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140 MPH Monster: Hurricane Michael Now Set to Smash Florida as Extremely Dangerous Category 4

140 MPH Monster: Hurricane Michael Now Set to Smash Florida as Extremely Dangerous Category 4 Read Transcript

- Overnight Michael strengthenedto a category 4 storm,

taking direct aim atthe Florida panhandle.

- Do not underestimatethe power of this storm.

This will be devastating.

- [Charlene] There are concernsMichael could strengthen

before making landfall later today.

- We're talking aboutlandfall this afternoon

near Panama City Beach, gustsup to 160 miles per hour.

Movement here still keeps this a hurricane

into early tonight.

That's gonna be well north of the tens

and we're talking aboutwidespread trees down,

power lines down, butagain making landfall

mid-afternoon as a category 4 hurricane.

- [Charlene] Forecasters warn the storm

could become one of the panhandle's

worst hurricanes in memory.

- This is the worst storm to ever strike

the Florida panhandle.

Hands down.

It's gonna beat Opal, gonnablow away Dennis from 2005

and it's one of only a handful of storms

in the past 30 yearsthat's hitting as intense

as it has been.

- [Charlene] Some 375,000people up and down

the Gulf Coast have beenurged or ordered to evacuate

ahead of life threatening storm surge,

hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall.

- Remember, we can rebuild your house,

we cannot rebuild your life.

Think about your kids, your grandkids,

all your family members.

Take care of them.

Take this seriously andkeep your family safe.

- [Charlene] Some are heeding the warning

taking to shelters.

- Understanding that thisstorm may be a little

bit more intense thanthe others, so I think

it's a good idea if people are concerned

that they have an option.

Come here or some of the other shelters.

- [Charlene] Others planto ride out the storm.

- We're hunkered downthe way we need to be.

We're well prepared.

We understand the severityand we'll be good to go.

- [Charlene] While Michaelis likely to weaken

as it moves across thesoutheastern United States,

its heavy rains and flooding effects

will spread far and wide.

Tropical storm watches arein effect in coastal areas

of Mississippi, Florida,Georgia and South Carolina.

- The problem in the Carolinasis the kind of storm's

gonna knock down some treesand power lines in areas

that they've just put it back up,

but there's gonna be a swatthat three to six locally

12 inch rains in theareas that Florence hit

and those rivers aren'tback in their banks yet

in a lot of cases, so that's gonna

re-aggravate flood problems.

- President Trump has declared a state

of emergency in Florida authorizing FEMA

to coordinate relief efforts and provide

federal money and help.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.


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