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Faith Nation: October 10, 2018

Faith Nation: October 10, 2018 Read Transcript

(light rhythmic music)

- Hurricane Michael slams into Florida

and it is packing a mean punch.

Welcome to Faith Nation.

I'm Jenna Browder.

- And I'm John Jessup.

The storm made landfall this afternoon

with winds of 150 miles an hour.

Experts are already sayingthe damages from Michael

could be catastrophic.

- Amber Strong bringsus a look at the storm

that's ravaging theFlorida panhandle tonight.

- [Amber] Hurricane Michaelcrashed ashore Wednesday,

bringing with it 150 mile per hour winds.

- This is the worst storm

that the Florida panhandle hasseen in more than 100 years.

- Meteorologists predictingthe category four hurricane

could produce stormsurges of up to 13 feet

and massive flooding.

Governor Rick Scott warningresidents along the coast

to stay put after days ofurging the 375,000 people

along the path to leave.

- Now the storm is here,

it is not safe to travelacross the panhandle.

If you are in a coastal area,do not leave your house.

The time to evacuate in coastalareas has come and gone.

- [Amber] The storm rapidly increasing

from a category two to a category four,

taking some residents by surprise.

- We woke up this morningand all of a sudden, it was,

well, it was first a category two,

and now it's looking likeit's gonna be worse than that,

so we're a little nervous.

- [Amber] Others opting to stay behind.

- I just feel like you'resafer if you stay put

and batten down the hatches.

- [Amber] Once the storm clears,

rescue efforts will kick into gear,

with more than 1,000 searchand rescue personnel,

3,500 National Guard members,

135 Fish and Wildlife Commission Officers,

and 300 Florida statetroopers ready to deploy.

Georgia officials are alsobracing for Michael's hit.

- We know that there's still gonna be

a considerable amountof damage from the wind

and also from the flooding

that is going to beassociated with the rain.

- [Amber] With North Carolinagearing up once again,

only weeks after Florence.

- Heavy rain and tropicalstorm force winds

are headed our way.

Make no mistake, HurricaneMichael is a dreadful storm.

- As of now, North Carolina not expected

to take the full hit of the storm,

which should come as arelief to many residents

since many there are still cleaning up

from the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

Amber Strong, CBN News, Washington.

- Thanks, Amber.

Well, Jenna, the President has declared

a state of emergency in Florida,

ordering up federalassistance in the state.

- Ben Kennedy has been monitoring

the federal response to the storm

and he joins us now from the White House.


- Well, Jenna and John, we'retalking about a monster storm.

President Trump was just briefed

in the Oval Office this afternoon,

where FEMA and the Secretaryof Homeland Security,

Kirstjen Nielsen, brokedown the federal, state,

and local efforts to keep people safe.

The governors in Alabama,Georgia, and Florida

have declared states of emergency,

and as John just said, thePresident has declared Florida

a state of emergency.

Utility companies in 14states are ready to respond

to energy outages and helpget the power back on.

In the meantime, shelters are open,

stocked with food and supplies.

And to top that, the NationalGuard is on the ground.

3,500 troops have been deployed to help.

The Florida National Guard just tweeted

Hurricane Michael is here, but so are we.

Stay safe, Florida.

President Trump retweetedthe Florida National Guard

moments ago and had this message

for those who did not evacuate.

- I say God bless you all.

That's my message becausethat's what it is.

The storm is there.

I mean that storm is there.

It's sort of too late todo anything about it now

from the standpoint of moving.

Tell us about that.

If somebody said, they're watching us now,

and they want to leave, it's...

- The window to evacuatehas come to a close.

- Now President Trumpsaid he may visit the area

after the storm passes, butit won't be until Sunday

or Monday, as he doesnot want to do anything

to disrupt recovery efforts.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, The White House.

- Well scientists withthe US Geological Survey

predict Hurricane Michael will erode

up to 75% of Floridabeaches in the panhandle,

with waves and storm surgesas high as 16 to 20 feet.

- CBN National SecurityCorrespondent Erik Rosales,

who has rode out severalhurricanes himself,

joins us now.

Erik, it's being called oneof the most dangerous storms

to hit Florida.

Talk about it.

I mean this is serious.

- This is a very serious storm,

a very dangerous andpossibly deadly storm.

We're not only talkingabout the strong winds,

over 100 mile per hour winds,

but also the coastal floodingthat's going to take place

and the inland floodingthat's going to take place.

But when the actual stormmakes its way onto landfall,

we're gonna have to worryabout a storm surge,

a storm surge that could reachup to 20 feet in some areas.

That is very dangerous

when we're talking about storm surges.

You know, a storm surge will travel inland

many, many miles, and one to three feet,

it can literally knock your feet right off

and it can actually even carryaway cars, one to three feet.

And up to six feet, it cancarry large objects away,

even flood lower levels of homes.

And then you have nine to 10 feet,

it completely covers a one story building

and very few places are safeto even travel anywhere.

- Erik, you've rode out many storms,

whether it's in Texas, North Carolina,

or even in Puerto Rico.

When people who stay behind,

they try to prepare by stocking up

- Right.- on food and supplies

for days, but it's reallymore than just days

that they have to beconcerned about, right?

- It's more than that.

I mean, 'cause when you'reactually riding out a storm

and you're having debris flying around,

you're not only havingthings that are in the water.

We're talking about Florida, folks,

so we not only have snakes,we not only have alligators

that you have to worry about out there,

but you have to be able to know

that help is not around the corner.

Help will not come for weeks at a time.

And you have to be able tokind of MacGyver your way

to be able to survivein a storm like this.

Let's say that you'reactually riding out the storm

and some flying debris,glass or something, cuts you.

You have to be able toknow how to wrap that up

or stitch yourself up

so that you can be ableto ride out the storm

and be able to get to help eventually.

- Erik, once the storm does pass,

what are some of the big concerns then?

- Well, we have to worry about the coastal

and inland flooding.

Like I said, you not only have the water

and you have the animals that are in there

like the snakes and the alligators,

but you also have to worry about

what's in the water itself.

You're gonna havegasoline coming from cars.

You're gonna have oil, petroleum products,

stuff that's coming infrom the sewer, raw sewage.

So you're gonna have to beable to know how to be able

to handle this type ofarea and be able to drink,

find clean drinking water on your own.

When you're not prepared,

when Mario, my photographer,Mario Gonzalez and I,

when we went into thestorm, we were prepared.

We had enough food and water

to be able to last for weeks.

We had the necessaryclothing that we needed.

We had gasoline tanks that whenever,

'cause that's the biggest thing

is being able to find gas after the storm

because, when you have no power,

you have no cell service,you have nothing.

You have to literally live off the land.

- Based on firsthand experience.

- Yes.- Erik Rosales,

thank you so much.

- Thank you so much.

- [Jenna] Up next, on the campaign trail.

Why women could make all the difference

in the midterm election.

(light dramatic music)

- Welcome back.

Campaigning has been suspended

as much of Florida isdealing with the impact

of Hurricane Michael,but the Senate race there

has been highlighting thedeep political divide.

Abigail Robertson recentlytraveled to Florida

and brings back this story.

- The 2018 Florida Senaterace is a clash of the titans,

with two time Republicangovernor, Rick Scott,

trying to unseat longtimeDemocrat incumbent,

Senator Bill Nelson.

- This race is destined tobe tight 'till the very end

because Florida's a very polarized state.

- [Abigail] LongtimeFlorida political analyst,

Susan MacManus, tellsCBN News early estimates

look like the marginof victory could be 1%.

- Partisanship is very deep in this state

and the stakes are high.

Money is rolling into thisrace from outside the state,

obviously because Democrats are holding on

for dear life to that seat.

- [Abigail] And Republicansare giving it their all

to win it over.

With 28% of the stateregistered as no party, however,

Governor Scott's walking a fine line

as to how closely he associateswith President Trump.

- Governor Scott has a really tough time

because he knows that he's got to capture

a certain part of thatno party affiliation,

independent vote, and he's got to continue

to hold onto Republicans,and at the same time,

try to think about some ofthose conservative Democrats

in the panhandle that might vote for him.

- [Abigail] MacManus calls Florida

the most difficult state for campaigning

because of its diversity and size.

Statewide candidates must be careful

on sensitive issues like gun control.

- The issue itself plays quite differently

depending upon where you are in Florida.

- [Abigail] For example,rural voter see guns

as necessary protection,while urban voters

associate the weaponswith two deadly events

still fresh in their mind.

- They have to talk about issues

that are important toFlorida, how to fix things.

- [Abigail] Republican voters

argue Nelson has beenin office far too long.

- He's a career politician at this point.

- Senator Nelson is probably a great man,

but he hasn't been inFlorida in a long time.

- [Abigail] Democratsbelieve he's done a good job

fighting for Medicare, Social Security,

and protecting Obamacare.

- I like his stance on the issues.

- [Abigail] MacManus says, at this point,

it's still anyone's guess.

- There's still what wouldbe considered a lifetime

between now and November.

- Senator Nelson easilywon his past elections,

but Republicans are hopefulthat, with Governor Scott,

they finally have achance at defeating him.

Reporting from Tampa,Abigail Robertson, CBN News.

- All right, thank you, Abigail.

Well, the battle over the confirmation

of new Supreme CourtJustice Brett Kavanaugh

may be motivating more Democrats

to vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll

finds 77% of Democrats saythey are very motivated

to head to the polls come November,

whereas 68% of Republicans say the same.

Morning Consult's vicepresident told Politico

the Kavanaugh confirmationseems to be a big factor

energizing Democrats.

78% say they think it was wrong

for the Senate to confirm him.

- Well joining us now is Penny Nance

of Concerned Women for America.

Penny, Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation

marked a historic moment inAmerican politics and history.

I want to get your thoughtson how things have changed

in American politics afterthe Kavanaugh confirmation,

but I also want to ask you,

I know that you were at hisswearing in the other night,

- Yes.- So what was that like?

- It was a joyful moment.

I mean, it's that kind of thing

where you've been throughsomething together,

you know, that moment andyou come out the other side.

It was very joyful and collegial.

We were so grateful andgrateful to the President

for standing firm.

Concerned Women for Americamembers all over this country

called their senators and emailed them

and we had a rally of 500 women,

Women for Kavanaugh, up on the Hill,

and we had, in other times,

we had a couple hundred visiting offices.

So Concerned Women forAmerica members showed up

and conservative women in general

decided to make sure our voices were heard

in the middle of all this.

And we're so powerful when we're together

and it was just thiswonderful moment this week

when we got to actually seethe fruit of that labor.

And it was a spiritual battleas well as a political one

and it's something likeI've never observed ever

in my time in Washington.

- Penny, with the Kavanaughconfirmation now behind us

and looking ahead to the midterms,

there's a lot of talk thatthis has really energized,

specifically women.

What's your sense on that?

- 100%.

Our phones won't stopringing off the hook.

We had this moment where, as I said,

conservative women stood up

and said you don't represent me.

When the Women's March mobdescended on Washington

and banged on the doorsof the Supreme Court,

we said enough, you do not represent me.

And for all the ways that the other side

said they believe women,

they don't believe that conservative women

have the right to our own opinion,

and that came through loudly and clearly,

and we have reacted to it.

And I think that you are seeing

the swing in the polling data

because it woke up themama bears in this country.

They poked the mamabears and they woke up.

- I want to ask you, if youwatch most news segments,

they seem to portray the Democratic Party

as being the party for women

and the GOP as a party, or conservatives

that are out of touchwith the #MeToo moment.

You work in a group that's exclusively

promoting women,- Yes.

- so I want to knowwhat your thoughts are.

- And, by the way, I'm a woman

who's sadly a card carryingmember of the #MeToo movement.

I'm a woman who experienceda physical assault

and an attempted rape ona Virginia running path

when I was pregnant with my first child.

And we resent the politicization

and the weaponizationof the #MeToo movement

and this idea that women think X,

and that if you are a woman,

you believe that you only vote Democrat.

We find that stunning and demeaning,

and we're not gonna allow it.

This is not new.

This is one of the key reasons

Concerned Women for America was started

by Dr. Beverly LaHaye was during the ERA

and it was the exact same mantra,

women think think this, women are liberal,

women are pro-abortion.

And it was this pushback on that narrative

that, no, you do not represent me.

This is what I think.

I am a woman.

I am a Christian.

I'm a member of a family.

I think about thingssometimes even more deeply

than other people becausemy identity is in Christ.

My identity is not in just being a woman.

- Penny, we saw Senator Susan Collins

give that powerful speechbefore the vote for Kavanaugh,

and then she's kind of getting,she's facing criticism,

even still, being called a fake feminist.

What do you make of that,

this whole brand of fake feminism?

- Well, it just shows you the intolerance

that I was discussing.

Because there's this verynarrow thought process,

this very narrow list of beliefsand philosophical thought

that you have to adhere to,otherwise, you don't belong.

And, you know, we don't wantto belong to that group.

That's the reason that,when young women are asked

whether they're feminists or not,

the vast majority say they're not

because we don't march in locked step

with this very leftist,ideological belief.

The lawlessness that weobserved is not who we are

and we don't want any part of it.

- Penny, always a pleasure

to have you.- Thank you.

God bless you.- Thank you for joining us.

Well, Abby Johnson spent eight years

working for Planned Parenthoodas a clinic director.

She helped facilitate morethan 20,000 abortions.

Then, one day, she walked away from it all

to become a pro-life activist.

Now they're making a movie about her life.

Charlene Aaron has more.

- Unplanned takes the audienceinside the abortion industry,

courtesy of Abby Johnson,

once a passionate pro-choice advocate.

As clinic director for Planned Parenthood,

Johnson says she played apart in some 22,000 abortions.

The film depicts heremotional decision to quit

after watching an abortion via ultrasound.

I interviewed Johnson onthe set of the new film.

A movie about your life.

How exciting is that?

- It's very exciting.

It's a little surreal, if I'm honest,

to watch someone play outthe worst version of yourself

in a film, but it's alsojust a good reminder

that God can literallyuse anything from our past

and use it for his gloryand use it for his kingdom.

- [Charlene] Johnson'spast included becoming

one of the youngest clinicdirectors for Planned Parenthood

and also a spokesperson

for the nation's largestabortion provider.

Actress Ashley Bratcher,

who appeared in other Christian films

such as 90 Minutes in Heaven and War Room,

plays Abby in the film.

- I only got four pages ofthe script when I auditioned

and I thought wow, justin this four pages,

there's this really interesting, amazing,

charismatic woman who'shaving this experience

and it's real, it's gritty,but it's compelling.

And I thought man, I needto know who this woman is

and I want to tell her story.

And after I saw Abby's testimony,

I was just in a puddle on the floor.

- [Charlene] When Bratcher's mother

learned of her movie role,

she shared a deep secretwith her daughter.

- She said I'm gonna tell you something

that I haven't told you before.

And she said to me, "I was in the clinic.

"I had my name called, I went back.

"I was being examined by awoman who was very pregnant.

"And I was on the table

"and that was when I changed my mind."

To hear I was seconds awayfrom just not existing.

And then also to knowthat here I am telling

- Yeah I was gonna say.- Abby Johnson's story?


I mean it's so clear to me and evident

that God's hand at work ispresent on this project.

- [Charlene] Meanwhile,faith based filmmakers

Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon say

they're preparing for the likely backlash

against a film thathighlights the ugly truth

inside the abortion industry.

- We're taking on a monster.

We're taking on a great evil.

We're taking the devil's grinder machine.

So when you go up againstthat, he's gonna protect that.

We have no naive thought

that Planned Parenthood won't fight back.

- There's nothing pretty about abortion.

Both sides know that.

Both sides, if they'rehonest, will admit that.

Both sides are dug in pretty tight

as far as wehther they think

it should be acceptable or not.

- [Charlene] Johnson,now a pro-life champion,

says the cast and crew know aspiritual battle lies ahead.

- We pray every day.

We pray against spiritualwarfare in our home,

in our marriage, with our family,

and certainly withvarious pro-life projects

that I'm a part of andcertainly this film.

- [Charlene] But Bratcher maintains

this project isn't aboutattacking the other side.

- I think this film is abouthealing, about redemption,

about knowing thatyou've never gone too far

that you can escape the graceof God, that he's so merciful,

and that you can absolutely be forgiven.

- Unplanned is set tobe released next spring.

Charlene Aaron, CBN News.

- Coming up, how the workof Operation Blessing

brought hope to the Mayorof San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(dramatic music)

Well, you're looking at videofrom Panama City, Florida,

as Hurricane Michael bringshigh winds and heavy rain.

CBN's Operation Blessing is mobilizing

to help storm victims in the area.

Representatives will be onthe ground assessing needs

and working with churchesand government agencies

to provide assistanceonce the storm clears.

- Well Operation Blessingsends crews to help out

after all sorts of disasters,

including going to Puerto Rico last year

when Hurricane Mariadevastated that island.

- Well yesterday, we broughtyou part of an interview

with the Mayor of San Juan,

but we also got the chance to ask her

how the hurricane and thework of Operation Blessing

helped change her life.

- Certainly, I'm not thesame person that I was.

I tend to see faith in different places

that, perhaps, I never saw them before.

And in a way, and again,not being disrespectful,

but for me, it's more about

just doing

and letting that work show the love.

Bill Horan, that used to be in OB,

he will always be in OB for us,

gave me The Book, it said.

So The Book, it's just the Bible,

but it's not thou shallnot blecketh, you know.

(John laughs)- It's just written

in normal language.

And I didn't have any time to do much.

We didn't have any electricityso I took up reading.

And I have to say The Book started,

I would put it underneathall of the other books

and all of the other books would fall

and there's The Book.

And all of the otherbooks would fall over.

Finally, I said okay, I get the hint.

It's not a word faith, but it's a...

A doing faith.

But it's also a faith that allows me

and others around me to be who they are,

not to judge.

I was very judgy.

Not to judge.

Now it doesn't matter what your faith is,

again, as long as it comesfrom a place of love.

It doesn't matter who you love.

It doesn't matter whatthe color of your skin is.

It just matters what you putout there for other people.

And OB, or Operation Blessing, really...

Those words, those wordsin the darkest times

because the Lord calls us to serve,

were to me and will alwaysbe etched in my heart

because they were honest

and because they werefollowed by the truth

that can only be seen

when people of commonvalues come together.

And the greatest common value is love,

love for one another

and tending to one anotherwhen we're in need.

And I will forever be grateful.

I don't know if you'll see this,

and of course I've seenthe ads of The 700 Club,

but Mr. Robertson, ifyou see this, thank you

because you allowed us tosurvive and helped us to thrive

and people will forever be touched

by what this organizationthat you lead is all about.

And you didn't look at whatour differences may be.

You didn't look at whatsome would consider

an unusual alliance.

You just saw people in need.

And I just saw a bunch of peoplethat were infused with love

and that beamed it out to everybody.

So I am sure that people are alive

because of what you all have done.

And people will be saved in Indonesia

and people will besaved in North Carolina.

And nothing was ever asked of us,

nothing except to have an open heart.

So you gave with an open heart

and helped us receive with an open heart.

So I've been forever touched.

- Yeah, and Operation Blessing,

it touches so manypeople's lives and hearts,

including the Mayor

right there.- That's right.

I think what we witnessedis true transformation

on the part of Mayor YulinCruz, her reading her Bible

and also talking aboutthe change in her life

where she's no longer yelling.

She's actually justsaying I'm disappointed

and seeing how thatactually has more weight.

But that's gonna do it fortonight's Faith Nation.

- Have a great evening.


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