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Operation Blessing Arrives in Florida Panhandle to Help Hurricane Michael Survivors

Operation Blessing Arrives in Florida Panhandle to Help Hurricane Michael Survivors Read Transcript

- Pat, CBN's Operation Blessing Teams

are on the scene in Florida,

meeting with pastors and churches

to coordinate volunteerefforts to help those in need.

Here's OB's Tom Wiley from the Panhandle.

- I'm Tom Wiley with OperationBlessing Disaster Relief.

We sent an advancedteam here just yesterday

starting in Pensacola andwe've been making our way

to Panama City to assess thedamage of this hurricane.

Operation Blessing DisasterRelief is staging equipment

and people and other resources

as we look at coming into this area

to help the residentsaffected by this storm.

We've been driving downnumerous highways today,

weaving through downed treesand downed power lines,

and seeing the damage first-hand.

This area has been hard hit.

- We'll we've noticed a lottatrees down, power lines down,

metal flyin', trucklifting off the ground,

and then we just scared to death, man.

- Operation Blessing will continue to work

with our ministry partnersto get down into this area,

to get to the right place

to provide the right amount of assistance

for the families and communitiesaffected by this disaster.

If you'd like to learnmore about volunteering,

please visit OperationBlessing's website at

God bless you.

- Pat, Operation Blessingalways delivering

timely and much needed help.

- Always, and they've got a mobile kitchen

and they're gonna feed asmuch as 2,000 meals a day.

We've got constructiontrailer filled with tools

to be used by volunteers tohelp hurricane victims rebuild,

two box trucks full ofemergency relief supplies,

and I know it's not as much as you'd like,

but we're there sometimes

in the point of urgentneed to help people,

so if you want to help in this time,

you can send your quotethoughts and prayers

as the President said,

but we can also sendsome money and help them.

And it's Disaster Relief Fund, CBN Center,

Virginia Beach, Virginia.

And we don't wait for somebureaucracy to tell us to do it,

we just do it right away.

And we work with churches,

we work with relief organizations,

'cause people in that Panhandle are,

listen folks, they're hurting.

They will have lost everything.

And you look at those pictures,

they're absolutely devastating.


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