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Dare2Share Simulcast Allows Nationwide Witness For Jesus Christ

Dare2Share Simulcast Allows Nationwide Witness For Jesus Christ Read Transcript

(crowd chatter)

- Teams were witnessing to the lost

all over America this past weekend,

brought together by anation-wide simulcast

originating out of here ina church in Denver Colorado.

It was put on by Dare toShare, a groups whose goal

is to see every teenagerin the country evangelized

by their fellow teens.

Ciara Abeyta and her witnessing pals

ended up giving up the gift of eternity

to a woman and a half dozenhomeless people this day.

- Continue to pray for her.

We told her about Jesusand she accepted Jesus

there on the spot.

The people were really thankful

that we were there andthey felt so blessed

and they all acceptedJesus right then and there.

- [Paul] Dare to Sharefounder, Greg Stier, said

teens in more than 90towns took to the streets

and used the simulcastto instantaneously share

their witnessing adventures

and encourage one another to be brave.

- Listen, it doesn'tmatter if you're scared.

You have the Holy Spirit of God

who's dwelling inside of you

and he will give you power.

Jesus said, "You will receivepower when the Holy Spirit

"comes on you and youwill be my witnesses."

So yield to the Spirit,open up your mouth,

let 'er rip and God'lltake care of the rest.

- Go for it.

The hardest part is the firstpart where you're really

nervous about going up to people.

But once you get past that blockage,

it just flows from you andGod just works through you.

- [Paul] Stier says God wants to use this

high-tech inter-connectedness of today

to mightily multiply believers' witness.

- Christians are like, well,technology is of the Devil.

You know what, there's astory in the Old Testament

about Benaiah who's thebody guard of King David,

and he went up against anEgyptian that was seven foot tall,

with nothing but a club.

And that Egyptian had abig spear and he grabbed

that spear from the Egyptian's hands

and he stabbed him with his own spear.

Well, you know what, wecan take the technology

that Satan has used it for evil,

and stab him with his own technology

and advance the Kingdom of God.

- [Paul] One highlight of this simulcast

was 77 year-old crosscarrier, Arthur Blessed,

passing his anointing andthe cross he shouldered

across the world, to America's teenagers.

The simulcast alsofeatured dozens of bands

throughout the land, all playing the same

worship songs at the very same time.

Then those 90 somelocations all bowed together

in a nationwide prayer

that this is would just be astart, that this would ignite

the spreading of Jesus' name and love

from one end of the country to the other.

Paul Strand, CBN News,reporting from Denver, Colorado.

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