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Kavanaugh's Confirmation: How Will This Affect the November Elections?

Kavanaugh's Confirmation: How Will This Affect the November Elections? Read Transcript

- Brett Kavanaugh is nowa US Supreme Court Justice

despite a brutal confirmation process

including sexual assaultclaims against him.

The final vote confirmingKavanaugh came Saturday

with 50 votes for and 48 against.

It was the closest roll call

to confirm a Justice since 1881.

Kavanaugh was sworn in later that evening

by Chief Justice John Roberts

and retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Four other Justices were also on hand

for the quiet ceremony heldwith Kavanaugh and his family.

In the wake of what has to be

the most dramatic confirmationhearing of all time,

leaders on both sides agreed

the Democratic and Republican parties

are as divided as ever, andboth believe what happened

with the Kavanaugh hearinghas energized their bases

and expect to see the results of that

in the November midterm election.

Another element of the still hotly debated

following Kavanaugh's confirmation

is what this means forvictims of sexual assault.

There were women bothfor and against Kavanaugh

following the abuse claims against him.

Joining me now to discuss the fall-out

both politically andculturally is Jenna Ellis

with the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute

and Siraj Hasmi of theWashington Examiner.

Thank you both for joining us.

First of all, let's begin talking about

the politics, Siraj.

How do you think this will play out

heading into the November election?

- But as soon as youbrought in these allegations

of sexual assault againsta highly qualified jurist

serving on the DC appellatecourt for 12 years,

this really united Republicans

because, based on what weactually were presented,

the evidence from Dr.Christine Blasey Ford

to Julie Swetnick to Debbie Ramirez,

it's highly uncorroborated

and there was not enough evidence

to support these allegations.

So Republicans, and MitchMcConnell said this best,

nothing unites Republicansmore than a court fight.

And Senate Democrats probably pulled

every dirty political trick in the book

and really united Republicans in a way

that few have actuallythought would happen.

And Democrats actually havea steeper hill to climb,

not only in the Senate,but also in the House,

when it comes to November

because if you come up againsta united Republican base,

that's gonna spell trouble foryou in the midterm election.

- Jenna, what are you thoughts there?

- I would agree with Siraj

to the extent that this really has

definitely galvanized the base.

I think that for the faithbased communities as well.

I mean the reason that manyof us, myself included,

voted for Donald Trumpin the 2016 election

is because we were so concerned

about the future of the Supreme Court

and not allowing an activist agenda

to continue for the next 30 to 40 years.

And so the fact that the Democratscame out so transparently

against any potential nominee

before they even knewBrett Kavanaugh's name

and then the fact that theywere just so transparent

that this was a political hit job,

that really will, I think,show in the midterm elections

that people who may otherwise sit home

will now say you know what,this could be my father,

my brother, my son that is at the point

of these types of allegations

and we need to protectfundamental due process,

we need to make surethat we are getting out

and voting for conservative values

to protect and preserve liberty for all,

which means fundamentalfairness and due process.

- Now let's get to theculture debate, if you will,

which will probably go onlong after the election.

Jenna, we'll begin with you.

Liberal women's groupslike the Women's March

are calling it, quote, the dying gas

of an out-of-touch establishment

trying to stave off the #MeToo movement

and the Women's Wave.

Your thoughts on that statement?

- Well, I wrote a piece forNational Review last week

about why women shouldstand for Brett Kavanaugh,

and we need to understand what's happening

in the culture here.

For women to say that,in order to be pro-women,

you have to be anti-man,

that's just not fundamentally consistent

with not only the Christian world view,

but the American fundamental values

of liberty and freedom for all.

Of course, there arelegitimate, true victims

and there are false accusations.

That's why we have dueprocess in the court context.

But what's happening in culture

is that we are beingpresumptively anti-man,

and this is actually going back

to everything that the civilrights movement was against

in the 1960s, that therewere presumptions of guilt

based on race and color.

Now, if we're doing that based on gender,

we are back into undoing everything

that the civil rights movement stood for.

And so we have to understand

that this is a cultural issue,not just a political one.

- Siraj, a colleague ofyours at the Examiner

wrote about Taylor Swiftcoming out and saying

she couldn't vote forRepublican Marsha Blackburn

in Tennessee, despite thefact that she's a woman,

obviously not lining up withher politically or socially.

Is this an example you thinkof the divide in our nation

even among women?

- Well it's an interesting time

for Taylor Swift to come outand support Phil Bredesen

who, only days beforethe confirmation vote

for Brett Kavanaugh, announcedthat he would vote yes

for Brett Kavanaugh.

So a lot of the things that Taylor Swift

seems to be coming out in support of,

whether it be humanrights, equality rights,

women's pay, LGBTQ rights,

those are all things that Democrats

have said that BrettKavanaugh's all against.

So for Phil Bredesen to sayhe's in support of Kavanaugh,

that's pretty contradictoryto what Taylor Swift

is in support of.

At the same time, this cultural divide,

it's pretty funny, really, tothink of this proxy war now

between Taylor Swift and Kanye West

coming from the 2009MTV Video Music Awards

in which Kanye West hasbecome a giant Trump acolyte,

and now Taylor Swift, who has withheld

her political opinionsfor the last two years

finds this time to come out

and voice her political opinions.

Yeah, it absolutely is an interesting time

for celebrities to come out into the fray

and voice their political opinions.

I do reject the notion that if a celebrity

is good at one thing that they can't voice

their political opinions.

They should be allowed tovoice their political opinions.

We should just be allowedto criticize them for it.

- Jenna, your thoughts there?

- Yeah, I would agree with that,

that every person who's a voter in America

has a right to speak their views.

I mean that's the fundamentalnotion of freedom of speech

that we can advance ourideas in the marketplace.

But what's happened is thatthere are only certain voices

that Women's March groups,Planned Parenthood,

progressive left want to accept.

If you look at what the Women'sMarch posted this morning

with this banner overSusan Collins' picture

saying that she's now a rape apologist,

that's what the left is all about.

They are supportive ofwomen only who agree

with their particular agenda.

That's not equality for all.

That's not being pro-women.

That's being pro-agenda.

And so what we have to rememberas an evangelical community

is that we're voting our values.

We're not just votingfor a political outcome.

We're voting for freedom ofspeech, freedom of association,

and free exercise of religion for all,

and we have to make surethat we're preserving

and protecting our fundamental values.

That's why Dr. Dobson'sand the Policy Center's

Get Out and Vote campaignis values-centered,

not party advocates.

- Protesters were outragedthat Kavanaugh was confirmed.

Why can't our society takethis into consideration

and not take it as another attack on women

or victims of sexual abuse, Siraj?

- Well the thing is, with Brett Kavanaugh,

and a lot of victimswho had, in their past,

experienced sexual assault,sexual harassment, rape,

they feel dejected right now.

And a lot of them feel thattheir voices weren't heard

and that this is somehow a rejection

of what matters to them.

Jenna put it it perfectlythat accusations,

and false accusationsspecifically, are made all the time

and we have no idea about the legitimacy

of some of these accusationsabout Brett Kavanaugh,

but what we do know and whatthe evidence has presented

is that it cannot be corroborated

that he actually did these things.

And so you have to bring up the question

whether it's a political hit job,

and most signs point towards yes

simply because the politicalleanings of the Supreme Court

definitively shift towards the right

in the conservative direction

with the departure of Anthony Kennedy,

who was largely thoughtto be a swing vote,

even though he wasappointed by Ronald Reagan,

to now John Roberts whowas appointed by Bush

as being the swing vote

because Brett Kavanaughis a conservative jurist

who basically comes up with his opinions

as a textualist of the Constitution.

- We're about out of time,

but Jenna, I'll give youthe final word there.

- Yeah, and so what conservatives

and also even the left need to realize

is that this is one confirmation.

And in the context of the public opinion,

everyone has a right to be heard

because we have freedom of speech.

But you don't have a right to be believed.

You can advocate for your values

in the court of public opinion,

but when it comes down toevery individual instance,

we can't go in andalways share our opinion

on every single case and instance.

So you have to separate this one instance

and the lack of corroboration

with the bigger overall thingthat we all can agree on,

which is that sexualassault is morally wrong,

but also, due processfairly protects those

who are merely accusedbefore we can show proof.

- Siraj Hasmi of the Washington Examiner

and Jenna Ellis, thank youso much both for your time.

- [Jenna and Siraj] Thank you.

- The manhunt is still underway

for the man who shot andkilled two people in Israel.

He's believed to be aPalestinian terrorist

who was employed as an electrician

in the plant where the two victims worked.

The 29-year-old mother of one

and the 35-year-old father of three

were shot as they worked inthe Barkan Industrial Zone

near the city of Ariel.

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu

described the attack as severe

and said the murderer wouldbe brought to justice.

Now this is the first attackof this kind at the plant

where Israelis and Palestinianshave worked together

for some 35 years.

A court ruling in the case of Asia Bibi,

the Christian mother in Pakistan

convicted of blasphemy has been postponed

after Islamic extremistsrioted over the weekend.

The Pakistan Supreme Court said

they'll delay their announcement.

Joining us now with more on that

is senior internationalcorrespondent Gary Lane.

He's covered this storyclosely for many years

and has met severaltimes with Asia's family.

So Gary, what happenedthat was supposed to happen

for the decision here today.- Well,

Asia had waited for manyyears for this day, Efrem.

She wanted to have herappeal finally heard.

- Absolutely.

- Two years ago was set to be heard

by the Pakistani Supreme Court,

but one of the justiceson the three-member panel

recused himself, so she'sbeen waiting for two years now

to finally have her day.

So today was supposed to be the day.

The Supreme Court feltintimidated by this mob

and felt that they should back off

and not make the announcementon their decision

until there has been somecalm and time passed.

- A further delay.

Now some of our viewersmay be new to this story.

Give us an idea, who is Asia Bibi

and some background on what happened

to this Pakistani Christian.- Asia Bibi

is a mother of two biological children.

She had about three otherchildren that are step-children.

But she, in June 2009, shewas working in a fruit orchard

and some of her Muslim colleagues said

Asia, go fetch us some water.

So she went to get them some water,

she came back with the water,

and they threw her down and said

well this has been contaminated,

it's been desecrated bya Christian, an infidel.

And so they wouldn't take it,

they had an argument that ensued,

and in that argument, Efrem,some words back and forth

and they said something toher about her Christian faith.

She responded.

She said well, my Jesus has saved me.

What has your prophet ever done for you?

And out of that, a mob camearound, started beating her,

police took her away and shewas charged with blasphemy

against the prophet Mohammed.

Now blasphemy againstMohammed in Pakistan,

if you're convicted ofthat, the sentence is death.

- [Efrem] Indeed.

How is she doing?

- Well, she's had some medicalchallenges over the years.

She's had some stomach issues.

Apparently, she had someissues with her stomach

in a solitary cell.

There have been attempts to poison her,

so that's why she's in solitaryand cooks her own food,

does her own housekeeping of her cell.

In addition to that, therehave been some thoughts

that she may be getting dementia

and also suffer from depression.

So it's nine and a halfyears for something

that she claims she neverdid or said and here we are.

We're waiting for the results.

- What may happen next?

- Well, this is the final appeal,

and if the court has saidthat Asia is not guilty,

then a mob could come as wesaw right in our own capital,

mobs trying to get their own way.

But in this case, they get very violent

and they intimidate the justices.

They may come and takematters into their own hands

and kill her.

So that's why, if it is apositive decision in her favor,

that she needs to be takenout of the country silently,

in the quiet of night,covertly so she will be safe.

And her family members as well.

There are a number of countries

that have offered her asylum.

- Indeed.

Well, we'll certainlycontinue to pray, Gary.

Thank you so much.- Yes,

we need to be praying for her,

- That's right.- her safety

and that of her family.

- Absolutely.

Thank you, Gary.

Coming up, upgraded fromtropical storm to hurricane,

Michael is headed forthe coast of Florida.

(dramatic music)

Michael is now a hurricane

as it moves toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Forecasters say it could strengthen

into a major hurricane withwinds topping 111 miles an hour.

One projected path shows it hitting

the Florida panhandle andmoving into southeast Alabama

into Georgia, SouthCarolina, and North Carolina.

It could make landfall asa category two hurricane.

Meanwhile, the Florida governor

has already declared a state of emergency.

People in the Carolinas are hoping

Michael takes a different path.

They are still on thelong road to recovery

from Hurricane Florence.

More than 4,300 homes were damaged,

homes like Julia McGriff's.

She was hospitalized after themold became too much for her,

but that's when OperationBlessing stepped in to help.

- [Reporter] When Julia McGriff

returned to New Bern, North Carolina

after Hurricane Florence,she didn't realize

how much damage had been done to her home.

- My thought was my house had survived.

I could mop up the floors,I could wash down things,

and I could stay here.

- [Reporter] But she couldn't.

The two to three feet of floodwater

had ruined almost everything she owned.

- The refrigerator, the stove.

My deep freezer, itstopped working completely.

Drywall has to be removed.

Cabinets had to removed,the bottom cabinets.

I was looking at thingsthat I thought I could keep

and come to find out, even if it dry out,

the mold will still be there.

- [Reporter] She salvaged a few things

and put them in storage.

After just a few days,

the mold actually landedJulia in the hospital

with breathing trouble.

- I just wanted to holler and scream.

- [Reporter] When she heardabout Operation Blessing's

disaster relief efforts andwe sent a team out to help,

things started to change.

- Like a calvary.

They come in ready to workand they did. (laughs)

(loose drywall bangs)

- [Reporter] We movedcabinets, took out drywall,

and got everything ready forJulia's house to be dried out

so she can eventually move back home

without worrying aboutmold or breathing problems.

- It's like kind of a burden been lifted.

It just gave me relief, gaveme some relief and happiness

because things are on theway to getting back on track.

- [Reporter] Julia wants to make sure

others get the same help she got.

- Continue your donationsbecause it is really needed

to keep Operation Blessing working

because they don't only do this for us,

they do it for every disaster.

And the people that's in thedisaster really needs that.

Thank you and thank God for you.

- The threat of aftershockshave people in northern Haiti

dragging mattresses and chairs outside.

At least a dozen people were killed

after a strong earthquakestruck over the weekend.

The US Geological Survey saysa 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit

and, not long after that, a 5.2 aftershock

rattled northern Haiti.

More than 150 people were also injured.

Emergency authorities sayvictims are without electricity.

Homes and hospitalshave become overcrowded.

And still ahead, Houston Texan Andre Hal

has a powerful story of faithin the face of the big C.

Stay with us.

Playing pro football haseven more significance

for Houston Texan's Andre Hal.

After being diagnosed withHodgkin's lymphoma in June,

he is now saying he is in remission.

Joining us more withthis powerful faith story

is Shawn Brown with CBN Sports.

So Hal, a safety with the Texans

and says he didn't want chemo

because he didn't want tomiss playing ball this year.

- Yeah, man.

Hey, look, this is a now league,

coming off a strong season in 2017,

came in the league in 2014.

Started out as a cornerback, now safety.

Just signed a three yeardeal with Houston last season

and then, early this season, obviously,

he was diagnosed with cancer.

No one really knowshow to respond to that,

but in dealing with that,if he's not on the field

and you can't play, it's kinda hard

to fulfill your commitment.

And so he wants to be on the field.

He wanted to continue in that process.

So yeah, he chose a different form.

Naturally, they would do chemo,

but chemo can take a toll on your body

and he didn't want anythingmessing with his body.

He said, you know what, we'regonna do a different option.

He chose to do Rituxan, Ibelieve, which is not as harsh.

You take it through IV.

He did that for about a month

and then, after about a month,

he realized that there wassomething going on with his brain

and then he started doingvitamin C infusions,

I believe he said.

And then, believe it ornot, the cancer was gone,

the stuff in his brain was gone,

and now, he's actuallyjust kind of waiting

to find out if he's able to play.

Physically, he feels good andit's like he's ready to play.

- Wow.

And I imagine, in light of all this

and what we're seeing thus far,

he's giving credit to God for healing.

- He is.

You know, a lot of people wonder

what faith has to dowith professional sports.

What does faith have to dowith professional sports?

Well, you look at football players,

these guys are puttingtheir bodies through,

I mean, they're just going through it

every single Sunday, Thursday,Monday, whenever they play

and, at any moment, they could be injured.

You know what I mean?

And their bread and butteris being on the field.

And so it's not too far fetched

to think that a playerwho has a solid foundation

is gonna put God before everything else

because you don't know whatyour future's gonna hold.

- Absolutely.

- And for Andre, that's it.

He said look, man, God is everything,

my faith is what hasgotten me through this.

And one of the thingsI wrote down he said,

he says once I feltnormal, I started to heal,

in one of the press conferences.

Once he started to feel normal.

And normal, for him, means reading books,

making sure his mind was right,

making sure he was takingthe right approach,

surrounding himself withplayers, like-minded players,

to make sure that his focus was

hey, I've got this, God's gotthis, I'm not worried at all.

And so, yes, his faith means everything

before that and thenthroughout this process.

And so it always...

It's always interesting when people say

what does faith have to dowith professional sports.

Well, it's not just when they're sick,

but it also covers them before that,

and then when you gothrough something like this,

you have something stronger than yourself

because sometimes we're not strong enough

to deal with those thingsphysically or mentally.

You definitely want to tryto lean on the higher power

and that's what he's doingand I think it's fantastic

that he hopefully will make it back soon.

- Well, good deal.

Any idea when we will know if he'll be...

- I believe he's stillwaiting to be cleared.

- Okay.

- I looked at the depth chart.

He's not on the depth chart,at least not right now.

In that presser, he saidthat he's just kinda

waiting for clearance.

He's listed as reserve for illness,

and then once he's cleared to play,

I'm sure he'll be back and causing damage

(Efrem laughs)

to those offenses.

But it is fantastic to see

and I'm glad that he's been cured of that

- Yeah.

- as of right now, soit's pretty fantastic.

- All praise to God.

Thank you, Shawn.- Yeah, man.

- Much appreciated.

- So welcome.- Always good to have you

right here.

Thank you.

A powerful moment of worship and ministry

with Chrstian music star Lauren Daigle.

See how she shares her love of Christ

with those behind bars.

That story is coming up after this.

(dramatic music)

Lauren Daigle is one ofthe most popular artists

in contemporary Christian music right now.

Her amazing voice with songs like You Say

draw listeners of all ages.

She says her visit toStatesville Correction Prison

was a day more than I can articulate

and that's a direct quote.

She posted this video aboutthe visit on her Facebook page.

She went to lead worship and said

she saw hope in the face of the hopeless,

joy in the wake of sorrow,

wealth in the gap of depravity,

and life in the midst of death.

Take a look.

Says the inmates' voicescarry deeper into our hearts

than the echo of amicrophone will ever release.

Well that's gonna do it

for this edition of CBN Newswatch.

Remember you can find moreof our exclusive coverage

of the issues you caremost about at

We'd also love to know

what you think about thestories you've seen here today.

You can do that byemailing

You can also reach out and touch us

on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Hope you will join usagain right here next time.

Make it a marvelous Monday.

(dramatic music)


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