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Pastor Brunson Released by Turkish Regime After Years of Captivity

Pastor Brunson Released by Turkish Regime After Years of Captivity Read Transcript

- [Chris] Pastor Brunson's ordeal

has mobilized Christians around the world.

- Hundreds of thousands of people

have been praying for Pastor Brunson,

not just in the United States,

but around the world.

- [Chris] Before the court hearing,

US Vice President Mike Pence said

the release of PastorBrunson has been a priority

for the Trump administration.

- Our administration's made very clear

that we will continue to stand strong

until Pastor Andrew Brunson is free

and back home in the United States

with his family and with his church.

- This is historic in that how many times

they have actually brought this subject up

in high-level conversations

with the Turkish administration.

- [Chris] Turkey accusedBrunson of partcipating

in a 2016 coup to overthrow the government

of Turkish President Erdogan

and faces up to 35 years if convicted.

His latest trial took placenear the city of Izmir,

known as ancient Smyrnain the New Testament.

Brunson ministered for morethan two decades in his church

and denied the charges.

The Trump administrationimposed economic sanctions

against Turkey to secure his release.

Middle East analyst MichaelKerem said Pastor Brunson

stood for more than his own freedom.

- I believe this isreally a call to prayer,

not only for Andrew,

but for the Turkish, and Kurdish,

and Arab, and Syrian, andIraqi, and Iranian people,

all living very much a close,

because it's clear thatAndrew Brunson is in prison,

or under arrest for one reason,

and that's his hope andfaith in Jesus Christ

as the Messiah not only of the West,

but of the entire world.

- [Chris] Chris Mitchell,CBN News, Jerusalem.


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