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'It Has Been an Honor of a Lifetime': The Powerful Legacy of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

'It Has Been an Honor of a Lifetime': The Powerful Legacy of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Read Transcript

- Pat, as you were saying,

President Trump has a list of names

to replace outgoing Ambassador Nikki Haley

at the United Nations,

but he's taking some timeto make his decision.

Haley's announcement that she'sleaving the administration

surprised many, but not the President.

CBN's White House CorrespondentBen Kennedy has more.

- Haley initially told President Trump

of her plans to resignabout six months ago.

She now made it official andplans to stay at her post

until the end of the year.

- I think you have to beselfless enough to know

when you step aside and allowsomeone else to do the job.

So thank you, Mr. President.

- Thank you, Nikki, I'm so proud of you.

- It's been an honor of a lifetime.

- [Ben] UN Ambassador NikkiHaley becomes the latest

in a line of high-profiledepartures from the White House.

- It was a blessing to gointo the UN with body armor

every day and defend America.

- [Ben] She represented the US

with a strong voice at the UN,

speaking out on NorthKorea, Russia, and Iran.

Haley went on the attack

against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

for the use of chemicalweapons on civilians.

- The monster who isresponsible for these attacks

has no conscience,

not even to be shocked bypictures of dead children.

- [Ben] She stood up forthose without a voice

when the US withdrew fromthe UN Human Rights Council.

- When a so-called Human RightsCouncil cannot bring itself

to address the massiveabuses in Venezuela and Iran,

and it welcomes theDemocratic Republic of Congo

as a new member,

the Council ceases tobe worthy of its name.

- [Ben] While at thesame fighting for Israel.

- I think you look atthe anti-Israel bias,

and the strength and courage

that the President showedin moving the Embassy.

- [Ben] She cited her Christian faith

as a reason to supportIsrael, later teaming up

with the President'sson-in-law, Jared Kushner,

to work toward a peacedeal with the Palestinians.

- What I've done working with him

on the Middle East Peace Plan,

it is so unbelievably well done.

- [Ben] Haley sat down

with CBN's Chief Analyst David Brody,

to talk about her impact on the UN.

- Since day one, you've gonein there to shake things up.

How tough has that been?

- Every day I put on body armor,

'cause I know there's gonna be a fight.

I'm just fighting adifferent thing every day.

- [Ben] Senators confirmed

the former South Carolina governor

as US Ambassador to the UN onday four of Trump's presidency

by a vote of 96 to 4.

She will end up servingnearly two years at her post,

citing it was time to step aside.

- You've been fantastic, you're my friend,

and I just, on behalf of the country,

I wanna thank you fora great job, thank you.

- [Ben] Now President Trumpsaid he will name a successor

in the next two or three weeks.

As for what's next, Haleysaid she will not run in 2020,

and will support PresidentTrump's reelection.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, The White House.


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