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'We've Never Seen Anything Like It in the Panhandle': Monstrous Hurricane Michael Set to Strike Florida

'We've Never Seen Anything Like It in the Panhandle': Monstrous Hurricane Michael Set to Strike Florida Read Transcript

- Forecasters believeMichael could intensify

before it makes landfall on Wednesday.

People in Florida andAlabama are preparing

for a potentially historic storm.

- This is a massive storm,we've not seen anything like it,

uh, in the Panhandle.

- [Heather] Michael's windshave risen to 90 miles an hour

as it approaches the northeast Gulf Coast.

- Michael is forecast to continue to move

to the north/northwest,

then northerly, then turn to the northeast

as it makes landfall, probably coming in

as a major hurricane, comingin as a category three

on the Saffir-Simpson scale,

with winds probablyaround 120 miles an hour

near that center of circulation.

- [Heather] It could dumpas much as a foot of rain

in the Panhandle as it moves inland,

and its winds could top 110 miles an hour.

The governor has declareda state of emergency

for 35 Florida counties, andthe entire state of Alabama

is under an emergency declaration.

Authorities have issuedmandatory evacuation orders

for low-lying coastal areas in Florida.

Those who plan to stayare filling sandbags,

boarding up windows, andstocking up on food and water.

- We weren't nervous last night

when we went to bed, andthen, we woke up this morning

and, all of a sudden,it was, well, it was a,

first, a category two,and now, it's looking

like it's gonna be worse than that,

so, we're a little nervous.

- We're hopin' that it'snot gonna hit us directly.

- In the Gulf, cruise ships are changing

their routes, the AirForce is moving aircraft

from its base near Panama City,

and many residents are just hoping

to fill up their vehiclesbefore Michael hits.

Michael could also impactareas outside the Gulf Coast.

Downpours are expected from the Carolinas

all the way west to Texas.

Severe storms could alsohit the Southern Plains

and Lower Great Plains.

Heather Sells, CBN News.


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