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The 700 Club - October 10, 2018

The true story of an Army veteran who comes home to declare war on his own wife. Plus, we’re praying for you on today’s 700 Club. Read Transcript

- [Announcer] The followingprogram is sponsored by CBN.

- [Announcer] Coming up, thetrue story of an Army chaplain.

- I began to snap.

- [Announcer] Who broughtthe battle home with him.

- Didn't matter if she was right or wrong.

- [Announcer] Now thestory of this marriage

is playing out on the big screen.

- [Heather] This was gonna go nowhere.

It was gonna get worse.

- [Announcer] The real-lifehusband and wife behind the new

movie Indivisible joins uslive on today's 700 Club.

(bright music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Welcome, folks.

As we told you yesterday,Michael was a Category 3,

but it's moved into a Category 4.

They say it's gonna bethe worst storm ever

to hit the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Never in history has anythingthis powerful come across.

145 miles per hour.

And not only is it a Category 4,

but on the edges, it'll be spawning

not only tornadoes, but hurricanes.

In Richmond, that last storm,they had 13 hurricanes,

and who knows how many asthis thing goes inland.

But it's moving veryrapidly, and it'll be soon.

It'll sweep up through Georgia, Alabama,

and then the end of the Carolinas.

And it's going right on up.

As a matter of fact,in another day or two,

it'll be up here inVirginia, where we live.

It's just unbelievable.

But as I say, it's the strongestin 150, maybe ever years.

I say 150 years, but maybe ever.

But the death toll in the storm

surge is going to be monumental.

If anybody has tried to weather it out,

they're making a big mistake.

It's going to be devastating.

Wendy?- Yeah, I just hope people

have had time to get out.

But Michael is expected to make

landfall near Panama City Beach today.

The Panhandle facesdevastating wind damage,

catastrophic storm surgesof up to 13 feet or more.

As Charlene Aaron tells us, Florida is

under a high state of emergency.

- Overnight, Michaelstrengthened to a monster

Category 4 storm, taking direct

aim at the Florida Panhandle.

- Do not underestimatethe power of this storm.

This will be devastating.

- [Charlene] There are concerns Michael

could strengthen beforemaking landfall later today.

- We're talking aboutlandfall this afternoon

near Panama City Beach, gustsup to 160 miles per hour.

Movement here still keeps this

a hurricane into early tonight.

That's gonna be well north of the tens.

And we're talking aboutwidespread trees down,

power lines down, butagain, making landfall

mid-afternoon as a Category 4 hurricane.

- [Charlene] Forecasterswarn the storm could become

one of the Panhandle'sworst hurricanes in memory.

- This is the worst storm to ever strike

the Florida Panhandle, hands down.

It's gonna beat Opal, gonnablow away Dennis from 2005.

And it's one of only ahandful of storms in the past

30 years that's hittingas intense as it has been.

- [Charlene] Some 375,000people up and down

the Gulf Coast have beenurged or ordered to evacuate

ahead of life-threatening storm surge,

hurricane force winds, and heavy rainfall.

- Remember, we can rebuild your house.

We cannot rebuild your life.

Think about your kids, your grandkids,

all your family members.

Take care of them.

Take this seriously andkeep your family safe.

- [Charlene] Some are heeding

the warning, taking to shelters.

- Understanding that thisstorm may be a little bit more

intense than the others,so I think it's a good idea

if people are concernedthat they have an option.

Come here or some of the other shelters.

- [Charlene] Others planto ride out the storm.

- We're hunkered down, and we need to be.

We're well-prepared.

We understand the severity,and we'll be good to go.

- [Charlene] While Michael is likely

to weaken as it moves across the

Southeastern UnitedStates, its heavy rains

and flooding effectswill spread far and wide.

Tropical storm watches arein effect in coastal areas

of Mississippi, Florida,Georgia, and South Carolina.

- A problem in the Carolinas,this is the kinda storm

that's gonna knock downsome trees and power lines

in areas that they've just put it back up.

But there's gonna be a swatof three to six locally,

12-inch rains in theareas that Florence hit.

And those rivers aren't back

in their banks yet in a lotta cases,

so that's gonnareaggravate flood problems.

- President Trump has declared

a state of emergency in Florida,

authorizing FEMA tocoordinate relief efforts

and provide federal money and help.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- You know, Wendy, I went down shortly

after Hugo hit SouthCarolina, and it was like

somebody had taken an ax, and the trees,

just thousands of them were cut off

right at about three feet above their base

and just chopped down, thousands of trees.

Same thing's gonna happendown there in Florida.

All that pine, foliage that's there,

those trees, they'll be wiped out.

It'll be devastating.

They have no conceptionof how bad it's gonna be.

- I was living in SouthCarolina right before Hugo.

Went back because my parentshad a place down there.

And the bridges, you couldn't even get

to the bridges to check thedamage of what was going on.

But anything that wasn't sturdy was gone.

I mean, it was just no more.

- I remember, we set up our cameras

in the main street of Charleston

'cause there wasn't anybody there,

and there was a roof of oneof the commercial buildings.

It was a tin roof.

And it was like a piece of paper.

You get a piece of paper,you do it like this.

That's what that, itwas balled up like that,

and it'd thrown down inthe middle of the street.

That was so devastating.

But I think the people of the Panhandle

have no conception of whatthis thing's gonna do to them.

And boy, if there's anypossibility of getting,

it may be too late nowto get out of that--

- It's supposed to hittoday, this afternoon.

I mean, the reporters that were on the TV

this morning said it's eight hours away.

So by the time this airs,it'll be seven hours.

- The roads are all jammed up.

Well, this is one of those that

they should be doing something about.

Now, Operation Blessing is mobilizing

to help storm victims in Florida.

Our representatives will beon the ground assessing needs

and working with churchesand government agencies

to provide assistanceonce the storm clears.

We'll have water, we'll have cots,

we'll have tents, we'llhave tarps, we'll have food,

we'll have all that kindastuff and medical assistance.

So, I think it's so important.

So, we'll swing away from that.

We mentioned South Carolina.

There's a young lady whowas governor down there.

As I understand, she's from, well,

a background of Hindu of faith.

And she is a dedicatedChristian, a wonderful person,

and has been a superbgovernor and one of the best

UN ambassadors we haveever had, Nikki Haley.

She's now said, look, I've had eight years

in government service, andI'm going to step down.

I'm giving my notice well in advance.

And at the end of thisyear, she'll be replaced.

So, who's gonna replace her?

Well, there's several.

One is a executive at GoldmanSachs, and the ambassador

of Germany is another thatare under consideration.

John Jessup has more on that story.

- That's right, Pat.

As you were saying,President Trump has a list

of names to replace outgoingAmbassador Nikki Haley

at the United Nations, but he's taking

some time to make his decision.

Haley's announcement that she'sleaving the administration

surprised many, but not the president.

CBN's White House correspondentBen Kennedy has more.

- Haley initially told President Trump

of her plans to resignabout six months ago.

She now made it official and plans

to stay at her post untilthe end of the year.

- I think you have to beselfless enough to know

when you step aside and allowsomeone else to do the job.

So, thank you, Mr. President.

- Thank you, Nikki.- It's been an honor--

- So proud of you.- Of a lifetime.

- [Ben] UN Ambassador NikkiHaley becomes the latest

in a line of high-profiledepartures from the White House.

- It was a blessing to go into the UN

with body armor everyday and defend America.

- [Ben] She representedthe US with a strong voice

at the UN, speaking out onNorth Korea, Russia, and Iran.

Haley went on the attack against

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad

for the use of chemicalweapons on civilians.

- The monster who was responsible

for these attacks has no conscience,

not even to be shocked bypictures of dead children.

- [Ben] She stood up forthose without a voice

when the US withdrew fromthe UN Human Rights Council.

- When a so-called Human Rights Council

cannot bring itself to address

the massive abuses in Venezuelaand Iran and it welcomes

the Democratic Republicof Congo as a new member,

the Council ceases tobe worthy of its name.

- [Ben] While at the sametime fighting for Israel.

- I think you look at the anti-Israel bias

and the strength and courage that

the president showedin moving the embassy--

- [Ben] She cited her Christian faith

as a reason to supportIsrael, later teaming up

with the president'sson-in-law, Jared Kushner,

to work toward a peacedeal with the Palestinians.

- What I've done workingwith him on the Middle East

peace plan, it is sounbelievably well-done.

- [Ben] Haley sat downwith CBN's chief analyst,

David Brody, to talk abouther impact on the UN.

- Since day one, you've gonein there to shake things up.

How tough has that been?

- Every day, I've put on body armor

'cause I know there's gonna be a fight.

I'm just fighting adifferent thing every day.

- [Ben] Senators confirmed the former

South Carolina governoras US ambassador to the UN

on day four of Trump's presidencyby a vote of 96 to four.

She will end up servingnearly two years at her post,

citing it was time to step aside.

- You've been fantastic.

You're my friend.

On behalf of the country,I wanna thank you

for a great job, thank you--

- Now, President Trump said he will name

a successor in the nexttwo or three weeks.

As for what's next, Haleysaid she will not run in 2020

and will support PresidentTrump's reelection.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

- Thanks, Ben.

And President Trump says he's narrowed

his list of possiblereplacements down to five people,

and one name reportedly on the list

is former Deputy NationalSecurity Advisor Dina Powell.

Israelis were as surprised as Americans

at the resignation of Ambassador Haley.

Following the announcementthat she'd wrap up

her two-year tenure at the United Nations,

Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu tweeted:

I would like to thankAmbassador Nikki Haley,

who led the uncompromising struggle

against hypocrisy at the UN, and on behalf

of the truth and justice of our country.

On the sidelines ofSeptember's General Assembly,

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Haley

she helped roll backanti-Semitism at the UN.

- The hall still permeateswith the stench of anti-Israel

and anti-Semitic resolutions,which are the same.

And I wanna thank youfor clearing the air.

- And Pat, he added that Haley

was one of the best friends Israel has had

at the United Nations in a long time.

- Well, frankly, ladies and gentlemen,

I believe the United Nations has served

its purpose and should be replaced.

I counsel and I still counselsome kind of a conference

of democratic nations,and that's what we need.

Because the GeneralAssembly is just a joke.

Time after time, they pass anti-American

and anti-Israeli resolutions,over and over again.

They never say anything about Assad.

They never say anything aboutany of the Arab dictators.

They never say anythingabout Soviet Russia.

They always talk about America and Israel.

It is just an exercise in futility.

Those people are overpaid.

They get a lot more moneythan our foreign diplomats.

They live in great luxury.

And they couldn't care lessabout what they're doing.

They just vote willy-nillyon these things.

And we've got the Security Council,

and the Security Councilunder Obama failed to object

to a resolution againstIsrael, which was just,

well, it was threateningto the whole nation.

It made them an outlaw state.

And the United States has the power

of veto in the Security Council.

The thing is set up, the General Assembly

is a big debating bully,but they have no real power.

The power is in the Security Council.

And it's a few of theleaders of the nations

who were fighting againstNazi Germany in World War II.

And so we have a veto in that.

But it's a waste of money.

We're taking up, maybe 40%of their budget, 30% or so

is paid for by the American taxpayer.

I think it's time to stop.

And we oughta reconstitute a community

of democratic nations,would be the answer.

And I think that's what's gotta be done.

But I don't know if there's any

political will to do that or not.

They would scream at you.

But when you see thepeople who are on there,

for example, as Nikki Haley talked

about their so-calledHuman Rights Council,

and then you've gotthese vicious dictators.

I mean, it's just a farce,what they're doing there.

It's a waste of money, and it's time

we get another organizationthat will be more effective.

That's World War II, andit's been 40, 50, 60 years,

however many years it'sbeen since its creation.

Now it's time for a new world order.


- I'm really gonna miss her.

Do you think she'll reemergein some other office

at some point?- Of course she will.

I mean, she's too popular.

I don't know if Senate, Imean, after having been--

- Governor.- Main focus

of the United States at theGeneral Assembly, she was free.

I don't know, there mightbe some appointive position.

But she'd make a greatSecretary of State, for example.

I mean, if Pompeo is--

- That's what I'm wondering.

I'm wondering if that's inthe cards at some time--

- Well, it's something.- In the future.

- Her and Trump, I thinkeverybody loves her.

And so what do we do?

I mean, she's got a family.

Maybe she just wants totake it easy for a while.

- Hey, that sounds good, too.

- She's gotta strap on body armor

every day to fight the fight,so you get tired of fighting.

Well, God bless her.

And pray for this wonderful lady.

All right?- Amen.

Well, still ahead, there are men

who risked their livesand defied their homelands

to save the lives of countless Jews.

Hear the stories of theheroes who've been called

Righteous Among theNations when we come back.

(triumphant orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Well, many of you, likeI have, have traveled

to Jerusalem, and you've goneto a place called Yad Vashem,

which is the memorial to thevictims of the Holocaust.

And outside that issomething that's called

the Garden of the Righteous Gentiles.

And people who foughtfor the Jewish cause,

like Corrie ten Boom,are remembered there.

Maybe some are buried there.

But there's another group.

They're called theRighteous Among the Nations,

foreign diplomats who helped rescue

hundreds of Jews from Nazi Holocaust.

CBN has partnered withthe Israeli government

to bring a special exhibitionto Regent University.

It honors those who riskedtheir lives to save others.

Gary Lane gives us a look at it.

- Beyond Duty is a Holocaustremembrance display

not only honoring Holocaustsurvivors, but also courageous

foreign diplomats who helped rescue them.

Earlier this year, the United Nations

allowed the Israeli Foreign Ministry

permission to display the exhibit there.

And now the exhibit is on theroad, with the latest stop

being the CBN Regent Universitycampus in Virginia Beach.

Among some of the righteous

diplomats featured in this exhibit?

Raoul Wallenberg.

He was from Sweden.

Many of us know about him,but how many of us have ever

heard about Sebastian de Romero Radigales?

He was from Spain.

Stories of bold diplomats from nations

like Peru and Japan are also featured.

Professor Gerson Moreno-Rianois with Regent University.

- Regent has a long history of standing

with the people of Israeland the State of Israel.

And the chancellor, ourfounder, Dr. Pat Robertson,

loves the people of Israel,loves the State of Israel.

So for us, this is justone more in a long series

of things that we have done in partnering

with the local Jewish communityand the State of Israel.

It highlights the importance of embodying

moral courage in the face of evil.

In today's world especially,I think young people,

students, others need tosee and understand history.

- [Gary] Israel, CBN,and Regent University,

a unique partnershipbroadening Holocaust awareness

by honoring 36 courageousdiplomats and thousands of others

called the Righteous Among the Nations.

- Joining us now with more on the

Beyond Duty exhibit is Benjamin Krasna.

He's deputy head of mission for the

Embassy of Israel to the United States.

And it's nice to see you with us.

Thank you very much.

- Thank you, welcome, Pat.

- Thank you.- Thank you so much.

- Tell me about this exhibit.

Who are these people,these wonderful people?

- Well, these are diplomats from around

the world who refused to sit silent.

Their governments probablywould've preferred inaction,

to stay out of it, to not get involved.

But they saw what washappening to Jews in Europe.

They saw the plan of the Nazis.

And they felt that theycouldn't stay silent.

And so they went beyond the call of duty

and helped enable many ofthem to escape the Holocaust.

And for that, we're very, very grateful.

- Well, did many of them risk their lives?

Did the Nazis try to killthem, or were they spared?

- Well, many of them,obviously, had risked

their lives or risked their careers.

The most famous example, ofcourse, is Raoul Wallenberg.

To this day we actually don'tknow what his fate has been.

But again, it was a time of great risk

of what the Nazis may do and what their

own governments, how they may react.

- Is there any possibilitythat that would be repeated?

We've all said, never again.

It can't ever happen again.

But is there a possibility?

- Well, Pat, I think it's why there's

such an important lesson here.

The generation of thosewho actually remember

the Holocaust, the survivors,the people, those diplomats,

they're no longer with us, or many of them

will not be with us for much longer.

And so it's important that we have

a way to eternalize thislesson so that we can teach

the younger people, theycan see this generation.

So then when we face somethinglike the tyrants in Iran

declare they desire toannihilate the Jewish people,

to deny the Holocaust, towipe out the State of Israel,

people understand why we haveto take such things seriously.

- Do you think the young people today,

'cause I was there whenthis stuff was going on.

I was younger, but I remember.

Do you think the youth of today

have an appreciation of what the Jews

went through under, they don't even know.

They think Hitler was kindof a nice guy, don't they?

- Yeah, look--- It's a shame.

- I mean, it has to be morethan just a history lesson.

It has to be a lesson about morality.

It has to be a lesson about taking action

and not standing byquietly and calling out

when they see wrong and doingwhat they can to save people.

- You've got the titleRighteous Among the Nations.

Do you wanna explain that a little bit?

- Well, again, I think that many of us

would've expected the Jews to help Jews.

Obviously, there was manymovements to do that.

But again, even there were many Jews,

unfortunately, who were silent.

But this was something else.

This was people who just saw the wrong

and saw the evil and then tookthese righteous, brave acts

and therefore to meet andto help and facilitate.

People from Turkey, asyou say, from Japan,

from Cuba, from all over the world

who actually took this action.

- Is there one thatstands out in your mind

that is kinda like a hero for you?

- Well, look, for me,there's a certain fact,

I started my service,my first place abroad

was serving in Istanbul, Turkey.

- Aha.- And so Selahattin Ulkumen

is mentioned, a Turkishdiplomat who saved many Jews

and enabled them to expat from Rhodes.

And so to me, I had the opportunity

to meet him when I first served there.

- Oh, yeah.- And so to me,

it was really a greatmoment to meet someone

who was so brave and so modest.

And I think that combinationis what made it special.

- Oh, you mentioned Turkey.

The current president, whatis his attitude, do you think?

I mean, is he setting upan Islamic dictatorship?

Is he for Israel or againstIsrael, or what do you think?

- Look, I have a tremendous amount

of affinity for the Turkish people.

I served there.

I speak the language somewhat.

And I saw the great, great potential

of the relationship between the country.

I saw the openingsegment, where you talked

about the amazing humanitarian aid

that you're doing today in the South

and I know that you'redoing also now in Indonesia,

where there're also Israelisnow assisting in Indonesia.

I had the opportunity inthe earthquakes in 1999.

I had the opportunity to work with our

search-and-rescue teams, and it really was

a tremendous, tremendousopportunity to see the outpouring.

And the Israelis werethe first on the ground

with the largest numbers, saved people.

I witnessed it myself, and really,

it was a tremendous,tremendous opportunity.

- So, the Turks are, actually,that was the fountainhead

of Christianity, wasTurkey in the early days.

But anyhow, well, I commendyou on this exhibit.

Now, this exhibit is comingto Regent University.

We're honored to have it herefor a couple weeks, maybe?

- Right, we had the opportunity

last night with Gordon to open it.

It was a wonderful turnout.

Working together withthe university, with CBN,

with the local Jewish community.

And so we're really, very, very proud.

And I think it's so appropriate that

it be at a university,that it be in a place

to educate so that theyoung people can see it,

because they really needto be our target audiences.

- Well, thank you for beingwith us, Benjamin Krasna.

Thank you so much.

And their exhibit, by the way,

is gonna be at Regent University.

It runs today through October the 23rd.

And you can get more informationor schedule a group visit.

Go to,

or call 888-372-1006.

Thank you so much.

God bless you.- Thank you very much, Pat.

Thank you.- All right.


- Thanks, Pat.

Well, coming up, 15 years of chronic

pain vanishes in an instant.

(uplifting music)

- And I couldn't believe it.

And I was so happy because He healed me.

- [Wendy] Hear her story of miraculous

healing when we come back.

(bright music)

- Can you imagine youwake up in the morning

and you start stretchingand you start counting

how much pain places you've got?

Ah, ah, ah!

Your knees, your hips, your shoulders,

your arms, your elbows.

Well, that's nine out of 10.

That's how Chanda Monroe describes

the pain she felt every day.

Her problems stretchedfrom her legs to her head,

locked up her body, and kept her

in a constant state of discomfort.

And then one day, Chanda was deciding

whether to call in sick orto go to a chiropractor.

She did neither.

And look what happened to Chandra.

- [Narrator] Chanda Monroefrom Aurora, Colorado,

cleans homes for a living.

Although she lived withchronic hip and back pain,

she continued to work whenever she could.

- I've had a lotta pain off and on

probably for the last 15 years.

You can imagine that thatcould really hurt your back

when you're bending and swoopingand twisting and all that.

- [Narrator] In July of 2018,

Chanda's suffering reached a new level.

- When the pain was at its worst,

I would just have to sit or go to bed

and maybe sometimes put ice on the area

and, I don't know, just pray about it.

It kept me from doing a lotta things.

I felt so much pain that Ididn't even wanna go to work.

- [Narrator] On July19th of that same year,

Chanda was debating about going to work

or going to her chiropractor.

Then there was the third option.

- I had a feeling that God toldme to turn on The 700 Club.

And it was about 8:30 a.m.

I turned it on, and BrendaSipes had her story.

And she had a story about her neck

being injured in a car accident, I think.

And it was really bad.

I saw her put her hand uponher neck, and they prayed

for her, and she said,"I have no more pain."

And as soon as she said that,

I was watching and I said, "I want that,"

because I was in so much pain.

And so I just continued to pray.

And then Wendy and Pat,they decided to pray,

and they were wrapping up the show.

And so I said, "Okay, I'll pray with 'em."

So I put my hand uponmy back, and Wendy said.

- You just saw this pieceabout Brenda's neck,

and you've had, it's not somuch your neck, but your back.

And you are asking for thesame miraculous surgery

to take place, and Godis saying yes today.

Your spine is being completely healed.

- And I said, "Okay,God, I'm gonna stand up,

"and I'm gonna walk around,'cause I don't feel any pain."

And so I got up and walked around,

and I started praising Jesus.

I just said, "Oh my gosh,I have no more pain.

"Thank you, Lord."

And I put my hands up in theair, and I was thanking Him.

And I couldn't believe it.

And I was so happy because He healed me.

And I had no more pain.

It was gone completely.

I was able to go to workthat day and feel no pain,

and for the rest of theweek and for the rest

of the next week and the week after.

- [Narrator] When she's not working,

Chanda loves to spend timewith her husband, Zach,

and her children and two grandchildren.

- Since my healing, I'mable to pick up the kids

and play with them and go tothe park and walk the dogs.

I love to share this story because

I've never experienced this before.

And it was the most wonderfulthing I've ever felt.

I felt the Holy Spirit gofrom the bottom of my feet

all the way up through mybody, and I knew it was God.

- "I knew it was God."

Wendy, you didn't know her, did you?

- No, not at all.

But she seems like a very nice lady.

I'd like to meet her.

(both laugh)

- Isn't that sweet?

- Oh, that makes me just so happy.

It makes me wanna cry, yeah.- Yeah, of course it does.

Well, here are a few more.

Somebody's got Meniere's disease.

And somebody's had 35 mini strokes.

35 mini strokes, needs healing.

And somebody, of course, says,

we need to pray for arevival throughout America.

What do you have?

- This person, I need a breakthrough.

After 40 years in the computer field,

I cannot find a job due to my age.

Don't say that.

God can do anything.

This person needs to bedelivered from anxiety

and stress and need to be healed

of ulcerative colitisand fatty liver disease.

- Okay.- Lot of needs out there.

- Folks, we wanna pray for you.

You saw a lady crippledthroughout her body,

and yet in a matter ofinstants, God touched her.

You see, we've got a God,with all things are possible.

Just keep that in mind.

With God' everything is possible.

Don't say, as you said, well,I'm too old to get a job.

No, no, God's got plenty of jobs.

God's got plenty of opportunities.

God's got plenty of education,

plenty of money, plenty of healing power.

He is able to do all things.

Nothing is impossible.

So, we're going to pray for you right now.

Whatever the need is, youhold it before the Lord,

and we're gonna pray together.

And I'll join hands with Wendy,

and the two of us will pray together.

Father, in Jesus' name, I join with Wendy,

and we pray together right now.

- Yes, Lord.

- And we ask that you would touch people.

There's somebody, it's like a miasma.

You've got a cloud all overyou in front of your face.

There's something wrong,

like you're walking through the fog.

And that fog is gonna liftright now in the name of Jesus.

Marcia, you're healed in Jesus' name.

- Amen.

So many people suffering with arthritis.

Some of it is just sopainful and debilitating.

And God sees your pain, andHe is touching you today.

If you have arthritis, just start

lifting your hands, praising God.

You are being healed.- Amen.

- You are being healed.- You've got an ulcer.

You've got an ulcer right inthe middle of your stomach.

It burns and it's so painful.

And right now, it's gonnabe like a finger of fire

just went into the innerpart of your being right now.

And you are completelyhealed in Jesus' name.

- Yeah, there's a gentlemanwith a bone spur in your foot,

I believe--- Thank you, Lord.

- And God is touching you right now.

You're being healed.- Thank you, Jesus.

- In Jesus' name.

- Oh, there's a spirit of fear.

Melanie, you are free from that.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Begin to praise God.

You are delivered from fear.

That spirit of fear is leavingyou as we speak right now.

In Jesus' name.


- Amen.

- And amen.

Please give us a call.

Let us know what's happened.

I think a lot of people got touched then,

and especially thatarthritis, fear, and so forth.

God wants you to be healed.

Give us a call.

It's 1-800-700-7000.

It's easy to remember.


Tell us the good news.

And if you want prayer requests,

somebody's here on thephone ready to pray for you.

And now we've got an inspiring story.

They made a movie out of it.

- They did, and I'veseen it, and it's great.

(Pat laughs)Still ahead,

an Army chaplain who triedto save lives in Iraq

and save his own marriage at home.

Hear the story that inspiredthe new movie Indivisible.

That's next.

(bright music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

- Welcome back to The 700 Club.

The Congressional Leadership Fund

is looking for more money for campaigns

to help stop a Democratictakeover of the House.

Reuters reports a memo released Tuesday

stated the committee hasalready spent $90 million

on key House races,but that wasn't enough.

The memo warns donors that Democrats

have outspent Republicans by $50 million.

The memo did also show that voter approval

of President Trump had risen by 5%

across 20 critical House districts

following the Kavanaugh controversy.

A big ruling for religiousfreedom in the United Kingdom.

After a four-year legal battle,

Christian bakers in Northern Ireland

won their Supreme Court case.

Owners of Ashers Baking Company

came under fire for refusing an order

for a cake from a gay rights activist.

The Court held up a rulingWednesday that Ashers

acted lawfully and did notdiscriminate against anyone.

Judges held it was the message

the bakery objected to, not the customer.

And you can always get the latest

from CBN News by going toour website at

Pat and Wendy will be back with more

of The 700 Club right after this.

(dramatic orchestral music)

(bright music)

- Well, one moment, Darren Turner's mind

wandered to the dozensof men wounded and killed

while he was deployed in Iraq.

The next moment, Darren had his kids

begging him to go to the park and play.

As an Army chaplain, Darren was a strong

anchor of faith for his fellow soldiers,

but he struggled to do the same at home.

- [Narrator] Darren Turnerand his wife, Heather,

had no idea how the war in Iraq

would shake their rock-solidmarriage to its core.

In 2007, Darren, a Regent University grad,

spent 15 months as an Army chaplain,

encouraging servicemenand women in their faith.

But when he came home,things quickly fell apart.

- I began to snap at little things.

And it didn't matter ifshe was right or wrong.

That wasn't the point.

It was an opportunity for me to let

some of my anger and frustration out.

- I knew something deeper, supernatural,

that we could notmanufacture had to happen,

or else this was gonna go nowhere.

It was gonna get worse.

- [Narrator] Darren and Heather's story

hits the big screen inthe movie Indivisible,

playing in theaters starting October 26th.

- And the movie's amazing.

Well, Darren and Heather Turner,

the real Darren and HeatherTurner, are with us now.

And welcome to The 700 Club, guys.

- Thank you for having us.- Thanks for having us.

- Wow, it's so weird, because I just

saw the movie last night.

I got finished watching it at midnight,

and then they had thepictures of the real family

come on afterward, andso now here you are.

- Here we are.

- Darren, you had severaltours of duty over in Iraq.

The one depicted in themovie was your first tour--

- Correct.- Which was incredible.

Can you even tell us, whatwas that like for you?

- Yeah, so I actuallywent to seminary here.

I was a Regent student, graduated 2006,

and then went on active duty the

beginning of 2007, deployed for 15 months

three months after myfirst day on active duty.

- Wow.- So it was fast.

It was part of President Bush'ssurge, if you recall that--

- Oh, yeah.- Back in 2007 and eight.

And so we went to Iraq for 15 months.

- And I remember in the movie,

it's like, we're called to this.

You were gonna just take it on.

And you get over there, and it was totally

not what you expected, orworse than you expected.

- Yeah, I'm not sure I expected,

I had no idea what to expect, honestly.

I knew we were gonna go intoa pretty hot combat zone.

And it was--

- And it was.- It was pretty wild, yeah.

- And you ended up ministeringto some soldiers who ended up

losing their lives, andthat really affected you.

- It did.

- And Heather, you'rehome raising three kids.

And you guys are communicating a lot,

and at first, everything seems fine,

but then you start to notice he's not

sounding like himself anymore.

What was going on with you?

- I think for me, I just wanted to be able

to connect to him in a way that I felt

like he was heard and I was heard.

But there's just practical issues

back then during the deployments.

You did just get yourtwo-minutes phone call,

and there was this long delay.

And so we would get off the phone

feeling like we hadn't reallysaid anything to each other.

- [Wendy] Two minutes?

Oh, I didn't realize itwas only, that's tough.

That's really tough.

- Before Skype, before smartphones,

they had call centers at someof these deployed locations.

- Oh, man.- And you had

a limited amount of time.

- Wow.

Well, at least you called.

(Heather laughs)Guys just text today.

- Right, yeah.

- So, when he got home after,it was 15 months, right?

- [Darren] 15 months.

- He wasn't the same man.

Heather, how did that make you feel?

What was going on?

- Yeah, neither of uswere the same people.

You change anyway overthat period of time.

But having been in stressful situations

just compounded that problem.

And so he came back, and the same thing,

I didn't really have an expectation.

I didn't know what to expect.

But I did expect that atleast we would come back

and be glad to see each otherand sorta reconnect in a way.

- [Wendy] But he was angry.

- Yes, he was just angry and disconnected.

- And Darren, why do you think

you were taking yourfrustrations out on Heather?

- That's the million-dollar question.

(Wendy laughs)

As you mentioned, itwas a tough deployment.

I lost a lotta guys.

She was there with the family.

So I didn't fully appreciate what she

had gone through on that deployment.

I only saw what I saw, and vice versa.

You didn't fully appreciatewhat happened with us.

And so we came backfeeling almost competitive,

like we both had a betterstory than the other one.

And that kinda fueledthat anger a little bit.

- Sure, and the kids, they'recaught in the crossfires.

- Yeah.- How are they coping

during this time?

What do you, yeah--

- Yeah, Ellie, I remember,and we have pictures

where she actually pulledall of her eyelashes out.

- [Wendy] Oh!

- And not consciously.

She would not know that she had done it.

But we have pictures where, I mean,

she literally is missingall of her eyelashes.

And she would say if you asked her

that she was fine, butclearly there's a stress.

- [Wendy] And she was thedaughter who has the asthma.

- Right.- Yes.

- And that was depicted so beautifully

in the movie and brings you to tears.

And that little actress was amazing.

I loved her.

You two actually separated

for a little while after you got back.

You'd already beenseparated for 15 months.

(Darren laughs)And then you get separated.

Did that help or hurt?

- Well, for us,

that was God working in us.

We had looked at each other for answers,

and neither of us had answers.

We were both empty.

- Wow.- And so it took a season

of being in the desert,almost like Gomer and Hosea,

where I had to go faraway to really figure out

what was going on inme and so that I could

come back to Heatherand offer her something

instead of trying to take something.

- And Darren, what was the turning point?

- So, one afternoon, I tookthe kids to meet Heather.

And that was the first timein a public setting where,

we were separated, and so that was

the first time I had to release the kids.

I stayed back, and they ran to Mom,

and then I turned aroundand got in the car and left.

And so just the weight, thegravity of that situation

finally slapped me in the faceand woke me up, so to speak.

And from there, I was readyto fight for my family.

And that's when I got, I had to get

out of the Army to do that.

- [Wendy] Wow.

- The Army wanted me to stay in,

but I knew that I needed timeand space outside of that

if I was gonna have a fighting chance

to win my wife's heart back and the kids.

- And Heather, how did youlearn to trust Darren again?

Because he had completely changed.

And I guess what you didn't realize

was that he was feeling guilty

for not being able to save the men,

at least that's what'sdepicted in the movie.

- [Darren] Right.

- [Wendy] But how did youlearn to trust him again?

- I think for me, itwas less about learning

how to trust Darren andmore about learning how

to trust the Lord in difficult situations.

And so for me, it was more of

the Lord really just kind of revealing

His will to me for marriage,and that if He's for marriage,

how can we undo whatGod has put into plan?

And so for me, it wasjust an obedient choice

to follow what the Lord's will was

and trust that God was going to keep me

in His will and bless my children

out of an obedientdecision to stay married.

And eventually, myemotions caught up to that.

But it did take some time.

- So many military familiesgo through divorce.

Now you counsel military families.

What's the number-onething that you tell them

when they're in the situationthat you guys were in?

- Yeah, and my counsel to them is,

and I don't understandevery couple's situation.

They're so drastically different.

- Sure.- But the common

denominator is, one or both want out.

And so just one more day, one more day.

Let's keep talking about this.

Let's create some spacefor God to break your heart

for your family, instead of you chasing

after other things and deciding that

this is the best thing todo, is leave your family.

It's not.

- [Wendy] It's not.

- It's not.- It's not.

Well, your story is nowheaded to the big screen.

It's called Indivisible.

It is a powerful movie.

I loved it.

I did cry a few times.

(Darren and Heather chuckle)

And I love the, well, Ilove so much about it.

We don't have time to talk too much

about the movie, but it comes out when?

- October 26th.

- October 26th.- Just in a couple a weeks.

- Okay, Indivisible, intheaters across the country?

- Absolutely, yeah, goto,

and you can type in your ZIP code,

and it'll pop up theclosest theaters to you.

- I really think it's a right-now movie.

And it's a great movie formilitary and anybody, any--

- Anybody.- Anyone to see.

- Yeah.

- Thanks for sharing your story--

- Thank you, Wendy.- With us and with the world.

For more information,you can go to

Again, Darren, Heather, thanks.

God bless you guys.- Thank you.

Thanks for having us.- Appreciate it.

- Well, still ahead, time for us

to tackle questions from you.

One viewer writes, so oftenI hear churches preach

the promises and blessing of God,

but they never teach the true way

to Christ through the cross and salvation.

Why are things being sugarcoated?

We'll have that questionand much more coming up.

Don't go away.

(upbeat music)

(bright music)

$5 a day, that won'tbuy much food, will it?

But that's all one grandfather had

to feed his family of 13 children.

Meals were skipped, and someof his children got sick.

But when Orphan's Promisefound out about their plight,

we made sure they'd never go hungry again.

(gentle music)

- [Terry] When Grandpa gets home,

it's the best time of the dayfor Guile and his sister, Mia.

- [Translator] Grandma,Grandpa, I'm hungry.

- [Terry] The childrenmissed lunch that day,

and there was only a little bit of bread

for them to share with their 11 cousins,

who are all being raisedby their grandparents.

The children's mothers work far from home

as domestic help and send onlya few dollars when they can.

Meanwhile, Grandpa makes only $5 a day

driving a motorcycle taxi,which is never enough

for food for the hungry grandkids.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] To behonest, there are days

when we have to skip lunchbecause we don't have food.

We'd want until evening, hoping my

husband has enough to buy dinner.

(speaking in a foreign language)

- [Translator] My tummy hurts here.

- [Terry] And Guile came down

with pneumonia because of malnutrition.

- [Translator] I felt weak.

I could not play.

(uplifting music)

- [Terry] When CBN learnedabout Mia and Guile,

we brought our mobile medical clinic,

which provided them withmedicine and vitamins.

Next, CBN's Orphan's Promise started

a feeding program in their community.

Now Mia, Guile, and their younger cousins

enjoy a nutritious lunch every day.

- [Translator] I like going to the center.

The food is yummy.

- [Translator] We eatmeat, vegetables, and rice.

- [Terry] And having a placewhere the younger children

can eat at least one meal a day

has taken pressure off Grandma.

- [Translator] I'm sohappy my grandchildren

can eat a complete meal every day.

They look healthy andfeel a lot better now.

- [Terry] Finally, Orphan'sPromise gave Grandma

a sewing machine and everything needed

to start a business makingclothes and curtains.

It has turned into a goodsource of income for the family.

- [Translator] The sewing machine helps me

meet my grandchildren's needs.

Thank you for theblessings you've given us.

- The Bible says true religion

is helping the widows and the orphans,

and Orphan's Promise isdoing that beautifully.

Well, if you are a CBNpartner, you're a part of that.

You are helping those little kids,

those 13 children havehealthy meals and not be sick.

If you would like to be a part

of what we're doing and you're not,

just go to your phones right now and say,

yes, I'd like to join The 700 Club.

It's just 65 cents a day.

$20 a month is all it takesto become a CBN partner

and to help so many hurtingpeople around the world.

And when you do that, we wanna bless you

with Pat's new teachingcalled Miraculous Blessings.

This is a wonderful teachingthat Pat's put together

that will bless you, and it's yours.

It's our free gift to you when you give us

a call right now and say, yes,I wanna join The 700 Club.

And it's time--- All right.

Let's go.- To bring it on.

All right.

Well, we don't call itbring it on anymore.

We call it Honest Questions,Honest Answers, I mean.

Okay, so this viewer says,so often I hear churches

preach the promises and blessings of God,

but they never teachthe true way to Christ

through the cross and salvation.

Why are things being sugarcoated?

- Well, (laughs) why do you wanna give

happy thoughts to get a bigger audience?

That's why they do it.

They want the church full of people.

And the people seem to liketo have their ears tickled.

That's what the Bible says.

The truth is, there'sonly one way to salvation,

and that is through the cross.

Jesus said, except a man pick up his cross

and follow me, he can't enter the Kingdom.

So, if you're gonna tell

it the truth, we tell it the truth.

But the truth is that having come

to the Lord, there is a glorious future.

It isn't all bad.

But you have to die.

Then you come alive.

I'm alive, now I'm dead,and now I'm alive again.

I mean, that's the wholeidea of being born again.

All right?

- All right, Charles says,

I have a friend who's a Christian.

However, in responseto the fact that Trump

wants to stop abortion, shesaid she disagrees and that

it's a woman's right to choosewhat to do with her body.

I need advice on the bestway to respond to her.

- Oh.

Look, what is beingkilled is not her body.

It is a living human being that

is the union of a man and a woman.

It's not her body.

And the idea of sayingthat she has a right

to do what she wants to withher body is just not true.

They used to say abortion was murder.

And then that sounded too harsh,

so they don't say that anymore.

But the truth is, you arekilling a human being.

It is a human being.

It is a person, and thatperson is being killed.

And it's not her body.

It's just one of thosethings that's in our society.

We sugarcoated abortion sothat everybody wants to do it.

It's okay, it's legal,the Supreme Court said so,

there's Roe versus Wade, and so forth.

But it used to be called murder.

It still is, all right?

- All right, Raphael says,why is the only spiritual gift

shown and practiced on your show

the gift of the word of knowledge?

And how is it that each of the hosts

are able to walk in this gift?

- Well, it's one of thosethings that's there.

Really, the best one Ithink is the word of wisdom,

which has to do with analysisand foretelling the future.

It's one of those giftsof the Holy Spirit.

Read Romans chapter 12.

Paul sets it out what they are.

And he also says, earnestlydesire the better gifts,

especially that you might prophesy.

So I think all of us need to yearn

to be filled with God'spower and to exercise

all of the enablements, the charismata.

They're not, quote, gifts.

They're charismata.

And we all oughta need them, so.

But what do we do here?

I mean, we see miracles.

We see healing, giftsof healing, miracles.


- All right, here's Ronald.

He says, will you go toHeaven if you're not baptized,

even if you pray andread your Bible daily?

- You know, Jesus saidthat those who go to Heaven

are those who do the willof my Father in Heaven.

That's what He wants,is for you to obey Him

and do the will of His Father in Heaven.

It's really got nothingto do with being baptized

or reading your Bibleevery day or anything.

It's doing the will ofmy Father in Heaven.

And baptism is a sign where

the old man is buried andraised in newness of life.

It's a symbol of what goes on.

But I think faith iswhat is gonna save you,

not baptism or not any ritual.

Well, Today's Power Minute isfrom the Book of Ephesians.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted,

forgiving one another, evenas God in Christ forgave you.

Well, tomorrow we've got Tucker Carlson

talking about his book the Ship of Fools.

You'll find it very interesting.

We'll see you then.


(bright music)


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