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The 700 Club - October 9, 2018

For KING & COUNTRY perform Billboard’s No. 1 Christian song. Plus, Abby Johnson’s story of abortion provider turned pro-life champion plays out on the big screen. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Narrator] Coming up,the abortion provider

turned pro-life champion.

- God can literally useanything from our past

and use it for his glory.

- [Narrator] Now Abby Johnson's story

is playing out on the big screen.

- After I saw Abby's testimony

I was just in a puddle on the floor.

- [Narrator] Get a sneak peakat the new movie, Unplanned.

- God's hand at work ispresent on this project.

- [Narrator] And then, Billboard's

number one Christian song.

For King and Countryperforms live in our studios

on today's 700 Club.

(dramatic music)

- Welcome folks to thisedition of The 700 Club.

It's a life threatening monster,

growing to a category three

heading into the Florida panhandle.

It looks like there'll betorrential floods and storm surge

but the flooding will probablygo into Alabama and Georgia.

It is a huge thing and theysay it's life threatening.

And It started out as a tropical storm,

grew up to a category two.

They think it'll hit a category three

before it makes landfall.

And they are talking aboutlife threatening, devastating

to the poor people wholive in that area, Terry.

- And getting out of any part of Florida,

is a bit of a challenge as well.

But the category two now isexpected to grow stronger

as it approaches the coast with winds

that could exceed 111 milesper hour, can you imagine?

As Heather Sells reports,

Florida is preparing for the worst.

- Forecasters believeMichael could intensify

before it makes landfall on Wednesday.

People in Florida andAlabama are preparing

for a potentially historic storm.

- This is a massive storm.

We've not seen anythinglike it in the panhandle.

- [Heather] Michael's windshave risen to 90 miles an hour

as it approaches the northeast Gulf Coast.

- Michael is forecast tocontinue to move to the north,

north-west then northerlythen turn to the north-east

as it makes landfall, probably coming in

as a major hurricane, comingin as a category three

on the Saffir-Simpson Scale

with winds probablyaround 120 miles an hour

in that center of circulation.

- [Heather] It could dumpas much as a foot of rain

in the panhandle as it moves inland

and its winds could top 110 miles an hour.

The governor has declareda state of emergency

for 35 Florida counties andthe entire state of Alabama

is under an emergency declaration.

Authorities have issuedmandatory evacuation orders

for low lying coastal areas in Florida.

Those who plan to stayare filling sandbags,

boarding up windows andstocking up on food and water.

- We weren't nervous lastnight when we went to bed

and then we woke up this morning

and all of a sudden it was,well it was first a category two

and now it's looking likeit's gonna be worse than that

so we're a little nervous.

- I'm hoping that it'snot gonna hit us directly.

- In the Gulf, cruise ships

are changing their route.

The Air Force is movingair craft from it's base

near Panama City and manyresidents are just hoping

to fill up their vehiclesbefore Michael hits.

Michael could also impactareas outside the Gulf Coast.

Downpours are expected from the Carolinas

all the way west to Texas.

Severe storms could alsohit the southern plains

and lower Great Plains.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- Well, I'd like to shockyou with another one, too.

Not only a bad hurricane but in other news

it could be the biggestthreat our country is facing.

And you aren't hearingabout it from either party.

John Jessup has more.

- Thanks Pat.

The U.S. economy isbooming and unemployment

is at it's lowest level in decades.

But a strong economy carriesthe risk of inflation.

The Fed's response is raisingshort term interest rates

and long term interestrates are rising too.

But that means explodingpayments on the national debt.

So what's the solution tothis series of problems?

CBN's White HouseCorrespondent, Ben Kennedy

went to President Trump'seconomic advisors for answers.

- The U.S. is on trackfor a annual deficit

of a trillion dollars.

Major deficits like that are expected

to drive the national debtfrom 21 to 33 trillion

in a matter of 10 years.

President Trump's economicadvisors tell CBN News

that lawmakers need toact now to avoid a crisis.

The U.S. deficit soarsas the economy booms.

Federal borrowing continues to rise

thanks to Congress passing legislation

to suspend the debt ceiling.

As a result in March, thedebt hit $21 trillion.

- I fear that it might takeanother financial crisis

before Congress acts, butthen it might be too late.

- [Ben] The HeritageFoundation's Steven Moore

says D.C. is in the midst ofa bipartisan spending spree.

- We've seen a rocketing of our debt,

especially in the last 10 years

where Obama took the debtfrom 10 to $20 trillion.

- If the debt paymentscontinue to rise and rise

do you see them gettingbigger than major programs

like the military?

- Well, here's the thing, Imean the most important thing

is in controlling the debtis to grow the economy.

That's the advice thatI gave to Donald Trump.

- Trump's Chief EconomicAdviser, Larry Kudlow agrees.

What drastic actions are you recommending

to stop the rising debt thatdoesn't damage the economy

or cause interest rates to spike.

- I don't think, by the way,

there's any particular relationship

between the debt and interest rates.

But I want to reduce thedebt burden on the economy.

So growth, you've got debtnumerator, GDP denominator, okay.

Get that GDP up.

- [Ben] The gross domestic product

is the value of U.S. goods and services

used to examine the nation'soverall economic health.

Kudlow recommends growingthe economy to the max

so that the governmentbrings in more money

to make the interest payments on the debt.

- The trick is get thatratio as low as possible.

And I don't think we're inany danger zone right now

but I'd like to see it come down.

- [Ben] And rising interestrates can be very expensive

for Washington and tax payers.

The government paid outmore than $450 billion

in interest payments on the national debt

in each of the last two years.

If rates rise just a half a point or so

that could add another $70to $100 billion or more

to those payments every year.

And Moore points out thatwill add up over time.

If the interest rate goesup a quarter of a point

or let's say half apoint, what kind of impact

will that have on paying off the debt?

- So every one percentage point increase

in the interest rateincreases the debt payments

over a decade by a trillion dollars.

So, we're talking aboutreally large numbers.

- [Ben] Moore recommends one way

to slow down the skyrocketing debt

is to reform programs likesocial security and medicare.

Plus, delaying the retirement age

because people are living longer.

- We've know for 30 yearsthat the Titanic is headed

to the iceberg in socialsecurity and medicare.

We know the American people are aging.

I'm a baby boomer,there's 80 million of us.

In the next 10 or 15 years,we're gonna stop paying taxes

and we're gonna start collecting

all these government benefits.

It's not gonna work.

- Bottom line, this is a long run problem

that neither party is addressing.

In the meantime the governmentwon't face any limit

on borrowing until March.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, Washington.

- Some of those figures are astronomical.

Pat, you've been warningabout this for some time.

- I have indeed and I'm warningagain ladies and gentlemen

this is going to destroythe Western nations.

This really, this profligacyand that's what it amounts to.

We're spending money we don't have.

And it looks like peopledon't seem to care.

The people in Congress don't seem to care.

And it's always well,yeah, cut their benefits

but don't touch mine.

But the thing is, it'sgot to be shared sacrifice

all the way across the board.

But in particularly in the retirement age.

Let's face it, peopleare, I mean, 68 is just,

I mean it's like the new 50.

I mean, people are living a lot longer.

The healthcare is good andpeople are living longer

and so to be paying outmedicare and social security

and these other things topeople at these earlier stages

is a big mistake.

There was a commission, I wasvery pleased with the work

of that commission.

They got the thing inbalance over a period of time

and they made reasonablecuts across the board

to these entitles and other things.

Obama ignored all that,just kept on spending.

He had no concept of fiscalsanity, none whatsoever.

I mean, none whatsoever.

It was kind of keep on spending,

let's borrow another trillion dollars

and see if we can't spendit on some favored people.

And these infrastructureprojects were a joke.

The whole thing has been horrible

but the trouble is thatTrump is a big spender

and these others are too.

Just think about it, onepoint more in interest rates

and you're talkingabout a trillion dollars

over 10 years, one point.

And the interest on the national debt

will be more than we spend on military,

on social programs andinfrastructure, et cetera.

There's almost no room for thegovernment to have any money

for anything and it'sgoing to be monstrous.

And if the United Statesloses it's preferred status

as a reserve currency thenit's Katie bar the door.

And the Chinese arejust licking their chops

and looking forward to theday when America fails.

There's already an attempt to bring forth

a different currency, buygold in the Chinese renminbi

and possible some othergold backed currencies.

There's no doubt about it,the fact that if we lose

our reserve currency status,

the borrowing is goingto increase enormously.

You say well all we've got todo is just print more money

and we've got more money.

That's just because we can print it,

and we're the reserve currency.

And after awhile peopleare gonna say no way.

But ladies and gentlementhis is going to affect,

it might not hit this generationbut it's sure gonna hit

our children and grandchildren.

And it will reduce the standardof living in this country.

And as Trump said wecan be like Venezuela.

We've got a story about that later too

about what's going on down there.

But we don't wanna be a banana republic,

we wanna be the leader.

And you can't be leader ifyou are profligate and we are.

Okay, John what you got?

- Pat, Supreme Court AssociateJustice Brett Kavanaugh

hears his first caseson the high court today.

President Trump held aceremonial swearing in

at the White House Monday night.

The sitting Supreme CourtJustices were all there

as well as Senate leaders who helped

secure his confirmation.

The President expressed sorrowthat the process turned ugly.

- On behalf of our nationI want to apologize

to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family

for the terrible pain and suffering

you have been forced to endure.

- The President also lashed out at those

who opposed his nominee, callingthe situation disgraceful.

Kavanaugh described theconfirmation process

as quote, "contentious and emotional,"

but said he has no bitterness.

Well President Trump says he has no plans

to fire Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.

The two men spoke aboardAir Force One Monday.

Trump also said he hasa very good relationship

with Rosenstein who overseesRobert Mueller's Russia probe

and came under fire lastmonth after news reports

suggested he discussed recordingconversations with Trump

and using the 25th amendmentto remove him from office.

Deputy Attorney Generalrather, Rod Rosenstein

denied those reports.

The details of hisconversation with the President

were not disclosed.

Well, North Korea is ready toallow international inspectors

to observe the dismantling ofa key nuclear testing site.

That's the word after Secretaryof State Mike Pompeo's

fourth visit to North Korea.

But even Pompeo admitsthat ridding Pyongyang

of its nuclear weapons willbe a long, slow process.

CBN's National SecurityCorrespondent, Erik Rosales reports.

- Secretary Pompeo calledthe trip very productive

and said a second summitbetween President Trump

and Kim Jong-un is veryclose to becoming a reality.

Still major questions remain, including

is North Korea serious about change

or is it all just a stalling tactic?

The meeting between Pompeo andKim lasted about two hours.

Afterwards the Secretary of State tweeted,

"Had a good trip to Pyongyangto meet with Chairman Kim."

And added the leaderscontinue to make progress

on agreements made at Singapore summit.

That was followed by PresidentTrump's positive note.

"Progress made on SingaporeSummit Agreements.

"I look forward to seeing Chairman Kim

"again in the near future."

But other parts of Asiastill have concerns.

Prior to the visit Pompeoassured Japan's foreign minister

that his country's interestwould also be addressed.

- I am traveling to Pyongyang to make sure

that we're totally in sync withrespect to nuclear programs

the PBW program, wewill bring up the issue

of the keys as well.

- [Erik] State Departmentofficials said over the weekend

the Secretary and Kim agreedto instruct their teams

to meet soon and thatKim invited inspectors

to visit the Punggye-ri nuclear test site

to confirm it had been dismantled.

DC experts and foreign relations say

with 90% of North Korea'sexports going through China,

Beijing is the one who'sreally calling the shots.

China will soon face newinvestment restrictions

and new taxes on billionsof Chinese imports,

so the pressure is on.

- China is not going to backmaximum pressure anymore.

In fact, they're gonna useit as a bargaining chip

in this whole process.

So President Trump is going tostrike a deal on North Korea.

This is when he's goingto get the best terms

anytime after that it'sgoing to get a lot harder.

- [Erik] On the CBN Newsprogram the Global Lane,

Harry Kazianis with the Centerfor the National Interest

told Gary Lane how China

can circumvent U.S. economicsanctions against Kim.

- Almost all of the oilthat goes into Korea

comes from one pipeline, comes from China

and that's 90% of North Korea's oil.

All that China has todo is open up the taps

and maximum pressure is toast.

- Just last week, VicePresident Mike Pence

signaled a cold war with China

accusing the Chinesegovernment of orchestrating

an aggressive military,economic and political campaign

to gain more influencehere in the United States.

So experts say it'sstill a long road ahead

to get nuclear weaponsoff the Korean peninsula.

Erik Rosales, CBN News Washington.

- Thanks Erik.

Pat can you trust NorthKorea's latest moves?

- I don't trust North Korea at all.

Until they stop persecuting Christians

and open up the gulags.

They have the most repressivestate in the world probably.

And the fact that they blow upa few supposed nuclear sites

or missile sites doesn't stop

what they're doing with the other people.

I think the civil rights,the human rights record

has got to be under scrutiny

to get that whole thing together.

But the thing aboutChina it's a mixed bag,

China is so big andthey have such poverty.

The standard of living ishow many calories of food

you get a day and it's 2,000 calories

or something like that.

Well, that's not enough tosustain somebody very well

but they put that as the poverty line.

And in our country thatwould be desperately poor.

But they have millionsand millions of people

that need work and Idon't think the Chinese

really want a war but it certainly is,

there's one faction of their country

that keeps making bellicose moves

and it's something we have to watch.

But I really believe inChina they have a huge number

of Christians and I think the question

is whether the Christians will have,

there are probably more Christiansthen there are communists

in China right now andwhether the command economy

is going to work.

But anyhow I'm hopefulfor China, I really am,

and I question whether wewant to start world war three

or whatever it is, with China.

But they certainly are,

they're stealing our intellectual property

on a massive scale and it's got to stop.

I mean, they force every country

that does business with them to turn

over their trade secrets andas a price of doing business.

Well, we can't allow that to continue

but I'm telling you it's a confrontation

that I'd just as soon avoid if I could.

Well, you remember a few years ago

I was listening to one ofour brilliant reporters

give a report on the status of Venezuela

and the man who was thenthe President of Venezuela

said that people may betrying to assassinate him

and my thought was well whydon't we go ahead and do it.

Well that made national,international headlines

that what kind of a monsterI was to suggest anything

as horrible as taking out a leader

of a South American country.

Well, I think I was right and if you look

at what's happening downthere now, inflation is,

Venezuela is one of the largest producers

of petroleum in the world.

It has one of the largestdeposits, it's a crude oil

but it's thicker, it's notthe light we've got out of,

what's called Bonny Lightbut it's heavy crude

but nevertheless they've got it.

And it's been ruined and aman who's a bus driver I think

or cab driver or whateverhe was named Maduro

has taking power and hehas ruined the economy.

It is one of the most unbelievable things

that I have ever heard of.

And we're faced with that now.

What I don't understandis why the organization

of American states doesn't move in and say

this is a failed statewe've got to take over.

We've got to bolster their armed forces

and get rid of Maduro and his crew.

But if the United States comes in

it's always well, the Yankeeimperialists have come in

and the South Americanswill get their backs up

when that happens.

But somebody's got to act on it

and here's John with a reportof the shocking inflation

going on in Venezuela.

- Thanks Pat.

Inflation continues tosink the Venezuelan economy

in a death spiral.

Consumer prices rose nearly500,000% in the past year.

Monthly inflation rose another10% from August to September.

The International MonetaryFund predicts prices

could rise one million percent this year.

And Pat this happens amidbroader economic meltdown

fueled by the government'ssocialist policies.

- Well, I'm telling youladies and gentlemen,

I don't know why theU.S. doesn't make a move

and I think Trump's got hishands full of everything

known to man and he's doing wonderful work

and I salute him and congratulate him.

But I do think thatsomething's gotta be done

in Venezuela because it's spilling over.

The people are suffering horribly.

Can you imagine a millionpercent inflation,

it just boggles the mind.

There's no money,- It certainly does.

- no savings and what they've done

is destroyed their companies.

And they own Americanoil company called Citgo.

And there are lawsuitsnow against Venezuela

and very possibly trying to cut off Citgo.

So they don't have much money coming in.

And Cuba used to bail them out

but Cuba hadn't got much money either.

So it's gonna be a real problem.

And I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen

but now's the time for action.

And I would like to seethe OAS do what it's,

shoulder it's responsibility

and the nations of LatinAmerica need to get together

and say let's move and kick out Maduro

and have a regime change in that country

and stop these insane policies

that have destroyed whatwas a great thriving economy

in Latin America, Terry.

- Well, coming up an actressreaches a moment of truth

in her role as a formerabortion clinic director.

- To hear I was secondsaway from just not existing.

And then also to know that here I am

telling Abby Johnson's story.

It's so clear to me andevident that God's hand at work

is present on this project.

- [Terry] We'll go behind thescenes on the upcoming movie

Unplanned after this.

(dramatic music)

(upbeat music)

- Well, we're so gladyou're with us today.

We've got some tremendous thingsincluding King and Country

they've got their famous songand the whole band is here,

its' gonna be, I mean, we'll fill

the studio with sound- Got a production.

like you can't believebut that's upcoming.

But I wanna introduce you to Abby Johnson.

Abby spent eight years workingfor Planned Parenthood.

She was a clinic director.

She helped facilitate morethan 20,000 abortions.

Then one day Abby walked away from it all

to become a pro-life activist.

And now a movie is beingmade about her life,

it's called Unplanned.

It brings to the bigscreen an eye opening look

inside the abortion industry.

Charlene Aaron visited the set

of this ground breaking motion picture.

- Unplanned takes the audienceinside the abortion industry

courtesy of Abby Johnson,

once a passionate pro-choice advocate.

As clinic director for Planned Parenthood,

Johnson says she played apart in some 22,000 abortions.

The film depicts heremotional decision to quit

after watching an abortion via ultrasound.

I interviewed Johnson onthe set of the new film.

- A movie about your life,how exciting is that?

- It's very exciting,it's a little surreal,

if I'm honest, to watch someone

play out the worst versionof yourself in a film

but it's also just a good reminder

that God can literally use anything

from our past and use it for his glory

and use it for his kingdom.

- [Charlene] Johnson's past included

becoming one of theyoungest clinic directors

for Planned Parenthoodand also a spokesperson

for the nation's largestabortion provider.

Actress Ashley Bratcher who appeared

in other Christian filmssuch as 90 Minutes In Heaven

and War Room plays Abby in the film.

- I only got four pages ofthe script when I auditioned.

And I thought, wow just in this four pages

there's this really interesting,

amazing, charismatic womanwho's having this experience

and it's real, it's grittybut it's compelling.

And I thought, man, I needto know who this woman is

and I wanna tell her story andafter I saw Abby's testimony

I was just in a puddle on the floor.

- [Charlene] WhenBratcher's mother learned

of her movie role she shared a deep secret

with her daughter.

- She said I'm gonna tell you something

that I haven't told you before

and she said to me, "I was in the clinic,

"I had my name called, I went back,

"I was being examined by awoman who was very pregnant

"and I was on the table

"and that was when I changed my mind."

To hear I was seconds awayfrom just not existing.

And then also to know that

here I am telling AbbyJohnson's story what?

I mean, it's so clear to meand evident that God's hand

at work is present on this project.

- [Charlene] Meanwhilefaith based film makers,

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon say

they're preparing for the likely backlash

against a film thathighlights the ugly truth

inside the abortion industry.

- We're taking on a monster,we're taking on a great evil

We're taking on thedevil's grinder machine.

So when you go up againstthat, he's gonna protect that.

We have no naive thought

that Planned Parenthood won't fight back.

- There's nothing pretty about abortion.

Both sides know that, bothsides if they're honest

will admit that.

Both sides are dug in pretty tight as far

as whether they think itshould be acceptable or not.

- [Charlene] Johnsonnow a pro-life champion

says the cast and crew know

a spiritual battle lies ahead.

- We pray everyday.

We pray against spiritual warfare

in our home and ourmarriage, with our family

and certainly withvarious pro-life projects

that I'm a part of andcertainly this film.

- [Charlene] But Bratchermaintains this project

isn't about attacking the other side.

- I think this film is abouthealing, about redemption,

about knowing that you'venever gone too far,

that you can escape with the grace of God.

That he's so merciful

and that you can absolutely be forgiven.

- Unplanned is set tobe released next spring.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- In some of these budget battles,

you'll be interested to knowway back a few years ago

under the Obama Administration,there was a move in Congress

to cut the funding for Planned Parenthood.

And Obama said I willshut the government down

before I permit that to go through.

That is how intense they wereand I remember in the debate

when Donald Trump wasdebating his opponent

of the Democratic partyand he was asking her

about so-called partial birth abortions,

when children are beingmurdered who actually

come out of the birthcanal and at that point

their brains are being sucked out.

And she said I'm going to fight

to preserve a woman'sright to have that done.

And you think, how brutal can it be

but that's how bad it was.

And so this movie, I think,will be an eye opener

and I hope it's a great success

because we need to understandPlanned Parenthood.

When Margaret Sanger, I'vegotten some of her material,

she's got one thing calledBreeding the Thoroughbred.

I read it very carefully,it was her writing

and she wanted to abort,

especially, well shethought southern Europeans

were defective, shethought most Protestants

were mentally defective,she thought black people

were defective, she was thefounder of Planned Parenthood.

It isn't a beautiful organizationfor the health of women,

no way under heaven, Terry.

- Big money producer though.

- Big money, you better believe it.

- Well, up next For King andCountry's number one hit Joy

has over 12 million streams.

Brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone join us

to talk about their latest CD.

Plus, they're gonna performJoy live, right here

in our studio after this, stay with us.

♪ Let it move you ♪

♪ Yeah, I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you ♪

- Grammy award winnersFor King and Country

have achieved phenomenalsuccess as recording artists.

And their latest release Burn The Ships

is already smoking hot, take a look.

- [Narrator] Two timeGrammy Award winning band,

For King and Country's latest single Joy

ranked number one on Billboard'sChristian airplay chart.

Band founders and brothersJoel and Luke Smallbone

are no strangers to the music industry.

They watched theirsister Rebecca St. James

climb the charts as a Christian artist

and got their startsinging back up for her.

Their latest album Burn The Ships

encourages listeners todig deep during hard times,

learning from the past while moving ahead.

- Please welcome back to The 700 Club,

For King and Country featuringJoel and Luke Smallbone.

It's great to have youboth back here again.

- Terry, this is like our bi-annual ritual

ever since the beginning- (laughs) You just put us

- of For King and Country,- on the list, right?

we come back, so thank you for having us

once again.- Oh it's always a treat

to have you here.

Your latest CD just out butthe number one song on it, Joy

has already been a hugehit, talk about that.

- Yeah, well, we wrotethis song in a season

where we were trying,there's a lot going on

in the headlines these daysand we're kind of consumed

by a lot of things that we'rescrolling through on Facebook

or Instagram.- That's the truth.

- So when we were writing the song

we kind of had a decision to make.

What do we want one of thefirst songs out of the gate

to be and it's like we needto wake up day and day out

to do our best to choose joy.

And it's been kind of,- It is a choice isn't it?

- It is a choice, right.

Not like this kind of cookie cutter joy

but like this no matterwhat is taking place in life

it's still something that we can do,

doesn't mean it's always smooth.

Paul says count it all joy myfriends in your experiences,

trials of many kinds.

And I've always found that fascinating

because he wrote that from prison.

- Yes.

- So he obviously had areason to be depressed or sad

but yet he was doing hisbest to attempt to choose joy

and that's really whatthis song is all about.

- I mentioned the CD whichwas just released last week,

right.- Yeah, last Friday.

- Burn the Ships, what doesthat mean, tell us about that.


- Well, it's a little bit of a long story

but my wife and I walked through a season

where she actually gotaddicted to some pills

and I came off the road- Happens to many.

- Yeah, came off the road andwe went to a mental hospital

and we were dealing with thatand after kind of recovering

and healing she had this moment

where she had the bottle of pills

and she said I just need to go

and I need to flushthese pills physically.

And I was reminded of astory about an explorer

many years ago where hehad went to a foreign land

and he had called allthe men from the ships

and said hey, I want to goand explore the horizon,

I want to go explore the mountains.

I wanna explore what's out there.

And he realized that his mendidn't want to follow him.

They wanted to kind of stayin the dirty, grimy ships

that they arrived in.

And so a few days later he called them all

to the shoreline again andsaid I want every soldier

on this shoreline and as soonas all the men were there,

he gave his generals thecommand to burn the ships

'cause he said we're not retreating.

We're moving into the newday, into a new world.

And I think when my wife took those pills

and were flushing them, thatwas her burning the ships

in her life, doesn't wannabe consumed by the past,

wants to move into a new day.

- Destroying the old totake hold of the new.

Boy your last two CD's were so successful

and now here's, thatwas Crave and Priceless.

What's different about Burn The Ships?

- Well, the last record Lukewas working through a lot

he was a new father and hehad struggled with illness.

This record is kind of probably a maturing

For King and Country.

We have been a band forsix and a half years now

and we walked through a lot of life.

And so this it's certainlya spiritual record

but it's also a romanticrecord, our wives were kind of

intertwined into it as Luke mentioned,

even inspiring the title of the album.

And also it's kind of asocial record as well,

I became a United Statescitizen last year.

- Oh yay, good for you.- Got sworn in,

I passed the test, Terry,

I was just proud I passed the test.

- I was really proud of him.- Yes, thank you,

thank you Luke, brother.

- [Terry] He got all theanswers right. (laughs)

- Yeah I got all the answers right

and we were right in themiddle of recording the album

as I was becoming a citizen.

And so there's a lot ofmusic kind of written about

where we find ourselves as acountry, as the United States

where we're going and.

- Strategically positioned I'd say.


Luke, you're married,you have three children.

- That's right.

- Yeah and you had a bigannouncement recently, correct?

- Did I have a big announcement?

I got a Great Dane.- Well, he's got a Great Dane.


- I do have a Great Dane.

- Is that your big announcement?

- That's my, as far as familyis concerned right now,

we're not revealing anything else here

on The 700 Club.- Okay I guess that counts.

You will come back andreveal when anything greater

than the Great Dane happens? (laughs)

- It is pretty greatthough, it's very big.

- [Terry] Yeah, I'm sure. (laughs)

- He's 130 pounds, so there's that.

- You were ill, Joel just mentioned that.

Tell us what happened andhow are you doing now?

- Yeah, well, I got diagnosedabout five years ago

with a disease, a digestive disorder

and obviously it takes a while.

It was a difficult thing andthere'd be doctors saying

you're gonna have thisthe rest of your life,

it's an autoimmune disease.- Thank you.

- Yeah, exactly, it's notalways the easiest things.

But I feel great now and I'vegot some food related things,

got doctors kind of all sortedout and so I feel great now.

And really I think, youbecome very thankful

when you walk through someof those difficult things.

You become thankful,obviously, for health,

you become thankful for family.

You become thankful for all these guys.

It changes your perspective of life.

And so I kind of ended upbeing somebody who was just,

looks back thankful for the illness,

not the pain.- We start living

intentionally in a differentkind of a way, don't you?

So when people listen to Burn The Ships,

when they have the opportunityto hear from you all,

what do you want thetake away message to be?

- Well, Luke said itwell, to start with joy.

There's this, you know,we're at a crossroads.

You can very easily choosedespair, anxiety, fear, anger,

aggression or almost momentby moment, day by day

you can choose thiswonderful word called joy.

And also I think it'sa record of looking up

and learning how to love God well

and also a celebration of love.

I've been married forfive years, Luke for eight

and so a lot of these lovesongs had been written

from a real deep place of thekind of commitment of love

and or the consistency,- No matter what.

- The no matter what, yeah.- Yeah, exactly.

Well, it's always wonderfulto have the two of you here.

We're excited to see you perform.

I know that's whateverybody out there and here

is waiting for so I'm gonnalet you go get in your places.

Thank you for coming again.

They're all in their placeswith bright, shiny faces.

For King and Country's latest CD

it's called Burn TheShips and it's available

wherever music is sold.

We also have a social, exclusive interview

with Joel and Luke on our Facebook page.

If you'd like to watch that,

just go to

And now here is For Kingand Country singing Joy.


♪ Lately, I've been reading,watching the nightly news ♪

♪ Don't seem to find a rhythm,just wanna sing the blues ♪

♪ Feels like a song that never stops ♪

♪ Feels like it's never gonna ♪

♪ Gotta get that fire,fire back in my bones ♪

♪ Before my heart,heart turns into stone ♪

♪ So somebody please pass the megaphone ♪

♪ I'll shout it on the count of three ♪

♪ One, two, three ♪

♪ Oh hear my prayer tonight,I'm singing to the sky ♪

♪ Give me strength to raisemy voice, let me testify ♪

♪ Oh hear my prayer tonight,'cause this is do or die ♪

♪ The time has come to make a choice ♪

♪ And I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, let itmove you, let it move you ♪

♪ Yeah, I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, let itmove you, let it move you ♪

♪ Yeah, back when I was youngmy eyes were full of life ♪

♪ But now that I am older, Ilive at the speed of light ♪

♪ Feels like the cycle never stops ♪

♪ Feels like it's never gonna ♪

♪ Gotta get that fire,fire back in my bones ♪

♪ Before my heart,heart turns into stone ♪

♪ So somebody please pass the megaphone ♪

♪ I'll shout it on the count of three ♪

♪ One, two, three ♪

♪ Oh hear my prayer tonight,I'm singing to the sky ♪

♪ Give me strength to raisemy voice, let me testify ♪

♪ Oh hear my prayer tonight,'cause this is do or die ♪

♪ The time has come to make a choice ♪

♪ And I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, let itmove you, let it move you ♪

♪ Yeah, I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, let itmove you, let it move you ♪

♪ Though I walk through thevalley in the shadow of night ♪

♪ Oh with you by my side,I'm stepping into the light ♪

♪ I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, Let itmove you, Let it move you ♪

♪ I need that joy, joy, joy, joy ♪

♪ Down in my heart, downin my heart to stay ♪

♪ I need the joy, joy, joy, joy ♪

♪ Down in my heart ♪

♪ down in my heart to stay ♪- Terry if you're there

let me hear you sing it with us.

♪ I need the joy, joy, joy, joy ♪

♪ Down in my heart, downin my heart to stay ♪

♪ I need the joy, joy, joy, joy ♪

♪ Down in my heart, downin my heart to stay, yeah ♪

♪ I choose joy ♪

♪ Come on and let it move you ♪

♪ Won't you let it move you ♪

♪ Come and let it move you ♪

♪ And I say joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, oh let it move you ♪

♪ Let it move you ♪

♪ Though I walk through thevalley of the shadow of night ♪

♪ Oh with you by my side,I'm stepping into the light ♪

♪ I choose joy ♪

♪ Let it move you, let itmove you, let it move you ♪

♪ I need the joy, joy,joy, joy down in my heart ♪

♪ Down in my heart to stay ♪

♪ I need the joy, joy, joy, joy ♪

♪ Down in my heart, downin my heart to stay ♪

- Pat, The 700 Club, thank youfor having us, this morning.

Always a pleasure.


(dramatic music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

A Christian doctor in theDemocratic Republican of Congo

has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Christianity Today reportsgynecologist Denis Mukwege

has treated tens ofthousands of rape victims

in the past 20 years.

Many of his patients are the victims

of gang rape by militants.

Mukwege is the son ofa Pentecostal preacher

and found his calling tomedicine after helping his father

pray for the sick.

The Nobel Committee cited his work

to end the use of sexual violence

as a weapon of war rewarding the prize.

Well, the court rulingin the case of Asia Bibi,

the Christian mother inPakistan convicted of blasphemy

has been postponed.

The decision on her final appeal

was scheduled for Monday but postponed

after Islamic militantsrioted over the weekend.

The Pakistan Supreme Court isdelaying it's announcement.

Bibi has been jailedfor more than nine years

and if her conviction is upheld

she could be the first woman in Pakistan

to be executed for blasphemy.

Blasphemy laws are often used

to persecute minorityreligions in Muslim nations.

Well, you can always getthe latest from CBN News

by going to our website at

Pat and Wendy will be backwith more of today's 700 Club

right after this.

(dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

- Welcome back, you knowwe've got something called

Helping the Home Front.

What do you do with servicepeople who are hurting?

Well, I wanna introduce you to a couple,

one's named Dean and theother's named Melanie.

Dean and Melanie returned to their home

after a military transferand they discovered

that their tenants had trashed their home.

The couple had six sons.

So you can imagine moneyfor them was tight.

They had nowhere to turn for help

with the repairs until their pastor said,

look, CBN's got somethingcalled Helping the Home Front,

why don't you check with them?

Well, here's the story.

- [Narrator] When ArmySergeant First Class Dean

isn't overseas, he enjoys his own army

with his wife Melanie and six sons

and one more son on the way.

Dean's family life is a farcry from his world thousands

of miles away in Afghanistan on air patrol

and clearing roadside IED's.

As leader of his platoon,

Dean took his fellow soldier'ssafety into his hands.

- I'm responsible forother people in their lives

and you really justfocus on making sure that

they're trained, theyknow what they're doing

and that you keep everybodysafe and bring everybody home.

- [Narrator] Dean is emphaticthat Melanie's job at home

is just as important.

- I have told her multiple times

that she works harder than I do.

I just don't think that people realize

the sacrifice that is made by a spouse.

- It's something you just do.

Your husband leaves you haveto be both mother and father,

show the boys that eventhough Daddy's gone,

we can do this together as a family.

- [Narrator] With sixkids, the couple has always

kept a disciplined budget and even managed

to save enough to buy a housewhen stationed at Fort Bragg.

When they were transferredfor a few years,

they rented out their house.

Upon their return, the couplefaced a financial disaster.

Their home suffered extensivedamage by the renters

and the estimated repairsexceeded the damage deposit.

- The rental company triedto get the tenant to give

some money so they gavesome but it wasn't enough

to cover the full damage.

- [Narrator] Also, theirdeck had rotten wood,

loose boards and rusted nails,

all very dangerous for the boys.

- I just have faith thatGod will come through

somehow, I'll get the timeor the leave or the money

to do it all, so.

- [Narrator] When theirchurch, River House

learned about the damage,

they contacted CBN'sHelping the Home Front.

Pastor Stacy Long came byto share some exciting news.

- CBN and Helping the HomeFront wants to bless you guys.

They want to give you a newdoor, new flooring, baseboards,

crown molding, drywall, paint everything

and make it like it was before better.

One of the other thingsthat Helping the Home Front

wants to do is they want you to be able

to enjoy your backyard.

They're gonna get a contractor out to come

and completely rebuild a brand new deck

for you in the backyard andwe're gonna pick out a play set.

Helping the Home Front is gonna make sure

that that gets puttogether so that you can

really enjoy that backyard.

You guys are amazing and we love you.

I can't think of any people

that are more deserving of blessing.

- [Narrator] Contractorsrepaired all of the damage inside

and started building the play set.

We went back for a visit

when everything wascomplete and Dean's army

was finally able to play.

This family can now enjoy their home

rather than worry aboutfinding the funds to fix it up.

- It definitely willcreate a lasting memory

of a time that Godprovided for our family,

to put our house back together again

the way that it should be

and to give our boys back the backyard.

It's the greatest thing thatanyone's ever done for us.

- What a marvelous thing.

Those men and women havesuffered for our country

and they don't get paid enoughmoney sometimes to live on.

- [Terry] That's for sure.

- Helping the Home Front,ladies and gentlemen.

We wanna send those of you who participate

in this by the way asmembers of The 700 Club

65 cents a day, I wanna send you this DVD

it's called Miraculous Blessings.

Scott and I got togetherand we talked about

how you can have blessings,what the blessings are

and the (mumbles) a blessing

and I think people seem to appreciate it.

- Yes, those people that havewatched it have loved it.

It's very sound from the word of God

and then some inspiring stories.

- [Pat] Amen, alright.- So, you'll be blessed.

- Helping the Home Front (mumbles).

- Okay, it's time for somequestions and honest answers.

Rush asks, "What counts as tithing?

"Charities, CBN, foodbank, local animal shelter,

"local church, other?"

- Well, you know I hesitateto say all those things

but I do think we give as unto the Lord

and I thing the tithing should be

to Christian organizationswhether they're a local church

or whether it's a broadcast ministry

or whether it's a missionary or whatever

or a hospital or something.

That's what I would think atithe would be to them, alright.

- Okay this is Cam who says, "If a person

is ordered to pay 25% of theirgross income for alimony,

is it still reasonable/expectedfor them to tithe

an additional 10%?"

- Again, God isn't a Philadelphia lawyer,

he isn't an accountantwith a big green eye shade

trying to figure every penny.

The truth is you givebecause you love him.

And I think in terms ofalimony, if you gotta pay 25%

of your money for alimony then of course,

you only only have 75% left

and then you tithe on that, alright.

- Okay, this is Lola whosays, "I dedicated my life

"to Christ in 2014.

"I love Jesus with all my being.

"I have had a hard timebelieving in the rapture.

"I brought this up to a preacher

"and he said how can I be a Christian

"and not believe in the rapture?

"Will my unbelief in therapture affect my salvation?"

- Look, this rapture stuff,

some of the teachingin my opinion is wrong.

I think the idea that the saints

are gonna get caught up to heaven

and in the seven years there'sgonna be all this chaos

on earth is just not Biblical.

And so to not believe inthat I think is pretty sound.

But in terms of the fact

that one day the Lord's gonna come back

and he'll catch us upto be with him forever,

that of course, is what the Bible says.

But if you don't believe in that,

you gotta believe in Jesus,

it's not gonna affect your salvation.

The salvation is JesusChrist died for your sins

according to the scripture

and he rose again on the third day.

That's the saving gospel, not the fact

that he's gonna comeback after 2,000 years

and catch you up.

So anybody that saysthat if you don't believe

in the rapture, you'renot gonna get saved,

you're not telling the truth.

Alright, what else?

- This is Joy who says, "Mybest friend of 20 plus years

"ended our friendship last September

"because I suggested she learn to drive.

"We are in our 30's and for years

"I've been taking her to work

"and she frequently mooched off me.

"She responded by writingthe most hateful email.

"She told me not to write backbecause she won't read it.

"I think about thatemail on a daily basis,

"even though it's deleted.

"How do I find closure,since I couldn't respond?"

- Well, you can respond, Ithink you oughta say, look,

I love you but I did what was best for you

and if you don't like it I'm sorry

and let it go at that.

You don't have to let it go.

There's something wrong with that woman.

She's living off of you andthe fact that she won't learn

how to drive, she saysI'd rather be helpless

and depend on somebodyelse than to be independent

and live on my own.

I mean, good grief in today's world,

people just have to drive.

I mean, it's one of those things.

And it's no big deal, youcan take a driving course

at a local high school

and get your driver's license, alright.

- Okay, Lena wants to know,why aren't the churches

calling people to prayer.

She remembers as a littlegirl hearing bells ringing

over the city and peoplerun to church and pray.

Why isn't that happening anymore?

- (laughs) A lot of reasons.

You can start with theACLU and go from there.

- Our culture has changedso much hasn't it?

- Oh man, our society hasjust changed dramatically.

Why isn't it happening?

We were clearly and havebeen a Christian nation.

And we are a religiouspeople who believe in God.

And yet you see some of the rulings

that have come out of the courts

and some of the activityof groups like the ACLU

that try to take religion out of our life.

And you say why don't wedo what we used to do?

Well, ask the liberals.

Well, we leave you with Today'sPower Minute from Nehemiah.

Do not sorrow, for the joyof the Lord is your strength.

Well, tomorrow you'll meeta couple who's true story

is told in the new movie Invisible.

So I wanna thank you for being with us,

God bless all of you.

Terry and I will be back,Lord willing we will be back.

- Well, you'll be back,Wendy will be here.

- Wendy will be here on tomorrow

and you'll be back the next day.

- Alright, well we look forward to it.

And we look forward to seeing you

so God bless all of you,have a great weekend.

God bless you.

(dramatic music)


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