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'We Know What It Is to Go Hungry': Grateful Puerto Ricans Pay It Forward by Helping Florence Victims

'We Know What It Is to Go Hungry': Grateful Puerto Ricans Pay It Forward by Helping Florence Victims Read Transcript

- It's been almost a month

since Hurricane Florence flooded parts

of North and South Carolina.

Volunteers are workingthrough Operation Blessing

to help victims rebuild their lives

in the hard hit city ofLumberton, North Carolina.

As Mark Martin shows us,

some volunteers know all too well

what it's like to sufferfrom a devastating hurricane.

(crowd cheering)

- [Mark] These governmentemployees from Puerto Rico

are serving hurricane victimsin Lumberton, North Carolina.

Seven chefs and cooks dishingup food to those in need.

- It was important to us to be here today

because through Operation Blessing

the people of United States gave us

their love and support.

- Puerto Ricans know verywell the immense destruction

a hurricane can leave behind.

A little more than ayear ago two hurricanes

struck the island territory.

Now this group is here as partof Operation Pay It Forward.

- So the only right thing to do

is to answer back when someone's in need.

So as soon as we had the request,

the Mayor of San JuanCarmen Yulin Cruz said yes.

And she sent us andhere we are full of joy

and very happy to be ableto contribute a little

in the recovery process of North Carolina.

- [Mark] On CBN News's Faith Nation,

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz

shared how Operation Blessingis making a difference

by providing solar lamps andwater filtration systems.

- You may not even knowit, but you saved lives.

And it wasn't only thatpeople could drink water

out of a creek and get purified.

It was that our livesmattered to somebody.

- [Mark] In the spirit of Pay It Forward,

Cruz sent this team to workalongside Operation Blessing.

- We know what it is to go hungry.

We know what it is to be thirsty.

We know what it is to think that your life

does not matter.

So it isn't a lamp or itisn't a purifying object,

it's pure love what gets passed around.

People did it for us.

So now we have to do it for others.

- [Mark] And the Mayordelivered a special message

for CBN founder andchairman Dr. Pat Robertson.

- Mr. Robertson if you see this,

you know thank you because you allowed us

to survive and helped us to thrive.

And people will forever be touched

by what this organizationthat you lead is all about.

- [Mark] Mark Martin, CBN News.


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