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Heart Mended by Miraculous Healing Power

After a near-fatal heart attack, Dell’s heart would never be the same. Then she encountered miraculous healing power. Read Transcript

- And she said these words

that would just forever change my life.

She said you will live and not die.

(light music)

As the band began tostart the worship music,

I stood and I raised my hand in worship.

And a woman that I didn't know,

I had never seen her before,

she walked past me, turned around,

and came back and stoodnose-to-nose with me.

She said fear not, forthe Lord your God says

you will surely live and not die.

- I think both of uswere a little concerned.

Obviously, you'll live and not die.

It kinda tells you somethingis gonna happen soon.

So both of us were quite concerned

and just kinda okay,what's gonna happen next.

- Monday came.

I just didn't feel quite right.

I just felt kind of out of sorts,

tired and not feeling my best.

I was sitting on my sofa with my husband

and something's not right.

I can't breathe.

I said I need to go to the hospital.

- We took her immediatelyto the emergency room.

Pulled up, they cameout with a wheelchair,

wheeled her inside.

The whole time, I'm sayingto God have your hand on her.

- My vitals are slipping and I'm saying

Lord, forgive me foreverything I've ever done,

anything, Lord, that'snot pleasing to you.

- And I saw our pastorlean down and whisper,

"Remember, Dell, youshall live and not die."

- They came back and theysaid you've had a heart attack

and it looks like a bad one.

- And she's gonna haveto have a stent put in.

- And they did the stentand the cardiologist said,

"You should be dead right now.

"90% of the people who havethe kind of heart attack

"you've had don't evenmake it to the hospital

"or they die in their sleep at night."

The heart attack was so bad

that it severely damaged my heart.

My heart was functioningat only about 20%.

They were so worried that I could have

another heart event that theyfitted me with a life vest.

It's actually a defibrillatorthat they strap around you

with all kinds ofmonitoring devices on it.

- Coming back to the house was tough.

The only way to get heraround was in a wheelchair.

I had to pretty muchjust kind of take over

whatever was needed.

- He would not leave my side.

And when we got home, every night,

every night he servedme communion and prayed.

I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't bend over.

I couldn't do anything.

All I could do was just getup and go to the bathroom

and go back and lay right back down

because I was terribly,terribly, terribly weak.

With the amount of damagethat I had in my heart,

they told me you needto get used to this life

because your life as you have known it

is never gonna be the same.

(light music)

My daughter had a friend thatcame over to visit with me.

He had gone to seminaryunder this well known pastor

and he called him.

He said, "We have a friendand she's had a heart attack

"and her heart is severely damaged.

"She's very weak and she needs a miracle."

And this man said, "Have her at my church

"Sunday morning at 9:30 becauseGod is going to heal her."

- You know, I mean we had to wheel her in.

She was so weak.

And then lifting her up,

two people on each sideof her lifted her up.

- They lifted me out of the wheelchair

and I stood there in front of him.

And when he put his handon the top of my head,

it felt like a bolt of electricity

just shot through my body.

And when it did, it set offthe siren on my defibrillator.

- I mean the noises andthe bells and whistles,

everything's happening, you know,

and I'm thinking what is gonna happen now?

And she was able to getaround there and cut it off

before the thing went off.

It hit me right then

that something special was going on here.

- The very next day, Ihad a preset appointment

for a follow-up with my cardiologist.

No wheelchair.

And he looks at me and hesays, "How are you doing?"

I said, "I'm doing great."

And I said, "But I don'tlike this life vest on.

"I want to take it off."

He said, "Oh, no, you can'ttake off the life vest."

And I said, "I want another test.

"I want to prove to youthat God healed me."

After the test, he said,

"Take that defibrillator off

"'cause you don't need it anymore.

"Your heart is back to normal."

He said, "You've had a miracle."

My heart was back to normal,

but it was the low end of normal.

So this young man callsthat pastor back again

and he said, "You have herback here Sunday morning.

"God's gonna finish what he started."

- We wound up going back inand kicking it up a notch.


And he touched her and Icould tell God healed her.

Then we went back to the doctor.

- And he said these words after the test.

"Dell, not only is yourheart back to normal,

"your heart is at the high end of normal."

The Lord had given me a brandnew heart, a brand new heart.

(light music)

I feel better now than I did 20 years ago.

I have more strength.

I feel healthier than I ever did.

- [Cary] Keep walking and keep believing

and hoping and prayingand hanging on to God,

and sure enough, he came through.

- [Dell] There isnothing that he can't do.

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