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'Horrendous. Catastrophic': Menacing Michael Leaves Florida Devastated, Heads for Carolinas

'Horrendous. Catastrophic': Menacing Michael Leaves Florida Devastated, Heads for Carolinas Read Transcript

- Hurricane Michael torethrough the Florida Panhandle

leaving behind a path of destruction

as it headed north toGeorgia and the Carolinas.

- [Man] It's gonna go, it's gonna go.

- [Jenna] 155 mile per hour winds

sent the roof of this hotel crashing down.

- It was terrifying, honestly.

- [Jenna] And dronevideo shows this school

torn apart by the storm.

The high winds tore housesfrom their foundations

and uprooted trees,

floodwaters from the stormsurge filling the streets.

- The dumbest thing I'veever done in 77 years

is to stay through a hurricane.

When they say evacuateagain, pew, I'm outta here.

- [Jenna] Michael also ripped

through parts of Georgia and Alabama.

Now a tropical storm,

it's moving north toward the Carolinas,

raising concerns of moreflooding and deadly tornadoes.

- We're talking about amuch-weakened Michael right now,

a tropical storm that is jetting its way

off toward the north and tothe east at 21 miles per hour.

But the impacts are far from finished.

We're still talking about gusty winds

and even some storm surge flooding here

throughout the Big Bend,

as we're looking at oneto three foot storm surge,

and also here to the coastal Carolinas

with the on-shore flow,

that potential of one to threefoot storm surge as well.

- [Jenna] Michael came so fast,

many people didn't evacuate in time.

In Florida, efforts are now focused

on saving those still in danger.

- As Hurricane Michaelcontinues its destructive path

through the Panhandleand leaves our state,

we're turning 100% of our focus

on search and rescue and recovery.

- [Jenna] The storm also topof mind for President Trump.

- I want to send our thoughts and prayers

of our entire nationto everyone in the path

of Hurricane Michael, especiallyin the Florida Panhandle

where it's hitting and hitting hard.

- Amid the destruction,CBN's Operation Blessing

is on the ground, preparingto bring relief to victims.

Just to put Michael into perspective,

it was the third-largest hurricane

to ever hit the US mainland

and the largest hurricane toimpact the Florida Panhandle.

Jenna Browder, CBN News.

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