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Baseball MVP Explains Why He’s Always Happy

The Houston Astros’ José Altuve is a perennial All-Star, World Series Champion, AL MVP and the recipient of several other awards, but it’s not the success or the game of baseball that defines who he is. Read Transcript

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- [Host] He's a six-time all-star,

a three-time batting champion,

the reigning American League MVP,

and a World Series champion.

But that's not what's most impressive.

Standing five foot six,Houston Astros Jose Altuve,

is the smallest playerin major league baseball.

- You don't think of your sizeas a negative at all, do you?

- No, I'm very happy that I'mfive six and I can play ball.

- Wow, why do you say that?

- Because. (laughs)

- [Host] The averageheight of a major leaguer

is roughly six feet, sowhen Jose blasted his way

into the majors in 2011, herocked the baseball world,

with a smile.

- I think the biggestreason why I'm always happy,

is because just the thoughtof waking up every day,

having my family and havingthe opportunity to come

to the ballpark and do whatI love to do as my job.

I thank God every day because of that,

because He gave me all this.

- [Host] Jose is from Maracay, Venezuela,

where he was taughtChristian values as a boy.

- I always gonna believein that because I grew up

knowing He went to the crossfor us, He died for us.

- [Host] In Venezuela,baseball is everything.

Jose's father began teaching him the game

when he was seven years old.

- I remember he always washappy to take me to the ballpark

and play, even when we onlyhave one ball and we have

to go back and forth to hit many times.

But it means a lot, and now Isee my dad, I'm very thankful

with him too, because he gaveme all his time, all his love,

to teach me how to play ball.

- [Host] When Jose was 16years old, baseball scouts

told him he was too smallto play professionally.

- They let me go out there and play.

There was 50 guys, and itwent down to 20 or 15 I think.

And I wasn't one of thoseguys, but I just decided

to come back the next day.

The big boss was there that time.

He just decide to let mejoin the organization.

- [Host] The big boss he's referring to is

then Houston Astrosassistant, Al Pedrique,

who noticed Jose's driveand passion for the game.

- I remember him sayingsomething about, okay,

he really enjoy playing baseball.

And that is better thanhaving all these tools,

because you really wannasee inside the player

and really wanna find outif he wanna play or not.

And he thought about me maybehaving the right attitude

to go out there and play.

- [Host] Jose signed with theAstros organization in 2007.

Four years later, he wascalled up to the big leagues.

- But I really wanted todo it, and if God give me

the ability to play, itwas because he wanted me

to go all the way through.

It's a lot of emotionsgoing on from the beginning.

I couldn't believe I was getting the call

from the minor league team.

Then, all of a sudden I washere, playing against guys

that I used to watch on TV.

I still look around and Ithank God for everything,

because it's sometimes hardto believe that what you dream

as a kid, is real life now.

- [Host] By 2012, the littlegiant was an all-star.

As the smallest player in theleague, he says he has to work

that much harder in order to compete.

- It was always hard.

It still is hard.

And since day one, when I was16 years old, my first game

as a professional minor leagueplayer, it was real tough.

This game is getting harderevery day, and the day you

stop working hard, theday you feel comfortable,

you might be out of here really soon.

- [Host] So how does he do it?

How does someone who's notsupposed to be able to play

in the majors competeconsistently every day?

Well, Jose's answer is simple, prayer.

- Before I leave my houseevery single day, I ask God

for help for my family and for me.

And then when I'm about toplay the game, I just pray

and I ask God to keep everysingle player and every single

people on the stands healthyand that we can just go then

and compete in a good way.

- [Host] Jose Alduve is oneof baseball's biggest stars.

As a husband and father,he hasn't allowed the game

to completely define who he is.

- Okay, baseball's good andall these things are good,

but then when you go homeand you have your family,

that's when you find out, okay,

this is the most beautiful gift from God.

Seeing everything isconnecting because my daughter,

my wife, and my whole family,they help me to do better

on the field.

Even if I do good or nothere, I go home and I try

to be the same husband, the same dad.

- [Host] Last season, Josehelped the Astros win their first

World Series championshipin franchise history.

As he heads further into thisseason, he understands he's

a blessed man because of his faith.

So he's making sure to keephis priorities in order,

with baseball holding thethird spot, behind his family

at second, and his faith inChrist at first, which he says

helps him bring everythinghome and in order.

- I think God have blessedme only because I let Him

control everything there is around me.

My faith in Him and mylove for Him is just

not worry about just little things.

Just worry about my faith inhim and that way He's gonna

put in order everything around me.

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