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Christian World News - October 12, 2018

Christian World News - October 12, 2018 Read Transcript

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- This week on Christian World News,

Turkey frees Americanpastor, Andrew Brunson,

from house arrest.

What led to his freedomand why was he imprisoned

in the first place?

Plus, Nikki Haley resigns asthe United States Ambassador

to the UN, leaving behind a legacy

of strong support for Israeland the Jewish people.

Who will fill her shoesand what will she do next?

And Hurricane Michael barrelsthrough the Florida Panhandle,

high winds and heavy rain destroy homes

and rip apart buildings.

We show you what the church is doing

to help survivors inthe midst of the storm.

Welcome to Christian WorldNews, I'm Mark Martin,

George Thomas and WendyGriffith are on assignment.

Pastor Andrew Brunson is finally free.

A Turkish court ordered himreleased from house arrest

and said he could leave the country.

Brunson has been imprisonedfor more than two years

on terrorism charges.

As Chris Mitchell reports from Jerusalem,

Brunson's arrest hasbrought two NATO allies,

the United States and Turkey,

face-to-face in a majorgeo-political confrontation

over the fate and future ofthis evangelical minister.

- [Chris] Pastor Brunson'sordeal has mobilized Christians

around the world.

- Hundreds of thousands ofpeople have been praying

for Pastor Brunson, notjust in the United States,

but around the world.

- [Chris] Before the court hearing,

US Vice President, Mike Pence, said,

the release of PastorBrunson has been a priority

for the Trump administration.

- Our administration's made very clear

that we will continue to stand strong

until Pastor Andrew Brunson is free

and back home in the United States

with his family and with his church.

- This is historic in that how many times

they have actually brought this subject up

in high-level conversationswith the Turkish administration.

- [Chris] Turkey accusedBrunson of participating

in a 2016 coup to overthrow the government

of Turkish President, Erdogan,

and faces up to 35 years if convicted.

His latest trial took placenear the city of Izmir,

known as ancient Smyrnain the New Testament.

Brunson ministered formore than two decades

in his church and denied the charges.

The Trump administrationimposed economic sanctions

against Turkey to secure his release.

Middle East analyst, Michael Kerem, said,

Pastor Brunson stood formore than his own freedom.

- I believe this isreally a call to prayer,

not only for Andrew, but for the Turkish,

and Kurdish, and Arab, and Syrian,

and Iraqi, and Iranian people,

all living very much close,

because it's clear thatAndrew Brunson is in prison

or under arrest for one reason,

and that's his hope andfaith and Jesus Christ

as the Messiah, not only of the West,

but of the entire world.

- [Chris] Brunson is expected to be back

in the United States soon.

Chris Mitchell, CBN News, Jerusalem.

- What an answer to prayer,

and CBN New ChiefInternational Correspondent,

Gary Lane, joins us now.

Welcome, Gary.- Glad to be here.

- What role did theTrump administration play

in all of this?- Well, a, a huge role,

I mean, we have to give credit to God,

first and foremost.- Yes, definitely,

we do.- But Donald Trump never gave

up on Andrew Brunson, andhe was always speaking

about it, also, think of the Christians

that are around him in his administration.

Vice President Mike Pence, hewas tenacious on this issue.

Also, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State,

they always brought it up,

they, I'm sure, in their own prayer times,

prayed for Andrew Brunson.

- Well, I believe it.- He was a big issue

for them.- Yes, sure was.

What kind of financialpressure did the United States

put on Turkey?- Well, that may,

that probably, politically,that was a big key as well,

because what the Trump Administration did,

Donald Trump, if you remember,

uh, last July and August,in July, July 25th,

he was not released,Brunson was not released.

He was put under house arrest.

Everyone thought he'dbe freed at that time.

Trump was angry about that,

he said, we're gonna imposesanctions right away,

and what he did, Mark,is he imposed sanctions

on the, uh, the, two of the top officials,

uh, in the Turkish government

one the Justice Minisser,Minister, the other,

the Interior Minister,and, uh, right away,

they did that, and then, hethreatened more sanctions

against Turkey, saying basically,

uh, we'll impose sanctionson aluminum and steel

if you guys don't let Brunson go.

- Well, let's talk more about prayer

and the role that itplayed in all of this.

- Well, prayer played a big role.

Christians around theworld got on their knees

and they prayed for Pastor Brunson.

They prayed, uh, in their own time,

and also as groups,

and we, we can't say enough about that,

the importance of that.

That may have made the difference in this.

- Oh, I believe so.- And inspired our leaders

also, to keep pushing for it.

- [Mark] Yeah, and, andbuild their confidence

and their faith.- You know, sure.

But let's not forget about Brunson.

I mean, this man, uh, had strong faith,

he never let up, uh, AndrewBrunson was a man of faith,

he did say at times,when he was in prison,

sure, he got a bit depressed,

but he said, "Look, thisis a privilege to serve

"in prison for Jesus in this way,"

and then, today, he said,"Look, I love Jesus,

"I love Turkey."- Yes, he even lost

50 pounds, but he waseven talking to inmates

in prison about Jesus, what a testimony

he has.- Yes, he may have lost weight

but not faith in Christ.- That's right, thank you,

Gary, appreciate it.

One of Israel's strongest supporters

in the Trump administrationis leaving her post.

In her role as Ambassadorto the United Nations,

Nikki Haley defended the Jewish statehood

and stood against anti-Semitismin the global body.

Haley's announcement that she'sleaving the administration

surprised many, but not the President.

CBN's White House Correspondent,Ben Kennedy, has more.

- Haley initially told President Trump

of her plans to resignabout six months ago.

She now made it official andplans to stay at her post

until the end of the year.

- I think you have to beselfless enough to know

when you step aside and allowsomeone else to do the job,

so, thank you Mr. President.- Thank you, Nikki,

and I'm so proud of you.- It's been an honor of a

lifetime.- UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley,

becomes the latest in a lineof high-profile departures

from the White House.

- It was a blessing to go into the UN

with body armor everyday and defend America.

- [Ben] She representedthe US with a strong voice

at the UN, speaking out on North Korea,

Russia, and Iran.

Haley went on the attackagainst Syria's president,

Bashar al-Assad, for theuse of chemical weapons

on civilians.- The monster who is

responsible for theseattacks has no conscience,

not even to be shocked bypictures of dead children.

- [Ben] She stood up forthose without a voice

when the US withdrew fromthe UN Human Rights Council.

- When a so-called Human Rights Council

cannot bring itself to address

the massive abuses in Venezuela and Iran,

and it welcomes theDemocratic Republic of Congo

as a new member, the Council ceases

to be worthy of its name.

- [Ben] While at the sametime fighting for Israel.

- I think you look at the anti-Israel bias

and the strength and couragethat the President showed

in moving the embassy--

- [Ben] She cited her Christian faith

as a reason to support Israel.

Later, teaming up with thePresident's son-in-law,

Jared Kushner, to work toward a peace deal

with the Palestinians.

- What I've done, workingwith him on the Middle East

peace plan, it is sounbelievably well-done.

- [Ben] Haley sat downwith CBN's Chief Analyst,

David Brody, to talk abouther impact on the UN.

- Since day one, you've gonein there to shake things up.

Um, how tough has that been?

- Every day, I put on body armor,

'cause I know there's gonna be a fight.

I'm just fighting adifferent thing every day.

- [Ben] Senators confirmedthe former South Carolina

governor as US Ambassadorto the UN on day four

of Trump's presidencyby a vote of 96 to four.

She will end up servingnearly two years at her post,

citing it was time to step aside.

- You've been fantastic, you're my friend,

and I just, on behalf of the country,

I wanna thank you for a great job.

Thank you.- Now, President Trump said

he will name a successor inthe next two or three weeks.

As for what's next, Haleysaid she will not run in 2020,

and will support PresidentTrump's reelection.

Ben Kennedy, CBN News, the White House.

(text swooshing)(dramatic music)

- [Mark] Hurricane Michael ripsthrough the Sunshine State,

destroying entire communitiesand killing several people.

We show you the devastation

and how Christians are bringing hope.

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Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

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148 million, but it was three little girls

that taught me aboutthe plight of orphans.

My husband and I spentnearly a month immersed

in the daily activitiesof a Ukrainian orphanage,

as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever,

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- Welcome back to Christian World News.

Hurricane Michaelbrought utter devastation

to the Florida Panhandle.

The category four stormbrought 155 mile-an-hour winds

and a killer storm surgethat wiped out everything

in its path.

Gary Lane reports.

- After monster Hurricane Michael passed,

video drones took to theskies of Panama City,

revealing the extent of the damage.

This is what's left of Mexico Beach,

once a pristine and popular destination,

now wiped out as if a bomb went off.

But this devastation was not man-made,

it was a powerful explosion of nature,

one of the most powerfulhurricanes on record.

Michael came ashore 20 milessoutheast of Panama City,

with sustained windsof 155 miles per hour,

and a storm surge, catastrophicsea waves of 13 feet.

By Friday morning, entire neighborhoods

and beaches had disappeared.

- So many lives have been changed forever.

So many families have lost everything.

Homes are gone, businesses are gone.

- [Gary] Department of Defensehelicopter teams stepped in

to conduct daring nighttimerescues of some people

needing emergency evacuation,

and at daylight, search andrescue teams went door to door,

looking for people whomay still be trapped

inside their homes.

- Mexico Beach, uh,took the brunt, that's,

that's probably ground zero.

- [Gary] The hurricaneripped the roofs off hotels

and homes, shredding vinyl siding,

and scattering wood like toothpicks.

- We were hiding in the closet

and all I could hear was a lot of wind,

and I thought the roof was gonna come off.

- [Gary] This woman and her husband

were nearly swept awayby winds and storm surge.

- We'd let the, uh, currenttake us to the next stop,

and then, we'd grab onto a tree.

- [Gary] Michael movedquickly through Georgia,

the Carolinas, Virginia,and then, out to sea.

Floodwaters surged through the Carolinas,

already drenched by Hurricane Florence.

Downed trees and gale-forcewinds knocked power out

to 900,000 homes and businesses.

This Virginia woman attempted

to drive through rising floodwaters.

- I was sinkin', it was sinkin' fast.

When I turned, I immediatelystarted thinkin',

and, um, I knew that I had hit the ditch,

and I put it in reverse, and, of course,

it didn't go anywhere.

I just thank God thatmy kids and my grandkids

were not in the car.

- [Gary] Michael broughthardship in the Southeast,

but devastation in the Florida Panhandle.

- Churches, of course, aresome of the first responders

in the hardest-hit areas.

Pastor Cole Bailey of LighthouseChurch in Panama City Beach

says teams from his church began going out

after the winds dropped to check on those

who rode out the storm.

They also checked for damage in the homes

of those who evacuated.

Hurricane Michael basicallydestroyed Lighthouse Church,

as you can see there, rippedthe roof off the main campus,

church sanctuary, collapsed the walls

and flooded this sanctuary.

But Bailey says thechurch is more concerned

about its people right now.

- [Cole] Buildings arevery important, of course,

we'd love to have a placeto congregate and worship,

but what all of our staff and myself,

and what we're all doin' right now

is we've got teams goin' out,

we're checkin' on everybody's home,

we're checkin' on them becauseyou can rebuild buildings,

but we're in this thing to make sure

that everybody is taken care of and loved.

- Bailey told CBN Newsthat multiple churches

outside of the areahave reached out to him,

and will coordinate tohelp to coordinate meals

for people in Bay County.

- [Cole] Uh, I think everyone's still

in shock, to be honest.

Uh, most people have never livedthrough anything like this,

and with this amount of damage,

um, you know, there, Ithink really people worry,

'cause we're used to havingair-conditioning, power,

and, uh, push a button anddo whatever you wanna do.

Most people haven't, uh,have never been through

anything like this.

I don't think a lot of peopleare comin' back right now,

because there's not much to come back to,

um, until the power is restored

and the power lines arecleared, and that the,

even, like, right now, I mean,

it's probably gonna be athree-quarters-of-a-mile walk

just for me to try to get to my house

to see its condition,because the power lines

are still down, it's, it's a mess.

- And Hurricane Michael, of course,

has destroyed other churches.

Seen here is damage and storm-inflicted

on the Destiny WorshipCenter in Panama City,

which will also need to rebuild.

Clean-up, recovery, and rebuilding

after Hurricane Michael will take years.

Meantime, victims and first responders

will need clean water, hot meals,

and other necessities.

Operation Blessing isconnecting with pastors

to set up volunteer anddistribution centers.

OB's Tom Wiley met with onepastor in Panama City Beach

who said the help can't come soon enough.

- It was devastation, itfelt like you'd walked

into a war zone.

- [Tom] For Pastor Ben Pitman

of First Assemblies of God Church

in Panama City, Florida, it'sbeen a devastating reality

for him and his neighborsafter witnessing the havoc

of Hurricane Michael.

- I think for the majority of the people

here in Panama City, they weren't ready,

uh, for this storm to be what it was.

I don't even know the,the damage of the people

of this city yet.

I don't know if there's been loss of life,

I don't know what familydamages look like,

I know people have justlost a lot of jobs.

- Panama City, along withmany of these coastal regions,

have been hit so hard,it's literally gonna be

a multi-year rebuilding effort.

It's going to be a long-term recovery

that's gonna reallyrequire a lot of support

from outside agencies,like Operation Blessing.

Pastor Ben believes this is a time

for the church to come together.

- Conflict and struggledoesn't create in us

who we become, it exposes who we are.

And so, as a pastor, I'mlookin' at my people,

because that's the church,

and I'm about to find outwhat kind of people we have

as a church, and now is wherethe rubber meets the road

for me, what kind of peopledo we have in our church,

and from what I've seenalready, it's pretty phenomenal.

And it's strange, it's alittle bit crazy to think

that even in something like this,

that we would see God move.

When I find out thatOperation Blessing is here

to serve us, the, theinitial reaction that I have

is we are not worthy

to keep this blessing for ourselves.

This had better go to the whole city.

Like, when I hear of anorganization coming in

like Operation Blessing,I have to give it away.

It has to go bigger thanPanama City First Assembly.

- That's wonderful to hear.

Operation Blessing is alsoat work internationally,

right now, helping victimsof the killer quake

and tsunami that struck Indonesia.

Tremors are still hitting the area

and many people are living in tents

for fear of another quake.

Despite the dangers, ourOperation Blessing teams

are there giving aidand hope to survivors.

Lucille Talusan, that is, is on location

and brings us this story.

(wind swooshing)(speaking a foreign language)

- [Lucille] Ferman shouted,"Jesus, help, Jesus, help!"

while recording this video ofmud swallowing up his village.

- [Interpreter] It's a miracle I managed

to come out of it alive.

- [Lucille] While therewere miracle stories

of surviving the earthquake and tsunami,

there were thousands who did not make it.

One of the many tragicstories includes Fatna.

Her husband died during the earthquake,

when the building where heworked collapsed on him.

- [Interpreter] Now, that he's dead,

I don't know where to turn to.

- [Lucille] Fatna is onlyone among tens of thousands

affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Many lost loved ones, homes,and now live uncomfortably

in makeshift tents.

According to communityleader, Adbul Latif,

food and clean waterare desperately needed

in these refugee camps.

Today, an Operation Blessing team came

to Fatna's village to teachthem how to purify water.

- Different kind of treatments of water,

not only chlorine, wealso have some little

filtration systems and also,we have these Aquatops,

that they can put it on the water,

and they can disinfectthe water with that too.

We're trying to do ourbest to support them

in this hard time.

- It will take several monthsbefore the city can recover,

and this is why OperationBlessing will continue

with these rehabilitation programs

to help survivors get backto their normal lives.

(boy speaks in foreign language)

- [Lucille] Lucille Talusan, CBN News,

Palu, Indonesia.

(dramatic music)(text swooshing)

- [Mark] Coming up, the earlyChristians not only believed

in Jesus, they died for him.

We explore the evidencefor the resurrection

and why it means everythingfor the faith we have today.

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But, you know, we didn'twaver in our faith.

- That's when God put on my heart

that we needed to do the well.

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- [Man] Within a couple of days,

we got an insurance refund check

that we had no idea was comin'.

- And here we are at, you know, this year,

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- You go out and help other people,

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- Thanks for watchingChristian World News.

A court ruling in the case of Asia Bibi,

the Christian mother in Pakistan convicted

of blasphemy, has been postponed.

The decision on her finalappeal was scheduled

for mid-October, but postponed

after Islamic extremists began rioting.

The Pakistan Supreme Courtis delaying its announcement.

Bibi has been jailed formore than nine years,

and if her conviction is upheld,

she could be the first woman in Pakistan

to be executed for blasphemy.

Christianity was persecutedright from the start

with thousands of its earliestdisciples killed or jailed.

So, what made the faith so compelling

that converts would risktheir lives for their faith?

David Limbaugh explores the answers

in his new book, Jesus Is Risen.

He tells our Paul Strand ithas to do with his savior

resurrecting his worst persecutor

and making him a fiery advocate.

- Some say that the, uh, theidea of Jesus's resurrection

and divinity was added decades later,

that the early, uh, apostles and believers

didn't believe that, tell me about that.

- That's absurd on its face.

Paul wrote in, in one of his letters,

if Jesus Christ wasn'tcrucified, dead, and buried,

and then, resurrected in his body,

then Christians are the most to be pitied

because we're, we've lived allour lives devoted to Christ,

and it's all a myth.

His bodily resurrectionis central to Christian,

his coming in history,his intervening in history

as God and human, in dyingand then being resurrected,

and, of course, they believedit from the very first,

which is why there wasso much controversy,

one of the main reasonsthere was controversy.

The truth is, the Gospel wasalways as the Gospel is today.

- I know at the start that they were, um,

mostly preaching to Jews,

but tell us about the firstgentile who was converted.

- Cornelius was a Roman centurion

who wasn't steeped in the Jewish law,

and he was kinda, is a, isa cold call, so to speak.

That God gave Peter a vision that, the,

from a carpet coming downwith unclean animals,

and eat these, God said inthe vision of the angel,

and Peter's like, I can'teat those, those are unclean!

So then, he arranges for Cornelius,

who also had a vision, to meet,

make a long story short,and Peter ends up converting

Cornelius and his family.

Through faith in Jesus Christ,there's no, no one different.

All is, all are the same under Christ,

no Jew, no gentile, no Greek,no slave, no free person

were all one in Christianity,

and that vision of the uncleananimals was to let him know

there, God makes nothing unclean.

This is a new covenantnow, we're all able to,

to come together and besaved through Jesus Christ.

- Your book is about, uh, the Book of Acts

and the first six letters that Paul wrote.

Do you find in there that,

a message that anybody is so evil,

so unreachable, so bad,that they cannot be saved?

- No, Paul was, uh, an Orthodox Jew

and he was the mostunlikely person to be saved,

but he was confronted byChrist on the Damascus Road

and converted personally by Christ.

Why are you persecuting me?

Not why are you persecuting the church?

Persecution of the church waspersecution of Jesus Christ,

and he personalized it for Paul.

And so, he converted Paulto be the lead evangelist

to the gentiles, but he did, he chose Paul

because he was so passionate

and such an ardent, sincereperson and so relentless,

and so, he took, and he spread the Gospel,

forming, planning all these churches.

But no, no one is, is beyondthe love of Jesus Christ

unless they placethemselves away from him.

Unless they outright rebel and reject him,

but that's a matter of volition,I believe in free will.

But he will, he has openedhimself up to anyone.

You knock and I'll open the door.

Seek and you shall find.

- Can you say Paul'smost effective techniques

and arguments for makingconverts to the faith?

What would you say is his best?

- His, his main thingwas he would take people

as he found them, he wouldnot sweat the small stuff.

He, and around Jews, hewould adopt Jewish practices,

but he would never betray his faith,

do whatever made people comfortable,

so, he could evangelize.

It's kinda like Ravi Zacharias says,

know the questioners aswell as the question,

understand who you're talkin' to.

Don't be a scold, don't be a legalist.

Try to relate to them on their own terms

and then, give 'em the truth about the God

of the universe, the savior, Jesus Christ,

because that's a universallanguage we can all understand

regardless of our cultures.

- Alright, thank you, David.

We've been talking with David Limbaugh,

author of Jesus Is Risen,

Paul And The Early Church.

- [Mark] You can get news about the church

around the world every day.

Just log onto our ChristianWorld News webpage

and you'll find that at

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(orchestral music)- When you give,

smiles grow bigger.

When you care,

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When you comfort,

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Did you know there are morethan 148 million orphans

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148 million, but it was three little girls

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My husband and I spent nearly a month

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as we waited to adopt three sisters.

I saw firsthand the utter loneliness,

the pain of rejection,

and the overwhelming desire to be loved.

That experience changed me forever,

and out of it, grew aministry from my heart

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Today, we're helping orphansand vulnerable children

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Thousands of childrenare now in safe homes,

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- Finally, on Christian World News,

more than 16,000 people heard the Gospel

in Mexico this month.

According to evangelist, Franklin Graham,

hundreds of people gavetheir hearts to Jesus

during the Festival of Hope in Monterrey.

More than 500 churchesprayed and participated

in the event.

Michael W. Smith performedand Graham shared the Gospel.

He wrote, I told the fullhouse at Arena Monterrey

that there was nothingmore valuable than a soul.

Your soul's destinationdepends on whether you accept

or reject Jesus Christ during this life.

It is the most importantdecision you will ever make.

Very true, and thanksfor joining us this week.

Until next week, goodbye,and Gob bless you.

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