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A Missing Journalist and 'Severe Punishment' for an Ally: The Stakes Behind the US Investigation Into Saudi Arabia

A Missing Journalist and 'Severe Punishment' for an Ally: The Stakes Behind the US Investigation Into Saudi Arabia Read Transcript

- It's been nearly two weekssince the disappearance

of Washington Postcontributor Jamal Khashoggi.

The US resident was last seen

entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

His supporters fearing the worst

since Khashoggi was an outspoken critic

of the Saudi Crown PrinceMohammad bin Salman.

President Trump saysthe US is investigating

the possibility he was murdered.

- It's being looked atvery, very strongly,

and we would be very upset andangry if that were the case.

In the not too distant future,I think we'll know an answer.

- [Amber] Bipartisan group of Senators

are calling for sanctions

against the Saudi governmentif it was involved.

- I believe the Trumpadministration will do something.

The President said that.

But if he doesn't, Congresswill, that I can tell you.

- Stop military sales.

Not only put sanctions on Saudi Arabia,

but most importantly, get outof this terrible, terrible war

in Yemen led by the Saudis.

- [Amber] The President says

the punishment will indeed be severe,

but stopped short of sayingwhat exactly it would be.

- There's a lot at stake,and maybe especially so

because this man was a reporter.

There's something, you'll besurprised to hear me say that,

there's something really terribleand disgusting about that

if that were the case.

- [Amber] The Saudishave denied involvement

but according to a reportfrom The Washington Post,

Turkish officials claim otherwise

and say they have the audioand video to back it up.

Meanwhile, growingdemands for US officials

to drop out of an investmentsummit in Riyadh next week.

- I don't think we shouldcontinue with business as usual

until we know exactly what's happened here

because what we do know is this:

he walked into that consulateand he never came out.

- On Sunday, Saudi officialspromised retaliation

against the US shouldthose sanctions be imposed,

but have since walked that back

in a tweet asking US officials to refrain

from jumping to conclusions.

Amber Strong, CBN News in Washington.


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