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Pensacola Churches Reach Out in Early Hours After Hurricane Michael

Pensacola Churches Reach Out in Early Hours After Hurricane Michael Read Transcript

- [Heather] Pastor Buford Lipscomb

leads Liberty NetworkInternational in nearby Pensacola.

The Apostolic Networkconnects ministers, churches

and ministries across thecountry and the world.

And right now it'sreaching out to hard hit

communities in the Florida Panhandle.

Pastor Buford joins usright now via Skype.

Thanks so much for joining us.

- Thank you Heather.

- Tell us what are you hearing from

churches in the Panhandle?

What are some of theirmain concerns today?

- Well as you just heard from

Pastor Bailey that weare just getting news in.

It is devastating acrossour Panhandle community.

A number of churches have loss.

We know the church is not a building.

The building can be replaced.

We are concerned about our people.

We here in Pensacola have been impacted by

hurricanes and we believeit is us local people

and the body of Christ thatcan get there before the

government does and can make a difference.

So we are trying to get people in their

urgently in the next day or so before we

even get coordinated for alongwith large organizations.

We need alot of prayertoday across the Panhandle.

There are alot of peoplewho are hurting and

have lost a whole lot Heather.

- Tell me what is your sense of

how many people are actually

did they stay, how many people left?

Are there actually morePastors on the ground like

Pastor Bailey who areable to assess and reach

out to other people today?

- There are some. Many did leave.

Many did not leave,


This is one they should have left.

But let me say also Heather,

this was a unique and historical storm.

It didn't just impactour coastal community.

It was still a hurricane well inland.

So we have alot of smalltowns in the Panhandle.

Marianna, Florida has been devastated.

Alot of focus andinterest is on the coastal

but this one is much largerthan a coastal event.

- How do you see the nextcouple of days playing out

because from what we'rehearing there are so

many roads that are impassable. It is even

hard to get in and toaccess what's going on.

- Yes.

And the governor has askedthat their not be alot of

people entering but wehave groups going out.

We had experienceunfortunately with this like of

hurricane event here in our area.

So we have alot of mengoing just to clear roads

and to clear trees off of houses.

People are still trapped in their homes.

Even today it has been so devastating.

I think it's going to be a few days before

the large organizations can get in here.

Groups are coming in.

The body of Christ is activatingand we are getting calls.

And we are kind of actinglike a staging area.

We are a hour and halfaway from Panama City Beach

but we were spared alot sowe are trying to act like a

coordination stagingarea for alot of groups

and alot of organizations.

- Well it is beautifulto see the body of Christ

come together after something like this.

We are praying for you all.

Thank you for sharingwith us what's going on.


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