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CBN NewsWatch PM: October 11, 2018

CBN NewsWatch PM: October 11, 2018 Read Transcript

- [Announcer] This is CBN Newswatch.

- So many families have lost everything.

Homes are gone.

Businesses are gone.

Roads and infrastructurealong the storm's path

have been destroyed.

This hurricane was an absolute monster

and the damage left in its wake

is still yet to be fully understood.

Today, the top focus is search and rescue.

We pray that Floridians stayed safe.

- And that was FloridaGovernor Rick Scott speaking

the day after a massivecategory four Hurricane Michael

slammed into the Florida panhandle.

Welcome to CBN NewsWatch.

I'm Heather Sells.

Scott called it unimaginable destruction.

Floridians and the nation

are just beginning to graspthe scope of the damage

as more and more images are coming in.

Scott says the people ofFlorida are their focus,

and rescue operationsactually started last night

as soon as first responders could get out.

He says there are 3,500Florida National Guard members

with at least 1,000 high-water vehicles,

13 helicopters and 16 boatsto help those stranded

and in need right now.

Churches, of course, aresome of the first responders

in the hardest hit areas.

Pastor Cole Bailey of Lighthouse Church

in Panama City Beach saysteams from his church

began going out yesterday,once the winds dropped,

to check on those who rode out the storm.

They also checked for damage to the homes

of those who evacuated.

Hurricane Michael has basicallydestroyed Lighthouse Church.

It ripped the roof off themain campus church sanctuary,

collapsed the walls, andflooded the sanctuary.

But Bailey says thechurch is more concerned

about its people right now.

- [Cole] Buildings are very important.

Of course, we'd love to have a place

to congregate and worship,

but what all of our staff and myself,

and what we're all doing right now is

we've got teams going out,

we're checking on everybody's home,

we're checking on them.

Because you can rebuildbuildings, but we're in this thing

to make sure that everybodyis taken care of and loved.

- Bailey told CBN Newsthat multiple churches

outside of the areahave reached out to him

and will help to coordinatemeals for people in Bay County.

- [Cole] I think everyone'sstill in shock, to be honest.

Most people have never livedthrough anything like this.

And with this amount of damage,

I think really people,

we're used to havingair conditioning, power,

and push a button and dowhatever you wanna do.

Most people have never beenthrough anything like this.

I don't think a lot of peopleare coming back right now

because there's not much to come back to

until the power is restored andthe power lines are cleared.

Even like right now,it's probably gonna be

a three-quarters of a mile walk

just for me to try to get tomy house to see its condition

because the power linesare so down, it's a mess.

- And Hurricane Michael, of course,

has destroyed other churches.

You were just looking atsome footage of the damage

the storm has inflicted onthe Destiny Worship Center

in Panama City, which alsois going to need to rebuild.

And Pastor Buford Lipscomb

leads Liberty NetworkInternational in nearby Pensacola.

The apostolic networkconnects ministers, churches,

and ministries across thecountry and the world,

and right now, it's reachingout to hard hit communities

in the Florida panhandle.

Pastor Buford joins usright now via Skype.

Thanks so much for joining us.

- You Heather.

- Tell us, what are you hearing

from churches in the panhandle?

What are some of theirmain concerns today?

- Well, as you justheard from Pastor Bailey,

that we're just getting news in.

It's devastating acrossour panhandle community.

A number of churches have loss.

We know the church is not a building.

The building can be replaced.

We're concerned about our people.

We here in Pensacola havebeen impacted by hurricanes

and we believe that it's us local people

and the body of Christ that can get there

before the government doesand can make a difference,

so we're trying to getpeople in there urgently

in the next day or so beforewe even get coordinated

along with larger organizations.

We need a lot of prayertoday across the panhandle.

There's a lot of people that are hurting

and have lost a whole lot, Heather.

- Tell me, what is your sense of

how many people are actually,

did they stay, how many people left,

are there actually morepastors on the ground

like Pastor Bailey who are able to assess

and reach out to other people today?

- There are some.

Many did leave.

Many did not leave, unfortunately.

This was one that they should have left.

But let me say also, Heather,

this was a unique and historical storm.

It didn't just impactour coastal community.

It was still a hurricane well inland,

so we have a lot of smalltowns in the panhandle.

Marianna, Florida has been devastated.

And a lot of focus andinterest is on the coastal,

but this one's much largerthan a coastal event.

- How do you see the nextcouple of days playing out?

Because from what we're hearing,

there's so many roads that are impassible.

It's even hard to get in right now

and assess what's going on.

- Yes.

And the governor has asked

that there not be alot of people entering,

but we have groups going out.

We've had experience, unfortunately,

with this kind of hurricaneevent here in our area,

so we have a lot of men that are going

just to clear roads andclear trees off of houses.

People are still trappedin their homes, even today.

It's been so devastating.

I think it's gonna be a few days

before the largerorganizations can get in here.

Groups are coming in.

The body of Christ is activating.

And we're getting callsand we're kind of acting

as a staging area.

We're an hour and a halfaway from Panama City Beach,

but we were spared a lot,so we're trying to act

as a coordination stagingarea for a lot of groups

and a lot of organizations.

- Well, it is beautifulto see the body of Christ

come together after something like this.

We are praying for you all.

Thank you for sharingwith us what's going on.

- Thank you, Heather.

And we appreciate.

- Well, as Pastor Lipscomb just told us,

the need is great for victims of Michael.

CBN's Operation Blessing teams

are already on the scene in Florida

meeting with pastors and churches as well

to coordinate those volunteer efforts.

- I'm Tom Wiley with OperationBlessing Disaster Relief.

It's now Wednesday nightand Hurricane Michael

has now passed through theFlorida panhandle area.

We sent an advance teamhere just yesterday

starting in Pensacola andwe've been making our way

to Panama City to assess thedamage of this hurricane.

Operation Blessing Disaster Relief

is staging equipment andpeople and other resources

as we look at coming into this area

to help the residentsaffected by this storm.

We've been driving downnumerous highways today,

weaving through downed treesand downed power lines,

and seeing the damage firsthand.

This area has been hard hit.

- Well, we've noticed a lot of trees down,

power lines down, metal flying,

truck lifting off the ground,

and man we just scared to death, man.

- A few residents were evenlooking for their loved ones.

They were driving around trying to get in

to the areas where their homes were

and it was really difficult.

So we're seeing firsthandthe impact of this storm.

Operation Blessing will continue to work

with our ministry partnersto get down into this area,

to get to the right place

to provide the right amount assistance

for the families and communitiesaffected by this disaster.

We really appreciate your prayer support.

Financial support is appreciated

so we can continue todo our work effectively.

And volunteers aredefinitely gonna be needed.

This was a category four hurricane.

Volunteers will needto come into this area

to help residents muckand gut out their homes,

clear debris.

There'll be a lot of chainsaw work needed.

So we appreciate yourcontinued prayer support.

If you'd like to learnmore about volunteering,

please visit OperationBlessing's website at

God bless you.

- CBN News is also on the ground

in the hard hit Florida Gulf region.

Our Caitlin Burke talked to rescue crews

who were preparing togo help those in need.

- They say the biggestdanger was the wind,

so they're looking for people whose homes

were really just demolished,people who didn't evacuate.

They said that's their biggest fear,

the people who didn't think

that this was serious enough to leave

They are the ones that these people

will be going in to save.

- We take medical doctors with us.

We take law personnel.

We take rescue personnel,swift water individuals,

and then we have all theassets to encompass this,

so we have boats, we got HAZMAT equipment,

we have heavy rigging equipment.

Anything that we canpotentially come across

in this this type ofevent, we're prepared for,

so that if any victims are trapped,

that we can make sure that we get them out

and get them to the proper safety

and medical attentionthat they might need.

- Caitlin and our CBN News crew

will be bringing us reportson the recovery from Florida

so stay with the CBN NewsChannel and

for full coverage ofMichael recovery efforts.

Coming up, tomorrow could be the day

Turkey releases Americanpastor Andrew Brunson.

Will the latest developments in Washington

make a difference?

(dramatic music)

American pastor AndrewBrunson marked his second year

as a prisoner of Turkey this week.

And Senator James Lankfordonce again called on Turkey

to release Pastor Brunson.

CBN's Jennifer Wishon reports

that business leaders andreligious freedom advocates

are also working for Brunson's release.

- During a recent trip to the US,

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

met with hundreds of investors.

His country's economy is failing,

due in part to US sanctions,

and he's appealing to American investors

to help Turkey recover.

In a letter to President Trump,

the US Commission onInternational Religious Freedom

calls that troublinggiven Erdogan's personal

and public support for the continued,

unlawful detainment ofAmerican pastor Andrew Brunson.

- It's such an unstable country right now

in the way that thehuman rights violations

that are occurring are so troubling

as we're seeing with Andrew Brunson,

that we would really caution businesses

to be careful about investing in Turkey.

- [Jennifer] Pastor Brunsonhas been detained in Turkey

for nearly two years on bogus charges.

During that time, the Turkishlira has lost 40% of its value

due to Erdogan's power graband the diplomatic dispute

between the US and Turkey over Brunson.

Still, Commissioner Nadine Maenza

says Erdogan is using Brunson as a pawn

to play to his Islamist base

and distract from thepain Turks are feeling

in their pocketbooks.

- Their economy is spiraling

and their currency has devalued.

There's all sorts of problems in Turkey

so this is a really good distraction

for the president to beable to point to this

to say see, look, I'mprotecting our country

from dangerous terrorists.

And we all know Andrew Brunsonis not a dangerous terrorist.

- You know, here in the US,

on mainstream news channels, news outlets,

we're not hearing about Pastor Brunson

on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis,

but in Turkey,

- Right.- it's quite different.

I mean everyone, it's a huge deal

that there's this Christian American man

who's been charged with terrorism.

- Right, he's been chargedwith trying to overthrow

the government of Turkey,

which, of course, is completely false.

And the fact that he's in his home,

we're so glad that he's not in prison,

but we are concerned for his safety

because if there was...

It's not like he's in a secured fortress

the way that we feel like he should be.

So we actually, obviously, feel

he should be returnedimmediately to the United States.

- There are rumors Turkeymay release Brunson

around his next hearing on October 12th.

A Brunson release would bea tremendous political coup

for President Trump,but not nearly as sweet

as it would be for his family

and the millions of Christianswho are praying for him.

Jennifer Wishon, CBN News, Washington.

- Remember the movie Catch Me If You Can?

It is the story of Frank Abagnale

and he used to be one of theworld's most famous con men.

Well, Mark Martin caught up with him

and talked about how he now works

to prevent the crimes he used to commit.

- I'd like to cash this check here

and then I'd like to takeyou out for a steak dinner.

- [Mark] Leonardo DiCaprioplayed former con man,

Frank Abagnale, in a 2000film, Catch Me If You Can.

- I can't stop.

It's my job.

- [Mark] Tom Hanks plays the FBI agent

who finally tracked downthe 21-year-old Abagnale

in France after a five year crime spree.

- I ran away from home when I was 16

basically 'cause my parentswere getting a divorce

and a judge in familycourt was making me choose

which parent to live with soI chose to run away instead.

- [Mark] He admits life onthe run was, by no means,

glamorous, regularlycrying himself to sleep.

CBN News sat down with the now 70-year-old

at a Scam Jam event.

- I started writingchecks to support myself.

When money ran out, Ikept writing the checks.

I impersonated an airlinepilot for a couple years.

I worked in a hospitalas a doctor for a while.

I took the bar in Louisiana

and practiced law there for a while.

And by the time I was 21,

I'd written about two anda half million dollars

worth of bad checks in 26countries and 50 states.

- Nearly 50 years later,

part of life involves being the face

of AARP's Fraud Watch Network.

He speaks on avoiding scams

and ways to protect families from crimes,

including identity theft.

Abagnale has served as AARP's

Fraud Watch Networkambassador for four years now.

He shares his criminal pastand turnaround with audiences

and also talks about potential pitfalls

created by criminals intoday's high tech world.

Life on the other side began

after the pursuing FBIagent rescued Abagnale

from a federal prison in Virginia.

The movie character'sname is Carl Hanratty.

In real life, it was Joseph Shea.

- He persuaded the government

that he felt that I would be a great asset

to the government if theytook me out of prison

to basically not only help educate agents

to think out of the box

and to look at thingsnot as black and white,

but also to do undercoverwork for the Bureau

because I could take on theseroles as different people

and get enough time doing itto get enough information.

- [Mark] After six years,

Abagnale was free to leave the FBI.

He chose to stay and hasworked for the Bureau

for more than 40 years.

Abagnale credits those close to him

for helping him turn his life around.

- So it was more aboutmy wife changing my life

and my family and theresponsibility of family,

and then the learning the love of country

and being surrounded by people

who influence you as a young person

as what really changed my life.

- [Mark] Today, Abagnaleteaches at the FBI Academy,

trains agents in the field,and assists agents on cases.

He's also an author, publicspeaker, and consultant.

His website describes him as

one of the world's mostrespected authorities

on forgery, embezzlement,and secure documents.

- The last 20 yearsall been cyber related,

about breaches and cybercrimes and malware,

ransomware, and those things.

- He says a few yearsago, AARP contacted him

about sharing ways to protectthe elderly from fraud.

A survey showed fraud asthe number one concern

for the organization's morethan 38 million members.

- The actual incidentsof fraud and ID theft,

fraud mostly, it'sdrastically under-reported

because someone feels vulnerable

and they don't want to admit it.

Having people come togethermakes people realize

I'm not in this alone.

And one of the first steps

to being able to remedy the situation

is to admit that it happened.

- [Mark] Abagnale says people should know

that every scam is basically the same.

- At some point in that conversation,

I'm gonna either ask you for money

or I'm gonna ask you for information,

Social Security number, a date of birth,

bank account number.

Those are the red flags.

- [Mark] He adds eachscam is simple to solve

by what he calls stop and verify.

- So if I call and say I'm the IRS

and you owe back taxes andyou need to pay immediately,

right this minute, Ijust hang up the phone

and go to the whitepages and look up the IRS

or go to the governmentpages and look up the IRS,

call the IRS that I received this call,

this is the person's name,

and they're gonna tell methat's a scam, ignore the call.

- [Mark] Abagnale says education

is the most powerfulweapon in fighting crime,

and this former con artisthas chosen to spend his life

on the right side of thelaw sharing that knowledge.

Mark Martin, CBN News, Virginia Beach.

- One disturbing trend wehave been hearing about lately

is how many young people areleaving the Christian faith.

An effort called Dare 2 Shareis working to change that.

It is teaching teenagershow to love their faith

and easily evangelize.

As Dare 2 Share's founder, Greg Stier,

told CBN's Paul Strand,

he believes it could ignite anawakening across the nation.

- Greg, tell us, what is Dare 2 Share?

- You know, at Dare 2Share, we train and equip,

mobilize teenagers to share the gospel.

And October 13th, we'redoing Dare 2 Share Live,

which is one event in 97 cities.

So literally, from Fairbanks,Alaska to Puerto Rico,

students will be simultaneouslymotivated, trained,

equipped, and turned loose toshare the gospel of Christ.

They'll have a Dare 2 Share Live app.

So a student in Fairbanks, Alaska

can talk to a student in Puerto Rico

'cause they're gettingthe exact same training

at the exact same time.

And on that app, you'll be able to see

a map of the United States self-populate

with all the gospelconversations happening.

We just believe it's time for revival.

We believe there's ageneration of teenagers

that want to be about a cause,

and the ultimate cause isthe gospel of Jesus Christ.

So we'll train them, equip them,

we'll have Shane & Shane, the skit guys,

Zane Black, Flame therapper, myself, others,

but there'll be liveworship bands in every room,

live trainers in every room,

and we're gonna train,equip, and unleash them

with the gospel of JesusChrist to shake this nation

with the good news of Jesus.

- So what time is thisevent on October 13th,

and where exactly would teens go

if they want to get involved with it?

- Yeah, it's a 9:00 a.m. west coast start

and a noon east coast start,

so it's truly live, there's no delay.

And if they go to,

that's dare, the numbertwo,,

they can find out all theinformation they need about it

and really encourage them

to bring their youth groups out

because we're gonna be going out

to collect canned foodfor local rescue missions,

but also sharing thegospel in the process.

So the goal for this is notjust an exciting rally call,

but a revival.

Our hashtag is #RockYourCity,

so we just believe the citiesacross the United States,

97 are gonna be rocked with the power

of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I encourage everybody to set their alarm

for 10:13 a.m. everyday and pray for revival

on October 13th, that Godwould bring a sweeping revival.

- Is this the first yearthat you're doing this,

this nationwide simulcast?

- We did it last year in 68 sites.

We were able to train10,000 students in a day.

And this year, we'repraying for 25,000 teenagers

to be trained, equipped, andmobilize in a single day.

- Throughout the day, what is happening?

Are kids going out to witness?

I mean is this stuff happening live

and then do you wrap it all up

with people sharing what's happened?

- Exactly.

So in the morning, everybodygets trained and equipped.

It's interactive back and forth.

Again, there's livetrainers in every room.

It's not just the simulcast feed.

Live worship bands in every room.

So we're worshiping and singing,

and then we're energizing

and equipping them to share the gospel.

We give them a two hour lunch break

where they go out and share the gospel,

grab some lunch, collect canned food,

then they come back, we share testimonies,

and then we have anationwide prayer service

that's happening simultaneously

where we're all calling out to God

for revival in our nationand in our schools.

- We are not in a technological age

where everybody all overthe place can come together

and get trained like this at one time

and do this all together.

- We are shocked on how excitingand how well it's working.

And the kingdom of Godis forcefully advancing.

I believe our best days foryouth ministry are ahead.

I believe God's gonna unleash a revival

in this nation and around the world

and he's gonna choose to use

the foolish things of theworld to confound the wise,

and there's nothing more foolishthan an American teenager,

so I just believerevival is gonna unleash.

- Okay.

Thank you so much.

Greg Stier with Dare 2 Share.

We appreciate it.

Again, everybody, that's October 13th.

God bless you, Greg.

- Thank you.

- Well we've shown yousome devastating images

from Hurricane Michael,

but take a look at this positive one

from the Leon County Sheriff's office.

It is of deputies stopping topray before braving Michael

to go out and help the people in its path.

The sheriff's office posted the photo

also asking for prayers for their safety.

It was shared more than 6,000 times.

And take a look at these little kitties.

ABC News reporter RobMarciano actually helped

rescue them from a homedestroyed by Michael.

He was talking with a coupleabout their survival story

and they found the kittens,

which fell from the roof of the home.

Marciano says the owners didn't even know

the kittens were there.

And that is all thetime we have for today.

We hope that you'll join us next time.

Have a great day.

(dramatic music)


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