN News

there's only one way todescribe that attack.

- What we're talking about here is evil.

I'm just talking about terrorism,

terrorism is sort of aneutral word isn't it?

It doesn't have a moral quality to it.

What we're talking about are evil people

and evil exists in the world.

I believe it, I've alwaysdeeply believed it.

I've experienced it myself.

I've confronted eviland we have to fight it.

- More than 3,000 Palestinianswork alongside Israelis

in the industrial zone.

This is the first attack there

in it's 35 years of existence.

American Pastor AndrewBrunson marked his second year

as a prisoner in Turkey Sunday.

Senator James Lankford called on Turkey

to release Pastor Brunson.

Business leaders andreligious freedom advocates

are also working for Brunson's release.

Jennifer Wishon has more.

- During a recent trip to the U.S.,

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

met with hundreds of investors.

His country's economyis failing due in part

to U.S. sanctions and he'sappealing to American investors

to help Turkey recover.

In a letter to President Trump,

the U.S. Commission onInternational Religious Freedom

calls that troublinggiven Erdogan's personal

and public support for thecontinued, unlawful detainment

of American Pastor Andrew Brunson.

- It's such an unstable country right now

that in the way that thehuman rights violations

that are occurring are so troubling

as we're seeing with Andrew Brunson

that we would cautionbusinesses to be careful

about investing in Turkey.

- [Jennifer] Pastor Brunsonhas been detained in Turkey

for nearly two years on bogus charges.

During that time the Turkish lira

has lost 40% of it's valuedue to Erdogan's power grab

and the diplomaticdispute between the U.S.

and Turkey over Brunson.

Still, CommissionerNadine Maenza says Erdogan

is using Brunson as a pawnto play to his Islamic base

and distract from thepain Turks are feeling

in their pocket books.

- Their economy isspiraling and their currency

has devalued and there's allsorts of problems in Turkey

so this is a really gooddistraction for the President

to be able to point tothis and say see look,

I'm protecting our countryfrom dangerous terrorists.

And we all know Andrew Brunsonis not a dangerous terrorist.

- Here in the U.S. onmain stream news channels,

news outlets, we're nothearing about Pastor Brunson

on a daily, weekly even monthly basis

but in Turkey it's quite different.

I mean, everyone, it's a huge deal

that there's this Christian American man

who's been charged with terrorism.

- Right, he's been chargedwith trying to overthrow

the government of Turkey which of course,

is completely false.

And the fact that he's in his home,

we're so glad that's he's not in prison

but we are concerned for hissafety because if there was,

it's not like he's in a secure fortress

the way that we feel like we should be.

So we actually obviously feel he should be

returned immediately to the United States.

- There are rumors Turkeymay release Brunson

around his next hearing on October 12th.

A Brunson release would bea tremendous political coup

for President Trumpbut not nearly as sweet

as it would be for his familyand the millions of Christians

who are praying for him.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Praying for him indeed, Pat.

- I'm gonna talk about theprophetic aspects of this.

What you have in theBible I think is important

we understand there's goingto be an alliance of nations

in the latter days thatwill come against Israel.

And one of the key nationsis identified as Gomer

and this apparently is Turkey.

Turkey is going to be at the center.

It's going to be Iran, known as Persia.

It's going to be at least the southern,

I'm trying to think exactly the name

what you'd call those southern provinces

of the former Soviet Unionthat are predominately Muslim.

They won't be involved.

Russian, it's not Russia, Russiameans the head but anyhow.

This coalition's going toinclude perhaps the Sudan

and it's going to be nationsthat will go against Israel

in the latter days.

And when it looked like Turkey was going

to swing back to democracy

I thought this is goingto be opposed to prophecy.

And I know we'd like to seePastor Brunson released,

I'd like to see Turkeybecome a wonderful partner

in our world order but I thinkit's not going to happen.

And when you read in Revelationthe churches in Asia,

all those churches arelocated in what's now Turkey.

It's amazing Thyatiraand all those churches,

they're all in Asia andthey're all in Turkey.

So it's a very importantpart of God's overall order.

But I tell you, it's notgoing to turn western,

it's not going to turn pro-democracy.

And Erdogan is a strong Muslim dictator

and he is really fulfillingBiblical prophecy.

We don't like what he's doing,

we don't like what's beendone to Pastor Brunson

and the American Centerfor Law and Justice

which I'm the Presidenthas fought very hard

to see him releasedand we hope it happens.

But nevertheless thatPresident has taken power.

He's nullified the military,he's nullified the judiciary,

nullified the legislature.

He is ruling as adictator and he's the one

that talked about a clash betweenthe cross and the scepter.

He's the one that talked about it

and I think he believes it finally

there's going to be a clash.

And so he's fulfillingprophecy and we may not like it

but that's what's going to happen.

And the question is how soon

and is Israel going to be ready for it.

And the other thing we need to talk about,

we just survived, the poorpeople of North Carolina

and South Carolina are actuallyjust beginning to recover

from devastating flooding.

But now this new set ofhurricanes is aiming at Florida

coming up through the gulf.

Efrem has that.

- Pat, Florida's governor hasdeclared a state of emergency

ahead of tropical storm Michael.

The storm is predicted tomake landfall this week

as a category two hurricane with winds

of up to 100 miles an hour.

The governor also activated 500 members

of the Florida NationalGuard ahead of the storm.

He has not ordered any evacuations yet

but forecasters adviseresidents along the coast

to monitor the storm's progress.

At least a dozen people are dead

after a strong earthquake struck Haiti.

The U.S Geological Surveysays a 5.9 magnitude quake hit

and then a 5.2 aftershockrattled northern Haiti.

More than 150 people have been injured.

Authorities say victimsare without electricity

or shelter and hospitalsare indeed overflowing.

Praying for them as well, Pat.

- Our Operation Blessing hashad extensive activity in Haiti

and our hearts go outto the people of Haiti.

They have suffered so much.

And their government is such a mess.

They have been out of thedictatorship of Papa Doc Duvalier

and then his son and the Tonton Macoute

and all the rest of it.

They had all those people

have just been suffering constantly.

And now they have a hurricane,I mean an earthquake

of this magnitudes strike.

And we will do everything we can

with Operation Blessing tohelp them, to assist them,

to have medicine, to have clean water,

to have all the things that they need.

But they have really suffered

and I would just call onpeople, please pray for Haiti.

Those people deserve better.

But, they have had voodooas the official religion.

That's what their president said,

voodoo is our official religion.

And they need to cast all the shackles

that have been placed upon them.

But the government has been so corrupt

and is so bad but this hasnothing to do with the government

this has to do with national disaster.

So we will be there tohelp the people of Haiti

because we love them and care for them

and wanna do everything we canto give them a better life.

- Well, we've had earthquakesin the news a couple

of times this week now.

Up next, could the big onebe right around the corner?

Hear why experts are growing anxious

about America's next killer quake.

- We could have it literally right now

and we'd be looking aroundgoing okay, I guess this is it.

- [Terry] Find out howyou can brace yourself

for this looming disaster, that's next.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- We have had reports from prophets,

we have had reportsfrom brilliant writers,

we have had reportsfrom weather forecasters

but it does look likethere's something called

the Cascadia Range that is in the ocean

outside of the PacificNorthwest outside of Seattle

and outside of Oregonthat is very threatening.

And it is going to break?

Well, the Pacific Northwest

is one of the most beautiful areas

in the whole United States of America.

But deep beneath the groundlies a massive deadly threat,

a fault line that could triggerthe biggest killer quake

ever to hit the United States of America.

Paul Strand has the troubling revelations

from Washington State.

- [Paul] A fault line runsup the entire coast of Oregon

and Washington that some day could cause

a more devastating earthquakethan anything ever predicted

along California'sinfamous San Andreas fault.

It's called the Cascadia Subduction zone

and sits right on the Ring of Fire

that rims the Pacific Ocean.

It will eventually sendpowerful ground shredding shakes

through much or all of the land

between the coast and theCascade Mountain Range.

- It'll be spread from Canadato California over 800 miles.

- [Paul] Leading Cascadianquake expert Chris Goldfinger

says much of the building in this area

happened before peopleknew it's a quake zone.

- The whole Pacific Northwestis very, very fragile.

Essentially our cities are sort of turn

of the century citiesbuilt on a time bomb.

If it should hit Seattle ata monstrous nine or higher

on the Richter scale,FEMA's regional planner

points to just one ofmany frightening results.

- When the skyscrapers start swaying,

well a lot of them are designedthat the windows pop out.

There'd be three feet ofbroken glass on the roads.

- [Paul] Matt Caesar didn'twanna discuss death toll numbers

but it's clear.

- Many, many people will losetheir lives, unfortunately.

- [Paul] These attractivehillsides are filled

with many homes thatwould come tumbling down

and because there's so much water

another big problemexists like in Seattle.

- Seattle is built on siltand that doesn't do well

during disasters.

- So you have the earthquake shaking

and then you have the ground basically

just kind of liquifying outfrom under the buildings.

- So the structures on top of it will find

they're on ground that'ssuddenly moving side to side,

up and down, hard tosurvive something like that.

Gas lines, water lines, sewagelines will all be breaking,

there'll be much flooding, lots of fires.

- I was in Katrina, thewater was boiling with fire,

'cause the gas lines wereruptured where it flooded

and it ignites, thewater's literally on fire.

- [Paul] Highways androadways will buckle,

overpasses crumble, bridges like those

connecting Portland's twosides and Oregon to Washington

would come tumbling down.

- And so you'll have themajor highways blocked

every couple of milesby collapsed bridges.

- [Paul] The area's richin hydroelectric power

but many of the lines andtowers bringing it in will fall.

Getting all these things restored

could take a long, long time.

- Months in some areas, some areas years.

- [Paul] Then comes the topper,

the quake would cause a tsunami so large

it would wipe out anythingnot on high enough ground.

- The tsunami that followsis gonna come rushing in here

and be anywhere from 20 to40, 60, 80 feet deep maybe

and most of the structuresthat have survived the quake

are gonna be smashedinto by a wall of water

and it doesn't end there.

The next one could be even higher,

the next wave after that, even higher.

Much of seaside Oregon isalmost eye level with the ocean.

Planning manager Kevin Cupples knows

just about all the area schools

would be right in the tsunami zone.

That's why he's really pleasedresidents recently voted

for funding to move the schoolsand kids to higher ground.

- So now they'rebasically gonna be outside

the inundation zone and on stable ground.

- [Paul] But that kindof worse case planning

is unfortunately rare because this area

has been strangely quiet for so long

when it comes to quakes.

- The Ring of Fire, you cansee all these other places

having the seismic activityand then there's this one void

in our area that's not.

- [Paul] As he campaignsfor smaller building

and planning in thisregion, Goldfinger says

he gets every kind of reaction.

- Everywhere from I'm gonnapick up my family and move

to the Midwest to muh.

- [Paul] As one friend who lives

right by the ocean said to him.

- If a tsunami gets me,I've had a good life.

- [Paul] Resistancemainly comes from those

who don't want to spendthe necessary dollars

to retrofit old buildingsor from areas scared

to lose tourist dollars.

- They don't want people tobe afraid to go to the coast

because they've heard aboutthis earthquake thing.

And so that's what happens when economics

meets mother nature.

- [Paul] Recent discoveries show

these killer Cascadiaquakes hit on average

243 to roughly 500 years apart.

While it's been 318years since the last one,

some parts of the region are way overdue.

Though again we're talking averages

so no one knows when the next will hit

only that for suresooner or later it shall.

- We could have it literally right now

and we'd be looking aroundgoing okay, I guess this is it.


- Someday it's gonna happenand that could be 15 minutes

from now or that couldbe years down the road.

- [Paul] Caesar is sorry for reports

that could panic the population

but he's at least gratefulthey're getting folks

to talk and prepare.

- So it is important thingto have these conversations

with your kids and family.

- [Paul] He points out ina region of seven million

potential victims, it's quitelikely rescuers won't be able

to get to you, so you'llneed to rescue yourself.

- At some point near,you've gotta look and say

I've gotta take care of myself,

take care of my family, prepare yourself.

- [Paul] Paul Strand, CBNNews reporting from Seattle.

- Well, we don't like to scare people

but I have read stories about this

that are simply mind boggling.

And that is overdue, is itgonna happen in the next year,

next 50 years, next 100years, nobody knows for sure.

But when it does it's going to be perhaps,

the worst national disaster in the history

of the United States.

- Well, it is so true as we'velooked at that Ring of Fire,

there's been lots of activityover in the Asian area

and even down into Mexicointo the peninsula down there

but nothing up in thearea we're talking about.

- There's the ring andthe Pacific Plate is

it comes up of course, intoSeattle and up in that area

and then around into the Aleutians

and then all the way down to New Zealand.

And Indonesia just had some serious ones

so it looks like thatPacific Plate is moving.

And the question is when it intersects

with the North American Plate,

it doesn't take much movementto make a major earthquake.

I mean, it could move a few feet

and all of a sudden everything falls out.

So but this we're talkingabout the Cascadian,

a tsunami that would come out of that,

that would overwhelm that area.

- [Terry] Pray.

- You have a reason topray, Ari would say.

- Well, coming up a dirt bikerider is nearly decapitated

after running smack into a taut cable

stretched across the road.

- He's rocking back and forth (gasps),

I can't breathe, I can't breathe.

I say hang in thereman, we're gonna get you

to the hospital, it's gonna be alright.

- Watch this young manmake a miraculous recovery

when we come back.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

Thomas Schoonbeck grewup riding dirt bikes.

On occasion he hit the trails

near his house three times a day.

But one day a local resident strung up

a steel cable along the path.

Thomas never even saw it untilit nearly severed his neck.

- We just started hitting the trail

and I was giving her my alltrying to keep up with him.

- [Narrator] 19 year old's Tyler Rosema

and Thomas Schoonbeck hadridden this trail many times.

Today Tyler had fallen behind

as Thomas disappeared around the bend.

- He was setting a meanpace man, I couldn't keep up

with him at all.

- [Narrator] When Tyler turned the corner,

he found Thomas rolling onthe ground gasping for breath.

He never saw the cablethat had been stretched

across the trail at neck high.

- When he rolled on his backI heard the gurgling blood,

that's when he was saying,oh I can't breathe,

oh I can't breathe.

So I knew it was a diresituation at that point.

- [Narrator] With Thomas hanging on,

Tyler got the two of them back to his car

and headed for the hospital.

- He's rocking back and forth (gasps)

oh I can't breathe, can't breathe.

I said hang in there,man, we're almost there,

we're gonna get you to the hospital,

it's gonna be alright.

- [Narrator] On the wayhe called Thomas' parents,

Dave and Tonya Schoonbeck

He met them in the hospital lobby.

- Knowing Tyler the wayI do, when he walked up

and I saw his face, Iknew that it wasn't good.

So I go back there and there is my son.

All I can see is a laceration from here,

it's like a big scrape across his neck.

I just looked at the doctor andI said what are we gonna do?

And he said this is life threatening.

And I said well, what do youmean this is life threatening?

He said this is life threatening.

- [Narrator] A CAT scanrevealed that the cable

had severed Thomas' windpipe.

- And I said Lord ifyou're gonna take him home,

you need to tell me now.

And the Lord said, youdon't go by what you see,

you don't go by what you hear, you fight.

- [Narrator] Doctors inserteda trach and put Thomas

in a medically induced comaso that he could be airlifted

to the University of Michigan Hospital

for emergency surgery.

The family had a few minuteswith him before they left.

I just bent over and prayed with him

and told him again and youremember what the Lord said,

fight, you're gonna live.

You don't go by what you see,you don't go by what you hear,

you're gonna live.

And again and I knowthat I know that the Lord

at that time was just keeping me.

- [Narrator] By thetime the chopper landed,

it was clear Thomas would live.

But he was still in critical condition.

- He was clearly very sickand had been very sick

from the injury.

- [Narrator] Dr. RishindraReddy was Thomas' surgeon.

- The fact that he was able to survive

for that first howeverlong, half an hour, an hour,

it was for him to getfrom the site of injury

to the emergency room, stillvery surprised by that.

- [Narrator] Dr. Reddingtold the Schoombeck's

there was no guarantee theirson would be able to talk

or even eat and breathe on his own.

- Going into the operationI wasn't 100% sure

what we would find.

It's not so much doing therepair and hooking things

back together, it's doing the dissection,

making sure we don't injureother vital structures.

- We were worried about scarring

and what that wouldcause him in long term.

They really at this point still don't know

if he's ever gonna be ableto be off the feeding tube.

- [Narrator] Tonya andDave asked their friends

and family to pray.

- Oh my goodness, mywhole church was praying,

I mean, there was prayer chainsgoing on all over the place.

- [Narrator] Even thoughone of Thomas' vocal chords

was left paralyzed, Dr. Redding deemed

the three hour surgery a success.

- And I was even happierwhen we realized at least

one of his vocal chords was still in tact

and that meant that ultimatelyhe'd be able to talk

and be able to breathe normallyand hopefully eat normally

and things like that.

- The first time I sawhim I just remembered

hugging him and loving himand just praying with him.

- [Narrator] Prayer continued for Thomas

as each day brought small improvements.

He started speaking with a whisper

and after several weekswas able to go home.

Then after three months of rehab,

they took out the trachand the feeding tube

and Thomas was ready for a snack.

- So yeah, went and got aDr. Pepper and a Snickers

or something and that was great.

Yeah, it was a glorious moment.

- [Narrator] Today, Thomas isa student at Regent University

with plans to work in youth ministry

and share his story aboutthe power of prayer.

- When Christians are obedientto the discipline of prayer

and they act in faith, Godresponds to that, things happen.

I definitely gave him theglory and just the thanksgiving

for being alive.

- That's an amazing story isn't it?

The power of prayer is difficultto even put a quantity on,

the impact of it, it'sjust, it's so amazing.

So we wanna take some timeto pray for you today.

We still have requeststhat many of you sent in.

And we're in the middleof our 40 days of prayer

for our country, this is day 29 I think

and certainly we know we need that.

But Pat I have a requesthere of someone saying,

please I need to be healedof stage three breast cancer.

Someone else saying pleasepray that I could purchase

reliable transportation to take my wife

to her doctor's appointments.

And someone else asking forstrength, wisdom and protection

for the people and nation of Israel.

- Well, here's prayeragain and I don't know how

they figure these various stages

but this is stage four renal failure.

Please pray for therestoration of my marriage

and the other is a prayer forthe healing of our nation.

Peace, healing and unity for our nation

and a return to godly values.

That's what we all want.

But we're praying for theLord to give us godly leaders.

When he blesses a country,he gives them godly leaders.

And that is a sign that Godloves you and cares for you.

So Terry and I are goingto join together in prayer

and wherever you are folks,you say it's impossible.

No it's not, look whatGod's done for us already.

It's only beginning.

Father, we pray together,

I pray with my dear sister in Christ

and we join together andwe hold up this nation.

Lord we pray for America,we pray for a return

to godly values and we ask

that you would give us godly leaders,

men and women of righteousness

who will be motivated by a love of you

and a love of this countryand not from selfish motives.

Let them be our leaders Lord

and we pray Lord inJesus' name for a revival.

We ask for a move of Godthat there might be love

in this country that we mighttruly be one nation under God,

not many nations dividedbut one nation united.

And Lord, may the powerof God be manifested.

And now we pray for these specifics.

Those that have thesevarious late stage diseases,

we ask for miracles of your power.

Terry what do you have?

- Yes there's someone, youhave quite a large inflammation

or a lump right underneath your neck here.

You're very concerned, youhaven't seen a doctor yet.

It's not cancer, you'rebody is fighting some kind

of an infection and that's gonna go down.

But have it checked just to be sure.

Thank you Jesus.

Somebody has a skin fungus,it's a fungus that's taken over

and it something you mayhave gotten overseas.

Your doctor's gotta treat it as a fungus

that you will understand what it is

and in the name of Jesus right now

your skin is going tobe whole in Jesus' name

and the touch of God right now, Terry.

- Yes someone else who havethis condition in your toe

where you get like aninfection and it's so painful,

I mean you can hardly walk.

God is just healing that for you right now

and you'll know this is you

because it's been recurring for you

and you've had it multipletimes and just when you think

you're over it the pain returns again.

God is healing you from that right now

and you'll not have it again.

- Let the anointing ofthe Lord come upon you.

Lord people are prayingfor financial miracles.

They're asking for work,places to live, all that Lord,

that families come together.

Lord, touch these lives and bless them.

May the anointing of thespirit of God be upon them

in Jesus' name amen and amen, Terry.

- Well still ahead,Pittsburgh's head coach

is now another kind of Steeler.

- I'm a slave Steeler.

We're trying to rescue kidsin the sex slave industry.

- [Terry] Mike Tomlin talksabout his team's fight

to end child enslavementand sex trafficking

when we come back.

(upbeat music)

(dramatic music)

- And welcome back to the 700 Club.

Investigators are looking into

what is now the country'sworst transportation accident

in nearly a decade, 20people died in the accident.

A limousine carrying a groupof 18 people in New York

crashed killing everyoneinside and two pedestrians.

Investigators say the limousineblew through a stop sign,

plowed through an intersectionand slammed into an SUV

parked at a restaurant.

The National Transportation Safety Board

has not commented on the limo's speed

or if the limo's passengerswere wearing seat belts.

Family members say the group

was celebrating a 30th birthday surprise.

CBN International is bringingpeople Jesus in Indonesia.

CBN's Indonesia YouTubeChannel, the JC Channel

is gaining audience.

The channel which showsoriginal programming

has grown to 330,000 viewers.

There have also been40,000 new subscribers

in one month alone.

The programs are evangelistic

and show real people's testimoniesand the gospel message.

Remember you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website, it's

Pat and Terry are back withmore of today's 700 Club.

It's coming up right after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, you've seen him ontelevision I'm sure many times

if you watch sports.

Coach Mike Tomlin is trying tolead the Pittsburgh Steelers

to the team's seventhSuper Bowl championship.

But they're also focused on

more than hosting another trophy.

Coach Tomlin and his team are fighting

to win the battle against child slavery

and what is called sex trafficking.

Here's Tom Beuhring withthat marvelous story.

- [Tom] He's the NFL's youngest head coach

to win a Super Bowl.

- I'm Mike Tomlin, I'm Head Coach

of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

- [Tom] A field generalon an off field mission

that recently stole his heart.

- And I'm a slave stealer.

- [Tom] The man without a losing season

during his 11 years in Pittsburgh

wants to help rescuechildren from enslavement.

Leave it to a head coach to call

an audible at a press conference

to announce that theSteelers are supporting

an agency that rescueskids from sex trafficking.

- We're a group made upof former law enforcement,

former Navy SEALS, I got severalof my operators here today.

We work with lawenforcement to go undercover

in this dark, dark world.

- You initiated that.

What was the turningpoint, Mike to be involved?

- It didn't take long to get there.

All you have to do was beexposed to what Tim and company

are doing at O.U.R.

I spent some time prayingabout it and thinking about it

as did my wife and bring O.U.R. out here

and spent a couple dayswith us as a football team.

God would take a hold of that

and provide direction for all of us

and a relationship is grown.

- [Tom] What is it aboutOperation Underground Railroad

that you admire?

- They're a nonprofit organization

that provides latitudeto have partnerships

with other governmentsand really eliminate

a lot of red tape.

And that's what you've gotta do man,

we're trying to rescue kidsin the sex slave industry.

These are guys that arekind of cut like I'm cut,

they see a problem, then they go about

solving it, action takers.

Those are the type of guysyou wanna come along side

and pray for and help.

- How have the players responded

and how have you seentheir lives impacted by it?

- From a professional football standpoint,

there's so many things,initiatives and causes going on

that in some waypotentially divides someone

in some corner of the roomand the minute we present it

to them and the work thatthey're doing to the team,

it was something that unified the group,

every man was moved.

And it's been 100% participation,

different from man to man obviously

and that's a beautiful thing.

- [Tom] Describe thatSteeler football brand

and reputation, no nonsense and tough

that doubles up as a requirement

for what would it take for any of us

to rescue the enslaved and the trafficked?

- The same principles that welive by as an organization,

as a football team.

Our brother can depend onus, we don't make excuses.

We believe in taking action asopposed to making statements.

Those things embody O.U.R.and what they're doing

and this is God's work,this is not the work of men.

The pieces fit too perfectly together.

They're black and gold,determined years ago

before they met us,they're slave stealers,

that's their motto andwe've adopted that motto.

- [Tom] What was the one thingthat swiveled your heart?

- That it may havehappened in other countries

but we as Americans sadly

are the number one consumers worldwide.

We drive the market, American citizens.

That struck me like a lightning bolt

and that probably was as impactful

in terms of me having a strong desire

to take action as anything.

- [Tom] Tragic, heavy, heartbreaking,

it's too tough for some to look at

but for you why is an apatheticresponse unacceptable?

- It is tough for me to look at

but I also know that'sone of the reasons why

you gotta look at it andthat's one of the reasons why

it pushes you to action.

As difficult as it is to fathom,

it's probably just astough not to take action

once you've crossed that bridge.

- Speak to me as a father of three

that includes one daughter.

How and where does that hityou the most deeply as a dad?

- There was a specific storyabout a young Haitian kid.

His dad's been searchingfor him for a long time.

It connected to me.

In this job I work latehours from time to time

so if I get home late atnight I might poke my head

in the bedroom, it's just what you do.

As a parent, I couldn't imagine a child

not being in one of those bedrooms.

It's unimaginable and yetstill there are thousands

and thousands of parentsthat deal with that reality

on a day to day basis.

- [Tom] No child Mikeshould lose their childhood.

- No question, no question.

- [Tom] Sex trafficking industryprofits $32 billion a year.

The rescue then, to get itat it's core seems two fold,

go find and rescue those children

and then face another thingthat's almost as difficult.

The willingness to pray

for a change of heart in the culprits.

Can you do that?

- I didn't think that I could.

It's interesting that you ask that

because the more I educatemyself to this issue,

I can answer yes to that now.

Because you realize thatprayer is what's needed.

The problem is so large, so widespread,

it's much bigger than weall would like to realize.

The chief component has to be prayer.

- Prayer reaches to the heart and Mike

it seems to me childrenand women are held hostage

because of the enslavement of others.

From your experiencewhat and who frees you

from your own personal imprisonments?

- That's an interesting question.

I get challenged in ways that keeps

my confidence properly placed. (laughs)

There's so much in our businessthat fosters real humility.

It has fostered my personal relationship

with my Lord and savior.

I just think about the grace.

It is just an unbelievable thing

and that's one of the reasonswhy that pushes you to action.

- Boy they deserve to be champions.

That is just incredible.

What an amazing young man.

And he loves the Lord.- Great leader.

- He really is I'm amazed,simply amazed, okay.

- In a very strong, quiet way, right.

- Yeah, I'm a slave stealer, I love it.

- Well, still aheadtime for your questions

and we've got some honest answers.

Sandy asks, "Why are theSupreme Court Justices

appointed for life?"

No other judges are that I know.

Stay tuned, Pat's gonnaanswer that and more

and it's all coming up.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

Well, we've got your questions

and we've got some honest answers.

Pat the first one comesfrom Sandy who says,

"Why are the Supreme Court Justices

appointed for life?

No other judges are that I know of.

We always seem to havelocal judges on the ballot.

Why are Supreme Court judgesappointed and not elected?

Has it been this way sincethe beginning of our country?"

- It has been and they'renot appointed for life

if they're appointed for good behavior.

And as long as they havegood behavior, they're in.

But they can be impeachedand all the federal judges

are that way, it's notjust the Supreme Court.

But yes there are statesthat you elect the judges.

And Florida, for example isthe best of my knowledge,

a lot of guys areelected and I've run into

some local judges in Florida

who should never be on the court. (laughs)

They really were bad.

I mean, they didn't know anything,it was just unbelievable.

But the federal judges are appointed

and there are states thatthe governor appoints.

There are other states wherethe judges are elected.

So that's the way it is.

But there are some thatare elected for terms.

But the federal judges areelected for quote good behavior.

And they can be impeached and kicked off.

But it isn't a quote, they'renot appointed for life,

that's not what it says,they're in for life

but it works out thatway, alright. (laughs)

- Okay, this is Abby who says,"Hi Pat, I'm 16 years old

and I'm going throughthe loss of my father.

How do I heal?

I feel like it never gets better.

Will it?"

- Abby the word is time heals all wounds

and the passage of time,the wound will get better

and the memory of your fatherwill grow dimmer and dimmer.

You'll still love him but you won't have

that same grief in your heart.

So what you need to dois to focus on the Lord,

thank him for his goodness,thank him the fact

that you're alive and live your life

among your friends and others.

And little by little it'll get better.

Just know of a fact that it will.

I don't know what to tellyou other than that, alright.

- This is viewer who says, "My mother says

she's a Christian, however,she has a violent temper.

She hits my grandma and tellsher she's not going to heaven

and she's called me profanity-laced names.

I've told her if she keepsacting the way she is now

she won't go to heaven eitherbut she just yells at me

and tells me I don't know everything.

Is there anything I can do to convince her

to change her ways or shouldI just leave it alone?"

- I think leaving italone is the way to go

but we're to honor, give weight,honor our mother and father

but if a mother or fathersteps into the role of evil

you're not supposed to honorthem under those circumstances.

You can honor them of thefact that they brought you

into being, they werethe author of your life

but at the same time, theyhave forfeited their right

to be the honorable parent of your life.

And it sounds like your motherbut you can pray for her

but I don't, you're notgonna change a parent,

you just aren't.

So just get on with your life, okay.

- This is Brittany whosays, "Pat Revelations 20:4,

New King James Version says,'Then I saw the souls of those

who had been beheaded fortheir witness to Jesus.'

Is the fate of all Christiansduring the tribulation?

What will be the fate of children

below the age of accountability?"

- I don't think accountabilityhas anything to do with

the fact that they're beheaded,whole families were killed

when the ISIS was roaming in (mumbles).

They didn't just settle out adult males,

they killed everybody.

And so I think that is a part of history

that I think is no longer applicable.

I mean, in a sense therewere people beheaded

for their faith duringthe terrible persecutions

the Church went throughin the Roman Empire.

And I think Revelationprobably speaks to that.

And we keep looking forsome kind of a tribulation.

I'm not sure whetherthere's an intense period

of six to seven yearsthat would be the quote,

"tribulation period" but if I were you

I'd spend more time worryingabout how can I please Jesus

right now whether thanconsidering (mumbles)

what's gonna happen inthe tribulation, alright.

- Well, that's all thetime we have for today.

Just wanna say to all ofyou how much we appreciate

your questions, we love to hear from you,

love knowing what's on your heart.

And we're happy to offer someBiblical answers for you.

- Well, Today's Prayer Minute

is one of my favorite Psalms, 91.

"For he shall give hisangels charge over you

to keep you in all your ways."

Well, tomorrow we have live in the studio

with the award winningband, For King and Country.

And they are a tremendousgroup you don't wanna miss it.

And for Terry and all ofus, this is Pat Robertson.

Thank you so much for being with us.

And we will be back atthe same time tomorrow.

See you then, bye bye.

(dramatic music)


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