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Tucker Carlson: A 'Desperate' America Elected Trump, Ruling Class Still Hasn't Learned its Lesson 

Tucker Carlson: A 'Desperate' America Elected Trump, Ruling Class Still Hasn't Learned its Lesson  Read Transcript

- I covered the campaignfor Fox, I was on the road,

and I kept thinking we'reabout to elect Donald Trump,

I always thought Trumpwas gonna get elected

and I said so, but I thought, why?

I mean, nothing against Trump,

but like a happy countrywould not elect Donald Trump.

You're sending a statementif you're doing that,

if you're voting for Trump.

What's the statement?

And the statement, obviously,

is that the people in charge on both sides

made a bunch of very unwise decisions,

never admitted it orlearned anything from it,

and that's infuriating to people.

You know, you catch yourchildren doing something bad,

you don't, you still love them,

but you make them admit they did it,

and you make sure thatthey don't do it again.

And if they refuse to admit it,

and refuse to change theirbehavior, it's infuriating.

I mean, I have four kids, I know.

And that's basically the postureof the American electorate.

It's like, you keepdoing these dumb things,

then you blame us for it,

we're gonna elect Trump andwake you up from your stupor.

That's exactly, in my view, what happened.

- Tucker, you said you knew early on

that President Trump would win.

- Yeah.

- [Jenna] Do you think he'sgonna get a second term?

- Well, I didn't know,let me just restate,

I didn't know he was gonna win,

it's hard to know anything in politics,

but I thought reallyearly he had a good shot

because I never thought it was about him.

I'm the only person in Washington

who doesn't think it's about Trump.

Trump thinks it's about Trump.

Democrats are obsessed,Republicans are obsessed.

I mean, I like Trump, I'm notattacking Trump in any way,

I'm just saying it's aboutmuch larger problems,

like the death of the middle class,

like, that's the centralquestion of the time,

like what do you do about that?

Anyway, do I think he'sgonna get a second term?

You know, unknowable, but I don't think

that the permanent class in Washington

has solved any of the problems

that led to his electionin the first place,

or even answered any of the questions,

or even acknowledgedthose questions exist.

So, yeah, it's possible.

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