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Trump Apologizes to Justice Brett Kavanaugh at White House Swearing-In Ceremony 

Trump Apologizes to Justice Brett Kavanaugh at White House Swearing-In Ceremony  Read Transcript

- Well, Supreme Court AssociateJustice Brett Kavanaugh

heard his first caseson the high court today.

President Trump held aceremonial swearing in

at the White House Monday night.

The sitting Supreme CourtJustices were all there,

as well as Senate leaders

who helped secure his confirmation.

The President expressed his sorrow

that the process turned so ugly.

- On behalf of our nation,I want to apologize

to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family

for the terrible pain and suffering

you have been forced to endure.

- [Announcer] ThePresident also lashed out

at those who opposed his nominee,

calling the situation disgraceful.

Kavanaugh described theconfirmation process

as quote, "contentious and emotional,"

but said he has no bitterness.

(whooshing music)

- And Jason Yates is theCEO of My Faith Votes,

and he joins us now.

Jason, thanks for being with us.

- Thanks so much, Jenna.

Thanks for having me.

- Jason, you wrote anarticle calling on Americans

to respect the dignityand sincerity of beliefs

of those who havedifferent values from you.

What made you decideto write this article?

- Well, this confirmation hearing

has both revealed andmagnified the political divide

in our nation, and it's affectingevery area of our lives,

including the church.

And we just need to reallystep back and recognize

that we can't allow thepolitical environment

to affect how we live out our faith,

how we network and involve,be involved in relationships

with our neighbors, our communities,

and so we've gotta all step back

and think about how this is impacting us.

- Now, Jason, do you think this bitter,

partisan battle that we saw play out,

do you think this hasjust become the new normal

when it comes to politics?

- Well, that's the scary thing about it,

and we all need to step back.

I think worst of all, thisconfirmation hearing, Jenna,

it was made to be about whether or not

we respect and honor women.

I think it was a false choice,

and that's why I'mcalling on all Christians,

especially Christian men,

to recognize that womenare image-bearers of God.

They are not images to beworshiped or tossed aside.

We need to think about who they are

and who they're made in Christ,

and respect that and do what we can

to seek to end abuse of all kinds.

- With the midtermsjust weeks away, Jason,

many have been saying thatthe Kavanaugh situation

has really energized voterson both sides of the aisle

to get out to the polls.

What's kind of your sense on that?

- Well, I think it's absolutely true.

It's on both sides,

and there is significant opportunity.

We think so much about House,

the Congress and the Senate races,

but, Jenna, there are70,000 elections happening

across the nation in November,

everything from school boardsall the way up to the Senate,

and so, there's a greatamount of influence

and we have to be inspired and motivated,

not just about the federal level,

but what's happening at theschool board level as well.

- Yep, all levels.

Well, your organization, My Faith Votes.

Tell us about that andwhy it's so important

for Christians to take partin the political process.

- We got started in 2016.

We were blessed to becoined by Dr. Ben Carson

who was our honorary chairman at the time,

now he's part of the administration,

and we're equally blessed tohave Governor Mike Huckabee

be our honorary chairman at this point.

We believe that our faithhas something essential

to contribute to our, theproblems in our country,

and so we are encouragingChristians to get out

and to bring the good of their faith

to the political process

so that God can be honored in America.

- Jason Yates with My Faith Votes.

Thank you so much for your time.


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