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Jerusalem Dateline: 10/12/18 Pastor Brunson Freed by Turkish Court

After two years, Pastor Brunson is a free man; and Israel's good friend Nikki Haley resigns from the UN…who can fill her shoes? Plus, uproar over a missing Saudi journalist: is he dead or alive and how will his fate affect the Middle East? Read Transcript

(shofar blaring)

- [Chris] This week on Jerusalem Dateline,

after two years, PastorAndrew Brunson is a free man

answering the prayers of millions.

And Israel's good friend NikkiHaley resigns from the UN.

Who can fill her shoes?

Plus, an uproar over amissing Saudi journalist.

Is he dead or alive,

and how will his fateaffect the Middle East?

All this and more thisweek on Jerusalem Dateline.

- Hello and welcome to thisedition of Jerusalem Dateline.

I'm Chris Mitchell.

After more than two yearsin prison and detention,

American-born pastor AndrewBrunson was finally set free

after his fourth appearancebefore Turkish court.

Here's more on that story.

Pastor Brunson's ordealhas mobilized Christians

around the world.

- Hundreds of thousands ofpeople have been praying

for Pastor Brunson, notjust in the United States,

but around the world.

- [Chris] Before the court hearing,

US Vice President Mike Pence said

the release of PastorBrunson has been a priority

for the Trump administration.

- Our administration's made it very clear

that we will continue to stand strong

until Pastor Andrew Brunsonis free and back home

in the United States with hisfamily and with his church.

- This is historic in that how many times

they have actually brought this subject up

in high level conversationswith the Turkish administration.

- [Chris] Turkey accusedBrunson of participating

in a 2016 coup to overthrow the government

of Turkish President Erdogan

and faces up to 35 years if convicted.

His latest trial took placenear the city of Izmir

known as ancient Smyrnain the New Testament.

Brunson ministered formore than two decades

in his church and denied the charges.

The Trump administrationimposed economic sanctions

against Turkey to secure his release.

Middle East analyst Michael Karim said

Pastor Brunson stood formore than his own freedom.

- I believe this isreally a call to prayer,

not only for Andrew, butfor the Turkish and Kurdish

and Arab and Syrian andIraqi and Iranian people,

all living very much in close

because it's clear thatAndrew Brunson is in prison

or under arrest for one reason,

and that's his hope andfaith in Jesus Christ

as the Messiah, not only of the west

but of the entire world.

- [Chris] Brunson is expected

to be back in the United States soon.

- Another major Middle East story is

the mysterious disappearanceand suspected murder

of a US based Saudijournalist and dissident

by a Saudi hit team in Turkey

that threatens to damageUS Saudi relations.

Dale Heard has the story.

- [Dale] Video shows Saudi journalist

Jamal Khashoggi walking

into the Saudi ArabianConsulate in Istanbul

more than a week ago.

There's no video of him ever coming out,

but there are images invideo of an alleged 15 member

Saudi assassination squadentering the country

by private plane andsurveillance video that shows

that two hours after Khashoggiwalked into the consulate,

a van with diplomatic license plates left

with someone or something inside.

News reports suggest Khashoggi,

a writer for the Washington Post

and a frequent criticof the Saudi government,

was tortured, killed,and his body dismembered.

Khashoggi had gone into theconsulate to get a document

to allow him to remarry whilehis fiancee waited outside.

Saudi Arabia dismisses theallegation of murder as baseless;

however, the kingdomhas offered no evidence

that the writer didindeed leave the consulate

and is still alive.

- It's a very sad situation.

It's a very bad situation,

and we wanna get to the bottom of it.

- [Dale] President Trumpsays the US is demanding

answers from Saudi Arabia,and he plans to invite

Khashoggi's fiancee to the White House.

- His wife wrote us a letterand addressed it to my wife

and myself, and we'rein contact with her now,

and we wanna bring her to the White House.

- [Dale] The reaction amongUS senators from both parties

to the reports ofKhashoggi's disappearance

has been shock and anger.

Senator Lindsey Graham says if the Saudis

did murder Khashoggi, there will be,

quote, hell to pay.

- We're gonna get to the bottom of it,

and I hope there's a good explanation.

If not, this will be a gamechanger for me regarding

the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- If Saudi Arabia took a US resident,

lured him into aconsulate, and killed him,

it's time for the UnitedStates to rethink our military,

political and economicrelationship with Saudi Arabia.

- [Dale] The incident calls into question

whether the heir apparentto the Saudi throne,

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman,

is the pro-democracyreformer he claimed he was.

- To go back to what we were,

the moderate Islam thatis open to the world,

open to all the religions.

- [Dale] Khashoggi'sdemocratic credentials

have also come under attack.

He was an open supporterof the Muslim Brotherhood,

but as a fierce criticof the Saudi regime,

he reportedly toldfriends a few months ago

he had reason to fear for his life.

Dale Heard, CBN News.

- Israelis were as shocked as Americans

at the seemingly sudden resignation

of US Ambassador to theUnited Nations Nikki Haley.

She's one of the best friendsIsrael has had in a long time.

Here's what some had to say.

On the sidelines ofthe UN General Assembly

last month, Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu

told Haley she had madethe UN smell better.

- The hall still permeates with the stench

of anti-Israeli andanti-Semitic resolutions,

which are the same,

and I want to thank youfor clearing the air.

- [Chris] Following the USveto of a UN vote on the status

of Jerusalem during Hanukah last year,

Netanyahu likened Haley to the Maccabees

who overthrew the Greek rulers in Israel

after they defiled the temple.

- Thank you, Ambassador Haley.

On Hanukah, you spoke like a Maccabee.

You lit a candle of truth.

You dispelled the darkness.

One defeated the many.

Truth defeated lies.

- [Chris] Following the announcement,

Netanyahu tweeted--

Even the Mossad tweeted its good-bye

with Haley's picture.

Iran unsurprisingly saidit was glad to see her go,

with the head of Iran's pressoffice at the UN tweeting--

But the head of theIsraeli-Jewish Congress tweeted--

Finally, the popularcartoonist Yaakov Kirschen

asked the question many are pondering,

who can fill Nikki Haley's shoes?

- A Palestinian terrorist murdered

a 28 year old mother of one

and 35 year old fatherof three as they worked

in the Barkan Industrial Zonenear the Israeli city of Ariel

and Samaria or the West Bank.

The 23 year old terroristcould be seen running away

from the scene by security cameras.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

described the attack assevere and said the murderer

would be brought to justice.

The attack was particularly jarring

for Israelis and Palestinians

because for 35 years the industrial zone

has been a model of coexistencebetween the two people.

More than 3,000 Palestinians work there

with Israelis each day.

This is the first attackever of its kind there.

(fast-paced music)

Coming up, honoringdiplomats who rescued Jews

during the Holocaust.

(fast-paced music)

They're called theRighteous among the Nations,

foreign diplomats who helpedrescue hundreds of Jews

from the Nazi Holocaust.

CBN has partnered withthe Israeli government

to bring a special exhibitionto Regent University.

It honors those who riskedtheir lives to save others.

Gary Lane gives us a look.

- [Gary] Beyond Duty is aHolocaust remembrance display

not only honoring Holocaust survivors,

but also courageous foreign diplomats

who helped rescue them.

Earlier this year theUnited Nations allowed

the Israeli Foreign Ministry permission

to display the exhibit there,

and now the exhibit is on the road

with the latest stop being theCBN Regent University campus

in Virginia Beach.

- Among some of therighteous diplomats featured

in this exhibit, Raoul Wallenberg.

He was from Sweden.

Many of us know abouthim, but how many of us

have ever heard aboutSebastian de Romero Radigales?

He was from Spain.

Stories of bold diplomats fromnations like Peru and Japan

are also featured.

Professor Gerson Moreno-Rianois with Regent University.

- Regent has a long historyof standing with the people

of Israel and the state of Israel,

and the chancellor, ourfounder, Dr. Pat Robertson,

loves the people of Israel,loves the state of Israel,

so for us, this is just onemore in a long series of things

that we have done in partnering,in with the local Jewish

community and the state of Israel.

It highlights the importanceof embodying moral courage

in the face of evil.

I think that today, intoday's world especially,

I think young people,students, others, need to see

and understand history.

- [Gary] Israel, CBN,and Regent University,

a unique partnershipbroadening Holocaust awareness

by honoring 36 courageousdiplomats and thousands of others

called the Righteous among the Nations.

- CBN's Gary Lane satdown with Benjamin Krasna,

the deputy head of missionfor the embassy of Israel

in the United States,

and he asked him about theimpact Haley had at the UN,

the Trump administration,the peace process, and Iran.

- With US Ambassador NikkiHaley's announced departure

from the UN, the nation ofIsrael is losing one of its

staunchest allies.

Joining us is Benjamin Krasna.

He's Deputy of Missionat the Israeli Embassy

in Washington, D. C.

Before moving to Washington,you served as Israel's

Deputy Council General in New York,

so did this surpriseyou about Nikki Haley?

- I think it took everyoneby surprise yesterday

because she really has beensuch a tremendous friend,

tremendous supporter, a greatfighter for what's right,

and to call out the UN onsome of the absurdities

that go on there inNew York and in Geneva,

so we certainly will miss her,

as the Prime Ministersaid earlier this morning.

- What was the most importantrole that she played

on behalf of Israel there?

- I think that it wasfocusing on hypocrisy

in places like the Human Rights Council,

focused on hypocrisy of a organization

that gives and equal voiceto Iran and allows Iran

to spew out its lies.

I think those are reallythe two focus issues,

and again, I think shestood up for what's right.

She stood up for Jerusalemas the eternal capital

of Israel.

She's stood up for what'swrong about the Palestinians

and continuing supportand financing of terror,

so we certainly will miss her.

- And she's taken a lot of heat for that,

has she not?

- She's brave, and she's strong.

I think that that's whatwe're going to miss.

- Well, I know you don'tget involved in politics

'cause you stay at theembassy in Washington,

and politics, Americanpolitics, you try and stay away

from that, but what type of person

would you like to see replace Nikki Haley?

- Well, we're not hereto give advice to the

President of the administration.

I'm a hundred percentconvinced that his leadership

in the White House, PresidentTrump, Vice President Pence,

certainly the Secretary of State Pompeo,

and National Security Advisor Bolton,

they are going to make the right choice.

What's right first of all forthe United States of America.

What's right for free democracy,

and what's right for Israel.

They usually go hand-in-hand.

- Now the President has a new peace plan

that he's working on for the Middle East,

and part of that, just the other day,

he said that he's opento a two state solution.

What would you like to see happen?

- What we need to see first of all

is to have a negotiationwith Palestinians,

to have a partner for peace,

to have someone sit down and talk,

to have someone committedto stopping violence,

to having someone improvethe situation in Gaza.

That's the most important thing.

Once we get beyond that, we can work out

what the right formula will be.

- And do you think that thePresident's doing a good job

so far?

It's been two years now, almost two years,

since he was elected.

- We're very, very pleasedwith the administration.

Two historic decisions that they took,

first on the correcting somethingthat was too long wrong,

and that was Jerusalemis the capital of Israel.

No one should be able to dictateto us where the capital is,

and the US has stood by us.

The legislation existed for a long time,

but it took President Trumpand this administration

to take if off the paper andchange the facts on the ground,

move the embassy to Jerusalem.

The other key importantdecision is to call out Iran,

to make it understand thatthe agreement was a farce,

that Iran was continuingregional activity supporting

terror, violating humanrights, and I think

calling Iran to task and nowcalling the international

community to task by saying tothem, we're not going to stay

with Iran and people now haveto choose, make a choice,

doing business with Iran,

doing business with theUnited States of America,

and hopefully improve onthat very, very faulty deal.

- It seems that since that deal

originally was negotiatedby the Obama administration,

Iran hasn't changed at all, have they?

I mean they're still supportingterrorism around the world,

still pledged to thedestruction of Israel.

- Well, the previous dealdid nothing to address

key issues, the regionalactivities of Iran,

the violations of human rights,

the building of the missile program,

the support of terror,the financing of terror,

and again, this is somethingthat needs to be corrected

because to look at onesmall piece of the puzzle

is to miss what Iran isabout, what the fabric

of this regime is about,and now is the time

to call them to task.

- What difference do youthink Pence and Pompeo

are making in this US foreignpolicy in the Middle East

and towards Israel?

- I think they're takingout some of that ambiguity

and making things much more clearer.

When they say you have to dobusiness with the United States

or with Iran, you can't do both,

that's a very, very clearmessage when they're standing

up and saying what's right, what's wrong,

calling out states who support terror,

calling out states who areviolating human rights,

that's a very, very,very important message

that we're seeing.

- And Pence has been very strongon the "pay to slay" policy

of the Palestinians,speaking out against that,

has he not?

- Absolutely, I think theissue of financing terror,

and you know, we saw theterrible, deplorable terrorist act

earlier this week in Israelwas two Israeli citizens

being killed by someonewho had a job in Israeli

factory in the city ofAriel, murdered two people,

escaped, and this man can expectwhether he's caught or not

that his family now willhave a pension for life,

and that's something that we have to stop,

and I think that that'scalling out what's right,

and I congratulate the administration.

I congratulate the US Congressfor everything they've

done on that regard.

- Thank you so much forjoining us, Mr. Krasna.

- Thank you very much.

- Bless you.

- [Chris] Up next, archeologistsunearth a unique link

between the Jerusalem of2,000 years ago and today.

(rock music)

- Israeli archeologistshave uncovered a unique link

between the Jerusalem of 2,000 years ago

and that of Jerusalem today.

It comes in the form of theoldest inscription ever found

of the modern Hebrewspelling and pronunciation

of Jerusalem.

CBN Middle East correspondentJulie Stahl has that story.

- Archeologists uncovered thispillar during an excavation

near the entrance to presentday Jerusalem last winter.

The column is here in the Israel Museum's

second temple gallery.

It's the newest treasure in the exhibit

from the time of Jesus.

The inscription reads, Hananiahbar Dodalos, merushaliam.

Hananiah the son ofDodalos from Jerusalem.

- Jerusalem, surprisingly for us,

is inscribed the sameway we write it today

and the same way we pronounce it today,


and it's the first time we havean inscription of this sort

from 2,000 years ago from the times

of the second temple period.

- Senior curator DodiMeverah says the name,

Yerushalayim, exists on coinsfrom the great Jewish revolt

against the Romans in 70 A. D.

Those coins had a political agenda

while this inscription does not.

- Here there is no agenda.

It's just an art designfrom a potters' village

sating his name, his father's name,

and stating that he'snot from the village,

but originally he comes from the big city,

from Yerushalayim, Jerusalem.

- This site was a pottery workshop

that they started to develop at the end

of the second century before Christ

and continued into thesecond century after Christ.

- [Julie] During the excavations,

workers exposed the foundations

of a Roman structure.

One of the supports was thepillar the Romans had reused.

It bore an Aramaicinscription in Hebrew letters

typical of the time of Herod the Great.

- So, the column with the inscription,

it wasn't clean, so,but they could recognize

some letters.

I saw that it's in Hebrew.

- [Julie] Archeologist Denik Levy

of the Israel AntiquitiesAuthority oversaw the excavation.

- I was really excited.

My heart went so fast andI think all the people

that was around they could hear it.

- [Julie] The site isabout four and a half miles

from the old city, which would have been

Jerusalem at that time.

- So we now know, in a very simple manner,

that Yerushalayim, Jerusalem,was called, Shalayim,

Yerushalayim, andYerushalayim, at the same time,

which we didn't know before.

It's just another piece of the mosaic

of how we portray the past.

- [Julie] Julie Stahl, CBN News,

Yerushalayim, Jerusalem.

- [Chris] Still ahead,millions of Christians

around the world pray forthe peace of Jerusalem.

(fast-paced music)

- An estimated ninety million Christians

from around the world celebrated

the annual Day of Prayerfor the Peace of Jerusalem

praying in more than 170countries around the world.

CBN Middle East correspondentJulie Stahl again

brings us to this central prayerevent in Israel's capital.

(crowd singing and cheering)

- Thousands of Christiansfrom around the world

gathered together withChristian and Jewish leaders

at the promenade overlookingthe old city of Jerusalem

to pray for the peace ofJerusalem, sing, dance,

and worship the God of Israel.

- So the Day of Prayerfor the Peace of Jerusalem

in Jerusalem was inaugurated in 2005.

- [Julie] The event iscelebrated the first Sunday

of October each year.

It brings together Jews and Christians

to follow the Biblicalinjunction in Psalm 122:6.

Robert Sterns from Eagles' Wings Ministry

is head organizer of the event.

- Jerusalem is the root of our faith.

Jerusalem in a sense is thecity of both our spiritual birth

and of our future spiritual hope.

- [Julie] Organizers saythere are many reasons to pray

for the peace of Jerusalem.

- Now the Jewish peoplebelieve the reason he

has Jews and Christians prayfor the peace of Jerusalem

is because he alwayswants us to take the issue

of Jerusalem and keepit close to our heart.

- We need to understandthat we are grafted

into this incredible place called Israel,

and so our goal is tosomehow bring us back

to Biblical Christianity andblessing this incredible place.

- [Julie] Popular Christianartists like Eddie James

and Misty Edwards led the worship.

Jewish leaders thankedChristians for their support,

and Knesset member Michael Oren encouraged

Christians to stand upfor the Jewish state.

- I mentioned in myspeech here that there're

many international bodies who have denied

the Jewish connection to this city,

our common history, our common traditions,

and we have to unite together.

- [Julie] Keynote speakerRabbi Mark Schneier said

considering the historyof Christian persecution

of the Jews, it's a miraclethat Jews and Christians

can come together.

- We're living in miraculous times,

and one of those miraclesis the reconciliation

between our two faith communities,

and I believe that we're also celebrating

that miracle here today.

- Not pretending that we don'thave theological differences

because we do.

We're divided regarding theidentity of the Messiah,

but we are united in believing and praying

for the coming of theMessiah soon and quickly

in our day.

- [Julie] Julie Stahl,CBN News, Jerusalem.

- Well, that's a great reminderto pray without ceasing

for the peace of Jerusalem.

Well, that's all for thisedition of Jerusalem Dateline.

Thanks for joining us.

Remember you can follow us onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram,

and Youtube.

I'm Chris Mitchell.

We'll see you next timeon Jerusalem Dateline.

(upbeat music)


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