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Pastor Brunson Prays for President Trump in the Oval Office 

Pastor Brunson Prays for President Trump in the Oval Office  Read Transcript

- We would like to pray for you.

We pray for you often.

- Thank you.

- As a family, my wife and I pray for you.

- Thank you.

Well, I need it probably morethen anybody in this room.


So I would, that wouldbe very nice, thank you.

- Could be pray for you now?

- Yes, thank you very much.

- Noreen, will you?

- [Noreen] Yes.

- Okay.

- [Noreen] Okay, so you can,I'll just do it from here.

- I would like to pray foryou. (cameras clicking)

Lord God, I ask that you

pour out your Holy Spiriton President Trump,

that you give him supernatural wisdom

to accomplish all the plans you have

for this country and for him.

I ask that you give himwisdom on how to lead

this country into righteousness.

I ask that you give him perseverance

and endurance and courageto stand for truth.

I ask that you protect him from slander

from enemies, from thosewho would undermine.

I ask that you make him

a great blessing to this country.

Fill him with your wisdom andstrength and perseverance.

And we bless him.

May he be a great blessing to our country.

In Jesus' name, we bless you.


- [Observers] Amen.

- [Noreen] And I just wantto pray that the Spirit

of the Lord would rest on the President,

the Spirit of wisdom and understanding,

the Spirit of counsel and might,

the Spirit of knowledgeand fear of the Lord.


- [Observers] Amen.

- Thank you very much.


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