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Faith Nation: October 9, 2018

Faith Nation: October 9, 2018 Read Transcript

(lively instrumental music)

- The US ambassador to the United Nations

is stepping down.

Welcome to Faith Nation,I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

Nikki Haley is resigning.

Haley and President Trump makingthat surprise announcement

today from the Oval Office.

- CBN News White Housecorrespondent, Ben Kennedy,

joins us from the North Lawn

with the details, Ben.

- Well, Jenna and John,Haley initally told

President Trump of her plans to resign

about six months ago.

Today she made it official

and plans to stay at her postuntil the end of the year.

- I think you have to beselfless enough to know

when you step aside and allowsomeone else to do the job.

So, thank you, Mr. President.

It's been an honor of a lifetime.

- [Ben] UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley,

becomes the latest in a lineof high-profile departures

from the White House.

She represented the US witha strong voice at the UN,

speaking out on NorthKorea, Russia, and Iran.

- Since day one, you've gonein there to shake things up.

How tough has that been?

- Every day I put on body armor

'cause I know there's gonna be a fight.

I'm just fighting adifferent thing every day.

- [Ben] While at the sametime fighting for Israel.

- I think you will getthe anti-Israel bias

and the strength andcourage the President showed

in moving the embassy--

- [Ben] She cited her Christian faith

as a reason to support Israel.

Later teaming up with thePresident's son-in-law,

Jared Kushner, to work toward a peace deal

with the Palestinians.

- What I've done working with him

on the Middle East Peace Plan,

it is so unbelievably well done.

- [Ben] Senators confirm the former

South Carolina governoras US Ambassador to the UN

on day four of Trump's presidency

by a vote of 96 to four.

She will end up servingnearly two years at her post,

citing it was time to step aside.

- You've been fantastic, you're my friend,

and I just, on behalf of the country,

I wanna thank you for a great job.

- President Trump saidhe will name a successor

in the next week or two,three weeks that is,

adding that he has a lot of people in mind

to fill the opening, buthe did not list any names.

John, Jenna.

- Yeah, Ben, what kind of reaction

are we seeing out of thissurprise announcement?

- Well, Jenna, minutes after@SpeakerRyan took to Twitter

to say, "Nikki Haley hasbeen a clear, consistent

"and powerful voice for American interests

"and democratic principleson the world stage.

"She challenged friendand foe to be better.

"I am saddened that she isleaving the administration

"but so grateful for her service.

"Thank you, Nikki."

Senator Lindsey Grahamreleased a statement.

"Ambassador Haley hasdone an outstanding job

"as United States Ambassadorto the United Nations

"and showed a level of effectiveness

"rarely seen by someone in this position."

Law-makers continue to touttheir support for Hailey

in that she will, bottom line, be missed.

- Ben, Haley is still young

and has a lot of life ahead of her.

Any indication of what's next?

- Yeah, John, you're right.

She's 44 years young.

She said that she will not run in 2020.

That she wanted to makevery crystal clear,

but will support PresidentTrump's re-election.

She said, "I will never trulystep aside from the country."

And President Trump, before she left,

said, "Look, you're always welcome back

"to right here behindme at the White House."

John, Jenna.

- [John] Ben Kennedyreporting at the White House.

Thanks, Ben.

- And Senior WashingtonCorrespondent, Jennifer Wishon,

is here now with more.

Jennifer, great to have you.

First of all, let me get your reaction

to this Nikki Haley news.

What do you think?

- Wow, what a stunner in Washington.

I mean, we're coming off this huge victory

for President Trump with the swearing in

of Justice Kavanaugh over the weekend

and now, really, the most visible woman

in his administration isstepping down the next day.

It really, the timingis really interesting

and you know, I thinkthat pretty much everyone

in Washington was prettyshocked about this.

- Jennifer, let's talk alittle bit about legacy.

Nikki Haley will continue her term

until the end of the year.

What do you think will define

her tenure at the United Nations?

- I think it has to be herstaunch defense of Israel.

I mean, the United Nations is perhaps

the most anti-Semiticorganization in the world

and she has taken that on, unashamedly.

She's been a bulldog for Israel.

I've seen some Israeli reports

where they're already lamenting the fact

that she's gonna be leaving,

but I think fighting in behalf of Israel

and I think the fact thatshe was there to help

oversee the move of theembassy to Jerusalem,

and so, I really think,especially for the Republican base

Christian voters, they'rereally gonna attach her to that.

- [Jenna] And today, at the Oval Office,

she saw President Trump with Nikki Haley.

Their relationship reallyseemed to be quite strong.

She thanked the president,thanked his whole family.

Jared and Ivanka.

What do you make of NikkiHaley's relationship

with President Trump, Jennifer?

- That was a love fest.

In fact, the presidentsaid come on back any time

and in fact, any positionyou want is yours.

You don't hear that from the President

of the United States very often,

especially when you're leaving your job.

Remember Nikki Haley wasnot a fan of the president

early on and now she'sbecome one of his staunchest

supporters, defenders,and she said that she will

continue to do that in the2020 Presidential election.

I think that they comefrom the same stock.

They're two very different people,

but they're both fighters.

And I mentioned she wasa bulldog at the UN.

The President is like that.

Nikki Haley was ushered inin the Tea Party movement

and you know, I thinkthat they just come from

similar, they have similarmethods, if you will.

They're both not afraid to saywhat they think and mean it

and take action and put action behind it.

So I think that they understand each other

and she certainly has been agreat asset to the President.

- I think by all accounts,

whether you're on the rightor you're on the left,

she has been seen as astar in the administration,

although she has also been willing to

stake out her own ground anddisagree with the President.

Let's talk a little bit about that.

How has she been ableto carve out this role

where she is, in manyrespects, locked step

with the President but inthose instances where she

may get ahead of him, let's say,

even on Syria where she kinda showed her

heart and diplomacywhere she might stake out

a different ground butstill be able to manage

a cohesive relationshipwith the President.

- It's interesting.

She has been able to walk that fine line

where she can disagree with the President,

but he still respects her.

And I'm not sure if it'sbecause he had great respect

for her coming in, you know,

I remember when, you know,

people were filing into Trump Tower

interviewing for positions,he has very kind things

to say about her aftershe left that meeting

and I just think thatthere's this great respect

and that she can be herself

and he know that at the end of the day,

they can still work together and he knows

that she's probably thebest advocate, liaison,

between him and the United Nations.

She's really been able topreserve his reputation

in that body, which I'msure he appreciates.

- And we know, in 2020,

she says she will back President Trump.

That takes her out of the running.

But Jennifer, do you think we'll see her

later down the road in that race?

- Absolutely.

Nikki Haley's 46 so even in 2024,

she's gonna be in her early 50s.

There's no question thatshe's going to go on

to do remarkable thingsbetween now and then.

She may come back to the administration.

You know, again, the timing is so bizarre.

We've been talking about that all day,

so perhaps the president knows something

that we don't know, there's a position

that's going to be opening up

that he's gonna try to bring her back for.

But yeah, I don't thinkwe've seen the last of her,

and also, we've been talking so much

and women and republicans, oh my goodness,

here's a woman of Indian descent

who is a star in the Republican Party.

Republicans love her,conservatives love her,

Christians love her, and my goodness,

it would be silly for theParty not to groom her

for something else.

- Powerhouse no doubt.

All right Jennifer Wishon,thank you very much.

- Thanks, Jennifer.- Thank you.

Well, Supreme Court associate,Justice Brett Kavanaugh,

heard his first caseson the High Court today.

President Trump held theceremonial swearing in

at the White House Monday night.

The siting Supreme Courtjustices were all there,

as well as Senate leaders

who helped secure his confirmation.

The President expressed his sorrow

that the process turned so ugly.

- On behalf of our nation,I want to apologize

to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family,

for the terrible pain and suffering

you have been forced to endure.

- [John] The President also lashed out

at those who opposed his nominee

calling the situation disgraceful.

Kavanaugh describes theconfirmation process

as quote, contentious and emotional,

and says he has no bitterness.

- And Jason Yates is theCEO of My Father Votes

and he joins us now.

Jason, thanks for being with us.

- Thanks so much, Jenna.

Thanks for having me.

- Jason, you wrote anarticle calling on Americans

to respect the dignityand sincerity of beliefs

of those who havedifferent values from you.

What made you decideto write this article?

- Well, this confirmation hearing

has both revealed and magnified

the political divide in our nation

and it's affectingevery area of our lives,

including the Church,

and we just need to reallystep back and recognize

that we can't allow thepolitical environment

to affect how we live out our faith,

how we network

and involve, be involved in relationships

with our neighbors, our communities,

and so, we've gotta all step back

and think about how this is impacting us.

- Jason, do you think thisbitter partisan battle

that we saw play out, do youthink this has just become

the new normal when it comes to politics?

- Well, that's the scary thing about it

and we all need to step back.

I think, worse of all, thisconfirmation hearing, Jenna,

it was made to be about whether or not

we respect and honor women.

I think it was a false choice

and that's why I'mcalling on all Christians,

especially Christian men, to recognize

that women are image bearers of God.

They are not images to beworshiped or tossed aside.

We need to think about who they are

and who they're made in Christ

and respect that and do what we can

to seek to end abuse of all kinds.

- With the midtermsjust weeks away, Jason,

many of been saying thatthe Kavanaugh situation

has really energized voteson both sides of the aisle

to get out to the polls.

What's kind of your sense of that?

- Well, I think it's absolutely true.

It's on both sides.

And there is significant opportunity.

We think so much aboutHouse, the Congress,

and the Senate races, but Jenna,

there are 70,000 electionshappening across the nation

in November.

Everything from school boardsall the way up to the Senate

and so, there's a greatamount of influence

and we have to be inspired and motivated,

not just about the Federal level,

but what's happening at theschool board level as well.

- Yeah, all levels.

With your organization, My Faith Votes,

tell us about that and why it'sso important for Christians

10 take part in the political process.

- We got started in 2016.

We were blessed to becoined by Dr. Ben Carson

who was our Honorary Chairman at the time.

Now he's part of the administration.

And we're equally blessed tohave Governor Mike Huckabee

be our Honorary Chairman at this point.

We believe that our faithhas something essential

to contribute to theproblems in our country

and so, we are encouragingChristians to get out

and to bring the good of their faith

to the political process so that

God can be honored in America.

- Jason Yates with My Faith Votes.

Thank you so much for your time.

- Thanks, Jenna.

- Well, Hurricane Michaelis gaining strength

has it moves closer tothe Florida panhandle.

The storm is expected to make landfall

as a category three andalready at least 120,000 people

have been ordered to evacuate.

Florida's governor is warningthis storm could be deadly,

saying, "If you've beentold to leave, do it now."

Heather Sells has more.

- Forecasters believeMichael could intensify

before it makes landfall on Wednesday.

People in Florida and Alabama

are preparing for apotentially historic storm.

- This is a massive storm.

We've not seen anythinglike it in the panhandle.

- Michael is forecast to continue to move

to the north, north-west and northerly,

then turn to the north-eastas it makes landfall,

probably coming in as a major hurricane.

Coming in as a category threeon the Saffir-Simpson scale

with winds probably around120 miles around an hour

near that center of circulation.

- [Heather] It could dumpas much as a foot of rain

in the panhandle as it moves inland

and its winds could top 110 miles an hour.

The governor has declareda state of emergency

for 35 Florida counties andthe entire state of Alabama

is under an emergency declaration.

Authorities have issuedmandatory evacuation orders

for low-lying coastal areas in Florida.

Those who plan to stayare filling sandbags,

boarding up windows, andstocking up on food and water.

- We weren't nervous lastnight when we went to bed

and then we woke up this morning

and all of a sudden, itwas, well, it was first

a category two and now it's looking

like it's gonna be worse than that,

so we're a little nervous.

- We're hoping that it'snot gonna hit us directly.

- In the Gulf, cruise ships are changing

their routes, the airforce is moving aircraft

from its base near Panama City

and many residents are just hoping

to fill up their vehiclesbefore Michael hits.

Michael could also impactareas outside the Gulf Coast.

Downpours are expected from the Carolinas

all the way west to Texas.

Severe storms could alsohit the Southern Plains

and lower Great Plains.

Heather Sells, CBN News.

- [John] Coming up, see whatinspired some Puerto Ricans

to travel to North Carolina

to help with hurricane recovery.

(upbeat instrumental music)

- I am begging,

begging anyone that can hear us

to save us from dying.

If anybody out there is listening to us,

we are dying,

and you are killing uswith the inefficiency

and the beaura--

- You may remember the mayorof San Juan, Puerto Rico

and that impassioned plea for help

after Hurricane Mariastruck the island last year.

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz made headlines

for going after the Presidentand the Federal response

to the deadly storm.

- That's right, Jenna,

and with the lack of government response,

outside aid organizations moved in

to help the people of Puerto Rico,

including CBN's Operation Blessing.

Jenna and I recently sat down

with Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz

and discussed how some of San Juan

are now paying, rather some in San Juan,

are now paying it forwardbecause of OB's help.

Many in Puerto Rico arestill trying to recover

from Hurricane Maria,

yet I understand that you sent a team

to Lumberton, NorthCarolina to help the victims

of Hurricane Florence.

Tell us what started that.

- Well, it's calledOperation Pay It Forward

and a week after the hurricane,

Maria, hit Puerto Rico,

I got a knock on the door, literally,

and they said there's a gentleman here

from Operation Blessing.

I'd never heard of theorganization, David Darg,

and he wants to speak to you.

And he says, Mayor, we'refrom Operation Blessing

and we're here to help.

And as I said, well, what can you do?

And I tell David and other people

that before that day,my faith was distracted.

- [John] I wonder why.

- You know, well,

you always can find excuses

not to pay attention to the right things,

and while he talked and he said, look,

we can help you with the solar lamps

and we can help youwith filtration systems

and so forth,

I was very snide to him.

And I said, well,

just one last question,why do you do this?

And I was all puffy and like, you know,

and he turned around and looked at me

with very calm andsoothing manner and said,

"Because the Lord calls us to serve."

And it was like, oh, Imean, it was like somebody

had pierced my heart right there.

And he stayed with us and hesaid, look, I have these lamps

and I never leave homewithout this anymore.

And they're called solar puffs

and I have all these suitcases.

He didn't have any clothes.

His suitcase were not with clothing,

but with these lamps.

- [John] The solar lamps.

- And he says, they'resolar and we can take them

to the communities and thatnight he went out with us

and we started taking them to communities

so it's very simple andif you're in trouble

and you don't have anyelectricity or phone,

you can just make it go SOS.

So when he went with us andwe distributed these lamps,

which I started callingthem cubes of help,

people started coming out oftheir homes for the first time

and they started retaking the streets

and they would talk to one another

and talk to the neighbors, so,

Operation Blessing, then, I found out

that it was an ONG out ofPat Robertson's organization.

And I thought, Pat Robertson?

What does he have to do with solar systems

and purification?

The work that you did and continue to do

in Puerto Rico saved lives.

You may not even know it,

but you saved lives.

And it wasn't only thatpeople could drink water

out of a creek and get purified,

it was that

our lives matter to somebody

and without knowing it, I'venever met Mr. Robertson,

I probably never will see him in my life,

but what Operation Blessingdid and continues to do,

these people move their families around

just to help others.

As we speak, there's a team in Indonesia

just doing the same thing.

Simple things.

Rather than, I don'tmean to be disrespectful,

but rather than preaching with words,

just doing the job that needs to be done

to serve one another.

So, we started callingeverything hope, hope, hope,

and then when we saw that North Carolina,

and we heard Operation Blessing saying

we're gonna go up to North Carolina.

Lumberton, I don't evenknow where Lumberton is,

we said we have to pay it forward.

So we asked for volunteers

and seven chefs and cooks are in Lumberton

working alongside Operation Blessing

to help to feed people

and we know what it is to go hungry.

We know what it is to be thirsty.

We know what it is to thinkthat your life does not matter,

so it isn't a lamp,

it isn't a purifying object.

It's pure love that gets passed around.

People there for us.

So now we have to do it for others.

- [John] Let's pay it forward.- I'm sorry, it's just--

- Paying it forward.

Yulin, give us an update onhow things are in San Juan.

- Well, San Juan is doing a lot better.

I often say to people,don't let the lights

in San Juan fool you.

Their suicide rates have gone up by 50%.

Suicide attempts have gone up by 70%.

There's still about 60,000 roofs

all over Puerto Rico, 3,000 in San Juan,

what we call blue roofs.

That's either a tarp or just a frame,

a wooden frame with a tarp on it.

The economy is starting to come back

so if you're lookingfor a place to vacation,

come down to Puerto Rico.

And you can--- [John] That's a plug.

- Yes, and you can, look, andif it makes you feel better,

you can do a little social work

and you can--- Service work.

I love it, yeah.- Service work.

You can have a service vacation.

But we're certainly notwhere we're supposed to be.

The aid in terms of financial,

we hear a lot of headlines,

but the money still hasnot gone into Puerto Rico.

And there's disparities, for example,

out of 4.5 billion dollarsthat had been assigned

to contracts, which notall of them have started,

but only 500 million havebeen to local contractors

and 4.5 to outside contractors.

So it doesn't help much,

but, you know, one thing that Maria

did not take away from us

was our ability to takecare of one another.

In a way, we found ourselves,

but I hope we never haveto find ourselves again

because of that,

and I hope that

that path that we found to help each other

just continues and remains.

We still have a long way to go.

Our electrical grid is almost all done,

but it's very weak.

And the thing is, we had to build it

just the way that it was before,

so if another hurricane comes,

those 60,000 families thathave just a temporary roof

will have to go into a temporary shelter.

- From Maria to Florence.

How Operation Blessingis working to help those

still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

Well, just a few weeks ago,

Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina

bringing high winds anda record amount of rain

to some areas.- And since the storm hit,

Operation Blessing has been on hand,

helping those hardest hit.

Two to three feet of flood waters

were in almost everythingJulian McGriff owned.

While working to try to cleanup what she could salvage,

the mold growing in her homelanded her in the hospital.

That's when Operation Blessing stepped in,

moving cabinets, taking out drywall,

and got everything ready forJulia's house to dry out.

- It just gave me relief.

Gave me some relief and happiness

with how things are

on the way to getting back on track.

- [John] McGriff says she thanks God

for the help of Operation Blessing.

- Yeah, they did some incredible work

and of course, we need to be praying for

Hurricane Michael which is going to be

barrelling down on the panhandle.

- And potentially makinglandfall tomorrow,

you're absolutely right.

As well as the peoplewho are still recovering

from Maria and from Florence.

Well, that's gonna do itfor tonight's Faith Nation.

- Have a great evening.

(upbeat instrumental music)


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