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Pompeo Gains Ground on Denuclearizing North Korea, China Makes Demands Amid Looming Trade War Threat

Pompeo Gains Ground on Denuclearizing North Korea, China Makes Demands Amid Looming Trade War Threat Read Transcript

- Secretary Pompeo calledthe trip very productive

and said a second summitbetween President Trump

and Kim Jong Un is veryclose to becoming a reality.

Still, major questions remain,

including is North Koreaserious about change,

or is it all just a stalling tactic?

The meeting between Pompeo andKim lasted about two hours.

Afterward, the Secretary of State Tweeted,

"Had a good trip to Pyongyangto meet with Chairman Kim."

And added, the leaders"continue to make progress

"on agreements made at Singapore Summit."

That was followed by PresidentTrump's positive note,

"Progress made on SingaporeSummit Agreements.

"I look forward to seeingChairman Kim again,

"in the near future."

But other parts of Asiastill have concerns.

Prior to the visit, Pompeo assured Japan's

foreign minister that his country's

interests would also be addressed.

- I know you've traveledto Pyongyang to make sure

that we're fully in sync, with respect

to missile programs, the CBW Program.

We will bring up the issueof the abductees, as well.

- [Erik] State Departmentofficials said over the weekend,

the Secretary and Kim agreed to instruct

their teams to meet soon,and that Kim invited

inspectors to visit thePunggye-ri nuclear test site

to confirm it had been dismantled.


- D.C. experts in foreign relations say

with 90 percent of Korea'sexports going through China,

Beijing is the one who'sreally calling the shots.

China will soon face newinvestment restrictions

and new taxes on billionsof Chinese imports.

So, the pressure is on.

- China is not going to backmaximum pressure anymore.

In fact, they're gonna use it as a chip,

a bargaining chip, in this whole process.

So, if President Trump is going to strike

a deal on North Korea, this is when

he's going to get the best terms.

Any time after that, it'sgoing to get a lot harder.

- [Erik] On the CBN Newsprogram, The Global Lane,

Harry Kazianis, with the Centerfor the National Interest,

told Gary Lane how China can circumvent

U.S. economic sanctions against Kim.

- Almost all of the oilthat goes into North Korea

comes from one pipeline, comes from China,

and that's 90 percentof North Korea's oil.

All that China has todo is open up the taps

and maximum pressure is toast.

- [Erik] Just last week,Vice President Mike Pence

signaled a cold war with China,

accusing the Chinesegovernment of orchestrating

an aggressive military,economic, and political

campaign to gain more influencehere in the United States.

So, experts say it'sstill a long road ahead

to get nuclear weaponsoff the Korean peninsula.

Erik Rosales, CBN News, Washington.


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