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News on The 700 Club: October 10, 2018

As seen on “The 700 Club,” Oct 10.: Read Transcript

(tense music)

- Welcome folks.

As we told you yesterday the Michael was

a category three, but it'smoved into a category four.

They say it's going to be the worst storm

ever to hit the Gulf Coast of Florida.

Never in history has anythingof this powerful come across.

A 145 miles per hour and not only is

it category four, but on the edges

it'll be spawning not onlytornadoes, but hurricanes.

You know, in Richmond, that last storm

they had 13 hurricanesand who knows how many

as this thing goes inland.

But it's moving very rapidly and it'll be

soon, it'll sweep up through Georgia,

Alabama and then into the Carolinas.

And it's going right on up,

as a matter of fact in another day or two

it'll be up here inVirginia where we live.

It's just unbelievable.

But as they say, it's the strongest

in 150, maybe ever years.

I say 150 years, but maybe ever.

But the death toll and the storm surge

is going to be monumental.

If anybody has tried to

weather it out, they'remaking a big mistake.

It's going to be devastating.

- Well, I just hope peoplehave had time to get out.

But Michael is expected to make landfall

near Panama City Beach today.

The panhandle facesdevastating wind damage,

catastrophic storm surgesof up to 13 feet or more.

As Charlene Aaron tellsus, Florida is under

a high state of emergency.

- Overnight, Michaelstrengthened to a monster

category four storm, taking direct aim

at the Florida pan handle.

- Do no underestimatethe power of this storm.

This will be devastating.

- [Charlene] There are concernsMichael could strengthen

before making landfall later today.

- We're talking aboutlandfall this afternoon

near Panama City Beach.

Gusts up to 160 miles per hour.

Movement here still keeps this a hurricane

into early tonight.

And that's gonna be wellnorth of of the tins,

and we're talking aboutwidespread trees down,

power lines down.

But again, making landfall mid afternoon

as a category four hurricane.

- [Charlene] Forecasterswarn the storm could become

one the panhandle's worsthurricanes in memory.

- This is the worst storm to ever strike

the Florida panhandle.

Hands down, it's gonna beat Opal,

it's gonna blow away Dennis from 2005.

And it's one of only a handful of storms

in the past 30 years,that's hitting as intense

as it has been.

- [Charlene] Some 375,000people up and down

the Gulf Coast have beenurged or ordered to evacuate.

Ahead of life threatening storm surge,

hurricane force winds and heavy rainfall.

- Remember, we can rebuild your house.

We cannot rebuild you life.

Think about your kids, your grandkids,

all your family members.

Take care of them.

Take this seriously andkeep your family safe.

- [Charlene] Some are heeding the warning,

taking to shelters.

- Understanding that this storm

may be a little bit moreintense than the others.

So I think it's a good ideaif people are concerned

that they have an option.

Come here or some of the other shelters.

- [Charlene] Others planto ride out the storm.

- We're hunkered down,the way we need to be.

We're well prepared.

We understand the severity

and we'll be good to go.

- [Charlene] While Michaelis likely to weaken

as it moves across thesoutheastern United States

its heavy rains and flooding effects

will spread far and wide.

Tropical storm watches are in effect

in coastal areas of Mississippi, Florida,

Georgia and South Carolina.

- The problem in the Carolinas,this is the kind of storm

that gonna knock downsome trees and power lines

in areas that they just put it back up.

But there's gonna be swathof three to six locally,

12 inch rains, in theareas that Florence hit.

And those rivers aren'tback in their banks yet

in a lot of cases, so that's

gonna re-aggravate flood problems.

- President Trump hasdeclared a state of emergency

in Florida, authorizing FEMA to coordinate

relief efforts and providefederal money and help.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- You know Wendy, I wentdown shortly after Hugo

hit South Carolina, andit was like somebody

had taken an ax and thetrees, just thousands of them,

cut off right at about three feet above

their base and just chopped down.

Thousands of trees.

Same thing's gonna happendown there in Florida.

All that pine foliage that's there,

those trees, they'll be wiped out.

It'll be devastating.

They have no conceptionof how bad it's gonna be.

- I was living in SouthCarolina right before Hugo,

went back, I think my parentshad a place down there.

And the bridges, you couldn'teven get to the bridges

to check your, the damageof what was going on.

But anything that wasn't sturdy, was gone.

It was just was no more.

- I remember we set up ourcameras in the Main Street

of Charleston, 'causethere wasn't anybody there.

And there was a roof of oneof the commercial buildings.

It was a tin roof and itwas like a piece of paper.

You get a piece of paper,you do it like this,

that's what that, itwas balled up like that

and thrown down in themiddle of the street.

That was so devastating.

But I think the people of the panhandle

have no conception what thisthing's gonna do to them.

Boy, if there's anypossibility of getting out.

I may be too late now to get out.

- It's supposed to hittoday, this afternoon.

The reporters that wereon the TV this morning,

said it's eight hours away,so by the time this airs,

it'll be seven hours.

- The roads are all jammed up.

This is one of those that they

should be doing something about.

Now, Operation Blessing is mobilizing

to help storm victims in Florida.

Our representatives will be on the ground

assessing needs and working with churches

and government agencies to provide

assistance once the storm clears.

We'll have water, we'llhave cots, we'll have tents,

we'll have tarps, we'llhave food, we'll have

all that kind of stuff,and medical assistance.

So I think it's so important.

So we'll swing away from that.

We mentioned South Carolina.

There's a young lady, whowas governor down there.

As I understand, she's from a well,

a background of Hindu, of faith,

and she is a dedicatedChristian, a wonderful person,

and has been a superbgovernor and one of the best

UN Ambassadors we have ever had.

Nikki Haley, she's now said,

"Look, I've had eightyears in government service

"and I'm gonna step down.

"I'm giving my notice well in advance."

And at the end of thisyear, she'll be replaced.

So who's she gonna replace her?

Well, there's several.

One is a executive at Goldman Sacks

and the Ambassador to Germany is another

that are under consideration.

John Jessup has more on that story.

- That's right Pat.

As you were saying, President Trump has

a list of names to replaceoutgoing Ambassador Nikki Haley

at the United Nations.

But he's taking some timeto make his decision.

Haley's announcement that she's leaving

the Administration surprised many

but not the President.

CBN's White House CorrespondentBen Kennedy has more.

- Haley initially toldPresident Trump of her plans

to resign about six months ago.

She now made it officialand plans to stay at her

post until the end of the year.

- I think you have to beselfless enough to know

when you step aside and allowsomeone else to do the job.

So thank you Mr. President,- Thank you Nikki.

I'm so proud of you.- It's been an

honor of a lifetime.

- [Ben] UN Ambassador NikkiHaley becomes the latest

in a line of high profiledepartures from the White House.

- It was a blessing to gointo the UN with body armor

every day and defend America.

- [Ben] She representedthe US with a strong voice

at the UN, speaking out onNorth Korea (Nikki speaking)

Russia and Iran.

Haley went on the attackagainst Syria's President

Bashar al-Assad for the use

of chemical weapons on civilians.

- The monster who isresponsible for these attacks

has no conscience,

not even to be shocked bypictures of dead children.

- [Ben] She stood up forthose without a voice

when the US withdrew fromthe UN Human Rights Council.

- When a so-called Human Rights Council

cannot bring itself toaddress the massive abuses

in Venezuela and Iran, andit welcomes the Democratic

Republic of Congo as a new member,

the Council ceases tobe worthy of its name.

- [Ben] While at the sametime, fighting for Israel.

- I think you look at the anti-Israel bias

and the strength andcourage that the President

showed in moving the Embassy.

- [Ben] She cited her Christian faith

as a reason to support Israel,

later teaming up with thePresident's son-in-law,

Jared Kushner, to work toward a peace deal

with the Palestinians.

- What I've done working with him on the

Middle East Peace Plan, itis so unbelievably well done.

- [Ben] Haley sat downwith CBN's Chief Analyst

David Brody, to talksabout her impact on the UN.

- Since day one, you've gonein there to shake things up.

How tough has that been?

- Every day I put onbody armor, 'cause I know

there's gonna be a fight.

I'm just fighting adifferent thing every day.

- [Ben] Senators confirmthe former South Carolina

Governor as US Ambassadorto the UN on day four

of Trump's presidencyby a vote of 96 to four.

She will end up servingnearly two years at her post,

citing it was time to step aside.

- You've been fantastic, you're my friend

and I just, on behalf of the country,

I want to thank you fora great job, thank you.

- Now President Trump saidhe will name a successor

in the next two or three weeks.

As for what's next, Haleysaid, she will not run in 2020,

and will support PresidentTrump's reelection.

Ben Kennedy CBN News, the White House.

- Thanks Ben.

And President Trump sayshe has narrowed his list

of possible replacementsdown to five people.

And one name reportedly on the list

is former Deputy NationalSecurity Advisor, Deena Powell.

Israelis were as surprised as Americans

at the resignation of Ambassador Haley.

Following the announcementthat she'd wrap up

her two year tenure at the United Nations

Israeli Prime Minister,Benjamin Netanyanu tweeted,

"I would like to thankAmbassador Nikki Haley,

"who led the uncompromisingstruggle against

"hypocrisy ad the UN, and on behalf of the

"truth and justice of our country."

On the sidelines ofSeptember's General Assembly,

Prime Minister Netanyahu told Haley,

she helped roll backanti-Semitism at the UN.

- The hall still permeates with the stench

- Yes.

- Of anti-Israeli andanti-Semitic resolutions,

which are the same.

And I want to thank youfor clearing the air.

- And Pat, he added that Haleywas one of the best friends

Israel has had at the United Nations

in a long time.

- Well, frankly, ladies and gentlemen,

I believe the United Nationshas served its purpose

and should be replaced.

I counsel and I still counsel,

some kind of a conference

of democratic nations

and that's what we need.

Because the GeneralAssembly is just a joke.

Time after time, theypass anti-American and

anti-Israeli resolutions,over and over again.

They never say anythingabout Assad, they never

say anything about anyof the Arab dictators.

They never say anythingabout Soviet Russia.

They always talk about America and Israel.

And it's just an exercise in futility.

Those people are over paid, they get a lot

more money than our foreign diplomats,

they live in great luxury.

And they couldn't care lessabout what they're doing.

They just vote willynilly on these things.

And we've got the Security Council

and the Security Councilunder Obama failed

to object to a resolution against Israel,

which was just, well it was threatening

to the whole nation.

It made them an outlaw state.

And the United Stateshas the power of veto

in the Security Council.

The thing is set up, the General Assembly

is a big debating body.

But they have no real power.

The power is in the Security Council.

And it's the few of theleaders of the nations

who were fighting against Nazi Germany

in World War Two.

And so we have a vetoin that but it's just,

it's a waste of money.

We're taking out maybe 40percent of their budget,

30 percent or so.

It's paid for by the American taxpayer.

I think it's time to stop.

And we ought to reconstitute a community

of democratic nations,would be the answer.

I think that's what's gotta be done.

But I don't know if there's any

political will to do that or not.

They would scream at you.

But when you see, thepeople who are on there,

for example, this Nikki Haley,

talking about their so-calledHuman Rights Council

and then you've gotthese vicious dictators,

I mean, it's just afarce what they're doing.

It's a waste of money.

And it's time we get another organization

that will be more effective.

That's World War Two andbeen 40, 50, 60 years,

however many years it'sbeen since its creation.

Now it's time for anew world order, Wendy.

- I'm really gonna miss her.

Do you think she'll reemergein some other office?

- Of course she will.

She's too popular.

I don't know, if Senate,

after having been a

main focus- Governor.

- Of the United Statesof the General Assembly,

she was free.

I don't know, there mightbe some appointive position.

But she'd make a great Secretary of State,

for example.

If Pompeo--- That's what I'm wondering.

I'm wondering if that's in the cards at

some time in the future.

- Her and Trump, I thinkeverybody loves her.

And so,

(laughing) she's got a family.

Maybe she just wants totake it easy for a while.

- Hey, that sounds good too. (laughing)

- Strap on body armor everyday to fight the fight?

So, you get tired of fighting.

Well, God bless her.

And pray for this wonderful lady, alright.


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